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Question: Respected Brother, in recent post you have mentioned about childish intellect. Could you please explain the characteristics of this?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,
When I refer to a “childish intellect,” I am referring to the lack of depth of understanding. This is not “intellectual understanding” which in spiritual matters becomes an “obstacle,” but I am referring to the agreement between intellect, heart (feelings) and activity. If you look at a Sakar Murli, the knowledge in it goes into the intellect and heart; however, the actions of many have not been in alignment. In other words, “I think this knowledge is good; I feel that God speaks this knowledge and I love God, but I am not acting according to what I understand.” That means that we have a childish understanding and for that reason, Baba’s method is to use extreme comparisons and the element of fear so we could “act.” That is sort of “acting by compulsion.”

See? in that way; intellect, heart and activities become the same although by compulsion.

This has been the issue with many religions and philosophies.

Another example: “I understand that we are souls. A turkey really is a soul. It is not good to take the life of a soul away; I feel sorry for those “brother” animals; however, I still eat meat. The corollary of this becomes: Baba says I must not eat meat, so I obey the Father, I feel that I must obey out of love; but I think out of fear for I will fail every single cycle and I will get sever punishment in the process, according to knowledge… OR…I want to eat meat, I feel I still need it, but Baba says that I mustn’t; so when “Thanksgiving” comes and everyone eats turkey, “Maya” comes and I repress myself by no eating meat. Then proudly I say that I passed the test…”

All of the examples above refer to a “childish intellect” or understanding.

Best wishes!