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Observing Life and Death on the road

car and squi

Michael was driving to work happily. In his driving path he saw a little squirrel jumping from one side of the street and quickly running towards the other side. The squirrel did not stop when a middle-sized red car was coming.

The squirrel tried to run away from the car as soon as possible. But it was too late. The car run over the squirrel.

The squirrel seemed dead from Michael’s perspective, when he was about 20 meters away from the “action.”

It is interesting to notice the thoughts coming in that moment and after the “action” was over in Michael’s psyche.

Michael realized: “Everything was so quick. I didn’t have the time to think. But after the fact, many thoughts entered my mind.
What about if the squirrel is still alive?
Why that driver did not use his horn to stop the squirrel?
How is it possible for such a squirrel not to see an upcoming car?”

Michael wasn’t able to realize how his mood changed at that time. He became depressed in a few seconds. He became a “philosopher of life” trying to figure out the “reason” for that incident and why God allowed such a cute little animal to be killed in such a hideous way.

Michael accelerated his car and passed the person driving that red car. He wanted to see him.
The driver was an old individual. He looked all tensed up, holding the driving wheel with both hands and leaning towards it. He had a bad posture.

That individual probably does not even know about that squirrel!

End result:
The driver is gone from the scene. The squirrel is gone from this physical existence. Michael, the observer; is completely angry and depressed… even though he was not involved in this incident.

In life, we are always observers. Things happen and there are no evident “reasons” for them to occur.

We could say: “I think this is the reason why that happened.”
Ok. If others agree, then that becomes the official “reason.”
So what? 🙂

Michael observed life. Michael could have acted in other ways. That is his “choice.”
However, Michael was influenced by the scene. He lost his happiness.

Question: Wait a minute, are you trying to tell me that Michael should be a robot and just live life without feeling anything?

Answer: No. Michael could feel happiness. If that is who he is. That happiness is not related with whatever happens “out there,” otherwise; he cannot be happy.

Question: Yes.. I understand. But… I cannot try to cut myself off from “others” just like that. I need to practice…

Answer: No… You don’t. This is just a change of consciousness based on being aware of the Totality of life.
Question: It doesn’t make any sense…
Answer: That is right. It will not. Consciousness is not a “logical reason.”

Breaking free from the eggshell of beliefs

Many times, we meet the new through the “old.”
We pretend to understand something “new” based on our previous experiences.
We try to make sense of life based on our own preconditioning.

The above is neither wrong nor right. It is just a way of meeting life and newness. A limited way.

For instance, every religion has beliefs. Those beliefs will shape up the way we perceive life. A collective perception of life will give the illusion of “rightness.”

A desire that we have may bring an expectation, which needs to be fulfilled. A human tendency is to manipulate the events occurring in “reality” to fit our own beliefs.
That is why, honesty cannot survive along beliefs.

For example, we typically believe that Science is the yardstick for “truth.” We may fail to realize that scientific instruments measuring something are just an extension of our senses and those senses that we possess have a particular way of perceiving “reality.”

That is why, it is said that the only thing that we can “know” is ourselves. That is the ultimate. That knowing takes some “time” to be alone with yourself.
It takes time and patience to peel off the layers of beliefs, traditions and cultural upbringing, which are latent in our personality as a way to meet “reality.”

Let me give another example. This link will show the basic Christian beliefs. This could be for any other religion as well.

All of those beliefs are fine if someone wants to believe in that. However, there is nothing for self-knowledge in those beliefs. That is, there is nothing that I could experience as true in myself. It is just intellectual stuff.

The above holds true for every monotheistic religion. It is about worshiping God and forgetting about “you.”
This is one of the most conflictive items in the conscience of individuality.
“I” forget “myself” to remember and worship what “I” believe to be God. That is the “method” offered by religions to forget “yourself.” To conquer what is believed to be “ego.”
If God is not meant to show you the beauty and potential of who “you” are, then who needs God? 🙂

Another King to worship? Another Queen to be fearful of? Another Lord to serve in His quest to conquer evil?
If you refuse… You are doomed…. for eternity 🙂
Do you see from which beliefs the above come from?

Your belief could be “real” for you, but it will not make a change in your consciousness. You may be able to look at the world and “reality” in a determined way, however. All according to your beliefs.

For instance, I could believe in predestination and time being cyclical and repetitive. This belief will not make the change in consciousness necessary to live a life of fulfillment.
It is merely intellectual information, which is unable to change consciousness; but information that could bring however, intellectual answers for a curious mind or intellectual doubts as well.

When consciousness changes there is openness to see in different ways. A belief merely narrows down the options. Obviously, we could start our own path of Spirituality from a belief, but a belief is just like an eggshell.

It protects you from something, but it does not allow you to grow.
That is why, it could be necessary to break free from the eggshell.
That is if you are ready.


Being conscious of totality and individuality- Sharings-


“Individuality and Totality the 2 faces of Spirituality” (English)
Spirituality is change of consciousness. Our consciousness usually resides in individuality, thus; our perception of the world becomes an individualized matter.

As our consciousness opens up, we will discover Totality. It is in that Totality where current spiritual teachings reside. Brotherhood among human beings resides in the consciousness of Totality.

When we are situated in the consciousness of individuality, all we have available are moral codes, laws and regulations to interact; however, these changes in behavior do not reflect a change in consciousness.

Note: The quality of the recording is not that good. Phone is IP based. Sorry 🙂

“Que cosa es conciencia?” (Spanish)

The danger of beliefs

When there is a belief about something; that same belief will take us away from the fact of our own existence.

The above may not be important for most, for beliefs are needed in a society to keep the “ways” of living, but to understand the extent of a belief is of utmost importance to awaken by realizing the “self.”
In a few words, to look inwards is not possible when our being is occupied on outwardly things.
Let me be more precise.

The belief on reincarnation, the afterlife, destruction of the planet, the Golden age and even God, even though all of that may be “true,” all of that will be a handicap later on.
Because we will forget about “us” right now. “Our” consciousness.

Many have had experiences with God in one way or another. That was part of their lot of life experiences; to have known something “unusual,” however, that is not something which will help us understand the self as it is right now.

With our own pre-conditioning, fears, anguish, worries, loneliness, sorrow, etc. The belief that “someone will magically take all of that away from you,” well… is a belief.

Are those beliefs wrong then? NO at all. They have a function; their function is to move people into certain direction. To bring awareness up to a point. For example, if someone is used to smoking as a part of being “normal” in this society; a surgeon’s general advice such as “Smoking may be dangerous for your health” is not enough to deter that individual from smoking. In a “normal” society with conflicting values, money talks…you know.

On the other hand, if God has said that you must stop smoking or you will not reach Paradise; then that has a greater impact to change, especially if someone has had “divine” experiences. Obviously for others who do not have experiences, the fact that “God has said so,” will not mean a thing.

Please see the following logic: “Because God has said that I shouldn’t smoke, then smoking is bad.” Moreover, “You must not hang out with people who smoke because their influence will change you.”

The above is called a belief. We may not realize that the phrase “God has said this” is meant to keep us out of trouble BUT, keeping us out of trouble does not mean that there was a change to realize the self, our own eternity.

This is very important. We could live a life when we don’t smoke, drink, have sex, mingle with others who are “non-spiritual,” don’t argue with anyone, etc. We may have good health, we may have greater time for ourselves; but just to keep the above “don’ts” will not make that change of consciousness towards greater awareness.

Please do not misunderstand me. Avyakt7 is not saying that “we shouldn’t do what we believe in.” Avyakt7 is merely stating that change of consciousness will not happen by just following certain behavior patterns. There will be greater health, time and energy by following certain things; but that is the groundwork, the foundation to build the house of self realization. For someone who wants to self realize, the foundation is just the beginning.

That health, time and energy must be used to understand and realize our own self.

How is that change of consciousness possible?
There are many “good people” in the world, but there are very few who are not self-centered.
A belief will strengthen our own self-centerness.

The “I” syndrome. “I” want to be this or that in the “future.” If “I believe this, then God is with me and He will help me.”
Out of my own experience: Life, God, Divinity, etc. may provide the environment to “study” ourselves; but there is no God who will help only “you” and not “another” person to the next step. That is something that we have to “do” ourselves. We have to walk the path with our own two feet. 🙂 and then… paradoxically, help will come. 🙂

In my experience, acceptance of everything as it is; is the first and fundamental cornerstone for a change of consciousness.
That “acceptance” is not something like: “I need to accept everything from now on, because God has said so or some Guru, priest, etc. I must follow.”
That is a belief.

The acceptance that Avyakt7 is talking about comes from your core as the understanding that “I” is the greatest illusion, thus we become like an open door when there is no further judgment or noise in our minds about something that is happening. That acceptance of what is, comes when we are in that state of gratefulness and amazement of life itself; when we can perceive that there is no distinction for all beings are inter-related.

We cannot reject our own arms. We can realize that, but similarly is with anything/anyone in life.

That acceptance has different degrees, it is not the same for all. Variety.

When we are experiencing that acceptance, we don’t need the belief that: “I must not be close to Dan, for he is a smoker. God has said not to.”

In the consciousness of acceptance there is no rejection of Dan but at the same time, there is no rejection of our health, for “our” health means health for all.

Dan is not the same as “smoking.” There is something in Dan which is like “me” that is what we call humanity.
The movement of consciousness could go from “I” to humanity.