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Is Consciousness fixed ? Question by a Brahma Kumaris follower

“(“Souls come down here to play a part. The part is of 84 births. You play all-round parts. This drama is predestined. Everyone has his own imperishable part within him that can never be erased. You will continue to experience 84 births.”) Sir what I understand from above lines is that in every ‘Yug’ whatever part or role we play is prefixed and we play this part or role according to our state of consciousness (soul conscious or body conscious state). For e.g. like when a director gives a role to an actor/actress, that actor plays it according to his own capability, strength & qualities….Does it mean that in Golden & silver age we are more of soul conscious & near to God (means Godlike) we play that role perfect but in Copper & Iron age we are more of body conscious this is why we are suffering so much? means we didn’t play that role perfectly and thus our karma became vikarm. Every time we played that fixed role it means our state of consciousness is also fixed??? Plz explain this i am confuse… 🙂 “

Dear reader,
Thank you for your question!

To understand the above with greater depth, I hope that you realize that dualistic language will make things hard to grasp.
It is an experience. It has to happen in your awareness for you to see it, otherwise you will remain confused with only intellectual information, concepts, reasoning, logic, all of that.

Consciousness is not fixed. Consciousness is. There can be less or more consciousness accordingly in life. Those are called “roles” in life.

When avyakt7 says : “you,” he is not referring to you as part of existence, but you as a concept, something separated from the rest when there is truly no separation.

“You” as what you think that you are…. doesn’t exist.” It is an illusion, Maya.

Forget concepts, definitions… those will only increase that sense of “I.”

This eternal movie plays through “you” but “you” truly don’t exist. 🙂 You are part of that movie. There is just eternal consciousness, once “you” experience that, all your troubles about understanding beliefs and dualistic thought will be over.
Consciousness is the movie.

Descartes said:” I think therefore I am.” That just shows basic consciousness.

“I am, therefore; I am not;” has way more validity.

When you are consciously aware of yourself, that is when you observe yourself; (when you remember God alone in your belief system) then you will see that there is a consciousness of “I” appearing where there was none before. From that point, “I” against the world became alive. That is suffering. That “I” is known as ego.

In this movie of life, if your consciousness is able to discern that you are not the role being played through you, that is when the dreamer realizes that everything is just a dream. From that moment you will start enjoying the dream as something to experience. Then, you will be a “detached observer.” Then you will perform “neutral” karma, then you will be “soul conscious,” then you will be “illuminated,” then the “I” from ego will not bet there, so you will be “egoless,” then you will have “all relationships with the Father,” then you will be “equal to God.” You will be beyond duality.

Because “you” are not there. 🙂

At this point the concepts of predestination or free will, do not have any meaning. Concepts of time and “yugs” are meaningless.

If “you” are there, then you will experience duality and with that suffering and pleasure, because there is a center, this “I” which feels separated from everything else and rejects one side of duality to pursue the other.

The above is Brahma Kumaris knowledge in its depth. It is also Buddhism, Taoism and Zen in a nutshell.

Best wishes!

Question: Karma and Remebrance

Dear divine brother, Please clarify : Our ‘karmic bondage'(sins / vikarma) is reducing by Remembering Baba or by being in Soul conscious stage ? And how it is happening ? or what is happening in subtle way?

Dear soul,

Thank you for your question!
You are asking if our “bad” actions, our “sins” could be reduced by remembering God or by being in soul conscious state, right?

Let us start from the beginning, so we could demystify the meaning of “karma” and its need to be “absolved.”

One of the things to understand about the Drama of life is that nothing is “good” or “bad.” It is as it is and it is necessary. That is why the Drama of life, the movie; is beneficial.

The issue is our vision. Let us say that Peter lost his job. Is this “good karma” or “bad karma”?
According to your vision, that is what it will be. Losing a job could be the opportunity to find another “better” job. It could be the opportunity to spend greater time in spirituality, etc.

When we are trapped in the concept of “opening and closing” karmic accounts, we miss the opportunity to live life as we only see “good or bad,” but we are unable to see beyond the thing appearing right in front of our eyes. All actions are related.

Here is the latest realization.
Forget about settling karmic accounts. Free your mind from that dualistic concept.
Become a detached observer instead.


Because a detached observer is beyond the effects of Karma. A detached observer is a soul conscious individual or an individual who knows and understand how to change his vision, his perspective of things in life.

For example:
Peter lost his job. If Peter changes his vision by trusting the Drama of life in the understanding that “things happen for the best, as long as I do my best;” then his vision will allow things to change. If Peter’s vision is fixed in “how can I make money now… this is terrible…etc,” then obviously that vision will make Peter’s existence miserable.

A karmic account is the opportunity for us to realize that still we have some inner work to do. Is that “sinful”? 🙂 Some will keep suffering. Others will try to find a way out.

How do we get out?
1) By going through the experience. Some may refer to this as suffering. Others as learning. What is your vision? 🙂
2) By doing an inner work and finding the issues. Usually a lack of acceptance of things as they are due to inner rejections and repressions. This will lead into #3.
3) By becoming a detached observer.

In my experience, any other word that we like to use such as “remembering God” or “yoga” or “meditation,” etc; means only to become soul conscious. However, this soul consciousness is a process and it will lead into being a detached observer, little by little; not all of a sudden.

Moreover, we will become a detached observer when we have resolved our inner issues, that is our emotional problems, our fixed ideas and concepts, our own complexities, our inner struggles, our “baggage,” and are capable of embracing life as it is. This is called inner observation. Inner work on the self.

In my experience, we cannot expect that “yoga” alone will be all we need. As we know, that “yoga” is not the same for everyone: the same power and intensity. Therefore, we will need to observe the self, to become a detective of our inner world to find things which are making us to behave in a certain way. This “effort” will be rewarded through the law of karma as we know and whatever we find will be gone permanently.
Yoga can make us experience what is soul consciousness; but our emotional baggage will bring us down as soon as that yoga experience finishes.

It is a balance.

Best wishes!

Question: Beginning the journey of Spirituality

Brother, Often concept or so called knowledge for many satisfy the egoic mind, but it is only some who go beyond the egoless stage and truly realize the meaning of our true being, question here is what would be the fundamental and first step for someone who is beginning their journey of spirituality? How can this be applied in daily life that will deepen this experience?

Dear soul,
Thank you for your great question!
From my experience, nothing could happen unless there is the realization that all changes start from within and that there is a need to change from within if there is no experience of serenity and joy in our lives on a continuous basis. Suffering is not “normal.”

That realization may take a long time. In the meantime, some may find relief or a palliative time through beliefs, religious dogmas and devotional practices, rituals, etc. All of that is an important step for many to spend time in knowing the self. However, many as well will stay in that “soothing relief” all their lives hoping that God or a ritual will help them reach “illumination.”

Paradoxically, that Divine help only comes when we help ourselves first; when in our minds and hearts, reaching a more conscious state of being; becomes our life for the common good of all.

When we live life with gratefulness and appreciation of all that exists, we are applying practically that realization of inner change. That experience can only deepen into a harmonious unity with all.

Best wishes!