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Goodness of feelings to go beyond duality


There was a discussion between Orkus the bird, and Ananda about the importance of celibacy in a spiritual life.

Orkus maintained that to reproduce and to enjoy sexuality was part of his nature. Orkus mentioned that he has never seen a conflict in sexuality and he cannot understand how human beings make sexuality such an issue.

Ananda on the other hand mentioned that celibacy was a tool to allow him to know himself, for otherwise, he would have to assume many unwanted consequences. At this time it is like playing the “Russian roulette” with someone, he said. Ananda mentioned that there are very few people nowadays who see sexuality beyond pleasure and relief only, but as a way to integrate beings, to enhance their existence and relationship.

Ananda: There are people who believe that heaven is to have a good orgasm! That is ridiculous… and then he started laughing.
Orkus: For them, that becomes a positive experience in their minds. You seem to be rejecting their experience.

Mathias, the wise tree heard the conversation and added:
Orkus’ point is on one side. Ananda is on the other side… that is to feel uncomfortable or to reject.

Ananda then said: Friend, I am not rejecting… I am just making a little fun of that childish idea…

Mathias: You are rejecting friend …and when you reject, that will attract you.
Ananda: I want to conquer sexuality…
Mathias: How can you conquer something that you reject?
Perhaps the day when you hear about that without that affecting you. Perhaps the day when there is an emotional emptiness in you as when someone talks about drinking 5 cans of sodas rather than just one… but of right now, that topic moves you. It works you up.

Orkus: All of those debates about perceived opposite viewpoints, are all intellectual games… without openness from any position.

Mathias: In feelings there is openness, openness means to respect free will and to respect everyone’s processes and to look at them as something natural in them. You do not compare that with you, but only observe it and appreciate it.

Something that is happening there and also is happening in you, and with greater intensity as you put information in your mind.

To call something spiritual and something else not spiritual is to separate.
The spiritual path is truly just a word, when in reality someone “is.”

There is the story of 3 monks who were walking down the river. Then they saw a prostitute there. For them “spiritually” speaking, to help her cross the river was something negative because she was a prostitute. One of them felt compassion and helped her and the other monks judged him.
-How is it possible for you to touch a prostitute? They said.
The monk responded: “I have only helped her to cross the river but, you continue to carry her in your mind.”

What is Spirituality, my friend? It doesn’t deal with touching or not touching but to maintain some information for a long time in your mind, which will then be introduced in your own body.

The one who touched with feelings of goodness, is liberated. Those who did not touch but rather judged with their minds, compared and rejected; those are trapped.

What is freedom then? To understand the totality.
Totality means that which happens in others will occur in you as well as long as you do not respect the harmony of the natural movement of the time periods in the physical plane. In this is included your own physical body which will be affected.

Question: Dear avyakt7, In your post on ‘true spirituality’ you shared your experience as: ‘In my experience, if you understand/conquer anger and lust; you are on your way for “true spirituality,” until then; we are just “playing with dolls,” which is a necessary first step for many’. This SOUL would like to share: ‘YES conquering ANGER brings in lot of change in the behaviour of the SOUL and the dress called ‘this physical body’ it is wearing and with YOGAYUKTH MEDITATION, it is possible to bring in a change with little efforts. But when it comes to the question of LUST, which has a wide spectrum meaing ‘DESIRE’ not limiting it to ‘sexual desire’ alone, which appears to be some what more challenging to conquer and a lot of efforts are needed by the SOUL’. Would you please share your experiences and elucidate on this subject?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

To understand “desire” is to understand “ego.” Desire happens in many levels not just sexual desire as you know.
The issue is not to reject. That is to acknowledge that the issue is there, to realize that it is something to work on for if we have “conquered” a particular vice; then that one wouldn’t affect us anymore.

To illustrate; if someone was to offer me a “juicy steak” which smells good and everything, trying to tempt me with it; that person wouldn’t be able to do it, for eating meat is not a part of me. It is not “natural” for me. Thus, it is not because I am “following a Maryada,” (Although that is the way I started “reforming”) but because that Maryada is following me. 🙂 Once the sanskaras of the code of conduct are ingrained in us, there is no need to talk about “following Maryadas.”

That switch in awareness comes with certain inner work.

1) Understanding why?
2) Realization at the heart level- feelings
3) Doing what you preach.

The important aspect however, is that because I don’t eat meat, that doesn’t mean that I will reject the person trying to “tempt me” or to reject anyone who eats meat or the meat itself; but as far as possible making sure that people feel acknowledged as well. This is a more mature behavior which will bring positive karmic returns.

The same example is applicable with sex-lust. I have shared many articles about it here and in the blog: “healthy celibacy.” Obviously, I will not share here my personal experiences about this, although rest assured that I am “experienced” and I am not just sharing as another pretty theory or something that I read someplace.

As a massage therapist, I have learned a lot about sex lust. This is not for everyone to experience but it was in my Drama, because I had the capacity to go through it or for some other “reason.”

Most of us “normal” people, equal affection through touch with arousal and sexuality. Lots of individuals do not feel comfortable when being touched. There is a quality in touch which needs to come from a space of feelings (4th Chakra) that means transforming sexual energy. This happens only through sheer appreciation (beauty, strength, or other quality) without being attached or wanting to possess; it comes when we learn to acknowledge female and male energy in our own selves (Vishnu) to recognize that and to switch to male or female energy when needed.

Opposite attracts. If we use the same energy, then that attraction is over. Note that I am talking about energy and not about physical bodies; it comes down to the energy, the vibes; which is released by one person and the way it is deciphered by another.

At a higher level we can take that energy and transform it and send it back as “good feelings and pure wishes;” ( Just as BapDada has been mentioning) to be able to do this we need to be aware of what is going on inside us. This will become automatic after a while.

There is a need to know how to protect the self from energies or how to be aware of them to transform them. Let us remember one more time, we cannot reject. Rejection makes things harder to deal with. There is no conquering of anything by rejecting or by running away; however, those steps (rejection/ running away) are usually “baby steps” in understanding the vices.

Finally, as we know; we are “numberwise” on this; thus, we need to be able to perceive our “comfort zone” to stay safe in this path. “Conquering vices” is a step by step journey for most.

Best wishes!