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Question: Follow up question on Jesus Christ. Thank you for your earlier explanation. Souls do not have a name & therefore how did it get the name “Christ” soul? Why call it Christ soul and not just a ‘soul’? Am I right to understand that: 1. The ‘body’ of Jesus is new & the old Christ soul entered the body of Jesus to establish religion? 2. The body does not perform miracles. It is the soul who performs miracles through the body. So it is the old Christ soul who is performing miracles.

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‘Christ’ is no meant to be a name but a title. It means “Messiah” or “Savior” or “Liberator,” just as “Mahatma” (Great soul) is not a name but a title.

1) The soul known as “Christ” is “new,” meaning it came for his first role about 500 years after the “copper age” started. It is a “newer” soul compared with a Brahmin soul who has ‘interpreted’ its first role before that. The soul in the body of “Jesus” is an older soul than the “Christ” soul, The soul in the body of “Jesus” is the one who was crucified.

2) Yes. or what appeared to be miracles according to Christian traditions. ( Note: I used the term “old” soul to refer to the soul in the body of Jesus rather than the “newer” soul known as Christ. That soul known as Christ is the one who entered the body of the soul known as Jesus, thus; at one point, there were 2 souls in the body of Jesus.) 🙂

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Question: Jesus Christ. Jesus was the body i.e. a human being. Who is Christ? i.e. the soul who entered the body of Jesus?

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Yes, Christ is the soul who entered Jesus.
In Gyan it is known that every major religion had a religious founder. In the case of Christianity, we have Jesus; who was “historically” known as a “trouble maker” for that time. Calling himself the “Son of God” among other relatively small things Jesus did in his lifetime, was perceived by the Romans as a threat to the current social order. Crucifixion was the type of death penalty given to such individuals. Crucifixion is a painful death and in humiliation in front of the public. This is not a “peaceful death” by any means.

A soul who is a religious founder is a “new” soul; for it is his purity which allows “miracles” and other extraordinary events to happen. To deserve a death such as crucifixion, it is not a karmic return of a “new” soul, but of someone who had some severe karmic accounts from previous lives. Therefore, the soul known as “Christ” entered “Jesus.”
The Bible episode known as “The Garden of Gethsemane,”(Luke 22:39-46) is believed to give the time when the soul known as “Christ” left “Jesus.” (before crucifixion.)

The soul known as “Christ” took rebirth in Christianity (point of gyan – a founder of a religion, sustains its “creation,”) while is believed that “historically Jesus” died on the cross; while in Christianity, it is believed that Jesus rose from death on the third day after crucifixion. (resurrection.)

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