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Beyond good and evil

In a rare sunny afternoon in the middle of Winter, the master and his disciple had a conversation on the master’s house rooftop, while overseeing human “progress” in a classical crowded, busy city: Buildings upon buildings of concrete with the characteristic background noise of cars, motorcycles, horns and even fruit salesmen with megaphones, voicing their latest deals. That setting was perfect to practice observation and appreciation skills. Nevertheless, the master had a few pots there, with gorgeous aloe plants and geraniums to look at, and practice those same skills. The art of appreciating Life is in finding beauty in everything.

The disciple asked: “Master, why is it that good people seem to have so many problems to deal with? My neighbor’s kid ran away from her house then she lost all of her savings during a fire. She is a good person! Why does Life seem to be so unfair?”

The master listened attentively and replied:” Our judgment shows our conditioning. Life events occur as consequences of our actions and emotions. Today you may learn something new. Many are not ready for this yet but, you are. Good and evil are part of the human perception of a society ruled by the misunderstanding of duality. It is conditioning. Life itself is beyond those definitions, those borders created by the human mind.”

The disciple was surprised and replied: “ But master, I see people harming another. We cannot call that good.”

The master listened and smiled: “ If we cannot call that good, we call it bad, evil and we will throw in our emotional charge to demonstrate our rejection. Correct? That is exactly the point. Those labels could be used only to identify something due to the limits of language but if you judge, you are missing the point. If you observe someone harming another, do you reject that one? Look at your emotions. If you find rejection, distaste, you are judging based on your social conditioning. Remain unbiased, even if you participate to avoid further harm. ”

The disciple responded:” But what is wrong with that, master? I will do what is necessary to stop that fight and side with the good ones.”

The master smiled and said: “ Observe how you continue using those dualistic words: good, bad, right, wrong to emit judgment. Do as you wish, but observe that your feelings remain unmovable to either side. Let me explain: A strong Earthquake will kill many. Shall we label that as bad and reject that? Interestingly, many call an Earthquake an ‘act of God’ but yet in their minds, that God is good. Do you see the deceiving game of words and judgment? We do not know about the different events that will happen in Life, for Life is uncertain. There is no security in it; but yet if events are suitable to our viewpoint, we label those as good and pretend to find security in them by holding on with something that will change. We experience fear instead, which we then label as bad. That is the conditioning that we need to become aware of. More important than those labels are the emotions that we send out. Those are actions in itself and that which we emotionally reject, will be attracted toward us like a magnet. Our emotional charge becomes the strength of that magnet. Do you remember the time when you saw a couple fighting? What happened?”

The disciple remembered that episode. The boy was starting to beat up the girl and the disciple tried to separate them. To his surprise, the girl said to him: “ Why do you interfere with our fight? Who gives you that right?”

The disciple said: “ I thought I was doing the right thing. But obviously, they didn’t think so.”

The master smiled and said: “Now, you are starting to understand. You acted with an emotional impulse based on your conditioning of what is right to do. You did not feel inside you whether your presence was required there. You did not ask first, if you could be helpful. You merely thought to be right… and that gave you the right. Similarly, you will find out that our social conditioning is very limited to understand Life. Look at the Sun up there. It is giving light to all. It is not judging who is good or bad, who deserves this or that. Ruminate on this: People are caught in the duality of good and evil but Life and the angelic realm are beyond good and evil.”

Question: Dear brother, you have said that we should not lead this Brahmin life out of repression. But then you lay great importance on the ‘Codes of Conduct’ in Brahmin life and say that we shouldn’t compromise on that at any cost if we want to continue with the Brahmin life. So, in order to do that, first we have to follow them by compulsion initially unless it becomes natural, right ? And beside this we have to continue increasing the experiences of soul consciousness, right ? Please also explain the word “accuracy” in following the maryadas. Thanks.

Thank you for your great question!
Dear soul,

Please do not take me literally. Experience things for yourself. I am just sharing my own experience with the issues that language brings in a generalized “black or white” world of understanding.. Yes, it is true that I mentioned about the need to follow the code of conduct to be “in the game.” As I mentioned before, that will keep our consciousness /awareness out of the “normal” consciousness of the Iron age. As you know, we are all numberwise, so what is accurate for you may not be for me. See? My circumstances, my experience with the maryadas, my belief in them, my health, etc, etc. all of that make your situation different than mine. Adjust accordingly, that is “accuracy” according to time and circumstances and capacity and not according to something written on a piece of paper.

For a Brahmin soul, the Maryadas should not be a “compulsory” thing. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t for me except for “amrit vela” (took some training) the other codes I was able to understand without compulsion.
Therefore, from my experience, there is compulsion only where understanding is lacking. As I mentioned before, “understanding” is not an intellectual exercise, but it is aligning words, thoughts/feelings and deeds on the same direction. For example if you say: “Celibacy is great,” if your thoughts/feelings are something like: ” i don’t think so,” then you actions will be “mixed,” and the stronger sanskaras will eventually take “leadership.” At that point, you are following celibacy out of compulsion. See?

At the end, you will not need to follow the Maryadas anymore… when they are part of you, in a “natural” way.

Best wishes!

Question: Further to yesterday murli, there exist two form of each bramhin i.e. one sakar one subtle body of light. My question is that, since soul is only one i.e. in the sakar body. Is it that the subtle body of light do not require soul to be activated or perform the functions?

Thank you for your great question! 🙂

In spirituality, everything is about consciousness, awareness. As your awareness, so your experience. From the physical perspective we are taught to separate things, to believe that “analysis” is the way to know and to understand and we perceive things in that way.

Consider this:
In the subtle realm, time dos not exist. Therefore, distance does not exist, but there is movement. 🙂 The same thing happens when we talk about the soul being “located” in the middle of the forehead. We talk about location when the soul is immaterial. “Location” is non existent for a soul. When we say “here” the reference point is our physicality. We are trapped in that.

Because the soul always exists; the subtle body always exists as well, so there is a relationship BUT THERE IS NO DISTANCE. NO SEPARATION. We only “see” distance when trapped in the physical realm, in the world of analysis and intellectual limitations.
So to answer your question is a “yes” the body of light requires the soul to be active… and a “no.” the body of light does not require the soul to be active. 🙂
All we need to understand is that there is no separation between them, no distance unless we want to “see that.” 🙂

As you can “see,” all depends on your awareness and understanding.

Best wishes!