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Sexuality as a regenerator of the Being

The polarity of having sex and not having it, is the journey when sex becomes a problem, an outlet for repressions or a solution to find love.

The way we “look” describes the way we “feel.”
I am not just talking about on how the body looks, but deeper than that, is our vibrational energy.

“What is that?”
Let us say that you are interviewing people for a job. You have standard questions and all of them answered “correctly.” How do you select an appropriate candidate?

Some may talk beautifully, if we are only listening to words. The “right” answer is there.
But, they will not be able to hide their anxiety, their “A” personality vibes, their insecurity and their level of fear. For someone who is conscious, aware, those things become clues, which are beyond rationality.

Those vibrational states cannot be changed by following a “method.” Those are there as a consequence of living Life; that is, our attitude towards our experiences in Life.

For most, sexuality is an outlet for inner violence. There is an energy exchange and the purpose for most is to release that energy in a violent way.

There are many levels of violence.
The way we eat could be violent. No time to taste and to enjoy our food, but it is a matter to swallow it with anxiety (labeled as hunger for many) that is violence, for we are not taking care of ourselves, we are not aware of our need for enjoyment and nourishment.

Similarly is with sex.

Excitement, arousal could be turned into a violent act to “get off,” to satiate the itch, to release the pressure.
Nevertheless, in the enjoyment and relaxation, in the state of giving and receiving energies, in the rhythmic breathing and conscious slow movement, lies the energy which is able to regenerate the self, to reconstruct it.

The above is not a “technique.” The above is the “natural” outcome of being at peace with himself/herself.

That “peace” comes from openness. Less beliefs, less taboos, less emotionality, less traumas and less anger.
That is why, it is not a “technique” for everyone to follow.

Therefore, the level of enjoyment and regeneration that sexuality is able to fulfill is proportional to the level of “inner work.”

For many, sexuality is tinted with trauma and the need to release. Pleasure is mixed up with guilt and violence.
That state couldn’t be any other thing but the outcome of our vibrational state.

Nevertheless, it is in the build up of that pleasurable energy how the first chakra will be energetically connected with the 7th, that energy could be exchanged and expanded, to take the pressure off the first chakra.
When we go beyond the excitement and the sense of touch while enjoying the experience, is when that energy transforms itself into those “good feelings” that everyone is looking for.
We are energy, because Life is energy. Feelings are energy.

Sexuality then, is no longer something bringing contradictory feelings and emotions, but it is a source of regeneration, closeness, enjoyment and… love.

We will look as we feel. 🙂

Cleaning our Aura and Chakras


The other day, Avyakt7 spoke with a friend about chakras, auras and cleaning them. Perhaps it is a good time to share this in the blog.
In the world of Spirituality there is inner transformation. That comes about through different paths of self-purification, that is a catharsis. That transformation is always in relationship with everything. It cannot be a secluded event.

Because we are part of the environment, we belong to it (Totality) whatever is going on outside will be “ingested” by us by default. Many times what you feel as coming from you (a mood, a bothersome something) is not “you” but what you have “ingested” through living life.

A child needs to play. Playing means to get dirty in the mud sometimes. For many, the answer to that issue is “never play outside so you don’t get dirty.” For the spiritual walker, once there is the experience of being clean; then it is easy to recognize once there is “dirt” around our aura.

Taking benefit of the healing rays of the Sun is another example. There are times and occasions when this will be very helpful. Our cell pores will open up and our being will “ingest” that energy. Nevertheless, there are some other times when the atmosphere is charged with toxics, or the timing is not the right one and it is very hot or very cold. Obviously that could only hurt us. Here is when wisdom to choose comes.

“Never get a Sun-tan” is not the answer. 🙂

Similarly with our subtle body or aura or whatever label you care to call it.

The chakras are points where we have energetic openings, that is when the “inside” is in relationship with the “outside.” That is why, it is pointless to just talk about our own individuality when there is a continuous relationship with everything.

When those energetic openings are obstructed due to an emotional issue or due to the toxic surroundings, that will affect our bodies and will manifest as a disease.

For example, the throat chakra is related with the second chakra (emotions) someone who represses a particular emotion related with the second chakra, will feel a problem with the corresponding organ in that location or even with the throat.
Similarly the heart chakra is related with the third chakra (stomach.)

Thus the answer is not to “avoid doing things” but to be conscious of our interactions with everything and “clean ourselves.”

Cleaning the chakras could be accomplished in many ways and it is an individual option as to what works for you.

For some it may be to take a shower with marine salt added.

For others it is the Ocean. Going for a swim…. Or the sand…. to bury your belly in the sand … for others it will be to use rocks or gems which will have a cleaning outcome, “alignment” etc. As you can see, it is about keeping in contact with Nature and the elements, that is with the totality of life.

This “subtle energetic shower” which will keep us clean from the outside “dirt” is necessary to be able to have our energetic openings healthy and in that way our mood will improve.

There is so much that Nature could offer us to heal ourselves! I would invite you to explore this.
Now that we are aware that we are continually in relationship with everything around us, we could “choose” according to what we see will fit us best.

The above is not a religion or a “New age” practice. It is part of being aware beyond our own individuality. It is the practical aspect of spirituality.

Beach healing and therapy – By Paul Demske, LMT


Note: The article below is from my friend, Paul. He shared this article with a group of local energy/light practitioners and I requested him to allow me to share his article in the blog. Paul is describing the healing aspect of Nature, which Avyakt7 has experienced (Avyakt7 is an avid “beach goer” with infinite love for Nature.) There are several ways to clean your chakras at the beach.
Why is this important?
Because we accumulate heavy energies throughout the day and we need to “clean” our energy field from that heaviness. If we go on, our mood will change and our sensibility will shut down. Our aura field expands and shines when we are healthy. We are in “inter-beingness” and our subtle/energetic body is in constant relationship with the totality. To be in Nature is natural for a healthy human being.


“There are occasional times or periodic episodes in our lives when we become disconnected, or as Abraham-Hicks might say, we are “out of alignment with Source.” And intuitively I recognize when the need arises to follow through on my personal prescription or inner-guidance system, to take time-out from the demands of life or self-inflicted judgments and false beliefs about myself. I get back to nature. And although the parks along the seawall of downtown Saint Petersburg have been like church to me for about twelve years now, there is also a time when the specific need for the beaches along the Gulf (or Ocean) calls to me with its own medicinal characteristics.

Walking barefoot has been a part of my nature which I probably picked up from my Mother. But now I do it consciously and with more frequency in part because I understand, as an energy worker, the benefits of connecting with the Earth, grounding, and even as a cure for insomnia.

But there is such an INCREDIBLE feeling when my feet first touch the sand. The therapeutic results are immediate. My shoulders drop, the muscles in my face soften and I often release a deep “AAAH!” exclamation which vibrates down into my abdomen, down my shoulders and out my hands. It is an acknowledgment of connection, gratitude and humility on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level.

The beach is also geographically unique in that it contains all the elements of Fire, Air, Water and Earth, simultaneously. In addition to the sun providing healthy Vitamin D for our skin in as little as 20 minutes per day, 83 elements of the periodic table, biologically available, are found in sea water. Inhaling a sea mist filled with negatively-charged ions, or molecules that attach to your lungs also boosts your immune system, according to naturopathic doctor Connie Hernandez.

In addition, proponents claim that swimming in seawater opens pores in the skin to allow the absorption of sea minerals and the expulsion of disease-causing toxins from the body. Nature’s own flu shot!

Moreover, the beach can provide an almost-instant chakra cleanser, opening and stimulating all of our senses. Its vastness inspires creativity, wonder, perspective, tranquility and introspection. And on a personal level it invokes elements of creative expression that transposes itself into the music I perform and the massages I provide to my clients. I often draw Reiki symbols in the sand to activate the intention of global healing. Even though you are likely aware of many of these benefits of the beach (we DO live in Florida, after all!), just think of this as a reminder of who you Are.

The simplest pleasures in life remind us of our personal Divinity and Universal Connectedness. Whether we choose to put on our favorite loose-fitting clothes and attend a laid-back, beach-front gathering, or to find a place of solitude and necessary alone-ness (not to be confused with loneliness), our miles of endless Floridian beaches allows us a fresh element of therapeutic peace.



Paul Demske, LMT A native of Green Bay, WI, Paul is a Licensed Massage Therapist (MA#66850) / body worker, musician, Reiki practitioner, voice impressionist, writer, photographer, and certified Quantum Touch™ practitioner. His multi-faceted levels of experience led him to Florida in 2001 to further pursue my spiritual path and self-initiated education in the areas of wellness, quantum physics, metaphysical studies, alternative research and awareness, and as a Heart Forgiveness Facilitator. Available for massage sessions in Pinellas County. 813-438-9171.


Energetic exchange


When we speak, we emit a distinctive noise when our emotional state is altered.

For most individuals, this is “normal.” Typically in a meeting or a gathering, when we do not hear the meaning of the words, but just the noise itself, we could “hear” someone’s emotional state with ease.

The same “job” of listening to others, we could do it with ourselves. If we have difficulties in observing how an emotion could overcome us, just listening to the noises being made through our own mouths, could easily let us know about our state of mind.

The above is a significant practice. It is about observing ourselves. It is only when we catch ourselves in a state other than at “ease and peace,” that we could have the possibility to go back to it. That is the work of observation.

Typically, the vibrations, atmosphere or environment will have a great effect on our mind. If we are seating in front of confrontational individuals, and eating lunch with them; do not expect to have a good digestion. Your stomach will tense up. That tension will not allow for a proper digestion.

If we eat and watch a TV program charged with fear, fights, and negativity; the undiscerning mind will take all of that and become it.

Fear, tension and negativity will be the outcome of it.

The above just shows our interdependence with the environment. That is why eating should be a sacred moment, a moment to process our symbolic union with the environment.

Nourishment is not only about eating vitamins and essential minerals along with the groups of food; but even more important, it is about the complete experience of being part of a “symbiotic” relationship or experience with the whole of existence.
The “outside” becomes part of the “inside.”

Without this observation, we will never know how our emotional state of being is what it is.
Today moody. Tomorrow, elated. The day after, sad. Why is that?
For most “normal” individuals, the answer of that question is irrelevant if they could swallow a pill to feel ”better.”

Are we then dependent on the environment? Do we have a defense when we are around hostile environments?

In Spirituality, everything is about transformation. That is why, things are not rejected; but transformed. Things are accepted to be transformed.
Those things could be experiences; they could be feelings and emotions. The heart is the greatest transformer of energy and vibrations. To learn to close our open channels represented by the main entrance points in the being (7 main chakras) is a sure way to protect the self. To do that, we need to be aware of our environment. We need to learn to observe.

A thought filled with negativity, the bothersome feeling about being in a bad situation will become poison for the self. Thus, the heart needs to radiate its energy as protection. This is the “reason” behind sending “good feelings and good wishes for all.”

If we are not sending/giving energy; then we are taking energy in. If what we are taking in hasn’t been transformed; then we become what the outside emits.

We become “normal.”

If we take the time to sit and check ourselves, we will find out about a turmoil going on, which we could put in the back burner by “becoming busy.” If we do not catch that bothersome sensation, we have missed the opportunity to transform it and with that the opportunity to appreciate the ongoing game of giving and taking energy, which is of paramount importance to understand if we would like to keep smiling despite the ongoing things around us.

Nature is one of the greatest source for recharging the self with “new” energy. That energy has the strength to renew the self.

Not being aware of this interdependence is to live in isolation.

Stages of spiritual development

spiritual walker

The following will be just my own observation on what could be experienced as “stages of spiritual development.”

The first stage is the acknowledgement of duality. Good exists. Good is Godly. Evil exists. Evil is Satanic. It is Maya, (illusion) it is against that which is good.

Therefore, the need to “do” good and destroy evil. The fight is against evil.

From this recognition, the “outer” experience will be about “changing the world.” The need to moralize the world out of evil.

Politics, philosophies, social structures, economic policies thrive in the recognition of that which is evil, bad, negative and their whole idea is to change that into Godly, positive, pure, etc.

The means to reach to this “goal” of change will vary. That is, through force, through fear, through discipline, through laws. It is about “doing,” that is, making things happen. The means could justify the end.

The above is ingrained and exploited by our society. We have the heroes and the villains. We have the workers of light and the ones from darkness. Laws are “black or white,” commandments are in place and the intellect has material to learn and understand how to live life “by the book.” Spirituality turns into an intellectual endeavor. Nevertheless, this way of seeing the world will create will power in the individual to adhere to laws and commandments.

The above understanding is useful to create religions and fanaticism as well.

Typically, this first stage of awareness of change deals with the outside world, “others.” However, it could be used for the “inner” experience as well.
Such as:
I am a sinner. I am guilty. I must destroy the vices in me. Here the personality is divided into the “good” tendencies and the “bad” tendencies. Fanaticism in this search for “inner” evil, could lead into mental issues such as complexes. Many “saints,” are in this category of development.

In the second stage, there is a realization that any belief system about “good” or “evil” does not reflect the reality of good needing evil to exist. There wouldn’t be “good” unless there was evil. The mother of those 2 kids, is the same. Duality is recognized as a source of separation. Therefore, the outer world, will be just a reflection of the inner world; for whatever I perceive is nothing but a reflection of what I hold inside. This is the stage when beliefs are no longer needed, for the reality of being is for the first time experienced. As “I am” so I will “do.” Here the mental game of the duality of good and evil is acknowledged by experiencing the craziness of fragmenting the personality into “good and bad.”

This stage will deal with mental issues. It will deal with discovering the mind and its intricacies. Beliefs are no longer needed when the truth of the self is realized. The intellectual mind, thirsty for information, is left aside. Gains happen through “losing things,” by getting rid of things such as complexes, ideas, beliefs and previous learned behaviors. The heart and the expression of it through communication (Throat chakra) will develop at this stage.

In the third stage, all dualities are left aside. The method of using duality, which was used in the first stage, is completely gone. Acceptance to all, without labeling becomes the practice. Being “good” happens automatically by being wholesome, by seeing unity rather than division, by discovering the manifestations of the inner source of happiness; by being acquainted with silence, stability, serenity, calmness, elegance, and harmony through personal experience.
The third eye and the 7th chakra will play an important role here. Wisdom could emerge.

The above is not a “recipe,” it is just a description of something which does not have stages nor limits and that could be experienced in a totally different way by someone walking the path of the spiritual walker.

The Third Eye

In Spirituality, many times the words “Third Eye” are used. What is it?
I found the explanation of Sadhguru from the Isha foundation, very interesting.
He explains the significance of the third eye but also explains the meaning of the different chakras while an individual develops his/her spiritual life.

Obviously, what he explains matches in a way my own experience which was explained here:

For those who would like additional information about the chakras, you could find that information here:

Why is it important to know about the chakra system? (7 main chakras)
Because those are energetic centers of the self. Through those centers we could “ingest” energies or vibrations as well as to send that energy out. Thus, we could protect ourselves by closing those at will, or we could work on a particular chakra to allow for the energetic channels to “open up.”

When these channels are “clear,” there is the experience of bliss or peace, which may last for a small period of time, until we find a way to “clear” the issues. Those issues are usually psychological or emotional in my experience.

As we experience our own spiritual development, we could experience in which chakra we are located in that evolution at a certain time.

Question: om shanti….what is ‘kundlini shakti’….? does self transformation through gyan leads to activation of ‘chakras’ …? how ?

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

The words “kundalini shakti,” have been used to express many things. From transforming sexual energy (Tantra yoga) to transmuting physical energies and to experience bliss, into being self-realized; etc, etc.

The answer will depend on what you refer to. My own little meaning of that is transformation of the self from a “normal,” “average guy” into a self realized/complete being; not in the Golden age; but now.

I have shared many articles here and in “Healthy Celibacy,” about the Chakras as a point of reference of spiritual transformation.
Basically it is the change from physicality into subtleness. The expression of wants and desires into feelings from the heart and the expression of the self in a pleasant and understanding way (“compassionate” for Buddhists, “sweet” in SM, “merciful” in Avyakt BapDada’s language) in my experience, so far.

At the subtle level that change will be observed in your aura. At the inner level, you will experience the transformation of sex lust into feelings of acknowledgement, wonder, appreciation and thankfulness (to describe that) BapDada will call that “good wishes and pure feelings.” From that is the expression in words and communication with others, then comes self knowledge as an experience and finally, self- realization or being “One with God” or “like the Father,” or in “union with the Beloved.”

The above is not totally my experience. I feel that I am perhaps in the “communication” stage. The other levels have been described by different traditions, sages, Gurus and specially in Hinduism. Those stages correlate with a particular Chakra as our main means of expression. I am not keen in trying to follow the steps that someone has outlined, but I let life shape my own journey. I am “recipe free.” 🙂

Now on your question of the “How.” That is what you will find out for yourself in your own path. No recipes.

In my experience, by being honest that self transformation is your goal in life. It is what you really, really want more than anything else. Then life, will be placing the “tests” and environment with experiences that you will need to grow. For that we need to learn to “accept” rather than “reject.” Let the actors act and then to know when is our turn to act. Also, in my experience; to make time for solitude, to be with yourself alone is necessary. For that we will need to learn to discern those things which are not necessary in our life. That is what is commonly known as “renunciation.” This has to come with understanding. Not intellectual understanding but by being in tune with your inner self. Everything changes little by little, but “quickly” at this time; thus; we need to be aware of the special moment of the confluence age and make the appropriate environment around us and in us to allow the changes to appear.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. That is the law.

Best wishes!