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Beyond the collective comfort of beliefs


Any religion or philosophy will have a set of ideas, a belief system which becomes dogmatic.
As our consciousness evolves, however; those ideas may no longer fit our “reality.” It is obvious, as everything changes in life including our consciousness.

For example, “God is the creator of the Universe.” It is a dogmatic belief. Some may use their whole life trying to prove this to be “true.”
However, this “truth” is just another belief.
The belief of “Knowing about God” is not a matter of throwing concepts and definitions to repeat and recite. Numbers of followers does not make something “true or false.”

Our belief may be that our “truth” is something which cannot change, which must be constant, which is the same… Just like a religious dogma. 🙂

Because of our inability to live with uncertainty, we have searched for answers as if to fill up our heads with information is going to give us the medicine of “certainty.”
Then, we created a “dogmatic” science based on our consciousness of “I don’t like change.” This consciousness is embedded in anything we “observe,” it becomes part of our “reality.”

Nevertheless, Science is also changing and rather than giving us a: “This is the way it is,” type of answer to the questions of life, creation, God and all of those “hot” topics; now we could get a “ There is a probability… there is a chance…” type of answer.
The world of probabilities is not an exact science 🙂

That is why a human being interested in discovering his potential for fulfillment, which could be called, happiness, contentment, enjoyment, etc…may no longer be interested in more theories, ideas, beliefs or dogmatic views as a way for inner discovery. This individual may be interested in opening his consciousness by going beyond beliefs, ideas, viewpoints and reasonable, logical answers…

The above may sound nihilistic… but it is not. We are not rejecting anything, but merely “stopping to play with dolls and lollipops” sort of speaking… that is when our consciousness has a different realization.
It is not that lollipops and dolls are “bad” for you, but the timing for those things have reached its end in us.

We are no looking for meaning in life, but to find our potential as the meaning, for we are life itself. Life is not something outside of us and separated from “us.”

This is spiritual “growth.” Suffering may be there for doubts and fears may pop up. “But what about if I stop playing with dolls… my friends will not play with me anymore…” Those doubts will appear as long as our consciousness hasn’t developed enough to be able to see through its own eyes.

It is way more comfortable to “see” through the eyes of others, through the eyes of a comfortable collective belief and ideal; but in this comfort we cannot develop what it takes to stand up on our own two feet.

That is the challenge.

Conceptual God


Who is God? 🙂
Every monotheistic religion has its own take on this question.
It is this. It is that. He comes personally to teach us. I had an experience with him, etc.
People fight among themselves to defend the “concept of God,” and ultimately it becomes a way to feel “special.”

Let us consider some answers about the concept of God:

How about this answer for starters: He is the “creator.” He is omnipotent. He is omnipresent. He is omniscient. He is our father. He is perfect. Any other titles?

Now the question to every reader: What does it mean to you?

God can do anything to me at any time. He can punish me. He can bless me. He can save me. He can get me anything I desire as long as I love him, worship him, etc. My love is tinted with fear. Moreover, my love is not truly love, until I learn to discover the meaning of love in me. The childish concept that God “will save you” if you just believe in him, is a fairy tale once spiritual knowledge is understood.

The law of karma does not allow for that fairy tale.

If God is the “creator,” what has he created? Some say the Universe, human beings, everything. However, if in fact, he created a human being in “his image,” would that mean that Adam (the first man) was a Caucasian, blue eyed male? Is that his “image”? Then, every other race becomes something further away from that “first creation.” If his “image” is something non-physical, how can I perceive that non-physicality? How can I believe that this non-physicality could belong to a religion?

If in fact, God is “perfect,” is he able to create a creation which deteriorates in time to be far away from the “original” creation? Is deterioration part of that conceptual view of perfection?

Now, if we go from the traditional religions into the non-traditional ideologies then we could find this:

If God didn’t create anything, for everything “recycles” itself in a cyclical view of time, then what is the meaning of God? What is his job? 🙂

He is not omnipotent because he cannot create; He cannot be omnipresent because not everyone sees him and if he is omniscient; then how can I have free will, if he knows what I will be doing? Some say, “He knows what you will be doing but it doesn’t mean that you are not acting out of your free will.”

Ladies and gentleman, If someone knows what I will be doing in the future; isn’t that proof that “my free will” is not really that for the outcome is already known? 🙂

How can He be omniscient if in fact there is a law of “cause and effect” and there is a cycle of time which is eternally repetitive? He may “recall” what will happen when I do not, but that is not to be omniscient but just not to be forgetful.
I forget. He does not. Maybe?

How can He be “my father” if I wasn’t created? Who invented that “relationship”?
Then, what is the meaning of God in this life or Drama?
Have you ever asked that question?

Simple. He/She (as however someone may like to conceptualize God) only helps us to remember who we are. That is all. That can happen through teachings, that could happen through experiences, that could happen through any other means. There is no “book” defining how that could happen.

The issue is that “to listen to Him” means to practice. To Be. To become. Very few listen to that.

Nevertheless, please see how much we have changed the meaning of God. Look how much we have “used and abused” that conceptual idea of God for our own benefit.
We have used that concept of God to create wars. To create religions to divide people between the “sons of God” and the rest. Just out of the ego of being recognized as something “especial,” when everyone is unique.

We have used that concept of God, to give ourselves power to dictate over others, to create fear among believers, to dominate people, to subjugate other beliefs, to feel empowered by a concept… when the whole idea of the meaning of God is simply to remember about our own divinity and to let that divinity emerge, so we become “like Him.”

That is all. All other concepts and brainy discussions are out.
Because that means conceptual ideas of God. No one can possess God. We can only have beliefs, concepts, definitions, discussions, debates, ideas of Him.
In short:
The truth resides in the self. “To be like Him”- His image, means to BE… not talk about him, to conceptualize Him/Her. To know God means to be his image.

Trapped in concepts, ideas, ideologies, isms, dogmas, etc. we have abused the significance of that pristine undeveloped image which could become a beautiful picture only when its meaning fully develops in the hearts of human beings.

Then, we become His image.

Questions chosen to be answered for May 22, 2013

om shanti ,BABA often says us to be yuktiyukt and yogyukt .meaning to be practical and logical in different circumstances necessarily on the basis of gyan and also to have yog with baba simultaneously. different circumstances in lowkik or alowkik life demand different responses from us.but still it is found that while i am dealing with the world around me which is necessarily tomoguni but behave firmly in the way as baba tell us ,I face a problem as I find myself not suited to this world .just as an example if my husband says me to go to a cinema ,i have to go as I don’t have any option to deny it as it seems to be my duty as a wife.i choose to go but still I know by seeing those vulgar and violent scenes,which I don’t like to see as baba says us not to see evil what can I do?.really it has an impact on my mind how much detached I can be ,for which I have to struggle to clear my mind again as the previous sanskars may rise at any time.how can we be yuktiyukt where it is the responsibility concerned with both lowkik and alowkik .if those people I am related to say waste talks and also demand my opinion on that which I feel it is basically the waste of my intellect to think on it,neither can I ignore them nor can say anything as I don’t want to make waste talks . introversion and silence inside I am feeling in soul consciousness does not permit me to talk unnecessarily..how to be yuktiyukt in such circumstances?how can I use all of my time in earning spiritual treasures as baba inspires us to do?thank u. ur thoughts. pls……

Thank you for sharing your circumstances for the benefit of all.

Dear soul,

The words “yogyukt and yuktiyukt,” represent soul consciousness and using the right method according to knowledge.
Logic has nothing to do with Spirituality. Reason does. Logic is merely a game with words. Logic does not have substance of experience. You can infer a most probable outcome through logic. That is as far as it can get you.

My assumption is that those who are reading this blog, from the BK world; are beyond the “childhood” stage and the world of “black or white.”

Your example personifies that “being beyond.” If we hear in the Sakar Murli: “The cinema is hell.” Then automatically we take that as “the cinema is bad. I should not go.” We forget about the time and circumstances when that Murli was spoken; we blindly follow words without deeper understanding.

If I say: “All movies are bad,” I am generalizing, which doesn’t fit the “reality” of gyan when we explore the concept of “numberwise.”

The issue is not that you have to go with your husband to the cinema and watch whatever he wants you to watch. The issue is if you have communicated to him that there are certain movies that you would prefer not to watch because of their violent content.

Hopefully your husband is “reasonable” (not logical) so he could care about your wishes. Otherwise, you know who you are dealing with; thus, you could prepare accordingly.

Someone may take you to the cinema but that person cannot force you to watch. In my experience, I have gone to the cinema with some friends including BKs, and If I do not find that movie to be suitable for me; I will tune out. Shut my eyes and practice remembrance despite the noises and the highly emotional voices coming from the movie. I will get up and go to the bathroom at my own leisure as it there was no tomorrow…. 🙂 and then, believe me; the person will get the drift without a word from you.

When is time to talk, you need to say what you feel is proper from your perspective. Only be careful on the form that you use to say it. I had people who may get upset because I do not agree with their opinions; but at the same time; to be honest with them is of paramount importance. Sometimes, it is better not to say anything, some others, you need to: Become assertive, non emotional and in good manners. That is all. Then forget about it. Don’t bring the topic up, anymore.

It is a balancing act, what we need to learn to get those “black and white” concepts out of our minds and use the situations to see how much we have gone “beyond.”

It is of no use if I label this world as “tamoguni” (degraded)It is what it is and I rather have my mind clear from duality. We need to learn to live in this world and make the right decisions according to the situation, the circumstances. We need inner flexibility to be able to live harmoniously, in balance… and this dear soul; takes greater wisdom than just to say “No” to everything which life presents to us.

Best wishes!

Question: Who is the ‘creator’ of ‘Maya’? Who is the ‘creator’ of ‘the drama’?

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,
The “creator” is our own mind.
That word “creator” has been used extensively in devotion. It is meaningless in deep Gyan for creation brings automatic destruction; (dualistic) but; it is an eternally repetitive cycle; thus “creation” or “destruction” are just perceptions of the mind. We make a difference when there is only continuity.

Nothing is created in this Drama. Nothing. It is what it is. We can label things as our “morality” dictates; but those labels are not real. “Maya” is a label with the meaning of “bad” an illusion, the “opposite of God.” Just labels. The illusion goes away when we wake up. There is a time to sleep and a time to awaken.

The “Drama” has always existed. Always. “Drama” is a word that we use for “life.” Existence has always existed and always will.
Non-existence, only exists in our own minds.

Best wishes!

The hidden artist of the night

The moon shines its presence
melting the waters of the bay
the clear sky is witnessing
sheer grace at the end of the day

There is a tempting path of light
unveiling the lips of the queen
a kiss would be a dream
and the climax of such scene

That natural piece of art
brings the Almighty creator inside
the ink of His signature is real
for beauty is always his seal

The Sun is the source of that light
reflecting its power and might
through the queen of the night

That enchantment pierces the heart
causing the sparkle in my eyes
but only revealing the One,
secretly hiding behind.