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In life, Dirty and Clean play paradoxically together.

An air conditioner appliance has a filter. The quality of air going through it, depends on the filter.
Likewise, Human beings have a “filter” in their constitution.
If the filter is pretty “clean,” the experience of Life will be different than someone who has a somewhat “dirty” filter. Not “better” but “different.”
“Dirty” means more use. It doesn’t mean “bad.”
A “dirty” filter means the accumulation of the experience of suffering, through the acute consciousness of the “I.” Paradoxically, that is the natural path for “No-I,” a “clean” filter again.

The filter will clean itself, after being completely dirty.
How? Life performs the “magic” through unrehearsed Life experiences, when our time arrives. Dirty and Clean are the range of a full experience in Life.

The experience of sexuality has to deal a lot with that “filter.” Teachers are into techniques, methods, information to make the sexual experience “better” for their followers. There is no consideration of the “filter,” that is the types of experience that one individual is to experience according to his consciousness. 

That game of people with “dirty” and “clean” filters, present an array of experiences in Life for humanity. 
Every experience we experience, is related with someone else’s. We are all connected.

Awareness means to observe the direction that Life is taking us.
Many times, we want to go South, when Life is moving us North. Paradoxically, by going North, we will go eventually, South.
Once we are aware of the game, we will know how to play it, but what we know is only for us. Others have their own path.
In Life, there are no fixed rules. Fixation is merely a perception.

Even tough connected, we are alone. If you believe to be alone, you are missing the connection.

Everything is connected

When many perceptions are possible out of a fact, depending on the state of consciousness of the observer, then to select a particular option as the “only truth” will only strengthen the ego of an “I.” He will say: “I have the truth.” That is ego. The idea of “Having the truth” enhances the “I.”

“Who Am I?” has many possibilites. “Who am I not?” The body/soul/mind/spirit cannot live by itself, there is relationship, a connection with everything else.
Is the truth that “I am a soul”?

Ego needs a concise idea to thrive. That ideal is strengthened through the denial of those things which “I” do not believe to be. 

The physical body is related through the subtle energies. The energy flowing through the “nadis” or subtle channels are in relationship with how healthy our physical and subtle bodies are. It is only the mind which is stubborn enough to make distinctions, separations where there cannot be.

Where does the soul start and where the body ends? That is an intellectual question, which has no answer. It is all together, all connected.

So, to say “I am a soul not a body” is wrong then?
Please forget the duality of wrong and right. Things are not black or white only. There are many colors in between, many perceptions for those who have eyes to see them.

The rainbow has many colors. The rainbow is only white light (day light) viewed through a particular lens. Could I say that day is only white light and call that the “truth”?

The mind is caught up with empty answers. Enjoy the rainbow! That is all…

An answer such “I am this and not that” does not matter. What truly matters is your ability to enjoy the experience. That enjoyment will change your attitude, your perception, your BEING.

The “I” wants to connect with his third chakra. The “I” wants to connect with God. All of that “wanting” is merely the cry of the petty “I.”
Connection, relationship is all there is, but if there is no AWARENESS of it, then the “I” will need to DO something about it; practice, make effort, study, ask for forgiveness, etc.

Because everything is connected. Everything is One.

The connection of feelings and sexuality

As our feelings are, so will be our intention and thus the outcome of our actions.

The above could be misinterpreted as: “Let me have good feelings before I do that action.”

That is an inner lie.
Our main feelings are always with us. We may be calm, but closed. Enjoying “peace of mind,” but having a controlling nature, speaking sweetly but jealous.

How do we change that state of consciousness into a loving one?
Inner work: Less beliefs means less judgment. Lesser emotional reactions means greater openness to Life.
Feelings will be able to transit from our lowest chakra to the highest without any obstacles. That energy is clear. It flows.

That happens when we are aligned.
This is not just a matter of having the “healer” align our chakras.
This is a matter of “doing” that inner work for the healing to take effect quickly.

Therefore, it is not a matter of saying: “I need to have good feelings.” We cannot make something that we don’t have.

What is the practical, Life related event of the above?

If a person is full of emotions, beliefs, sense of guilt and different hang ups; that person will be suffering, for a wall will be built between him and everything else.
Obviously, that person could be a “good person,” but his feelings are not open, thus; he does not love.
We could make ourselves believe that because we “do” something labeled as “good,” we are “loving.” That is the religious trick.

The majority of individuals at this time, are in continuous suffering. But, rather than listening to the signal that suffering is sending, these individuals rather continue on in their pursuits.
“Suffering is bad. Pleasure is good.”

It is in this state of suffering when a pleasurable sensation such as sex could become an addiction.

Here is their motto: “Life is suffering. Sex is pleasure. I want more pleasure and less suffering.”

Nevertheless, observe the feelings of that individual. That individual is suffering but yet, wants the experience of a pinnacle of enjoyment, love, total emptiness, letting go of self, that a human could consciously engage in.

That is how sex became a problem. A personality full of pain, wants to be rescued from it through the easy fix which will last a couple of hours, but it becomes his reason to exist.

Any expression of sexuality when it is the outcome of feeling joyful, sensual and alive will have a positive outcome in our minds, which in turn will translate into an overall feeling of wellness.
That same sex performed while feeling down, angry, frustrated, fearful, unsatisfied will have tiredness, emptiness and a feeling of being wasted as an outcome.

That is the practical teaching, the “spiritual” teaching of knowing the value of our feelings.

As we are energy; there is an exchange of energy through sex.
That exchange could be nourishing or could be a way to drain our own energy.

A human being energetically aligned will be joyful naturally. A human being who is in connection with Nature and who lives life from his heart, will be connected with the Totality as fish is connected with the depths of the Ocean.

It is that depth which can take a human being to the stability and openness of the one who is one with Life.

Question about the path of the heart and spiritual union

1. Find quoted below some CONCEPT which I have come across. I will be happy if you can kindly go through this and your experiences if any and your CHURNING on the subject will be of immense help to this SOUL.

“The heart is the only point at which the connecting link between the animate and the inanimate is most clearly felt. This is the reason why meditation on the heart is very useful. Further, heart is the field for the action of mind. Mind is always as it is. It is the heart which, as the field of action of the mind, is to be set right. Hence the most appropriate point for meditation can be only that where from the current flows on, either upwards or downwards. It can only be the heart and nothing else”.

Taken from the book “Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 1 (1st Indian edn., 1989)”, Chapter “Way to Realisation (Role of the Abhyasi)”, pg. 345, by Babuji Maharaj

Of course according to my present very limited understanding, it is “experiencing”, “being”, “witnessing”, “present”, “detached observer” that matters for the SOUL.

If you would like to go through and know more about the author/organisation kindly visit the following link:


With Greetings & Good Wishes,

Dear reader,

Thank you for sharing that link. As you rightly pointed out, you came across some “concept.”
Gurus, religions and philosophies will give their “experience,” which are explained in a conceptual way.

However, as we are discovering; those concepts pretend to explain with dualistic words something which cannot be explained, thus; “believers” merely follow blindly a literal interpretation of those explanations and make that interpretation into a dogmatic creed. A religion.

The “heart” is another concept. It is a muscle pumping blood in the human body. If we believe that the physical heart is the center of feelings, it is just a belief. It feels as if feelings come from the heart just as when we believe that thoughts come from the brain. Then we could have more information from another source, mentioning for example; that “we are souls and we are located in the center of the forehead. A role is “recorded in the soul” which are thoughts manifested through the brain,” but the brain is not the origin of those thoughts, etc..etc.. etc. With so many differing concepts, which one is the “true” one? Certainly “one” must be the only truth… 🙂

Then, some will fight to find out who has the “truth,” and will demonstrate this by “scientific” means or by logic as if science and logic were the “reference for truth.” 🙂

The above is what “normal” people experience as a religious faith.

When you recognize by your own experience what are “feelings,” you will not worry about where are they “located.” That does not bring any further experience whatsoever. If we study the heart, the soul; as “concepts” we could care about their “location” but as an experience, it does not matter their “location” at all; for the spiritual experience is not related with that.

Nevertheless, when we talk about feelings to others who may be “uninitiated,” to be “understood” (or misunderstood) we will use the word “heart.”

There are some religious beliefs which separate the heart from the mind. There are others, however; which unite them.
The head is separated from the heart in a conceptual basis, but they work together, they are interdependent with the rest of the human being. That is the reality. The illusion is that we can think of them as “individual” entities all by itself. A change in the heart means a change in the mind. Likewise, if the mind changes; the heart will do so. The chicken or the egg dilemma. Who is first? 🙂

Dear reader, It is good to try and to explore different things. The spiritual experience is what is valuable; just be mindful about getting caught up in conceptual thinking and in taking the explanation, the map, the pointing finger as the “thing” to find.

Some religions will focus on the heart, others in the mind. Explore them. There is always room to learn when there is openness of a “big mind” and a “big heart.”

Best wishes!

2. Divine Brother, In today’s Murli Baba said that Baba can’t read our thoughts because we exist in the material realm. But then how is it that when we do manmanabhav , he will respond to our needs and also connect to us when we are in yog ?

Dear reader,
“Connection” means union.
Manmanabhav is union,
yog is union.

When there is union, everything is known.

Best wishes!

Question: Om Shanti! As you always says that God is not just for Bks, but other religions and their followers have also experienced God in their own light. Here, I have a point to place that while other people have experienced God through their religious founders, but we, as BKs have a personal heart-to-heart connection with God, which completely varies depending on every one’s stage and experiences. You might experience a different relation with God than me and same for others. And also, such direct access to God and clarity of knowledge was never there. (though there were tits and bits of it). So, my question is doesn’t that makes the experiences of BKs different from other followers? Doesn’t the connection of ours are much more closer and personal. I know there is no comparison, but as per my understanding, I beleive this is what is the USP of this gyan.

Thank you for your question! 🙂
Dear soul, let me go into your questions:

1) doesn’t that makes the experiences of BKs different from other followers?
Yes. it is different. Every religion/follower has a different connection wit God according to capacity. However, different does not mean better.
As you know, there is no such comparison when we are numberwise. Is having the understanding of an adult better than the one as a child? NO. Both have challenges. Both have their own beauty.

2) Doesn’t the connection of ours are much more closer and personal?
Nope. Is my connection with Dadi Janki better and closer than the one Dadi Janki has with Dadi Gulzar?
Nope. From my perspective, the connection that I have is all I ever need. 🙂
Numberwise. We cannot compare. 🙂

For me the “great thing” of this gyan, is that we are able to experience through our own effort, soul consciousness once again…. and that is the difference with other types of knowledge or philosophies. As mentioned before, the greatness of God for me, is that we have this knowledge.
That was God’s part.
Our part is to experience it.

Best wishes!