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“Do not complain” – That can change your Life :-)


A friend of mine sent the above. It is part of her forwarding of “spiritual wisdom” to her friends.
At first sight, everything seems great with that statement.
At a deeper look, it is basically saying the following:
“ Repress your complains. As a reward, see how your life will change in the future.”

Ananda is not sharing “spirituality for the masses” here. In that sort of “spirituality” we suppress “bad” words and support the “good” words.
Ananda is basically inviting you to experience for yourself what is going on inside you. That could be called with different labels, even “spirituality.”

Let us say that Carlos is an avid bike rider. Carlos wakes up early in the morning to ride his bicycle when it is still dark outside. As Carlos was getting momentum in his riding, then a truck pulls from a driveway nearby and blocks Carlos’ “high.” He had to stop his cadence.

An internal voice, a “thought” came up: “ You…son of a gun.”
Carlos merely observed that voice.
Was Carlos complaining?
How could that be stopped for “24 hours”?

If Carlos on the other hand, stopped after the “thought” as the Truck driver said: “sorry…” and Carlos replied back: “No problem.”
Did Carlos complain?

Most “spiritual teachings” are only interested in the action. The paper wrapping.
“Carlos is an angel. He shook the hand of the man who blocked his path instead of complaining to him.”

Only Carlos knew about that inner voice, the thought which was repressed to look “good,” angelic, “spiritual.”

Do we see how inner dishonesty appears?

I act in one way. I think in another way…. I feel in a totally different way.

Religious “Spirituality” is not concerned with thoughts nor feelings. It is only concerned with actions.

Think anything you want. Feel anything you want, just act in a established way.

Is the solution of this dissonance to repress more or to allow total expression of what we feel and think?
NO. That is duality.

Just observe.
Again, this is not for the masses. This is not for a state of consciousness caught up in “good and bad” or in salvation for the “afterlife.”

When we observe, we do not identify with thoughts as being “mine.” It does not matter whose they are. We just observe how thoughts appear and what was the trigger behind it. We could discover how our feelings brought a thought. We could discover how the thought appeared with annoyance, with a sense of dissatisfaction as our expectation may have been shattered, then we could observe that which is not congruent with “what is.”
We could discover “that one” without calling him “bad or good.”

It is in that exercise of awareness how we could notice our feelings in a moment and how related those are with our thoughts and our actions.

“Do not complain.”
Is a repressive statement for someone whose unobserved personality is used to complaining. The thoughts and feelings will be of a complainer, although from the outside, the actions… he will be an angel… 🙂

Is Life. Being aware. Conscious. Awake.

Do we want to make the above as a “spiritual teaching” for all?
Our own awareness cannot be put into words. Our capacity for observation cannot be put into words.
Some may say, “I tried your method, but I didn’t work for me.”

Did you expect for “observation” to work for “you” and to change what “you” wanted to change?

Then you better try: “Do not complain.”
Easy to understand. Easy to follow. Easy fake.