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Question on souls missing the Golden age aka “Paradise.”

om shanti, baba says sara madar yaad/purshatpar. is this can be true sara madar drama par as all the actions/sequential thought are already recorded which are repeating at every 5000years .Therefore a soul who missed out the sat and kaliyug one cycle never ever able to experience the goldenyug. please giv ur views for those souls. I am still confusing. Correct me.

Dear soul,

Thank you for your clarifying question!

Let me put it in different words so anyone who looks at it, could get the “flavor of it.”

Basically, Baba says that because the Drama of life is pre-ordained; then all actions will be the same in every eternally repeating cycle which lasts 5000 years before it repeats again.. right?

Your question is, if a soul does not experience the “golden age” then that soul is doomed not to experience that “magical” Golden age for eternity, thus, that “poor soul” will miss that “magic” and “whimsical” moment… for eternity, right?

Moreover, if we want to add more sorrow to those “poor souls” we can say something like: However, you will experience hell, but not heaven… ONLY US, will experience the Golden age, paradise, the best time of the cycle.. so you better join us… right?

Dear soul,
The knowledge is there and it can be interpreted anyway we feel like according to our “motive.”

In Brahma Baba’s time, he thought that destruction was near. He had reasons to believe in that. Therefore, his urgency to motivate those listening to him; to “make effort” and change themselves; that is to self transform so they can make the “cut” for the Golden age.

The problem is that those same lines do not hold the same strength anymore according to time, but yet they do paradoxically, for being aware of this time, the confluence age; is important for we do not know how long we will live. Thus, it is both things at the same time. Not just one.

Please remember these things:
1) In the Drama, no one misses anything.
2) The “Golden age” is a state of consciousness not a place to be.
3) Labeling the first 1250 years of the cycle of time as the Golden age is OK. I like to call that “Spring” time out of the 4 seasons. To call that time of the cycle as “paradise,” is not accurate at all, but acceptable is you want to convince little children to “make effort” now, before is too late.
4) In the Drama, no on does anything. It is merely a role to be performed which is interpreted by a particular soul. Those roles will change. Today you are the hero, tomorrow the villain.
5) Predestination is hard to digest intellectually by souls without the experience of ego-less-ness. As we experience being ego-less, then the soul becomes the observer of the role. The participant and the movie spectator. Both at the same time.

Here is the simple example.
Let us say that Ananda wakes up at 3:30 AM every day.
Carlos on the other hand is sleeping at that time. Carlos likes to wake up at 7:30 AM.

Ananda likes to say that Carlos is “missing” the greatest time of the day, when things are quiet and peaceful.

Carlos responds that he likes to sleep and he will not wake up at 3:30 AM for nothing in the world. As a matter of fact, for Carlos; Ananda is just a crazy guy.

Now, put that example in the cycle of time. Ananda will be in the Golden age, but Carlos will be enjoying his “sleep” in Parandham … now, to make things “sweeter” let me add that Carlos will be very close to our Father, ShivBaba; and will be receiving his mighty and exquisite rays of bliss and peace for longer time; Carlos will be recharging to experience his “golden age” in his first birth; while Ananda will be out and about already… 🙂

Who is missing what?
No one is missing anything.

Best wishes!

Question: dear soul i am very happy to be able to read what all is written in this blog , i thank u and i thank baba.i came to gyan 4 years ago.i am muslim , a mother and married,and my marriage is a sucsse. i love my spiritual birth .murli is a food for the soul.my question ,:beeing in this confluence age, what does baba really mean by “stay in ur household , fullfill ur responsabilities, and remain pure” how can a wife remaine pur in baba’s eyes, and fulfil her reponsability ,toword her husband of the iron age? knowing that no one is right or wrong , it ‘s drama which is always perfect! i feel its a matter of consciousness, but still i want to be sur it’s not man mat!! thank u againe in baba’s love

Dear soul,

Thank you for your good question!

I feel that knowledge of this gyan is meant so we can trust our respective roles in life. We have been accepting advice from everyone else. Even we have been taught to listen to our “calculative” mind and its thoughts of “good and bad.”

This Gyan is practical. Dear soul, listen to your heart. The role is waiting to be heard. Not everyone is called in this life to do the same things. As you understand the concept of “numberwise,” just learn to listen to that inner voice of the heart, learn to develop it, learn to align with it. That is all.

Trying to follow words without knowing the spirit of those words, is like being stuck in a traffic light for hours, just because it shows the “red” color and because the “law” says that you never go across a “red light.” 🙂

Your responsibilities in life are according to your role and according to your circumstances. There is “timing” for everything. The fruit is ripe at a certain time and not when we want. We need to learn to wait, enjoy life as it is “right now” and follow our heart.

God would like you to be happy. God loves you “unconditionally.”
That is the God I know.

Best wishes!