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Qustion: Sweet soul… I have just reached 20. I am in gyan for 1 month. I am finding it very hard to remain focussed and remain elevated in that spiritual stage. One moment i feel rising my chakra level above that 2nd stage and the next moment i cant hold on to that chakra of 2nd level and lose it all succumbing to maya. Is it hormones or something else ? I feel if i am not able to get out of this cycle i will never be able to rise in my spiritual stage. Best wishes.

Thank you for your honest question.

Dear soul,
I will extend myself a bit this time. Please bear with me.

I have written extensively about this topic, but I wish that what I say is not being taken literally for otherwise there will not be “real” understanding which is based on your experience. If there is an “intellectual understanding” of my words before the experience and you believe that I am some sort of “Guru,” or “Shri,” etc. then you will not acknowledge your own, for you will think that your own experience does not fit your intellectual understanding or expectation of what “should be right.”

This is a deep point of realization when we study “pure gyan,” for we are aware that every role is different in every actor and thus, their perception on things.

As far as your question:
When I speak about the “Chakras” is not necessarily so we can go to the nearby healer so he can “align my chakras” by placing his magic stones over my body. It is not about “raising the kundalini” either. It is an explanation on how we express in life according to our level of consciousness. That expression has been already described and given a particular “Chakra” name.

When you feel this process in your life, you will understand what I am talking about.

In the case of sexual energy (which is your question) when some feel attraction to another, they will feel a funny sensation where the 2nd Chakra is located. When someone repress a desire due to following a “moral code,” their stomach will be affected, etc. As I mentioned before, there is some work, some karmic accounts which need to be settled for the heart to open up again so we can feel; and this is the whole purpose of remembrance of Baba, to open that heart while we are living the “lawful” third chakra experience of reforming ourselves by following the Brahmin Code of conduct.

In your personal case, you are very young in age and just starting the BK path of “reformation.”
The good thing is that you are starting early. The “bad” thing is that your sexual energy is peaking.

That means for most “nocturnal emissions,” higher level of testosterone which will give you greater aggresivity. For a “normal” person; that is “good;” for a BK that needs to be balanced. For some it is through arts (music, dancing, etc) in my case, I had way too much energy and I went into sports (triathlon.)That seemed to help. Now, with knowledge I would have done both (arts and sports.)

By all means be active, use that energy. Follow the code of conduct as much as possible; that should keep you safe until life is ready to show you other things. You are starting the path, so it is good to be in company of BKs as well who inspire you and understand your changes.

Finally, do not forget to meditate (remembrance, yoga, tapasya, etc, etc) as much as possible for it is there where your experiences will be valuable for your self transformation.

One month is not much time, for most it takes many years to feel “free from sex-lust” if ever.
Welcome to the journey. Maintain courage, determination and be compassionate towards you at the same time. Help will be on the way.

Best wishes!

Alternative Medicine for Souls in the spiritual journey

While I was on vacation in Peru, I had the chance to visit alternative medicine practitioners.

I had the following symptoms: fever which was coming from the stomach up to my eyes. After those episodes of fever I was left without much energy. Still I was always looking for a full blast AC facility for I couldn’t stand warm temperatures. I had this issue for some time. In the USA I went to doctors but without costly tests they wouldn’t move a finger.

According to my karma, the Drama fit me with the right doctors. One of them was a well-known Peruvian acupuncturist/ chiropractor who has Chinese ancestors. He studied in the USA.
He told me that my illness was emotional in origin. He mentioned that no doctor in the USA would have been able to find a problem, for tests will not be able to detect my problem. In his language, he mentioned that I needed “yin” energy to balance my “yang” energy. He placed his needles in several points in my feet, arms and even stomach. I felt relieved after the first session. I went there for about 6 sessions total. While I was there I learned a bit about Chinese medicine. How the organs of the body have a time for their function as well as Chinese astrology. 🙂

After that, my sister knew of a “Tibetan singing bowl practitioner,” I had 2 sessions. Those sessions were quite amazing.
I was lying down, blindfolded while he was playing the Tibetan bowls as well as other instruments which I have never seen before. While he was playing the bowls I felt energies coming up and down my body, it was a very soothing feeling, sometimes it felt that my mind was tranquil and was going out for a “walk” someplace while it seemed like I was ready to leave the body…then, I recovered full consciousness. The practitioner placed the bowl over my stomach while he was playing it. That was a very calming sensation to heal the inflammation in my stomach.

On the second session, it was pretty much the same. The only difference is that I received some information about “forgiving” and how this is related with the third chakra. That is actually where the stomach is located. In that session, the images of certain individuals came to my mind and those individuals brought the feeling of “forget and forgive,” as I was doing this, I felt that I was healing. It felt as if something was opening in myself again. I was shedding a couple of tears as well during the session, even though I was blindfolded.

At the end of the session, I told the therapist that I was healed. He mentioned that to be the right way. Healing happens immediately once you know it.

I am sharing this for a couple of reasons:
1)For a Brahmin soul, most if not all of the diseases acquired during Brahmin life will be emotional in nature. This lifestyle is not like going to your auntie’s and definitely will leave some issues which will need to be resolved. I would recommend an alternative medicine practitioner anytime of the week, rather than a typical M.D.

2)The knowledge of the Chakra system is tremendous and very helpful. As a matter of fact, there is a mystical way to interpret Sakar Murlis, that is based on the Chakra system. For instance words such as: “You only need 3 feet of land” Could be interpreted as being aligned from the third Chakra down. Every Chakra has a particular meaning. Another typical Murli line is: Brahma is born from Vishnu’s navel. As if from the third Chakra upwards signifies to be born in spirituality (for most people express themselves in the 1st and 2nd Chakra only) However, the aim is not only to reach the 7th Chakra, to meet God; but to recycle that energy, to make that energy come down, so self-transformation is possible while living in this world, to be double light and to be bright, luminous, an angel.

My sister gave a class on this in Spanish. It is one of the best classes I’ve heard on practical knowledge which I felt, I am experiencing in me. For instance, the 2nd chakra which deals with emotions, has a corresponding one with the 5th Chakra which deals with the throat, words and communication. Needless to say I had issues with my throat and my ability to express through spoken words. Singing is the way to heal the emotions.

The link for those classes are on MP3 format. Here is the link. This will be very useful for Spanish speaking BKs and Spiritual minded persons as well. Some of her clases will be published in this website:

The direct link to the chakra classes are here:http://wp.me/p31Yxl-12

That website has very interesting classes in Spanish by a friend, Mathias.

Hope this info will be helpful.