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“I,” “my” genes and “my” family

The “I” may think to be isolated. That perception presents a very narrow “reality.” Every single one of us is carrying the genes of our ancestors. A great part of that “I” is supplied by the past, unrecognized in the present but re-established in the future… unless we are ready and willing to go beyond our own genes.

Your DNA will influence the way you interpret an experience. A belief may tell you otherwise, but your “unconscious” will prevail.
In a society where the color of the skin or birthplace is important, “You” are pre-programmed to fit into a role.

Some of the generational characteristics of your ancestors are already in “you.” Those characteristics will come up in your Life no matter what you “do” to reject them or repress them.

For instance, someone could suffer schizophrenia due to some gene from the ancestors. Someone could be living with a “time bomb” in their heart, as the ancestors had heart attacks at an early age.

Yes….you are still “you,” an individual… but how much of “you” is actually “you”?
For the great majority of individuals, there is no much “you” different than the generational genes.

Observe how collective beliefs will have great importance on the way “you” see the world.

This is another layer of beliefs and collective programing that a “seeker” may want to look into.

You see, many times it is not enough to see that “I” am an angry person, when there is a collective consciousness behind a family tree giving a person that trait.
Observe it in your own family and how those traits that many times we justify or reject are within us. Those traits may resurface easily in family reunions and gatherings.

At the end of the day, that which we call “unconscious” for lack of a better understanding, is what will come up in a person’s behavior, as soon as that person is allowed to behave naturally.

To realize the connection of your ancestors and “you” is not “bad.” It is a source of understanding and liberation for the whole family as well.

Paul kept getting angry with people, no matter what method he followed. His father was a very angry man as well. Paul believed that anger was “bad,” in despair he said: “If it wasn’t for my father who taught me about anger, I wouldn’t be this angry!” Paul didn’t realize that his father wasn’t the source of that anger, but it came from his father’s family and so on…

What could Paul “do” to get rid of that anger?
Nothing. It is not a matter of “doing” anything unless all we want is to repress it. The one who is willing to understand his own anger cannot start by rejecting it, labeling it as “bad” or being ashamed of it, because some moral standard has dictated that anger is undesirable.

It is a journey to understand something in us. All we may want to be aware of, is that it is there and that we are willing to understand it, to accept it and to nurture it as a part of “I.” Let the journey start…

“Nurture your anger? Give me a break!”

It is “You” AT THIS TIME, don’t you see that?
Any “formula” or magic pill could do the trick for a brief time, but… the “thing” will come back, then you could feel like a loser, guilty, ashamed, etc. and will look for another “magic pill” to repress what you are not willing to understand.

“That is not true! I used “Xyz” method to get rid of my anger and it worked! so there…”

🙂 That “method” was merely the finishing touch of a long process which started once you realized about that anger. It wasn’t the “solution,” for there was a life process behind it. That “method” wouldn’t work unless you were ready for it, but many times we are so caught up in finding a “savior” that we do not see the big picture.

Let us say that Paul has a drinking problem. His journey will start when he is out of control. Then, he will realize that it is hurting him and maybe others. At that point, Paul may want to stop it. Paul may repress it, he may come up with “will power” tricks to avoid drinking… until he gives up and his personal “Satan” gets unleashed after a prolonged repression… Do we see the journey?

Paul will need to see that “drinking” is not the issue but there are other things underneath. First, he will need to look into his family, and how certain past behaviors were able to affect him. He may want to see if there is an issue with drinking in his family, he may want to find out how drinking started in his Life… Is drinking something that he enjoyed for the sake of it or a trigger from something else?

This is the journey to untie our own knots. In that journey we may need our own support, our own acceptance, that in itself is the key to look at things without guilt, without shame, without feeling “less than…”

It is a journey. It could last a few days, months, years, a Life time. One thing is guaranteed. There will be lots of learning in that journey which can only be stopped if there is resentment, shame, guilt, rejection, “black or white” beliefs which will hinder our looking inwards, our acceptance, our nurturing attitude towards finding an unexpected “I.”
Unfortunately that process of self-discovery is usually stopped by the “quick-fix” mentality, unable to perceive suffering as part of the process to heal, to be whole again….

Are you in a hurry to “fix” yourself?
Please know that you cannot do that. The “I” cannot fix himself.
Because “you” are not separated from Life. There are many episodes, many chapters which will need to be unfolded for that change to be natural. If it is artificial change, it is not change at all but plain inner dishonesty.

All you can “do” is to put a bandage, change your behavior and make everyone and yourself believe that “you” have changed.
Going through the process that Life will unfold is the cause and the solution of the “problem.”
Be willing to walk the path… and while doing that, treat yourself well; with love for everything will change sooner or later… as Life changes are guaranteed.

What are you looking for?

To look outside is a way to look inside… but the thing is neither outside nor inside. There is no-thing.

As many individuals gather to celebrate the “new thought” that we are all One, we could wonder if that “new thought” is not just another fashion, something that will keep us busy into a new direction to follow, to believe and to teach “others.”

Destiny is already made. That is a simple but deep axiom of knowing that we are all ONE.

One in destiny. Sharing the experience of being in relationship in the space of Life.

It is in that game how the perception of individuality arrives: “I want to do this in Life. I want to teach others about love. I want to go to the moon when I grow up.”
Nothing wrong with that.

Because that perception of “I-ness” is all pervasive, we could assume that it is the truth, even though; it is just a perception.

That is how the search for meaning in Life arrives to our minds. That is how the search for something greater than ourselves becomes paranoia, as we seek for protection, comfort and love. Something that could take away our own sense of pettiness when we separate from what it seems to be hostile; the “other,” Life itself.
Fear is born and with that, all imaginable beliefs to “save” us from ourselves.

A seeker is born.

The journey is to go away from us just to come back.
Away from us, there are so many experiences to taste and enjoy.
Religions, Gods, Devils, Angels… all waiting for your unconditional love in exchange of “conditional” love, promises, etc.
The “office world” seeks believers as well. We could get busy in so many political directions, social inequalities and economic laws. Science is a good preacher, when all we know is thought, logic and reason.

Have you tried all of those avenues in your search for meaning?

I have.

Those are part of my experiences to expand my horizons, until there is no other way but to come back…

It is said that peace, happiness, joy and all happy dictionary words are “inside.”
I tell you, there is no “inside” as there is no “outside.”
But… there is an “I” making that division, there is a perception of “inside,” because there is a “Me.”

That “Me” changes, evolves, continues on; but our static minds will not allow for that to happen. It will fight to continue “status quo,” even though destiny has defined change as the way of Life.
Transformation is change, isn’t it?
The idea of “self-transformation” is misleading. Life transforms and so are we. We are One.

Dear seeker, once your journey takes you back into “Me,” then you are a step closer to find out who you may be. Allow for Life to peel the layers off that “Me.” The “I” cannot do that to itself.
What do you find?
Nothing? Eureka! The eye of the hurricane.
What is that made of?
Nothing… and because of that, there is everything.
You found Oneness.
Fulfillment is. 🙂

The “I” cannot change consciousness

Looking for all places to find God did not allow me to see that which I call myself. However, without that search I wouldn’t see myself.

Serenity, tranquility comes by the recognition through our own experience in Life that there is absolutely nothing that “I” could “do” to change my current state of consciousness.

Let me put it in another way: “You” cannot change your consciousness. There is nothing that you can “do” to change it.
It just happens.
“Doing” cannot change “Being.”

“But … that goes against all teachings, against all the dogmatic truth of religions and “spirituality”… It goes against everything that society has taught us to be “true.”

That is right.
The “change your thoughts,” become loving, become good, saintly, all of those spiritual “catch phrases” used to sell religions, saviors, books and Cds. All of that can only be “practiced” to change behavior, but our consciousness cannot be changed through “doing” those things. Our consciousness will remain in the same place every time the “I” wishes to change it.

The accepted “spiritual” teaching is:
“It is “I” who can change everything about “Me”… I can change myself… or the “only thing that I can change is myself.”
The “I” can only change behavior but never consciousness, without a change of consciousness, our behavior of “trying to be good” can only be a dishonest trip to self-delusion.

“But… There must be something that “I” could do, something that “I” am responsible for…”

Correct. “You” are responsible for allowing Life to make that change. It is not the “I.”
That is the meaning of being open in Life.

I hear in the background some misinterpretation:
“ Since I cannot change my consciousness then I will just waste myself in trivialities to pass my time… That is what you are saying…”

Wait a minute. Let me finish. 🙂 Since “I” cannot change my consciousness, therefore; let me enjoy what is.
Want to “waste your life”?
OK. But enjoy it. If you enjoy it, it cannot be a waste.

More misinterpretation coming through my left ear:
“ What!! So you are saying now that I should indulge in all sorts of pleasures to enjoy Life… rather than living an ascetic, God fearing Life style which will build my character…”

Discover enjoyment. Pleasure is part of enjoyment but it is not enjoyment. Full of beliefs as to what is “good” and saintly, we forget to feel what is, without any further wishes or thoughts about what this moment “should be.”
Our ability to enjoy the moment, to unwind, to relax is very limited in general.
We feel proud to talk about how “busy” we are. How may things we are “doing.”

Enjoyment is not related with being busy but in balance, in harmony. Enjoyment is a feeling of wonder, of appreciation and gratefulness of living the experience of Life.
One more thing, without enjoyment there cannot be love, for enjoyment entails an opening of that rigid and static “I” to assimilate and allow for Life to “do its thing.”

To discover enjoyment could be the greatest religion to join, the “true” God to worship and to obey, just to go to heaven “now,” and not in the “future.”

Nevertheless, the “I” in his static world of truths is unable to perceive that Life is change and that “I” am that change.

There is no “YOU” separated from Life. However in the consciousness of the “I” there is that separation.
It is “Me” and there is Life, 2 distinct things.

The “I” could fight against that imminent change but in the world of continuous changes there is no way to stop it. If Life changes so the “I.”

“But …why? I want to do what “I” want…”

“You” can, “do it.” But know that what you do will not change what you are.
Want happiness?
Then get a big house, a boat, a pretty partner, a 6-figure job, etc.
Do things, get things.
Aren’t you happy yet? 🙂 How come?
Ahh! You don’t know how to enjoy those things. You are not enjoyment.

How can you change yourself into enjoyment?
By reading a book about what is enjoyment?
Allow it to happen. Open up.

If what “you” want does not materialize, that is part of Life as well.
Would you be sad, frustrated, angry if that happens?
That is because “YOU” are separated from Life.
Do you see that?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we truly accepted “what is”?
That is the starting point for serenity, tranquility, peace.
It is that acceptance what brings further change.
A rejection of “what is” will bring the permanence of that which we reject.

More misunderstanding coming through my right ear:
“So you are saying now to become a passive, soft guy. Everyone could walk all over you, is that your idea of accepting “what is”?

NO! Allow, “what is,” without trying to “do it.” It is not just a matter of acceptance.

“Oh! Now you are changing! You are just a confusing guy…”

Live it yourself. My words cannot explain what cannot be explained through words. It is a matter of consciousness.

“Right. Now you take the easy way out…”

When the waters of Life are stuck in that “I,” bad odor will appear as a result of being stagnant.
That odor is not bad either. Putrefaction of the “I” comes through that “bad odor.” We call it suffering.

Do you suffer?
How is it possible for enjoyment to come out then? How is it possible for love to be?
How is it possible for appreciation and gratefulness to arrive into your consciousness?

“When I feel it.”
That is it. No words needed to explain that.

From “I” Into ONE

The “good deeds” of one consciousness does not apply necessarily to another type of consciousness.

When the “I” is of most importance, then “helping others” is seeked out as the opportunity to show our care for mankind. After all, we may need to demonstrate to ourselves and the world that “we are good, worth of being in Paradise!”

In the consciousness of Oneness, there is no such a thing as “helping others.” There are no “others” as everything goes back to the whole rather than the part. That is the meaning of being part of the “common good.”
Help is there, but there is no “I” helping “others,” a “Me” helping around.
The action is the same but not the intention.

Is it hard to grasp? No worries. It is nothing intellectual. It is a question of feelings.
Yes, our language is designed to separate, but our feelings are not.
To feel we need to go beyond the separation of time.

Want to be tolerant when dealing with someone? That is to be “good,” right?
“Look, I don’t care what you say… but let me swallow your words anyway, for the sake of being tolerant, in that way; I can add a golden star in my chart towards “my” earning Paradise…”

If we could see how the ulterior motive arrives every time we would like to be “good,” we could catch our 2 faces, our dishonesty.

Oneness is more than a concert in the Park where everyone hugs and hold hands together, it is way more than a belief system promising Paradise and what not, when “you die,” it is more than a meditation with the promise of continuation in the “afterlife.”
Oneness is not Life insurance for the “I.”

“No… I don’t want to change what I believe. I have found the truth.”
Sure. Do you realize about the truth of your own change? What are you going to hold on to? Ideas, dogmas, intellectual musings, beliefs, spiritual experiences?

Those things do not change. They are static …whereas Life is change.
Is your truth reflecting your change?

“What change? I am the same. It is good to be that way.”

Right. “You” are different than Life. You cannot be One with Life.

Some start their spiritual career by choosing “good” over “bad.”
When that idea is challenged by another human being, it is easy to brush it aside, but when that idea is challenged by Life itself, there is no option but to listen.
There is either change with Life or “You” die in the attempt to hold on to your ideas and beliefs.
Either way, the “I” will die… Funny, huh? 🙂

From the standard of “good or bad,” the “change” is into : “No absolutes.”
By saying “No absolutes,” we are still living an absolute in the mind. We went from one extreme into the other, which will teach us to trust Life. To trust change.

At that point, perhaps we will realize that rather than putting significance to our own morality and changes interpreted through our thinking, we could look inside into our feelings and connect without words and structured beliefs into “what is.” That requires another consciousness.

We may discover in that, the “One” in everything.

Your Life is just you.

How do you like your life? Pretty good, huh? 🙂
Do you want to “make a change”?

Who is making the change?
The “I” ?
Based on what?
Your previous experiences, your education, your beliefs, your ideas… your baggage.
Can we call that a change?

Do you feel lonely?
That is your Life.
That is you. No difference.

Do you want to change that?
Do “something,” right? Join this group, call that other group, talk to your buddies, be social etc.
Observe that to “feel alone” hasn’t been changed at all.
All the “doing” has only dissipated the feeling of loneliness.

All the “doing” is “good,” but it should reflect a change in “BEING” to be true.

Are you worried?
Change your thoughts! Right? That is what “spirituality” recommends… Change yourself, just “do it.”

No, my friends. That is a dishonest game.
“I” think this thought, but let me suppress that and put this other “good” thought instead.
“I” am changing… 🙂

When we discover the wall of pain sitting in our hearts, which is not allowing for the air of Life to arrive and nourish our cells, at that point; in that awareness, we may stop “doing things” and allowing for that wall to be taken down little by little through the cleansing waters of our own tears coming from the heart.

We built the wall without help, without “doing” things. Similarly, is the process of disintegration.
Do you believe that this wall is protecting you?
Let go of that belief.
Do you believe that Life is harsh?
Look at your own harsh feelings.

Life is not only a mirror but it is “you.”
“You” can change that “you,” but that wouldn’t be called change.
Let it happen.

The Oneness of light and darkness

We perceived light and then perceived darkness. We saw 2 separate things.
We labeled light as “good” and darkness as “bad.”
With those labels, our perception of “morality” arrived and people divided themselves into “sinners” and “saints” to feel shameful or to judge others based on their value system.

The division progressed, as a “God” appeared to support a moral system and to condemn another.
That is how “being better than thou” arrived. We became engaged in building a “cookie cutter” society which kills all possibilities to explore being yourself… All in the name of “being righteous” instead.

As some individuals were busy selecting “good” over “wrong” or light over darkness, some realized that it is artificial to say that light is “good” and darkness “bad.” After all, if light exists it is because of darkness!

Then it is a matter of balancing light and darkness to feel “right,” was thought. Balancing the “opposite” was the perception to live by.
That was thought to be more “elevated” and “good.” 🙂

Then came Oneness.
Why do we perceive light and darkness as opposite or complements?
When we perceive them as opposite, we have the fight of supremacy, “good” against “evil.”
When we perceived them as complements, we have the quest for inner balance. Out of balance= “bad.” 🙂

What happens if we perceive them as One?
That will be an inner lie! Everyone knows that light is different than darkness!

But… few know that they are One indeed!

Let me explain. What makes day and night or light/darkness?
Timing. It is the same manifestation. The Earth rotates in its axis, that rotation, which is related with time, makes the difference. Day and Night is rotation, movement, change… See? 🙂

“But… Someone is making that movement to happen!”
You are expecting that “someone.” That is your belief system.

“ Yes, but light is better than darkness. We should make this world better.”
Better?? It is what is! Enjoy it!
“Come on! People are suffering! There is hunger, war and loneliness…
That needs to change!!”

The problem is when the “I” wants things to fit his perception, his moral standards, his ideals… When the “I” interferes in that way, the “I” creates more of that which he wants to get rid of.
Because the “I” is different than the “other” there is opposition. Because of opposition, there is suffering, hunger, and loneliness…

Can’t we see that?

“ OH, I get it! then… I need to change myself to change the world!”

You have not understood. 😦

Here we go again… Life IS CHANGE.
Oneness is to be part of it, to integrate in it, to love it.
Be part of the change, allow it to happen.

“But… how do “I” know if that change is not good for ME?”
You have not understood. 😦
Here we go again: Life IS CHANGE.

And here… the deep riddle for Y’all:
Light and darkness depend only on the eyes looking at. But, “What is” is not depending on a pair of eyes.
Thus, Light and darkness are ONE.

Don’t follow me, for “I” will not take you there

Our consciousness is our reality. To change that “reality” we may need to go through the full range of experiences deemed for that consciousness through the assimilation of those experiences. Those are perceived as Life “ups and downs.”

In religious talk and philosophical musings, “I” can change my consciousness at any time.
That is short of nonsense.

However, that nonsense has been going on for a long time now, with the outcome of people living in greater fear, repression and anxiety due to their desire to reach or obtain a particular state of consciousness by “doing” things.

It is about time to finish that childish idea that by “doing” certain actions someone could enjoy a different consciousness.
It is not like that, because “doing” cannot change “being.”
I can do something 1000 times per day to get rid of for example, laziness. My continuous activity will cover my laziness and as long as I keep doing my action 1000 times per day, I will not “see” my laziness, even though it will be there. Stop the action and laziness will surface again.
It is just a cover up.

“Doing” reinforces a previous realization. This is not an intellectual work. It is a realization that comes from the heart.
That is why reading “spiritual stuff” does not do any change in the self until we see our reflection on that reading material and the heart feels the need to change without looking at the “pros” or “cons” of the resolution.

Do you want to wake up at 3 AM to pray every morning?
Great! That is a good time for that. However, your consciousness will not change a bit due to that practice, of that “doing.”
That is my point.

“What do you mean by consciousness?”
The ability to observe “reality” from a particular perspective. Our collective consciousness is lost in duality and the material perception of the world through physical senses. That is one type of consciousness. Neither “good nor bad.”

There is a story about the death of the Buddha, which I heard at one time in a gathering, don’t know if it is true, but it illustrates what I am trying to convey.

The Buddha ate some food that had poison in it. The Buddha knew about that poison and he took it anyway and as a consequence he died.

For some, The Buddha committed suicide.
Suicide= “bad” = “sinful.”
For others, the Buddha didn’t want to offend the host by rejecting the meal.
Not rejecting= “good.” Suffering to please others = “good.”

The above are different types of perceptions, or consciousness in the “good or bad” realm.
Few understood that for the Buddha there is no difference between Life and Death for his consciousness is beyond that duality, so he ate the food for the enjoyment of it.

What is the teaching?
Perhaps to demonstrate that committing suicide is not “bad” when you are in a different consciousness.

The Buddha lived in the “now.” He ate the meal to enjoy the taste of that food while living in “the now” in the gracious company of his host.

For the religious minded individual looking to imitate the Buddha, that will mean to immolate himself out of some excuse because he may think that his “action” will be as elevated as the Buddha’s.

That is not so. That follower will be stupid and pay the price of his self-dishonesty.
His “action” is meaningless when his consciousness does not match it.

Do we think that the Buddha was thinking thoroughly about what to do next while receiving poison?
Not a bit. He just did what was “natural” for him, according to his consciousness.

“But… if he was a person protected by God, he should have survived through a miracle!”

The “miracle” is that there is no death, but for most of us this is just “theory” and fear is our consciousness.

The world of rationality and the intellect is too much about theory, analysis and flowery talk but nothing of utility in changing consciousness.

To try to understand intellectually a consciousness, which we do not currently enjoy, only leads to misunderstanding and blind following of followers through a dogmatic vision of Life. That has been the destiny of every single organized religion through time.

The singular consciousness enjoyed by the “founder” of every religion has been misunderstood/ re-interpreted by followers without exception.
How do I know that?
It is a matter of consciousness. 🙂