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Solving the “problems.”

Tired of hearing easy solutions from others, I decided to find those solutions by myself.
The solution and the problem are different ends of the same rope.

Feel tired?
-Take XYZ. You will feel energized.
Feel rushed and stressed out?
-Meditate. That will solve the problem.
Your girlfriend is angry with you?
-Just love her. Love is the answer.
Have a disease and want a cure now?
-Pray to God. He can help you.
Your “I” is the problem?
-Become One with Oneness… Practice “less-I-ness” to accomplish that.

Tell me your “problem” and “I” will give you the “solution.”
It is free of charge!

“But all your talk deals only with observation and awareness…”

Isn’t it interesting how we feel in a certain way, and we do not know why?
Nevertheless, “to know why” will not do a thing for us. To become aware of it, will.

“But… just awareness?”

My dear, if you were aware…really truly aware of what is going on, you would know.
Aware of your feelings, your emotions, the way your body feels during the day, aware of the way you talk. Aware of how you move. Aware of the way you breathe. Aware of how the “outside” penetrates the “inside,” and the inside the outside…aware of the thoughts going on in your mind…

“But… that is a lot of stuff to keep track of…”

For the “I,” yes.
Become aware of that.

“But what is the method, what is the thing that “I” must do to achieve that awareness?
There is no method. There is nothing to do.
Please keep this mantra in your awareness: “Everything the “I” does to fix his own perceived “problems,” it is just a distraction to be aware of itself.”

“That is nonsense. Then how can “I” “improve” “myself”?
By being aware that there is an “I” wanting to “improve.”

Want for an angel to help you “improve”? Want for a way to control things and the outcome of those things?
That is the “I” looking to survive.

Paradise as a distraction; anyone?
Do you think that “I” will go to Heaven?
One thing is for sure. “I” cannot go “there.” Neither “you.”

Don’t understand? Too cryptic? Perhaps “I” am too difficult?
Want for things to make sense? To be logical? Some nice story so you can tell “others”?
Your “spiritual” age may be the equivalent of a 1-year-old baby. This stuff may not make sense to you but in a few years, it may…

At that tender age, to believe in punishment by God or the Devil is a good thing. It is meant to shape you up… You, “bad boy…” 🙂
Pushed to “do things” so you could be rewarded by God in the future? Great tool to discipline you.
At that age to believe that your Life “now” is about “getting salvation” in the after life is indeed, a nice toy to play with. It will keep you busy, so you don’t get in trouble…

Oh…I see, you don’t believe. You call yourself an “atheist.” Are you “saved” from this sort of childhood?
No. You are in the same boat, but the opposite side. A believer or a non-believer call each other through the same phone number. A message is left in the answering machine, the other party will hear it, erase it and leave his own message. That is the game.

Enjoy that childhood because it will change… Sooner or later it will change.

At that time, you may want to read this article again. Perhaps it will make sense then.

“Cow does not remember when it was veal.” Paradoxically, even though the same…they are different.

Childish beliefs of a religion near you


As we come to terms with suffering as an opportunity to renew our consciousness, then that rejection of suffering as a traumatic experience disappears. Suffering becomes another experience and its intensity only matches the size of our ego driven life.

Therefore, do we want to pray to God to “deliver us from evil”?
Do we want to ask God to “take away our suffering”?

For the one who understands that life is not a random event but a planned game of eternal but yet ever-changing conscious energies meant to recycle itself, for that person there is no worship necessary or a divine indulgence needed to live life.

Paradoxically we could express ourselves like Voltaire:
“May God defend me from my friends: I can defend myself from my enemies. “
But for the one who does not indulge in the duality of thinking, we could express, as Master Kahn would say:
“Deal with evil from strength, but affirm the good in man through trust.”

Different states of consciousness.

The child will cry to obtain a favor from his Father. A man will deal with issues with his acquired wisdom and trust in life.
When a man comes out of the consciousness of a child, religious games of eccentric beliefs are naturally discarded.

There is no need to act in a certain way for fear of punishment or everlasting damnation. Actions are meant to happen according to what a man has in his heart. Those actions are neither “good nor bad” but necessary as the state of consciousness “is.” However, there is a consequence that will be experienced.
That consequence is not labeled either as suffering nor pleasure but just as life experiences.
What becomes important to learn is not to distinguish between “good and bad” actions, but to discover the intention of our hearts. Those intentions are the seeds for feelings and those feelings will be the ones displaying our essence in life, the way we manifest to others.

In Life we do not learn about “good or bad.” That is for little children. We learn to be in balance by not rejecting energies but by transforming them according to the need of time and circumstances.
As such there cannot be a “code of conduct” that will be acted upon on every single occasion, but rather the different experiences in life become the sand box for manifesting the feelings behind the actions.

When we are aware of those feelings, we could transform our lives.

Someone sent me an email about a “scientific paper that will reveal God.”
There cannot be God’s revelation through a paper, or any human idea. There can only be your own revelation in harmony with “what is.” That, does not require any wording or writing.

Someone sent me an email stating the date for Armageddon, destruction.
When you are living life from your heart, there is always a new beginning. Life is not a man-made by-product, thus; man cannot destroy it. There has always been transformation and nothing is static but ever-changing.

In a childish mind, we could be prompted to join a religion so we could “save ourselves” from being destroyed. Destruction and Creation happens all the time at every second. Consciousness is eternal and it is not dependent on anyone to exist.
It just is.

As we dispose ourselves from the diapers of a childish consciousness, we may see that the immensity of life cannot fit in the security of a baby’s crib.
A child is meant to grow up and live life, to learn by living life (not by making mistakes) to develop by engaging his life with the Totality… that is unless he wants to hold onto his childish beliefs.



When there is some sort of insecurity or the perception of not being enough, there is dependency for that perceived security.

A child will depend on his father to fulfill his basic needs. That child may be dependent all of his life for different reasons, or he may “grow up” and become self-reliant. Nevertheless, many times there is a symbiosis going on where a father may depend on the child through emotional support.

Human beings tend to develop a dependency on something considered “greater” or “helpful.” Dependency is how our consciousness of “individuality” may be challenged, nevertheless; the reason underneath is convenience.

It is convenient that someone else will take care of “me.” 🙂

That perception of being “taking care of” tends to be demanding over time. The sense of “ownership” arises on one side while dependency increases on the other.

In a human relationship, that setting could be called “love” but it is only dependency.

In the realm of spirituality there is the same type of dependency.
Some may consider someone to be enlightened and then, they will blindly follow everything that “guru” says, writes or communicates through his\her followers.

That dependency occurs because of the inability of some to “walk their own walk.” It is safe to follow others who we may consider to be enlightened. It is safe to follow an organized path where things are pretty much established.

Not being able to live with uncertainty will make someone compliant to anything perceived to be greater than themselves.

That is how religions have exploited the idea of God.
It is true that some may have had a divine experience with what was perceived to be God at the time, but that experience does not come with a belief in it, with a philosophy, with an idea to follow “someone.”

That is human interpretation.

Dependency arises when there is a lack of self-worth. It is the ego who wants to be
“saved” through belonging to someone or somebody.

It is more “convenient” that way.

The path of the spiritual walker is not something that is made in a “cookie cutter” machine.
It is a unique path where our realizations become our door to further understanding. Those realizations are specifically about inner discovery and integration with all, Totality; that is the 2 sides of the same coin of “Being.”

That is why reading books, attending religious ceremonies, listening to “spiritual talk” could be helpful as long as those things become ingredients for that inner observation.
It is about discovering our own potential.

Someone who is truly interested in humanity; someone who truly loves another will not be interested in creating dependency.

If someone feels dependent on God, on a religion on a system, on a guru, etc. That person is still a child by “convenience.”

A symbiosis may appear that we could call “love” or another “nice” accepted word; but not the opportunity to develop and to know what freedom is, beyond the meaning of the dictionary.

Serving God

In the child stage of Spirituality, the aim of living, the purpose of living becomes to “serve God.”
All religions have such an aim whether; they call the “ultimate” with the label of “God” or something else. Atheism is another religion in itself.

To believe is the same as not to believe. We are still caught up in more beliefs.

The idea of “serving God,” brings the best out of the child. The child is doing something not because of his own will, but because “God has said so.”

The child moves and acts because his knowledge of God through his beliefs acknowledges that this is the “right thing to do.”

The issue becomes interesting when many religions have different views, different beliefs of the same God; thus their idea of “serving God,” maybe different; however, the common factor between all religions “serving God” is to “spread the word of God” to all. 🙂

In other words, “my belief is the truth. Accept it if you want salvation.”

Thus, conflict arises between believers. They may talk about respecting each other’s beliefs but the fact is that even though someone may play “respectful,” in the back of their minds there is the believe of having the “truth,” of being “right.” 🙂 This is the game of believing…

Is it wrong then, to spread what I believe to be the word of God? No, it is not “wrong.” That is a sure way to strengthen your own beliefs, but keep in mind that you are not “serving God,” by doing so.
How is it?
God does not need for anyone to serve Him. God has been “un-served” from many centuries now… 🙂 What truly needs to be served is humanity. The common good.

Would you serve humanity by changing their beliefs through your own take of the “words of God”? Is that what truly means to “serve”? 🙂 Or is it just a way to “serve” our own ego of having found what we believe to be the “truth”?

Food for thought.

Serving humanity is not related with changing anyone’s beliefs.

A belief is a means of separation between human beings. We cannot serve anyone when we only have beliefs to give.
We need to give more than that to serve.

Avyakt7 was invited one time to a group interested in “showing God” to others. Avyakt7 did not join that group for Avyakt7 understands now that those Godly qualities in me when developed, when used for the common good, will show others those Godly qualities without changing their beliefs. All it matters if for “others” to see those qualities. A talk about who is God or other things “about him” is of no consequence if I care for someone else’s beliefs, if there is care for someone else’s beliefs…

It is in this self transformation how serving becomes offering the most precious thing any human being can give to another, that is your own time.

Organized religions are not needed for this, although serving humanity could happen through them as well. To serve is a game of variety according to needs. Everyone is needed.

If you are a father or a mother in a household, that change can start in your own relationship with others in your family. There is no need to convince anyone.
Just change yourself. That is convincing enough for those who know you already. Spread virtues to everyone. That is serve them.
That is to serve God beyond a childish understanding.

Humanity is “you” and at the same time, you are part of it. God is part of it as well. The only divisions are made inside our own heads through those worshiped beliefs.

That is why, the first step in self transformation is to serve your own mind by “cleaning it.” A religion may offer that “service,” at some time thus; nothing is “bad,” when we appreciate each moment of our journey.

Everything in Spirituality always points back to “I” to see then totality. Cleaning the window of the mind, will allow us to see with clarity what truly is outside… but we may just find a mirror there…:-)

Question for June 7, 2103 – Maya – The Illusion

What are the different forms of maya. How can a bk recognise it. Baba says the sronger you become in effort the stronger is maya. What types of maya affect a senior bk? Please help.

Dear soul,

Thank you for your great question!
Maya or “illusion” is just that, an “illusion.”
In Sakar days, it was about the “illusion” of taking you away from the “Father’s lap.” In our days, it is the illusion that removes you from self-transformation if that is what you value in life.

The stronger is our ego, the stronger will be the “effort” needed to “overcome it,” thus, that “illusion” becomes stronger.

From a child like understanding then, Maya is “bad.”
We need to destroy “her.” We need to “make effort” to go over it…

Once the child grows up then, “Maya” is a teacher. (This is something which Baba has said as well.) Nothing to be afraid of, but it becomes the way that we learn about ourselves when we have that honesty, awareness and Spirituality is our aim.

I don’t know what kind of illusions a senior has. But, definitely, just like the rest of us. My illusion may not be your illusion, but your illusion is an illusion just like mine.

Once we awaken from those illusions, the nightmare is over.

What are the different forms of Maya?
It is formless. Or as many forms as the sand grains at the beach… It is omnipresent 🙂

How can a BK could recognize it?
By suffering. Unless you are able to see it at a “distance,” and no reject it, but play with it… 🙂 or just wake up from sleeping mode.

How can you recognize day light?
By having experienced night time.

Best wishes!

Question:If your child is beaten by the other students in the school or simply hit, how should the child be empowered and what kind of thoughts and feelings will help……?

Great question, Thank you.
According to usually understood, theoretical “be good” gyan, it is just Karma. Your child is “paying his karmic accounts” so if he can be passive for some time and accept being beat up on a regular basis with happiness, then theoretically; he should settle his karmic account… 🙂
Of course, we know that this is “unreal.” So we need to use gyan with common sense, being “down to Earth.”
What you are describing is called “Bullying” and it is very common nowadays in the school system. The root of it is “cowardice.” A Kid (child) has been frustrated by his parents and he wants to “get even” but he can’t so he looks for other kids to “get even.” Usually kids which they have perceived physically/emotionally weaker than themselves. That is the action of a coward.
To empower that child means to allow him to understand that any perceived wrong must be denounced; it must be put forward so it is known. The child should be able to understand that this is never about taking the “law under our own hands, “ but to allow the system to play its part. Many times to denounce means to be left “alone,” to be lonely, but it is better to be alone than in the company of “bull-ies.”
1) The child should understand that it is not about him. It is a frustration that others have.
2) The child should understand that he needs the courage to “speak up.” That means for him to let parents know what is going on as well as the school administration. For this, the relationship between a parent and a child should be of encouragement to speak, to express, with respect and good feelings between them. Here is where BK gyan comes into the picture because it gives the “soil” of a good, strong relationship. The child is not alone. Just like Baba behaves with us. This is where gyan is important as parents have the responsibility to sustain a child.
3) The child should understand that every action has a consequence and he should look into his own activity and improve on those elements which may trigger a reaction from other children.
4) The child should be encouraged to participate in sports at school and to be physically fit. To develop the whole being in balance.
5) This is a very good time for the child and the parents to recognize the evil of fear. To denounce that in the open is a good step to “settle that karmic account.”
6) If the school administrations do not act promptly, parents should denounce that lack of interest to a higher administrative authority and remove the child from that school.
7) All of that should be done with good wishes and pure feelings. That is “this is nothing personal” but I am doing “my” part as well.
This point is what makes the difference between a “simple Joe” out on the streets and a BK: Doing but at the same time BEING full of good feelings for all.