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Life: Going away from here… just to come back here

Anything that goes up… must come down.

The natural way of things is void of morality. Change goes from one end just to go to the opposite side, of the possible range of experiences. Those changes are driven by consciousness, and consciousness is not in the hands of the “I” to change at will.
Consciousness is that which allows us to express: “I” am alive. Perception. Awareness.
There is no “training” to “improve” consciousness. No “doing” of the “I” able to touch consciousness.
Nevertheless, living in society under the tutelage of the “I,” implies the need for rules, regulations, moral standards, etc.

In the understanding of the above lies the awareness to unmask the beliefs of righteousness and unrighteousness, and all sorts of duality.

Stan, a poor man; stole a pig who was running around in Nancy’s farm. Stan wanted to eat and taste meat, but he couldn’t afford it. Stan had a need which couldn’t be met by society, thus he stole the pig.

There are consequences for that stealing, which will be experienced by Stan.
There is the consequence fueled by society through laws, and there is the consequence of Life, based on an individual inner intention.

Through laws, Stan may not feel understood. Through Life, there is a lesson to be learned.
Laws may support a behavior for fear of punishment. Life brings a process, a journey to unfold change in Stan’s consciousness, whether he, the “I” is aware or not.

All experiences in Stan’s life will move him into another consciousness in his eternal journey. All of those experiences are pieced together so there is continuity between them.
Stan, the “sinner” at one point of his journey, cannot become a “saint” by just following a law, a code of conduct. Consciousness will need to change as experiences unfold to get from “sin to saint.”
Please be aware of this: There is a necessary process of change in every duality, which will need to be respected for change to occur in a “natural” way.

Because every person is in a different stage of their journey, that web of interactions creates the story of what we call Life.

What is next after “becoming a saint”? To come down as a “sinner” for sure.
And once you get to “become a sinner”? Then, is the path to become a saint again.

“…But there is no progress! I think we should keep improving not coming down!”

I use the word “improving” to make an intellectual distinction so these words could have a meaning, but let me assure you that there is no such a thing as “improvement.” We create that idea once we call something else as “coming down.” There are just different experiences in the possible range.
The opposites are intermingled together as a continuation of each other, they are inseparable complements, just like day and night, east and west, up and down, short and long… The problem is to call one side “good” and the other “bad,” the issue is when the “I” is taught to control through actions, through repression what is not meant to be controlled but understood.

“But, then Mr. X could kill Mr. Y at any moment just because he feels like.”

There will be consequences for that, but consider that there are men who couldn’t kill someone. It is not in them. Their Consciousness will not allow it.

“That is because of their good moral values, their good upbringings, good family values, etc.”

Different experiences, circumstances which a person could have been born in and are outside of their control.
Just like any setting or circumstance that we may have been born in. There is a baggage behind that nationality, that family background, that society which will determine the way someone perceives the World.

“But there are cases of people born in “bad” surroundings who turned out to be “good.”

They were aware, conscious. Can we say that these people made themselves to be conscious “through effort” or that it happened, as they were ready due to their previous experiences in Life? 🙂

Observe, appreciate and know that every human being is “doing” according to what they “are.”
Observe that “being” cannot be changed by doing.
Observe that “being” changes all by itself according to consciousness.
Observe that there is no force in the Universe that could change consciousness, but consciousness changes itself according to time, because we are all ONE and that oneness manifests through different beings creating individuality, as the rays of the Sun touches different beings with its warmth; their perceptions will be different, even though is the same Sun. Consciousness binds us together.

“But then, there is nothing to do, nothing to accomplish, to improve, to get better at, it is a boring thing…”

That is the perception of a strong “I.” Nevertheless, there is “salvation” for that predicament. You have the “office world,” there is space for you to “improve” there…

In Life, nothing to “do” but… to enjoy what is.

“So I will need to sit in the couch all the day to enjoy things.”

When “no one” sits in that couch there will be joy.

“…You write nonsense. It does not make any sense…”

That is the way is supposed to be. Non-sense is a complement of sense. 🙂

Being, becoming and non-being

Obtaining the things that we want.
Not obtaining them. Both are Life.
Labeling one side as “good” and the other as “bad” is to delve into duality.
There is no “good” without going through the “bad.”
Thus, “good” and “bad” are the same rope but different ends. The extent of the rope is the journey. We can only go up and down the rope of Life.

Day and Night. We label both occurrences as Day. The Day is made of day and night.
Words get in the way of understanding.

We call day the opposite of night. We talk about their differences, our preferences, likes and dislikes.
If the day is different than night, could they be complements of each other?

A difference complements. Because they are complements, they are One. A Day.
Because they are different, they are opposite at the same time.
Every human being is different than another even though the same human being, thus we complement the Totality.

Logic tells me that 2 things, which are different, cannot be One.
However, opposites complement each other. Thus, they are One.
Male is different than Female, but they long to be One. It is their difference, which complements each other.

We may look for differences and forget about complements, Oneness.

Every issue has 3 sides. The one that you see, the one that you don’t see and the one made up of what you see while it is changing into something that you don’t see. The process, becoming.

The static perception of “yes and no,” and the continuous “live” process of change of “yes into no.”

There is “having” and not-having, but also having while becoming “non-having.”

Every time we think we have the “truth,” we say: “ The truth is this…”
We are forgetting that “this” has also “non-this,” and “this” becoming “non-this.”
Makes sense?
Here, the example:

“God is the truth.” He said.
Who is non-truth?
The opposite of God. The Devil.
Do opposites complement each other?
Yes. They are One. God is one with its opposite.

Your belief will no accept the above. Your belief is made to separate complements.
The process is God becoming the Devil and the Devil, God. One, not many.

Truth becomes non-truth.
What is static cannot change with Life. When Life changes, that which remains static, becomes non-truth.

“Life is truth.” He said.
Life cannot be “truth” for it changes. It is not static.

“Change is truth; then.” He said.
It cannot be, for change is…. Change.

“Truth” is just a meaningless word.
But also, a word with meaning.
And… a meaningless word changing into meaning…and meaning changing into meaningless.


No worries. It is “normal.” That is the issue when our consciousness is trapped in duality.

When a human consciousness is caught up with only 2 states such as “day” and “night,” that person is unable to look at the journey, the change.

“The means justifies the end.” It is a well-known phrase denoting “wisdom” that many like to use.
That is how reaching “Paradise” in the future, becomes more important than living the “now.”
That is how killing in the name of “peace” to win a war in the future, becomes more important than all the suffering that individuals are going through to reach the “goal.”

It is that mentality used to reaching goals, stressed out to achieve something, which is so self-centered that it is unable to perceive something besides himself. That mentality is unable to stop, to take the time to smell the roses…

Violence cannot end in Love. It may end in dependency, but not love.

The end is the consequence of the means. It cannot be otherwise. It is continuity.
Enjoy the process of change. It may be slow, it may have many turns but there is no reason to speed it up.

Throw your logic away. Get rid of your reasoning.(But keep it for the “Office world” and the paycheck.) Life is not lived by thinking about Life and by knowing intellectual answers.

Knowledge is not the most important factor to live Life in joy.
Your feelings are. To understand your feelings is to know enough.
Knowing enough, we could enjoy living.
Being in joy, we could know what love is.
To know Love is… Being it.
Being it means… not being… 🙂

It is the process of being into non-being what we call living Life.

On Man and Woman


Possibly this is the duality which most could be familiar with, because we are living this duality throughout our lives. From this understanding based on experience and not on a conceptual definition, we could understand dualistic thinking.

Are there any differences between man and woman? This question already has set up dualism in it, so the answer could be dualistic: Yes or No. This is the type of answer sought by talk shows to create polemical debates.

When we look at someone without those labels which only create differences between human beings, we are a step forward. It is true that from the majority, their view on someone will be dualistic: “You are this. I am that. There is a difference. I will treat you and perceive you based on that difference.” However, their view on you should not affect what you feel about them. This is to live in the reality of “now” and not in a conceptual world of yesterday, made by artificial traditions, beliefs and such.

There is no difference between man and woman, but there is. Can we live with that? Man and Woman are human beings with complementary energies. That is all. Just as day and night.

That energy is not related with the way the body looks or functions. That is why there is homosexuality and in that realm, there is still male energy and female energy.

That variety of complementary energies is shown in animals and plants: There is asexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, etc. There is a range.

Similarly is with human beings. What is the sense on labeling that variety as “good or bad” if it is the way it is?
Acceptance of what is will give us the openness to feel oneness. Rejection of what is based on “moral” codes, beliefs, traditions, etc. will surely destroy our possibility to perceive totality, wholesomeness and harmonious balance.

When there is a magnet with a positive polarity near a magnet with negative polarity, there will be a strong attraction of those 2 magnets. That force of attraction will make those 2 magnets crash with a force which is proportional to their magnetic,”attractive” intensity.

The same is with human beings. Many will “hit” one another and find out later the consequences of it.

When a human being, has not explored the male and female side in them, there will be a tremendous neediness for the other side. Their “opposite side.” Everyone is looking to be complete. That completeness comes according to their own nature. Thus, it is important to explore in ourselves and find out what is our nature, our role in life.
For some, it may be to live with a partner, for others there is no need for it, and yet others may find anything in between.

Different needs, Different nature. There is variety.

Please see the importance of first balancing our own polarity within ourselves to be become wholesome within ourselves. Then this wholesomeness could be shared in relationship, thus making a greater unity.

However, in reality this rarely will happen, because there is no such inner observation.

If our polarity is strong in one side, we will search without doubt to find our other “half.” That search could be detrimental when neediness is the instigator of that search.

This is why, some religions advocate the complete separation between male and female energies as a way to find God. Please be aware, that this is just a tool to reform the self which needs to find their other half within themselves first, to become a complete unity by balancing inner energies. Nevertheless, when this method is not understood, there will be rejection towards the other side. With that rejection will come an inner fight, for the need to meet our other “half” will be there.

No matter what we do or think. We cannot lie to ourselves for too long.

A person suppressing his “natural” need for the pursue of an ideal, will experience many inner fights of emotional nature until that need is either expressed (which will happen as an emotional explosion due to repressing ) or that repressed energy will end our well-being through an emotional, psychological or physical disease.

On the contrary, those who have not found their own unity, even though they may find a partner in their lives; will experience the sensation that something is missing. This could translate in a continuous search and disappointments, for there is no one who can give us something that we do not have.

That is the mirage.

When that unity is found within the self, which expresses as being self-sufficient, self-reliant and having self-respect out of acceptance of all, and not out of rejection of all, then that person is ready to expand that self into a “bigger” self, that is a relationship. In that experience of unity beyond the boundaries of the self, is when the male and female energies are complementary of each other.

In the realm of metaphysical “new age,” there is the talk about “soul mates” and also about “twin flames.”
A “soul mate” being any relationship which had a strong influence in our many lives, which is the product of karma. On the other hand, the “twin flame” is depicted as that relationship where harmonious “unity” is felt. It is said to be the first relationship someone had as a couple in their first incarnation, which later on due to karmic accounts, that relationship had a gap of many lifetimes without that “other half.”

It is also mentioned, that for this meeting to happen again, those karmic bondages which initiated that separation need to be clear. Thus, a relationship with a “twin flame” is something that could only occur when there has been spiritual work which will allow that full recognition. The purpose of a “twin flame” relationship is not to experience romantic love, but to experience unconditional healing love that will allow further spiritual progress and to radiate that expression onto other human beings.

Here a link to recognize a “false twin-flame.” 🙂

The above belief could have some “truth” in it. However, the main point is that without that inner work to find unity within the self, there is not a chance to experience anything further. The “normal” realm is all there is then and that realm comes with all the “normal” problems and issues that we hear about all the time.

A Divine relationship is not made on Earth for self fulfillment, but it is made in “Heaven,” as an aid to progress on the spiritual path, for in that state of consciousness, unity is all there is.

Going deeper into duality


This writing will have greater depth than usual. Please be aware. 🙂

In Sakar murlis, we read all the time in one way or another about duality. Baba simply calls it : day and night; sin and virtue, worthy and unworthy, fame and defamation, good and evil, hell and paradise; etc. Next time we hear the Murli, please check for those concepts, which are opposite in the “typical way” of understanding.

The issue behind understanding “duality” in such a simplistic way is that we will be concerned about embracing one side and rejecting the other side. In such simple understanding, we will not realize that one side of duality brings automatically the other side.

How is that?

Pick good. You will know evil. Pick hell; you will know heaven. There is no way that we could isolate the experience of the other half by rejecting one side, as a matter of fact, if we do so; we will create a life of fear and tension. It is a ghost of fear.

The understanding of duality will give us freedom from the terrifying thought of “not following shrimat.”

In the world of duality then, we cannot pick one side and reject the other; that is insane.

In the world of spirituality, we go beyond both concepts. We embrace and transform. When we develop a greater understanding of duality, we can see that concepts such as man and woman or beautiful and ugly needs to be left behind in the wastebasket of concepts and definitions. Experience without a label.

Please see that our intellect has been trained to separate. We will see day and night as two separate things rather than a gradual continuation. To see this, requires a greater awareness.

Rather than seeing duality as opposite, we could see them as complements. In that complementary vision, we can see unity.

The Drama is about unity. Day changes into night gradually just to change again into daytime. It is a cycle.

Our mind caught up with ideas, concepts and senseless logic, will think that “day” is better than “night.”

Once we have knowledge, there is no question about “better” for that is an election of something over another thing, that selection automatically rejects one side and embraces the other. See? The bottom line is that we will experience both side whether we like it or not, then it makes greater sense to see both as “beneficial.” 🙂

Day and night are really separated as such in words, just as a concept, but they cannot be alone by themselves in “reality;” they are always together but their timing is different.

A deeper understanding of gyan will allow us to see that “timing” is everything. A good idea today may not be tomorrow. Knowledge is good now, but it is not always “good.”

As we mature in our understanding of gyan, we will see that being caught up in duality and expressing duality in our words, is a sure way to make mistakes. We are not seeing the full picture; we are just seeing one side of it.

In greater depth, we can appreciate that our minds are caught up in the concepts of duality, for the mind is duality itself.

What is the meaning of that?

Is God omnipresent or a personal God, a soul? 🙂

Do we see that there is duality in that question? Do we want to pick one side and reject the other? 🙂
Do we want to say that the truth is “day” and “falsehood” is night?

With that kind of logic we will be living in the world of rationality only, which is very, but very limited and far from going beyond duality.

The importance of God is not in a definition or a mind concept but in the experience.
Therefore, pick your concept. Defend it. Get upset. Prove with further logic…
It doesn’t matter 🙂
Picking one side means to acknowledge the other, for one side exists because of the other.

Free your awareness from duality and all of the sudden, we will see something different, which was hidden from the “intellectual” mind. That is freedom from the known.