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Beliefs: Just mental entertainment


“…I want to understand why there is no permanent liberation from cycle of birth and death. Because if we see the scriptures, it is said that ultimate goal of human life is liberation from cycle of birth and death. But [my guru] says it is not so. But many enlightened persons like Mahavir Swami and others have taught about this goal. Please give your understanding on this.”

Someone contacted me with this question…
Since that question could be used for the “common good,” Avyakt7 has decided to answer it… 🙂

As mentioned many times before, Avyakt7 is not interested in becoming a “guru” or an expert “enlightened being” in the field of spirituality…and certainly Avyakt7 will not give personal advice.

Friend, your question is full of beliefs… also known as “entertainment.”

However, I understand that your mind wants a “clear cut” answer a:” This is right. That is wrong.”

My answer is a paradoxical one as that reflects life itself.

Both gurus are correct in their opposite views. Because of that, both are incorrect at the same time. 🙂
How about that?
That should make your mind happy! 🙂

Friend, your question is something like this:
“Is Ironman more powerful than Spiderman? Batman says “yes.” Superman says “No.” However, the “Amazing Spiderman comic book #9 from 1964” mentions “there is no human being more powerful than a machine.”
From that I can easily assume that Ironman is more powerful, for he is also a machine.”
What is your understanding on this? 🙂

Nowadays, Avyakt7 entertains his mind by watching the 1966 series of “your friendly neighborhood Spiderman” – In color (Big deal back then) whenever time allows it.

I can see that you like to entertain your mind with religious beliefs.

Basically, it is the same thing. The difference is that I know that whatever is going in the screen is entertainment. You may not know that all of those beliefs in the screen of your mind, are just entertainment.

There is no goal. Enjoy the experience of life.
Because I said “enjoy life” you could logically say that to “enjoy life is my goal.” You could say that you arrived to this answer by following rigorous logic, therefore your assumption must be true… 🙂

I’d say: “ Yes and No.” 😉

Friend, If your goal is to become like “Superman” or to follow him, you will be helpless around Kryptonite.
If your goal is to be like Batman or to follow him, you may have a darker side in you…
If your goal is to be like Santa Claus, you may not get a gift… etc.

That is why, Avyakt7 says “become nothing” so you free yourself from all of that.

If you want to define yourself or to enjoy a different consciousness based on mental “entertainment,” you will miss the adventure of discovering your own potential.

Perhaps the one that you are truly looking to be…

Sincerely all the best to you! 🙂