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If a dog could think like a modern human being….


Ananda was sitting by the Seaplane Basin, a lovely spot to contact Nature.
In the grassy area near the small beach, a dog was running around as if there was no life but to run.

“Precious pup” was happily hanging his tongue in its mouth and barking a the birds nearby, then “Precious” would smell the vegetation, run some more, bark here and there and you could see and feel that energetic, overflowing happiness all around “Precious… “

The owner of “Precious”, Mr. Smith; was a very busy man. He was reading stuff in his latest I-Pad in the middle of such beautiful scene of Nature.

“If Precious had a “great” mind of its own, Precious could be as smart as a human being;” Ananda thought.

Rather than to run for the fun of it; Precious could come up with something “better.”
How about competing with “Rufus,” the Labrador across the street?
Precious is just a mutt according to his owner, but “Rufus” has some pedigree …and Precious “thinks” that he is a better runner.

Precious even came up with the idea of making a flag to represent the “Smith’s household,” in that way everyone in that house could feel as a “team” against the “Parker’s” represented by the “amazing” Rufus.

“Precious pup” versus the “amazing” Rufus; was a headline in the local newspaper that Precious wanted to see.

Precious pup thought that the winner should get a “Golden biscuit” sponsored by “Mom and Pop’s bakery.”
The picture of the winner will be featured in the box of the next batch of biscuits… Everyone loves to be with the winner… and that means business for “Mom and Pop’s.” 🙂

“Precious pup” decided to start a serious training regime… Now the fun was over. He finally had a “purpose,” other than lazy enjoyment. 😦

This is serious business… just like his owner has taught Precious… no time to feel enjoyment for the sake of it, no time for existing in the reality of Nature… when the “mental human world” is “reality” for the “majority.”

Precious needs to run faster and faster… Precious needs to win the “Golden biscuit” and become famous. No matter what it takes. That is to be successful in this life!!

Ananda reflected on those wild thoughts. Isn’t that what our society has already arrived to?
Competition is “fun” – “They” say; but then “They” say that “winning isn’t everything. It is the only thing.”

Our society has bought this mental concept of life based on superiority of some over others. This superiority complex arrives out of our own inferiority complex.

We have changed the experience of enjoyment as doing something for the sake of it; to the mental concept of enjoyment through the achievement of a goal.

In that mentality, obviously all that matters is the end result and there is “fun” only when we “win.” Our society moves under this premise not only in sports, but also in business,(Survival of the fittest) in our beliefs in the afterlife (Heaven is for the few, the winners) and in the way we could raise a child, creating dysfunctional personalities; for there is no competition in Nature, in life; for otherwise there is no balance.
Nevertheless, we created that world, we bought the idea. We believe in that.. therefore that exists… it is “real.”

When we are “brain washed” in that way, we cannot possibly experience enjoyment and appreciation of the moment, the present; but we are only concerned about the future; what is to come next for me? How do “I “arrive there? What do I get out of it?

See that all of those questions are truly building up a personality, which thrives in a never-ending mental cage… Enjoyment cannot be found there at all. The mind has to be free to enjoy.

Intelligence resides in the realization of that “game.” It is not about being “against that game” for that entails to be still in the game. It is about realizing it, to enjoy it for what it is: a mind game. That is all.

Question on loneliness and childhood issues

“dear bro, am I glad or am I proud n happy dat u happened! such a help n relief finally wen all my doubts cleared and gud feelings enabled esp pertaining to gyan. I really want to voice my feelings with u though about my life in one aspect- relationships. I hav never had parental love nor sibling joy inspite of having them in person, my friends always turned against me without a cause, everybody took advantsge of me and today I hav a loving husband but no family, nt dat i’m blaming anyone but I sincerely lack people in my life and feel very lonely, I wonder if this is drama…dat deemed me to live like this?”

Dear reader,
Thank you for your kind words of appreciation. Likewise, thanks to readers like yourself is that this blog is still existing.
Let me answer your question from the beginning… 🙂

Gyan or any type of knowledge, is a conceptual vision of life, a road map; to allow you to see your path and how you fit in this world at this time. However, concepts are just concepts. Those concepts will not do a thing to change you and make you feel less of a lonely person. No matter how deep your understanding may be.

Gyan is intellectual but it will not do anything when you have emotions arising, complexes, and cultural upbringing deep-rooted in you which may be burying you, if you are unable to see the “bigger picture.” That is why, God is usually seen as the one who could provide “relief” in your life, emotional support, etc. However, the role of God has been misinterpreted as the one who provides those things which are lacking in us. That in itself is a handicap in our spiritual development. God and Divine energies provide protection while we grow spiritually, but we must do the walk ourselves and learn to supply those things which are lacking in us. We cannot pretend that others will supply that.

It is great that you realize that you had a childhood with issues. Now, look at them in silence, take sometime for yourself, run the “movie” of your own life and see those episodes using your current knowledge, Gyan; and then overcome those emotional issues.
How? By nurturing yourself with love and by giving that which you felt you needed to those who did not provide it for you. If you do not do the inner work first, you will be vulnerable. Realize the complex, realize the issues which made you feel lonely and left out which is hunting you now… even while having the company of a husband.

Once you resolve this emotional issue in yourself, you will see how your life will change, for you will be ready for something new.

When you don’t feel lonely anymore, you will be ready to give companionship to others, thus you “get” what you want from the world by giving that same thing to the world. That is the law of karma, so that is the Drama.

Best wishes!

Trapped in Concepts


Have you ever wondered if the USA, India or Peru really exists? 🙂
Those names are man-made concepts. There are no “real” geographical boundaries between countries. As a matter of fact, there are no countries. Man has “created” that separation.

Those divisions are fictitious, but yet so “real” in our minds.

That concept of a country has many implications. A passport to show where we “belong,” a flag to show our alliance, etc, etc. This is an artificial division among human beings.

We truly believe that those concepts are real.

A couple of days ago, while I was flying on a plane, there was a message from the cabin: “please consider donating your left over monies for some XYZ organization. Last year we collected 1 million dollars. That money made a difference in the life of a child. We accept all sorts of currency.”

The message was that money is able to solve problems. However, what is money?
Paper. Neat paper with the figure of someone “important” in it. Preferably someone who is dead to avoid further fights. 🙂
The “power to buy” is a conceptual idea which works only because we believe in that idea.

Please see the type of indolence! If someone sees a child in need of shelter or food or love… money will solve the issue.
Here is my check. Here .. my left overs… BUT, make me feel good… I am a “good guy.” I am donating…

Concepts over concepts will make us slaves of our own ideas.

Still don’t believe about the power of concepts?
What is predestination or free will? Concepts.
What is hell or heaven? Concepts.
What is life and death? More concepts.
What is “you and I”? Without a doubt… concepts.

Those concepts have definitions, boundaries. Those concepts are a jail for living life to the fullest.

Part of learning spirituality is to free ourselves from all concepts. Free from the busy mind.

We need to learn to unlearn.

The Tao Te Ching, expressed this beautifully:

“Learning consists of filling;
following the Tao consists of emptying.

So the sage does less and less
Until nothing is done.
When things are doing themselves,
Nothing is left undone.

To live harmoniously
in the world,
Let the world do itself.
(Lao Tzu – Chapter 48 – Translated by Ray Grigg)

Part of egolessness is to be free from the attachment to ideas and concepts. The mind has to be free from conceptual living.

As the Hua Hu Ching expressed in Chapter 35.

“Intellectual knowledge exists in and of the brain.
Because the brain is part of the body, which must one day expire, this collection of facts, however large and impressive, will expire as well.

Insight, however, is a function of the spirit. Because your spirit follows you through cycle after cycle of life, death and rebirth, you have the opportunity of cultivating insight in an ongoing fashion.

Refined over time, insight becomes pure, constant and unwavering.
This is the beginning of immortality.”

To be trapped in traditions and mental frameworks is conceptual. Through that mental trap, love cannot flow. Please be aware of this by yourself. Observe how so many of your own “hang ups,” complexes and what nots are coming from your past. They were learned behaviors to adapt to your perception of your world at that time.

Until we identify these conceptual frameworks; love will not flow and all we will have left with is intellectual information.

BapDada expressed this succinctly in the Avyakt Murli of January 6, 1988
“Knowledge is accurate only when it is filled with love – dry knowledge does not give experience – it is love that gives the experience of all relationships from the heart. If there is only intellectual remembrance – remembrance with the head and not the heart – there will be labour in yoga, in service, in inculcation – the intellect will battle even with knowledge – constant questions – many waste thoughts – battle with the self. When there is love there is no battle, because the soul is lost in love, merged in love.

If there is knowledge, but remembrance is like labour, and there is no experience of bliss, power, or peace, it is because love is still lacking – knowledge has reached the head, but it is intellectual only – it has not become merged with the heart. The heart is the symbol of love. Knowledge is the seed, and love is the water – a seed without water will not bear fruit…

…So what is the essence? Do not just have dry, intellectual knowledge, but let there be knowledge within the heart. Have love, and don’t lose any to subservience.”

The mind filled with concepts, ideas, theories, analysis, comparisons, contrasts, divisions, can only bring fear, for any sort of separation, any sort of “I-ness” is in conflict with the “rest.”

That mind is incapable of experiencing love, for love and fear cannot live together.

Empty the mind and fill the heart with the experience of your own truth, then concepts will be seen just as concepts and never as part of life. In that freedom, there could be love.

Love is knowledge. Concepts are not.