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Dissolving ego through your own rebirth

In every “spiritual” gathering, the main topic talked about to “evolve” into a “higher” consciousness is related with dissolving ego.

Why does ego develop?
Because we live in a society. A society has rules, laws, traditions, beliefs, taboos, hang ups… all of those are inherited by the members of that society.

When a child is born his ego is minimal. Even though he may bring a baggage from another existence, he needs the “right” environment to develop ego, just as a seed needs the right conditions to flourish.

In a society we have comfort, certain security, some assurance. Those traits are enough to numb an individual from being connected with “reality,” Nature, Life.

Therefore, it has been observed by many “saints” and “illuminated” ones the need to leave a society. Basically that means to be alone.
When alone, many of the things that we take for granted do not have any meaning anymore.

Am I a man or a woman?
That could be answered only in comparison with others. Am I rich or poor? Same thing. Am I beautiful or ugly? It does not matter anymore.
That “going away from society” is how we live through experience most of the teachings of religions. For example: You may repeat many times – “I am a soul.” Thus, I am not rich ugly man or a woman. However, that is merely a mental paradigm. An idea which may need to be “practiced.” There is no way to realize “I am a soul” unless that happens to you, which does not depend on your DOING.

When you are alone, there is no need practice anything.

Gautama Buddha, left society when his child was born. He was a wondering man, like an animal. So did Mahavira and even Jesus. They had their time away from society just to discover their “reality” away from all the things that our society has given us.
Can you live without TV? Can you live without reading a book? Can you live without the internet?
Those are artificial gifts from society. Those things will shape up our personality, our ego. However, those things are not “bad,” although they could create a dependency in many. Those “progress” of society are truly an opportunity to discover our hidden addictive, needy personality. Enjoyment of those things reside in freeing ourselves from our attachments.

Discovering our “truth” will happen when we are away from those things, which we take for granted.

When a person lives in a “black or white” consciousness, their awareness of being inauthentic due to a surrounding society, will move them into a reactionary movement:
“This society is bad, filthy. We need to create a new society.”
That is how many religions have started, many “ashrams,” many “collective gatherings.”

Their belief is that they have the “right” laws, commandments, etc. for they had realized “evil.”
Thus, they create a new society with many opposite values of the previous one, but the structure of the new “creation” comes out of the same frame of mind. “Black or White.” Thus this “new” society will be same as the rejected one.
The same hierarchy with different labels. The same consciousness underneath the word “change.”

Although being in Nature and away from the “technological advanced” society is the most spontaneous way to discover our own truth; that is no longer necessary or practical.

All we need to be aware of, is the work of our own mind. After all, the mind is the open door, getting all the “goodies” from our society.
How to become aware of something, which we believe to be us?
Be away from the crowd. The mind is used to the noise, words, background sounds which bring a sense of company, that is why silence becomes important.

Physical silence is the first step to observe the mind.
Slowing down our DOINGs, our tasks, our “busy” schedule, is the second step.
Slowing down our breathing through conscious movement, may be the third step.
At that point, we may be able to recognize that we are not the mind, that we are not a personality, or a belief system.

Then the mind slows down. The clouds of thoughts will not pass by so quickly. That is ill labeled as “silence of the mind, “ which will bring inner peace. It is actually “no-mind.”
In other words, when we become empty, we are full.

Having tasted that, we could go back to the comfort of a society. We could play the game and “retire” when necessary.
We could enjoy the game of being “busy,” while knowing that it is just a game.
Stress is over unless we “think” about it. 🙂

Is the above too hard to DO?
There is no DOING involved. It is awareness.
Something easier? 🙂
Surrender your ego through love.
Some religions will present God to be the “beloved.” That is only sentimental stuff. It is not that. There is no “beloved” when YOU are not there.

Love is the death of that which we call “I.”   🙂

This is all….Nighttime changing into daylight


Some people figured out that there is drinking water scarcity, that climate is changing unexpectedly and with that a new pattern for wildlife is being created. Natural resources are being utilized more than ever, population is growing exponentially using up all of our resources, etc. etc.

Some people concluded that we are destroying our planet by depleting it.

Other people are afraid of the political changing governments of many countries in the world. They are afraid of terrorism overtaking and destroying different countries. They are afraid of “developed countries” financing the outcome of wars by providing “upgraded” armaments to less developed countries in the name of “freedom and democracy.”

These people see that a nuclear war could be started at any time. There is fear for destruction.

Then, you have the other side of duality.

Those who claim that all of that is “nonsense.” There are no “proofs,” for any of that and those observations come from negative and mentally handicapped people, sensationalist trying to make “a dollar.”

As a matter of fact, these people see the world as a better place to be. They argue that we have more comfort, more technology which is capable of solving all problems. The statistics of life expectancy are going up, there is life insurance, medical benefits, education and TV… the forces of the “market” are decisive in the economical growth of nations, so all efforts should be made to encourage further use of natural resources of the planet, which are plentiful.

The masses, when listening to contradictory versions, will go for the easy ride and just watch cricket or football instead. Entertainment is good!
Who cares about those things when they have a job, a family and pets to take care of?

Just in case, Mr. politician will come to help out. “We should get together and come up with plans to solve any situation which could affect the future and well being of our children. We should remain united, for our children are the future of our nations.”

Applauses and ovations for such a “great solution” are expected. That guy, really knows what he is talking about. It is about time to get that sort of solution. He will be elected again.

In the meantime, Religions will talk about “doomsday.” It is time to forget about the world and think about the after life. Be good. Do good and leave the rest to God. Keep praying.

Everyone has their own role in this Drama of life. Everyone has a part to play.

While people keep thinking about “making changes,” and “doing things,” to save the world; others are busy destroying it to maintain the “holy” forces of the economical markets going. The law of “supply and demand” is more important than any other law.

That is an example of unity.

In the meantime, some may sit and relax watching how nighttime changes into daylight.

No matter what people “want to do,” no matter what “upgraded” technology people has, still daylight will come. It is just a matter of time.

Is the world getting better?
Of course, it is. Day light is coming.
Is the world getting worse?
Certainly. Nighttime is disappearing little by little.

It is just the game of the night changing into daylight.
Do not get scared by being trapped into more dualistic words.

All is good for eternal beings while playing their role. Just a role. Roll on! 🙂

Question: Hello avyakt7, I have listen to a few murlis, where it is said that we undergo definite things like yugas, sato-rajo-tamo pradhan tendencies etc. But I just want to know that if God himself is ego less then why does he/she indulge in even ‘creating’ this world? what is the need/purpose of doing so ?what is the impetus and if there is an impetus and one is able to identify it , then it is ego ( because if one is able to do so then he is entertaining the basic ‘I’ thought)? It is completely fine that we come here to evolve, but why does it happen in the first place?? And one more doubt I have , please clarify the difference between the most important two terms – ‘Self respect and ego’ ; ‘self preservation and ego’.

Thank you for your questions!

Dear soul,

As expressed before, God does not create anything. The word “creation” in Sakar Murlis is meant to express that though this Godly knowledge, a “new” virtuous man/woman appears. That is all.

Therefore, God is ego-less. Also, in this knowledge we know that God has a “role” which is already “fixed” in the Drama. Therefore, the “Drama” is the “big boss.” and what is the Drama? All souls, their parts and the physical stage. That Drama moves through entropy.

We do not come here to evolve. We have been always “here,” although at different times according to our parts. Existence has always existed. Thus, there is no “reason” for its existence. It is what has always been. To think about “creation” is a flawed thought as expressed in many articles here.

In your words: “Self respect:” To live life according to who you truly are. Ego: to live life according to what you believe you are.
Self-preservation: A dream. Everything changes.

Best wishes!

Question: om shanti…it is quiet difficult to understand the word “eternal” , as everything i see has a creator means whatever it is has be created for it`s existance , there is always a question “when ” ? question may be childish to ask for meaning of “eternal” but i am in confusion …

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul;

That question of “when?” is a problem only when you are looking for a “beginning.”
The logical response is that there is no beginning for something which is eternal, for eternal conveys that “has always existed.”

Let us do a “logical” exercise. Let us say that we believe in “creation.”
Let us blame it on God as the actual “creator” of things. Then the question is: Who created God? 🙂
For some reason our devotional feelings (bhakti) have no issue on that simple question. We usually say, well God has always existed! If we want to be more “childish,” then we can say: “Is God separate from the space that He exists in? If He is separate then; who created that space where He is in?
If He is not separate then is God the space where He is in? 🙂 Logic can get us in “word trouble.”

Scientists came up with a “Big bang” for a beginning of everything. “It was a big explosion.” However, how the elements which “created” the explosion came into existence? Who created those elements? 🙂 Then, they will tell you that “You don’t need to ask this question, for everything started when time started and that is when the explosion happened…:-) BUt, we know that THAT IS NOT LOGICAL…:-)

Dear soul, forget about the world “creation” and your confusion will magically disappear. That word doesn’t exist but only in a dead dictionary surrounded by dead words. It is an illusion of the mind and illusion which is strengthened through our traditions and culture but an illusion nevertheless.

Existence has always existed.

Best wishes!

Question: From where soul have born,why they are in the form of light only.. who have made soul,does soul will never die,very very confused of this question that who have made soul and who is the maker of all the soul…

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

I would recommend to take the “7 day course” on a Brahma Kumaris center, near you.. 🙂
The soul is eternal. It hasn’t been “created.” The word “creation,” is one of the most misleading words ever “created.” 🙂

Existence is eternal. Everything that you perceive as “existing” has always existed but it changes, it transforms. The form changes (matter) but the substance (soul) remains. The first law of “conservation of matter and energy,” clearly states that fact: “Matter cannot be created neither destroyed, it only transforms.”

I haven’t seen a soul with my physical eyes. I don;t know how it “looks like,” the word “looks like” denotes our cultural baggage of relying on our visual sense which is just a sense out of the 5 physical senses to relate with our perceptions of reality. I feel the soul. Feeling is a way to relate with that which is spiritual in nature.

Souls cannot be born. Souls cannot be created. Matter cannot be created. Nothing is never created. Existence is all that has ever existed.

Best wishes!

Did God make the World and the Drama?

In lieu of recurrent inquires about God being the “creator,” here is a video this “role made” sometime ago and which was qualified as some as “too intellectual,” and by others as “self promotion” 🙂
but as the Drama has it, this role will do as it has to do.

Hope it is helpful!
here the link:

Question: Baba says he is the creator of drama then why so many bad scenes.. I understand karma effects is making these souls suffer and be in bad scenes. Since baba is the lord of mercy, why not forgive them and not make them suffer

Great question!
News for you, dear soul: Baba (God) hasn’t created anything. Sometimes I feel like writing 108 times in an article nothing, but GOD DOES NOT CREATE A THING.
When listening to the Murli, I am surprised how still BKs go along with that devotional talk despite “knowing” gyan. 🙂

The Sakar murli says: “Baba is the creator of the Drama.” But yet we know that nothing can be created for everything has always existed. However, we do not remember the Sakar murlis when Baba says that “He is in bondage of the Drama,” or when He says that ” The Drama is more powerful than God.”

None of that is to be taken literally. Please, let us remember this….alright??

Scenes in the Drama are just that, scenes. What you call “bad” may have a hidden benefit in it, for we know in “pure gyan,” that “everything is beneficial.”

Everything that happens is meant to make us experience the full range of life, that is duality, at this time. Brahmin souls become soul conscious, so Brahmin souls can experience a world without duality as well. A Brahmin soul experiences happiness in greater intensity than any other soul, but also the most sorrow than any other soul. There is no ‘free lunch’ here.

Life is to experience. We are imperishable. Nothing lasts forever, but…everything repeats forever! 🙂
Therefore, there is no need for Baba the “lord of mercy” to do anything, but Brahma Baba is doing lots of things for Brahmin souls “up there.”

Best wishes!