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A culture of punishment


Ananda went to the dentist. 🙂 In that office, different posters caught his attention.
“One American dies every hour from oral cancer.”
“One cavity is too many.”
“Is your diet too acidic? Find out the risks.”

That is called adding fear to an experience.

Paul is a heavy smoker. Paul has yellow teeth and a tobacco smelly breath. Paul cannot do any exercises anymore but only walking. Paul is easily out of breath.

“If you continue like that, you are going to die, Paul.”
That is the “caring” advice that Paul is hearing all the time.

Nothing new.
We all are going to die someday… 🙂
That is the “art” of inculcating fear as if death was a terrible thing.
It is natural. Moreover, there is no death… Everything continues on… and we bring the consequences with us…
Life and death is a duality where only “existence” exists.

Paul may not have a quality of life. That is the consequence of his own actions.
Shall we punish Paul with eternal fire?
Shall we punish Paul by informing him that he cannot go to heaven, because no one smokes in heaven? 🙂

Life is about experiences. Every experience has a consequence. We will assume the consequences.

That is the fine letter behind the movie of punishment… starring “good and evil” as the main actors.

Watching that movie will bring guilt and fear in life, just like coke and popcorn are a “must” while watching a movie in a theater near you…
The rating of that movie is “G” that means that a child could watch it and learn something from it…but an adult watching it, could believe in that movie “forever.” 🙂

“Your life could have been better/more successful if you would have listened to me and accomplished what I told you with great love and care.”
Cheap advice. “Monday morning quarterbacks” are out of fashion.

Life is about experiences. If we are joyful in that experience, you’ve made it! 🙂

Ray: “NOOO! He is not doing the right thing…”
Marc: He will go to hell… 🙂
Ray: “He is ‘bad.’ ”
Marc: He will be punished forever….

Are we happy with that story?

It is a childish tale.

If we learn to live life now as it is, we could realize that what is happening are just consequences. The fruit of previous experiences.

All we need to add is joy to it as cherry on top of the cake.

That is the energy that is needed at this time.
Laugh. Enjoy.
That smile will change our day. That cherry will become the consequence for joyous days to come….

Our joy will be contagious… and that is a “good disease” to have.

Don’t take life as a job, because it is a game.
Play it, enjoy it, laugh at it… that is “be good.” 🙂

Topics with Depth:No one is guilty therefore, there is no punishment

“Only 8 will pass with honors. The rest experience punishment.”
“A predestined role is playing in every soul.”

3. No one is guilty. There is no punishment.

Let us put together powerful concepts of gyan: Predestination, numberwise and “eternally repeating cycle.”
If we just meditate on those 3 concepts, we will see that there could not possibly be “punishment” as when performing a “bad action.” It is merely a consequence which a soul has the capacity to withstand. After all we are still here… 😉
There cannot be punishment for performing a predestined role, predestined part. Predestination is beneficial for it “free us” from guilt and fear.
If everyone was celibate, the souls from “up above” wouldn’t be able to experience life at this time. Therefore, it is “good” to have non-celibate beings around. Why would they get “punishment” for? There is settlement, consequences but those are not “bad.” They are just necessary for the Drama to continue.

Obviously the consequence of a particular activity will be experienced. What we loosely call “good karma and bad karma,” nevertheless everything is “good” in the Drama. Everyone gets “liberation and liberation in life” no matter what everyone does.
Where is that punishment then? It is time to realize and get rid of fear based words. That can only happen when the “child” grows up, otherwise; Daddy will treat a child …like a child. Punishment is needed, then.
To feel guilt is “auto punishment.” You will get the consequence of it whether you feel guilty or not, then; why feel guilty? It will not help. It is useless. Better get ready to face the consequences. That is a more mature behavior.
Guilt is for little children, but sometimes grown-ups can behave like them.

Understanding “consequence” rather than desire.

Ego is that we separates everything. Ego isolates. Ego labels. Ego thinks. Ego makes sense out of things.
The understanding of the Drama gives us the tool to see that everything flows and has a completion by itself. There is no need to "make effort."

How about that? It sounds disturbing, right? Baba says to make effort… 😉

If there is Ego, there is Effort. So, as long as we are driven by Ego, we will need to make "effort."
Soul consciousness is natural to us. Baba has said so. We are souls. Point #1 in any Raja Yoga course, then for heavens sake, why is it so difficult to recognize something which is so NATURAL?

Because there is ego. Ego wants to survive. The mind wants to think and make plans out of nothing, making an important "something" with a disturbing meaning.
Something to "do." Something to think about.

As long as there is a desire to be something even if that something is to become a Deity, we will be experiencing Ego.
Desires work in future tense. Desires are goals to pursue, in that pursuing something, we forget about "being" about living "now."

If we "do" ego-lessness, we automatically receive a consequence. There is no need to desire to be that. Any desire is ego.

Ego-lessness is our journey. It takes just a second to realize it but…. many karmic accounts to burn, before we get there… this is the price, the consequence; of our previous deeds. The Drama is about natural consequences, not about desires.

Everything is automatic, it works like a clock, when we flow in the stream of easiness and "being-ness." The minute we "desire" to do something about it, to be faster, to be "more successful" or to be something which we are not…to desire… that is the moment the magic is gone. Everything has a consequence and that consequence works based on what we "are." Doing is merely a consequence of being. Please see this.

How can we become ego-less? Paradoxically, by not desiring to be egoless, but by being aware, accepting of that what is right now. To recognize it, to observe it as a "detached observer." That could be a good first step. Recognizing something that "is," means to see the potential to be what "is" not.

That is to embrace change without desire. To be natural.