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Opening through your beliefs

That which you think that shouldn’t happen or shouldn’t be or it is not right… that will happen to you.

That idea which you rejected, went against it, belittle it… you will be for it, sooner or later. Rejection is a form of attachment.

To go on one extreme of the experience, means to go into the other; equally, with the same intensity.

You may say: “ I will never do that in this Lifetime.” The guarantee is that “you” will do that in another Lifetime.
You could learn to control your Life to follow some ideals; to seclude yourself and be afraid of making mistakes… That type of Life is literally to die while alive.
Bottom line: “You” cannot control your destiny for “you” are one with it.

If you experience “cold,” you must experience “heat.”
You could label “cold” as bad, low, sin, etc. But your rejection of it, guarantees that you will experience it again.

“Heat” is good, high, pure, etc. Your pursue of it while trying to avoid “cold” is an illusion. “Cold” will be there as well, to remind you when “heat” diminishes.
Your experience of “cold” then, will be a source of guilt and shame.

The world is perfect as it is. Not because it is moral or immoral, good or bad, or any other qualifying word that we may use.

The word is perfect as it is for it will allow us to have a complete experience of all the opposites, of all the contradictions, of all the truths and lies, angels and demons, births and deaths…
That sort of richness of experiences will allow us to know, to grow, to be that insight of wisdom, when the time comes.

Life is to experience. Your destiny is not in selecting or choosing heat over cold… for you will experience both!

Thus, rather than labeling and taking sides, become completely aware of the experience, knowing that it will change, knowing that “you” will change.
Enjoy that experience, even if there is a sour strawberry in your plate.
It is just an experience. Don’t make a trauma of it. The sweet strawberry is coming up next… Don’t get attached to it… It will go away,  just like the sour one… Rejection is also attachment. Just taste it, go through the complete range of experiences… become your taste buds without a mind with choices, moral problems and beliefs. Be “mind-less” to fully enjoy the moment…for that moment… is all there is.

Your happiness, peace and bliss are merely wrapping papers for the gift of Joy.
Without the gift, the wrapping papers are just … wrapping papers. 🙂

Beyond the collective comfort of beliefs


Any religion or philosophy will have a set of ideas, a belief system which becomes dogmatic.
As our consciousness evolves, however; those ideas may no longer fit our “reality.” It is obvious, as everything changes in life including our consciousness.

For example, “God is the creator of the Universe.” It is a dogmatic belief. Some may use their whole life trying to prove this to be “true.”
However, this “truth” is just another belief.
The belief of “Knowing about God” is not a matter of throwing concepts and definitions to repeat and recite. Numbers of followers does not make something “true or false.”

Our belief may be that our “truth” is something which cannot change, which must be constant, which is the same… Just like a religious dogma. 🙂

Because of our inability to live with uncertainty, we have searched for answers as if to fill up our heads with information is going to give us the medicine of “certainty.”
Then, we created a “dogmatic” science based on our consciousness of “I don’t like change.” This consciousness is embedded in anything we “observe,” it becomes part of our “reality.”

Nevertheless, Science is also changing and rather than giving us a: “This is the way it is,” type of answer to the questions of life, creation, God and all of those “hot” topics; now we could get a “ There is a probability… there is a chance…” type of answer.
The world of probabilities is not an exact science 🙂

That is why a human being interested in discovering his potential for fulfillment, which could be called, happiness, contentment, enjoyment, etc…may no longer be interested in more theories, ideas, beliefs or dogmatic views as a way for inner discovery. This individual may be interested in opening his consciousness by going beyond beliefs, ideas, viewpoints and reasonable, logical answers…

The above may sound nihilistic… but it is not. We are not rejecting anything, but merely “stopping to play with dolls and lollipops” sort of speaking… that is when our consciousness has a different realization.
It is not that lollipops and dolls are “bad” for you, but the timing for those things have reached its end in us.

We are no looking for meaning in life, but to find our potential as the meaning, for we are life itself. Life is not something outside of us and separated from “us.”

This is spiritual “growth.” Suffering may be there for doubts and fears may pop up. “But what about if I stop playing with dolls… my friends will not play with me anymore…” Those doubts will appear as long as our consciousness hasn’t developed enough to be able to see through its own eyes.

It is way more comfortable to “see” through the eyes of others, through the eyes of a comfortable collective belief and ideal; but in this comfort we cannot develop what it takes to stand up on our own two feet.

That is the challenge.