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Improving yourself


Everything is change. The one “I” was a second ago is no longer “me.” It is someone different. That difference changes in a subtle manner just as when day changes into night.
We may not realize it, but our consciousness changes as well. It will go one step at the time into greater opening or one step into closing itself. I could use the cliché: “The choice is ours” but there is no choosing once there is awareness.

If there is a storm going in the right side and calmness on the left, do we choose where do we want to go?

Look into yourself. That choosing is automatically aligned with who we are at a particular moment in time.

Being before doing. Being before choosing.

If “I cannot swim in the same river twice,” if I cannot be the same as before, how is it possible to “improve myself”?

There is only change. To live in the duality of “improvement and deterioration” is a perception of framing the “I” as being something static.

It is in that static perception of the world how dogmas thrive and that is how our consciousness gets stuck in the past.
Paul: “But you can be someone else, you can obtain things in life to improve your life style…”

Yes… we agree Paul. We could be someone else… That is granted, but we cannot be that change if our minds are framed in the past, if our minds cling to beliefs as if they were “reality” rather than another perception of it.

Since everything changes, what is “the reality”?

Paul: “So… you are saying that change is reality?”
Yes and No.

Change as a word has an opposite. We could play with antonyms and synonyms, logic and so forth.
Change in life does not have an opposite. It is what it is.

Why is there attachment?
Because we cannot accept change.

Why is there a need to improve?
Because we are caught up in duality and we cannot acknowledge spontaneous change. We have to manipulate things.

To obtain things in life is great. That may be the definition of improvement at the “office” in the “business world” etc. In life, there is openness in consciousness, that is regardless if someone has things or not.

In life “being” is first then doing and then having.
At the “office” and the “business world” having is first, doing is second and being is third.
You are what you have.
You do according to what you have.

Do we see the game? 🙂

Do we reject the “office” mentality then?
We embrace it. We integrate it. In this way we could flow with change.

Acceptance of everything may be the single most important teaching in life. To accept without the “thought” of accepting, could be the most sublime.

The struggle of being “right.”


Our society in general has inculcated the idea that the most important thing in life is to be “right.”

This goal creates a struggle in our minds. No one wants to be labeled as “being wrong.”
Thus, life becomes a battlefield of proving rightness over wrongness.
“I am right. You are wrong.”

The above is within the limits of a childish consciousness. It is not “bad” neither “good.” It is just a type of consciousness.

I recall the story of Jim Thorpe. He was an Olympic gold medalist in the decathlon (1912.) He lost that medal after it was found that he was paid to play semiprofessional baseball before the Olympics.
30 years after his death, the Olympic Committee restored his Olympic medals… (??)

Nowadays, we cannot think of a world-class athlete who is not paid or has an endorsement to compete in the Olympics.
Was Jim Thorpe “right” or “wrong”? 🙂

Pope Francis is into changing “old methods” of the Catholic Church:.. “More than by fear of going astray, my hope is that we will be moved by the fear of remaining shut up within structures which give us a false sense of security, within rules which make us harsh judges, within habits which make us feel safe, while at our door people are starving.”

Rules change. “Right or wrong” changes as well…

Anne bought a plasma TV. It had such a huge screen, the neighbors could watch what she was watching from their homes. One of the components failed in the TV. Because Anne had some knowledge about computers and electronics, Anne came to the conclusion that the issue was hardware related. Because the TV was under warranty she called the store.
The people from the store sent their repair crew. They went exactly through the same steps as Anne did to troubleshoot the device. They sent an email to their headquarters about their findings and left.

Anne thought that her problem was resolved and waited for a couple of weeks… then…nothing! She called again to find out about the delay. The store decided to send a different repair crew…
The new crew went through the same thing. They apologized for the miscommunication and mentioned that her issue somehow “slipped through the cracks.” 🙂

In a couple of days, Anne received an email from a supervisor of the store, letting her know that “she was right all along!”

The TV wasn’t fixed yet… but Anne was right!! 🙂

In life, the issue is not just an instant of being called “right or wrong” but the important thing to remember is what happens in between.
Did Anne enjoy her time without a TV?
Did Anne found another source of enjoyment?

Or perhaps, Anne was complaining all along about something that she had no control of?

The consciousness of enjoyment goes beyond the instant of feeling the satisfaction of being called “right” at one moment or “wrong” at the other.

It is what it is. If there is something that could be done to “fix” things, then we could do our part… but enjoyment needs to be there.

To find out in the future if we are ‘right or wrong’ is of no consequence when we live life to the fullest.

Of course the above could be misinterpreted as: “performing evil actions and not caring because it does not matter if I do something right or wrong.” 😉

The intention behind any action is what matters. There is no enjoyment in being afraid of being caught.

Fear is the opposite of enjoyment in life. Fear is the opposite of love in life.

That is why, there is no ideology or philosophy which brings fear to a human being, which could be able to transform consciousness.

Fear could be removed when we are aware of our own fears, when we could recognize them as what they are without trying to justify them or rationalize their existence.

That is, fear could be removed when we are truly honest with ourselves… That is the time when enjoyment could be free again to start flowing in our lives.

Purifying through Catharsis


In the world of spirituality there are many religions and many teachings from many teachers. Many self-help books and experiences to relate “how to become a better person.” Nevertheless, in the world of catharsis there are significant emotional and mind changes which just arrive at the right time.

Once a tree starts to grow up twisted, there may be a need to attach a straight pole to it, so the tree becomes straight. This is the teaching on “how to correct” someone. Correction is not about punishment and using fear, but to give a “real” opportunity to follow another behavior. That is the purpose of the pole, to show what is “straight,” to something which is growing twisted.

In the spiritual world that straight pole is made up by religious beliefs. Religions have beliefs. “ I believe in this and that.” If you do so, then you belong. A belief is merely that pole meant to straighten up something which is growing twisted. The practice and following of a belief will accomplish that “change.” However, there is another crucial and deeper change and that is when the pole is taken away… when that happens our emotions may appear unsettled.

Here is when attachment is known, not as an idea but we could actually feel it. The same thing with a sense of insecurity, a sense of not being able to stand up straight in life without that pole which has helped for many years or many months in our journey.

In reality, it is the world of our emotions and the perception of our mind on things around us, which are capable of twisting our path, twisting our world… thus, a process of catharsis becomes a healing aid. Once those emotions are captured, once those emotions are understood, through a sensible mind; then our behavior, our personality will change.

Note that this is not about following a regulation, a rule or a commandment. There cannot be a lasting change, a full catharsis until our own emotions have been healed, and our mind allows our feelings to take over.
Then at that point, a transformation will follow by itself, naturally out of that new openness. That is when the heavy emotional burden is let go.

If there is a word which could convey what is like to experience a catharsis; that word is to “let go.” Let go of that previous self, let go of old ideas and beliefs. Let go of old impregnated emotions and mindsets.

To follow a commandment or a rule cannot accomplish that lasting change for it is just about convincing the mind to stick with something. Nevertheless, that pole meant to straighten the growing tree is a first important step but not the end result.

A tree will grow nevertheless. Being twisted or straight it is a matter of our own vision; but happiness can come when that tree is following what is meant to be.

This is not a decision coming from a thinking mind, but rather, an open heart.


Note: Tomorrow Friday at 5 PM there will be a “live transmission” via blog talk radio. It is titled: “Spiritual truth and the conceptual mind.”
If interested, you could participate by calling:(347) 826-9965 from any place of the world. The number will be given during the transmission. This sharing will be recorded as well.

Question on moving away from the BK belief system

“I have noticed the change in the naming of the site and the move away from the BK. Just a few observations/comments: 1. BK teachings is for the childhood phase of spirituality- I find that the teachings are subtle and keeps changing as and when we move to the next phase- To write it off as something that is meant for the childhood phase is a little premature. 2. Belief systems: They may seem ritualistic and have issues related to what if that belief system fails- I can say from personal experience that I lacked understanding of what was being communicated. If belief systems need to be questioned then even the words spoken in the Avayakt Murli’s need to be then re-visited- who is actually coming and speaking these murli’s etc.. the list goes on. How does one then use these support systems of the BK’s if there is no belief?”

Dear reader,

Thank you for your very good questions!
One of the things that we should notice as well, is that every single question posted by readers, have been placed here and answered here at the same time.

Hopefully it was noticed that the realizations on Brahma Kumaris knowledge posted here, have benefited many Brahma Kumaris followers as they themselves have expressed that. Obviously, there will be others who do not feel the same. That is just life.

Finally, it is important to say that this blog has changed to reflect the changes in Avyakt7. There needs to be transparency and congruence. Avyakt7 is not here to make money, sell you something or to “self promote” (for what?) or to defend a particular belief system. Avyakt7 is sharing here for the “common good,” realizations and experiences in the spiritual path. The common good, dear reader; implies that divisions are out. This is BK, this is not BK..is out. “My religion is the truth” is out. There cannot be a sense of world family while at the same time we make any sort of divisions.

On your questions:

1. BK teachings is for the childhood phase of spirituality- I find that the teachings are subtle and keeps changing as and when we move to the next phase- To write it off as something that is meant for the childhood phase is a little premature.

I’d like to apologize if what I have mentioned as “Bk teachings is for the childhood stage of Spirituality” has been taken as “lower than” by many. I have acknowledged my deep appreciation and gratefulness to the BK path as well.

Which stage of human development is “greater”? Adulthood, childhood, teen, old?
The label of “childhood” denotes, the “beginning,” the phase where support from the Father is needed.

Many do not understand the role of BapDada as a Father to provide that needed support. Dear reader, God or the Divine has many “facets,” roles…We cannot define “God” by just a particular “role” that He is playing with particular human beings.
BapDada is the first one showing changes as time goes by.

Nevertheless, dear reader let me share this with you. A spiritual walker does not depend on any group to spiritually flourish. A spiritual walker, is not dependent on anything. However, without completing that stage of “childhood” in my experience, it would be very hard to go onto the next step.

In my experience, completing the childhood stage means to conquer “sex-lust,” and to have openness to life. To move on with gratitude and thanks to life for that invaluable experience of childhood. This is the difference between an Ex- follower and someone who is still walking spirituality.

2.Belief systems: They may seem ritualistic and have issues related to what if that belief system fails- I can say from personal experience that I lacked understanding of what was being communicated. If belief systems need to be questioned then even the words spoken in the Avayakt Murli’s need to be then re-visited- who is actually coming and speaking these murli’s etc.. the list goes on. How does one then use these support systems of the BK’s if there is no belief?

Dear reader, belief systems have the tendency to be ritualistic when in a religious context. However, a ritual is not what will make someone move to another step or level. As mentioned, a spiritual walker cannot depend on anything not even on rituals. If you depend on a ritual to “be good” and elevated, your change is not “real.” Hope you could see this point.

There is nothing which needs to be “revised” in the words of Avyakt BapDada. It is just that we need to understand his role, that is all. As mentioned in a previous article, when we realize about our own immortality, there is no need for a belief. However, when we do not have that realization, a belief system is that initial protection to grow, just like a planted seed, needs to be taken care of by the gardener until it grows. That is when a belief becomes necessary.

As a spiritual walker, you need to go through the changes in life and become stronger and vital so you can be “like the Father.” This does not mean “dependent on the Father.” Obviously, all of us, spiritual walkers; are in different stages.

Every person has to look at themselves with great honesty and see the call of time and their own destiny.

I appreciate your question and hope that this time, I have clarified those items that you mentioned.

Dear reader, wish you all the best in your particular path.
With deep gratitude for your role in life.


Spirituality without limits: More changes on the way ….

Avyakt7 had the chance to consider his current spiritual life after celebrating his spiritual birthday a couple of days ago. Avyakt7 noticed different changes. He noticed growth.

Since it was mentioned here that all spiritual knowledge is the same but viewed from different perspectives, I would like to be congruent with that assertion and to have the chance to experience spirituality from a more ample perspective now, beyond the views of a particular religion for the common good of everyone.

For that reason, avyakt7 has decided to change the title of this blog to Experiencing the depth of Spiritual knowledge, as to invite anyone to participate in this blog and to be open to different perspectives.

Therefore, avyakt7 thought about sharing 16 aspects which he has found in his spiritual life concerning his Brahma Kumaris experience in the last decade.
This will be the last sharing on this site dealing specifically with my Brahma Kumaris experience as to open up spirituality for other perspectives, vision and angles.

Will be sharing next week other articles as usual.

Here is my list. Hopefully it will be beneficial for others.

1) If I am still comparing myself in any form with others as in: “I am better than, more elevated than, etc.” I do not understand this knowledge deeply.

2) When God is praising me as the most elevated one, that is not to compare me with others so I become his favorite but to rise up my shattered self respect from many other births.

3) To be equal to Father Brahma does not mean to imitate or to repeat what all he did, it means to liberate me from my own limitations and complexities, to emerge my unique potential.

4) Numberwise does not mean a “ranking” as “you are better than me , because you are purer” it means that there are different sizes of “glasses” or containers. The capacity of one container to be full with happiness means the same capacity to be full with sorrow according to time. Therefore, the question of who is better than the other one does not arise. Pure today, impure tomorrow according to capacity; that is the game of the Drama. I do not hold on to a picture of a particular moment but rather look at the whole movie.

5)Paradise and heaven are words which only represent a perception according to experience and role in the Drama. Today is hell for some and heaven for others. To be beyond that duality of self and others, paradise / hell and life /death is to understand gyan (knowledge) deeply. There is no time which is “better than” another. There is only “now.”

6) No one at this time is worthy of worship. Instead of being impressed about other’s roles, I become the best friend of my own role at this time. This role which allows me to understand this knowledge but which will not experience the Golden age and all its splendor. With this mercy, I know myself and learn to love myself completely. My role yearns to experience its golden age now, not after I leave this body.

7)Yoga is good. But to understand my own emotions and inner weaknesses so I can observe them is what will allow me to emerge my divine sanskaras (personality traits) for a long period of time without further effort.

8)To eat food prepared by a pure yogi is fantastic but if this yogi is experiencing
repression, fears, guilt, jealousy and is emotionally challenged; that food prepared and shared will not be nourishing for others. Therefore, I make sure that my space for nourishing myself or eating is a sacred space so I could have the chance to transform that “tremendous” energy. I need to learn to do that for myself without further supports.

9) Defending the Yagya in Wikipedia is a task for few, but remember that you either have to be “100% bad” or “100% good.” To pretend to be “good” will not work because that is dishonest. Many do the talk but very few the walk. There is karma for individuals as well as organizations. Yet individuals may assume organizational karmas.

10) God does not belong to any religion or corporation. God has many facets according to the variety of children. Therefore, I become open and let life dictate my next move. If I am honest with myself, success is guaranteed. I will be able to flow with the Drama.

11) God does not make differences between his children. If I have a gold ring and someone else does not which is coming from an institution, then that is a difference. We could say that it is just an acknowledgement of the duration of time someone have been in serving the organisation, but that is not consistent. If I wear white robes to differentiate myself from others, as being more elevated there is a distance and separation in that. Unlimited service to the common good is incognito.

12) Spirituality is not related with devotional practices. There is nothing devotional in transformation of the self.

13) I believe in eating healthy vegetarian food items, waking up early, a celibate life style and to love Nature, the world and God. This code of conduct does not require a reminder or someone to check on me.
I strive to acknowledge what is common in people to unite them and appreciate what is different among people. Different does not mean “lower than.”

14) If I have the picture of a regarded higher up but that higher up does not have my picture in turn, what is the meaning of a family which only goes in one direction? If I need to forget the lokiks and the world, but at the same time I need to look for them when I am ill or in need; that means that everyone is important in life. Therefore, I become a VIP for my own self and see a VIP in others without distinction. I strive to live my life without needing the approval of others and without judging others. I am unique but not special.

15) When I listen to Knowledge- it could enter in me in 3 types of containers according to my consciousness. The intellect, the heart or to be visible in my elevated activities. With the elevated vision of my own activities it becomes part of me, that is; knowledge is imbibed.

16) Brahma Kumaris is a source of reformation of the self. It is a challenging journey. As I move from the child stage of spirituality, openness, acceptance and good wishes for all will become the means to take me into a different spiritual experience. Brahma Kumaris is a great path for self reformation. However, every path is individual. Because we are numberwise there cannot be 2 paths which are alike. To enjoy the process of transformation is to enjoy the changes in life. Acknowledge, accept and move on.

The ever changing Truth


What color is the sun?
it is the million dollar question
the right answer, will get the prize
there is no “catch” in disguise!

It is red! No, yellow …
it is white as light even mellow!
those were the common answers
moving the voting pole as dancers
even orange named as a color
gave the contest a bad odor

Religions and philosophies appeared
supporting their own ideas
“Sun is red,” had greater appeal
that belief was a big deal
“Sun is yellow” had the proof
but it was nothing but a goof
“Sun is white” had no bite
among the big ideologies in fight

The contest came to an end
the judges delivered their mend:
“single answers are good but delusion
together they bring the right conclusion!”

The Sun has all those colors
for time is the incognito victor
squeezing that beloved truth
as a boa constrictor!

The truth is not a still picture
hidden in concepts and definitions
the truth is beyond all traditions

It is a continuous movie
on how a red Sun becomes orange
from light white and then yellow
just to unite all thinking fellows!

The kiss of changes

Changes are arriving along my way
in the form of beautiful blue jays
can’t reject them , hide them or run away
they have the inviting aroma of Spring
ready to bloom in April’s wild swing

That mystery of sunrise, could fully awaken me
or send me to the land of unconscious dreams
there is no one who could give me a clue on this
it becomes an adventure after feeling that kiss

Changes lure me in the horizon of a new beginning
bringing emotions of what could have been
feeling eager to embrace my unique fate
as a hungry fish who can’t wait to bite the bait

Life plays the game with many hidden cards
but as long as I am the Ace of hearts
life is bound to protect me with many guards
for love and truth always have been, my only arts