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Question: who is god?how can we talk with god in the form of meditation……………..

Great question!
Dear soul,

Why do you think that God exists? 🙂 Because someone told you? Because someone had to “create this world”? ….Why?
If someone told you, then you need to ask that person. If you think that someone had to create this world; then according to this knowledge which we call Gyan; you will learn in a reasonable way that it is impossible for God to create things.

Now, if you put your time into understanding this knowledge (gyan) then you will find out who God is, just like any other religion may tell you about their own version of God. At that point, you may choose to “believe.” We are full of “believers” in this world.

Nevertheless, if you experience through meditation or some other means who you truly are, then you will know God. Not because you are God, no… but because in that experience there is no separation between “you” and God.

You are a “soul.” God is a “soul.”
Unless you become like HIM, you will not know HIM…. but yes, there is always good information about God, however, information is not knowing, it is “reciting,” it is talking, convincing, etc.

If you become like Him, certainly… you will know.

Best wishes!

Question: Om shanti I appreciate your answers to all the question. I am not sure if I will able to make myself clear , Baba says we have to harmonise our sanskaras with each other. Recently I have changed and managed to do so, and also realisation how when you live in the centre ( for time to time with my good fortune I go for service to different part of the world and stay with different Bk.s.) with other BK ,s, your expectation of them Creates a bit of negative feelings or attitude and it reflex in your behaviour. Recently I am sharing a centre with another BK who is C.C. She tries to be Friendly but I feel she takes advantage of other students and her cooperation in running the centre is not to my expectation. My problem is I have decided not to say any thing and Cary on with my work including cooking and cleaning. But my feelings is very negative towards her and I cannot be friendly. I do lots of meditation to change my feelings and use Gyan of drama and each one, part without success. Please advice.

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
We cannot change our feelings when our expectations are not met. It is like drinking water when we are hungry. We feel hungry, but we expect that water will satiate us.
Let me suggest to work on your expectations through Gyan. If you are repressing your right to express, that may create additional expectations.
It is good to express what you feel in the appropriate way that is, with courtesy and respect. Your perception may be wrong. Most perceptions are in one way or another biased, because “reality” is a perception of “reality” (Senseless, but it makes sense  )
Once you express your feelings, what has been “bottled up,” will be gone, so now you will be free to create good feelings.
Let me suggest not expecting that someone will change just because you said something. Expressing is all it is needed to change our feelings. If you express that, in the right way; good karma will be on your way! 🙂

Let me suggest this video on an adequate technique for communicating your frustration.
Only a BK could drive another BK out of sanity.

Best wishes!

Point in Depth: Reality is a perception of it

15. Reality is just a perception
This is an old world …

In gyan we can understand that what we perceive to be real, may not be real for someone else.
Duality goes from “unity” to “variety.” We are experiencing the times of “variety.”
That time is neither good nor bad. It is just an experience.

Within that experience, some groups will have a similar perspective. That is how religious groups and philosophical groups are created. However, among them; different branches will come up. The so called, sects and cults, schools of philosophy and “50 cents gurus” (love donations accepted) 🙂
A BK perception of reality is a valid perception but nevertheless a perception but no “reality.”

Similarly, a Christian perception is another valid perception but not reality either. We are always dealing with perceptions. This recognition should be able to make us tolerant on someone else’s view. That perception is as valid as my own.

According to the Drama, we can see how “BK heaven” is not part of the makeup of a Christian soul.
However, both religions will talk about their own “heaven.” It is a perception.

Even within the Golden age different levels or degrees of “purity” are experienced. There is nothing static. Everything moves.
That is why; when we talk about the “truth” we forget that we cannot talk about it, because the truth is not “static” like a picture but rather in movement like a movie.
A Rose originates from a seed. We can say that this seed and the Rose are the same entity at different times or … we can say that a Rose is the potential of that seed. Many words, many descriptions. Many perceptions.

Some people see a Rose after 4 weeks of being planted and believe that what they have seen is the “truth.” For them that rose could be described exactly as it looked like in their 4th week. Some other groups will call “truth” to the same Rose when it starts to fade away and therefore, a conflict of opinions will arise about who has the “truth.” 😉 Have you experienced that?

Deeper Gyan (knowledge) allow us to see that it is a “cycle.” The seed will become a Rose, that Rose will display its fragrance and it will fade away after sometime, then it will die and then another seed will repeat that same process.

It is a cycle not a description of what a Rose is. When we describe what we call the truth, we basically make up a dogma of words, boundaries, “boxes” which are unable to describe the whole picture.

That is why the truth is an experience which cannot be conveyed in words.

Realizing the beauty of that truth without the mental construction is another description of “truth.” ( As I am presenting it.) 😦
However, there is no description in that description… 🙂

There is only experience of it without words. Without words there is no thinking.

Then we are open to the state of perceiving “beauty,” for there is no “I” thinking about something and doing things.
That perception is beautiful because there is no artificial coloring of our own traditions and inputs influenced with our own morality, beliefs and rules of what is right or wrong. That perception is free from that clutter of ideas…

God is called many times the “truth,” but now we can see that God is primarily an experience of beauty. We can take away that beauty when we try to describe it or analyze it.
That perception of reality will not be understood by others.
Therefore language is the biggest barrier of communication. Being aware of that will make our lives easier when dealing with others.