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Thinking on Thoughts

If we could just observe a thought as if it was the opinion of someone else, we could learn the art of knowing who we ARE through the conditionings of what we have learned.
It is that simple, but the idea that “my thought is mine, “ is destroying the opportunity.

“I wanted” to write something today. “I” did not know what to write.  Most of the times “I” don’t. The thoughts are merely flowing. It would be a lie to say: “These are MY thoughts.” This awareness  allows for what some call “creativity.”  When “I” am not, there is… creativity.
It is not “I” being inspired, but merely catching the thoughts and putting them in writing.

Many times “I” get surprised that “I” could write “religiously” in 2 blogs. “I” wouldn’t be able to, if “I” thought that it was “I.”

Am “I” some sort of medium or channel? Everyone is. It is just that we don’t realize it.

We are “ONE.” Right? We like that “concept.”
That ONE is expressed in many ways through many people. That oneness is expressed through many individualities to go back to the source, ONE. That journey is what makes up Life.
A thought is what connects us with everything, to that changing oneness at any given time. It is only a connector but most believe that to be “I.”

OBSERVE the thought in a non-judgmental way, so it goes through “you.” That is all. Reject it or show favoritism to it, and it will stick around.
Both ways (rejection or favoritism) help to build our ego. We will build a personality framed by ideas of what is “good or bad.”
What is the source of that discrimination?
A 3-year-old child does not know what “good” or “bad” means. He learns though the conditioning of his parents. If he touches his genital, he may see disapproval from his parents, he may feel the rejection coming from them, their conditioning. That is the starting point.

In “Spirituality” for the masses, thoughts are separated as “good/bad, wasteful, neutral, etc.”
All that labeling is meant to give the seeker a way to “choose” what he should think.
It cannot happen.
Despite the efforts of the seeker, thoughts will come in unfiltered. However, the individual may impose a thought in top of the natural one, to make himself believe that he is “changing his thinking.”

That is an illusion.

In a world conditioned to DO things to “change the world,” we cannot DO a thing to change “our” thoughts from the root. Have we observed that?

As we ARE so our thoughts shall BE.
However, we do not know who we ARE, for we are busy DOING changes to look like someone else: The guru, the saint, the angel, the artist, the star, the rich and famous, etc. That is what we call to be “creative,” to copy someone who is accepted, deemed to be worthwhile, “successful.”

Every time we hold on to a particular thought, we become defined by it. It is that definition which will confine us, through the security and comfort of beliefs systems and ideas to preserve that thought.

Living through thoughts we forget what is “real.”

Are you connected with “social media”? through “virtual communities”?
That is the world of the mind and ideas. Because I write a note or post a picture to others, I believe that I am connected, that I have a relation with others.
That is not so. It is only superficial.

It is like watching the Ocean through a camera and being able to hear the sounds of Nature through a CD. There is no presence. No reality.
However, our minds have been trained to believe that this is the “real” thing. It is less satisfying and fulfilling, but for the mind; there is no difference.

It is when we go beyond the mind, when “reality” has a different shape.
Beyond the mind is “no-mind.”
That is meditation. That is to feel life rather than to verbalize it with another thought…

Transforming violence


Violence is a way of living nowadays. There is violence in actions, in words, in thoughts… Violence comes with a force and whenever there is a “wall” inside us; that self-created personality known as ego, then that force of violence will hit the wall creating some damage. Obviously there is a “reply-back” a reaction when hurt, and that expands violence. “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”

The issue has always been that “wall.” Someone throws a stone at the wall. That wall will feel the impact when there is enough violence gathered, sufficient force. Nevertheless, that violence will come back to the originator with the same force and with all the violence gathered through the suffering of others in the path, that is when the “walls” of “others” have been damaged.

The beauty of evolved spirituality is to be able to transform that force rather than to feel the impact or to repress a reaction or a feeling in the name of “being good,” “holy,” a “saint.”

Mathias was sharing with his friend Ananda about this topic.

Mathias: Violence requires of something or someone to be made, but when it passes through someone, then that violence is not trapped. That violence will transform into strength. Everything, has utility.

Ananda: But that force is not violence?

Mathias: Strength, not violence. It is the strength that you have when you climb a mountain. Strength is what the little “Bambi” has when he has to stand up on his own legs…

Ananda: But, you say that this comes from violence?

Mathias: You said that the surroundings are violent. That is a nutrient for those who know how to assimilate that nutrient.

Ananda: Is this what is known as transformation or we let that force go through us by becoming “empty”?

Mathias: First, you need to let it go through. That violence shouldn’t find anything inside you. Violence could find an echo in you and then a feeling of guilt will arise, but when there is no “wall” anymore, then the ball goes along without hitting anything…

Ananda: And how that becomes strength then?

Mathias: When it comes back… It is a “little push”… It will get back to the place of origin through the same path that it was sent…

Ananda: And when it comes back, it does it with strength?

Mathias: With great strength, my friend. But for that one who has let that force go through, it becomes a great push… The question is where?
Where you are focused… and if your focus is to enjoy… then… ohhh… Thank you for spitting on me!! Ohh…. Every time that you want I will be here.. ahhh!

Ananda: That is the story of the Buddha who was spat by someone… That is another perception…

Mathias: Isn’t that called pleasure?
Ananda: Who enjoys?
Mathias: That one who was enjoying before; enjoys even more due to that little push…

Ananda: But that does not mean to be “empty” only?

Mathias: Emptiness is only temporary in a world of movement, but emptiness is important… it brings creativity.

Ananda: To experience that enjoyment as the Buddha sounds fantastic, but it is just intellectual understanding. Most will merely do a performance, they will pretend to be “holy” but inside them there will be anger. But how do you get to that experience of enjoyment without pretending?

Mathias: What comes out from you towards life?
Ananda: Now? It is appreciation, gratitude to be here…

Mathias: Even for that one who tries to force you into something?

Ananda: That is an experience that I wouldn’t like to go through…
Mathias: Why my friend?
Ananda: Because someone is forcing me to do something…

Mathias: That means that there is wall …
Ananda: Yes… That is what I meant.. All of these things could be just theory…unless there is something that comes or happens in my conscience.. to take that wall away…

Mathias: It is your decision…
Ananda: Only a decision could make that happen?

Mathias: Totally…
The day will come when you could say to that one forcing you… Thank you for being there, for I realize now that there is no violence in me… and you are the instrument for that.. Thank you!

Take the fear to feel away from you and you would have accomplished that.

Do you know what is “to know”?

I had a talk with a close friend of mine and I was learning new things about the significance of knowing, which i decided to share.
“Knowledge-full” or “erudite” or “wise” or some other similar word denote a “good thing” to achieve by many. Those words express knowing something that someone else doesn’t.

If you go to school, you are acquiring information. Second hand information, data. Perhaps that information could be transformed into something else. That transformation is similar to what I feel knowledge or “to know is,” transformation, creativity. Knowing is not “book knowledge” by any means.

To know means to experience. First hand experience. This blog for instance is based on experience. However, there is more than experience. Those experiences need to be deeply understood so our vision changes.
Many of us have experiences, thus have knowledge; but that hasn’t done a thing to our own growth unless it is capable of changing our vision. When we change our vision, we “change the world, “ (pardon the pun) for our vision is our world.

That vision is usually buried in duality: This is “good” or “bad” following a “good” or “bad” experience. This is the “normal” way of looking at an experience.

This is why a higher knowledge, known as spirituality is necessary; otherwise, we merely react according to our society’s traditions and expectations. That means to be constrained in a box.
A “normal” individual will be constrained by that “box.”

Spirituality has its laws according to the primary knowledge that we are eternal souls.
This is something to experience before our vision changes. Then we can see others (vision) as souls, because there is the understanding of that experience. See? 🙂

Without change in vision, we become simple parrots and we can only recite mechanical things. This is what in several school systems in the world is known as “education.”

We are content when we repeat words, when we write those words down, we feel we know.

Someone who is an “erudite” is sort of like a computer. The hard drive (mind) is full of data and the central processing unit (intellect) is stuck with known algorithms: adding, subtracting,etc. Comparing that data meaning, analyzing it is all the computer can do. Creativity is not possible, because a computer works with certain parameters; as extraordinary as it may seem, it is just repetition of known parameters in “x” ways with great speed.
Our society values people with just information in their heads to solve problems. 🙂

However, that is not to know. There is no understanding, for if there was understanding; to gather data like a computer wouldn’t be rewarded. The TV. program “Jeopardy” comes to mind. Lots of data gathered. Why not use google instead of the precious life of a human existence to memorize useless “trivia”? Yes, there is $$ as an incentive. “ The monkey dances for money.”

Once our vision has been changed due to sheer understanding, then we can “learn.”
To know is to learn.

That learning deals with applying “forms or ways” to situations according to that understanding. Those “forms” are different from what we had before; Thus, there is learning.

This is the cycle of “self transformation.” There has to be “new” learning to know.

A “wise” person will change his “forms” or ways according to his understanding of a particular individual or circumstance. Those things cannot be written down as laws or “must do’s” or commandments for everyone to follow.
That understanding has a particular vision which in turn has an experience in the background. Thus, Knowledge and learning are necessary points in the cycle of knowing.

To know means to apply experience, vision and form. That is creativity.