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Depth of Spiritual Knowledge: Being and Non-Being


If we could truly go into this writing and nothing else, to really look at it for a little while; perhaps we could understand something to liberate ourselves from our own preconceptions, our own little beliefs, our conditioned dogmas and traditions, our own rituals and slaving thoughts.

There is “being and non-being.” What does that actually mean in BK knowledge or in any other spiritual knowledge?
There is duality. Every religion points to that in one way or another; using childish language or one for grown ups.

Being means what “is” then non-being will be “what is not.” They are not static “realities.” Those states change all the time. One will become the other. The problem is that we choose one state and reject the other. That is all. We call one state “holy” and the other “sinful.” One state cannot exist without the other.

There is day. It is 10 AM. Night is not there. That is being and non-being.

There is “soul consciousness,” because of that; there is “body consciousness.” Being and non-being.

Therefore, an eternal being, will experience non-being that. Maya. The Illusion.

In a nutshell, this is the depth of BK knowledge.

We could build upon this in many ways according to the motivation of the one who is relating this observation, this realization. I can make a religion out of this. A philosophy. A dogma. Followers are needed. Just believe. No need to understand.

When there is being and non-being; we could observe that changes come little by little. It is a gradual movement from one state into the other.

We could conveniently divide that change into 4 seasons. That is the cycle of time.
Just as Spring and Summer are related, so it is Winter and Fall. Not 4 but 2 seasons. Soul consciousness. Body consciousness. Yin and Yang.

It is the absence of heat and the presence of it; or the presence of cold and the absence of it. Being and non-being. Heat increases gradually. Cold increases gradually. Entropy.
Is heat different than cold? The gradual absence of one makes the other. They are not 2 but One.

To understand that concept deeply, so it is no longer just a concept; means to liberate ourselves from all other concepts.

Which other concepts? Omnipresent and individual God. Good and Evil. Pleasure and Pain. Anything that seems opposite. Anything that we have conveniently selected one side and rejected the other side. All of that is gone. Repressions are gone so to indulge in something is gone too. Virtues and Vices. No more dualistic concepts. See beyond. This is not for beginners.

In the gradual change of being and non-being; souls will appear in the scenario of the Drama of life. Every soul has a preordained role to play. That role will be played to help the Oneness of the Drama to change from being into non-being.

Actors of the Drama merely aid into this transformation by acknowledging a role running through them.
Therefore, an actor can believe that “he is doing things,” or he can realize that “he is an spectator of the role assigned to him.” Become a “I and mine,” or a “trustee.” Being or non-being.

Being and actor or Being an spectator. Being and non-being.

That consciousness reflects happiness or sorrow. Being and non-being. Being happy or not. Duality. Even though those states are related with a role, the soul; is beyond that duality.

Religions have created the rest of the story. Someone to worship. Someone to fear. Someone to obey. Someone to lie.
Punishment. Guilt. The sinner. Heaven and Hell.

It is just about where our consciousness is located. Being or non-being.
We are truly eternal beings not realizing our own eternity.

A wealthy man sleeping on the cold floor of conceptual fear.
That is our history.

Being and non-being.

The cyclic movement in Life


Unity will change into its opposite, that is variety; for that is the only way for Unity to appear again in “newness.”

There is morning, afternoon and night. Two opposite polarities with something in between.
That afternoon in between those 2 extremes, will change. It becomes closer to one extreme and then to the other, little by little.

The above explains how things work in Nature.

Morning time “creates” nighttime. In turn, Nighttime “creates” morning time. That “creation” takes place slowly, gradually in a timely fashion. There is no rush. No one can accelerate that process.

A baby becomes an old person. In between, we have different stages which will be labeled as: teen, youth, adulthood, maturity, etc. Those labels are just concepts which cannot grasp the reality of movement, of continuous change, like an analog watch.

After Spring time, there is Summer, then Fall and then Winter time. There is a sequence. We can conveniently put a beginning and an end to every season; but in “reality,” is not like that. It is a continuous flowing. Change.

We cannot ask: which season was first? I mean, we could; but that question is not a proper question for it does not understand something cyclical. If there was a beginning of a season; we couldn’t explain how that season appeared there without something before it. That question is illogical. 🙂

If we create “Paradise,” automatically “Hell” is created. Whoever “created” Paradise then, must have created “Hell,” as well. For day cannot exist without night; neither hell without paradise.

We have the concept. If we believe in a concept, we will not be able to grasp the reality which cannot have a name, a label.

Every single thing in life is in movement, changing; therefore, the “4 seasons” apply to everything in life.

The top athlete will become the lowest. It is just a matter of time. If you don’t’ want to be the lowest; then do not become the top.

Suffering appears when we cling to a particular stage, to a particular season. Then, we cannot see that things will continue to change. That is attachment to a season.

That is why, to hold tight to a particular idea, even though holy; is not the way to evolve; for holiness is not a place to arrive to but rather a continuous, a process which will change. Holy change…. 🙂

Ananda discovered that life was a ride with “ups and downs.” When life presented him with the opportunity to be at the “top of his game;” Ananda was a happy “little ego.” That means: a great paying job, a huge house; many luxury cars and a pretty wife to adorn his fragile but huge ego. Those are the “ups” in life for many “normal” people.

Then one day, things started to change. Ananda was fired from his job; then Ananda lost all his “goodies,” and finally his pretty wife and with that his ego was shattered.
That experience could be very painful. When there is no acceptance of the “down” time in life, rejection of what is happening will make things harder, for the only thing in Ananda’s mind (a “normal” mind) is to get that “spring time” back when is time to enjoy the “summer.”

Life could be like a “roller coaster,” with ups and downs. Ego will suffer while “down,” but on the other hand, the inner child will enjoy the ride, if allowed to come out. That is his “time.” Time to play.

Wisdom teaches us to use the “down” sides as impulse for the next “up” in life. In that way, energy will be preserved and with that we will be prepared with an umbrella in our hands, for the upcoming rainy season.

When we use the knowledge of cyclical time to our advantage, there is always “sun and fun,” even when it is raining.

Cyclic History—you can have your own proofs! – By: BK. T.D Joseph

Article by: BK. T. D. Joseph, Bangalore, India tdjaum(AT)gmail.com – If you have questions or remarks about this article, please contact the author.

Godly gyan teaches that history repeats itself every 5000 years. A listener may object asking: Is history only 5000 years old? No, Godly gyan speaks about repetition of history, not about its age. When history repeats itself every 5000 years, its longevity is simply incalculable. Of course, one is always welcome to ask: How can I be sure that history repeats itself?

Turning to history books may not help as history writing itself began in the second half of the Kalpa (cycle of 5000 years) when mankind began to be ruled by “lust, anger and greed.” (Gita 16:21) This time-factor helps us to have a balanced approach to the written history. Often, history is written to suit the purpose of its writer or the Authority that appoints him for the job. When I studied history in the school, Aryan invasion of India [which had exerted tremendous influence on India’s social set-up] was part of our syllabus. Now it is learned that such a thing has never happened, it is a myth.This is true of other branches of science too. When some scientists presented Piltdown Man as the greatest proof for evolution theory, later other scientists proved it as hoax. Whatever the scientists say need not be scientific, just as whatever a joker says need not be a joke! You can see a list of HOAXES in any Encyclopedia.

Apostle Paul, a great Greek scholar—secular and religious—who wrote 14 New Testament books of the Bible, warns us against putting blind faith in whatever we hear or read: “I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock. Even from your own number men will arise and distort the truth in order to draw away disciples after them. So be on your guard!” (Acts 20:29-31) If this is the case with religious writing, you can imagine how reliable it will be the so called secular history writing!

So, is the situation hopeless? No, the same Bible authorizes us to do something in parallel: “Test them all; hold on to what is good [originally kalos, Greek, meaning inherently and intrinsically good], reject every kind of evil.” (1 Thessalonians 5:21, 22) Hence we are under obligation to take only what our REASON concludes as something inherently and intrinsically good. For example, we may read in Evolution & History books that homo sapiens appeared on earth lakhs of years ago. Here we need to use our reason: How many years needed for a couple to have 4 children? 8 years. Let us give 150 years! First couple produced 4 children in 150 years, and they died. These 4 children [or 2 couples] produced 4 children each in another 150 years. If we calculate like this, it would take only 4800 years to reach more than 8.5 Billion population, which is more than the current population of the whole Earth.

Let us see what happens in front of our eyes, and use the power of our reason to arrive at a firm conclusion. We will do something like ocean-examination—by tasting some drops from here and there, we conclude its water is salty. Similarly, let us take some samples of human behavior:

1) Everyone knows that possession is an illusion; and this is the most-attested truth in the world. One has to die leaving behind everything he thought as belonging to him—assets, relatives, fame etc. Yet, people go on repeating the same old habit of accumulating to their maximum capacity, and believe they own them.

2) Everyone knows prevention is better than cure. Yet people, in general, prefer cure. This explains why the number of diseases and hospitals are increasing! This is true of even Governments who know how to prevent wars, yet prepare themselves to win the war through fighting it out at any cost! Both the rulers and the ruled have been repeating this wasteful act.

3) Everyone knows happiness comes from helping others without expecting anything in return. The more unselfish one is the happier he will be. Yet we find individuals and nations repeating exploitation of others. Golden Rule is replaced with another rule: ‘Those who have gold rule.’

4) People love blaming others when something goes wrong, yet hate receiving it. Experience has taught everyone that it is futile to try to change others whereas it is very much feasible to change oneself. Yet people repeat the folly of blaming others and trying to transform others.

5) Even when ideal persons appear on the world scene, people still want to continue with their old habits. For example, Buddha, who was born to a king, understood the valuelessness of pursuing power and pleasure. And we have modern examples of billionaires who turn philanthropists later. Yet majority want to repeat their materialistic passion.

6) Whenever someone, with good-intention, tried to change the corrupt system, he has been shaved off from the face of the earth. Killing the messenger if message is not liked is being repeated with no let-up.

7) Religions have correctly identified egoism as the opposite of spirituality. Yet they are not prepared to merge and become one world-religion for the whole humanity, making the worship simple and thus avoiding all confusion and colossal wastage. This means religions themselves have become a BIG EGO, doing everything within its power to safeguard its identity, which is the very essence of ego! Thus all religions have been repeating this irony of asking their members to fight ego while they themselves remain fostering it!

Don’t these samples of human behavior prove that history repeats itself?

So, what would these attitudes of human-beings lead to, once again? We will inevitably cause/ invoke another world war and catastrophe that will bring us back to the beginning of the next cycle of time. History repeats itself!

There is a time for everything. Time to party and time to sleep…


As Brahmin souls, we typically go to bed at 10 PM and wake up at 3:30 AM. Typically. There are exceptions as we know, for it is numberwise.

Let us say that Carlos is a “nice guy.” A “Kali yug” soul who likes to “enjoy life.”
Carlos has a friend. His name is Anil. He is a Brahmin soul.

From Carlos’ perspective, Anil “bhai” is a good person. Very honest. Someone who Carlos can count on for anything he may need, especially; his “wise” advice on things, when Carlos gets in trouble.

Carlos is concerned about his friend Anil, though. For Anil does not have any fun at all. From Carlos’s view, Anil just meditates all day and talks about his invisible friend “Baba” and his knowledge.

Here is a typical dialogue between the 2 friends:
Carlos: “ Anil, there is a nice party tonight. I want you to come with me. It will be lots of fun… I mean…It will be a good opportunity for you to do “service.”…Come on, bud!”
Anil:” Thank you bro. You know that I cannot stay like you do, all night. I can only go with you for a couple of hours, then I need to go back home.”
Carlos: “ A couple of hours???… This is a party and not a funeral viewing…You are going to have fun. You’ll come home straight for your morning meditation. I promise, you will not miss it.!!!” 🙂
Anil: “Thank you, Bro. But maybe some other time. “
Carlos: “ But Anil… You live only once. Have some fun.!! For God’s sake… You are going to miss so much while you are playing the sleeping beauty, “part.” I am going to be dancing, talking, meeting new people and watching the beautiful sun appear in the horizon in the early morning.. then .. I will crash and have a good sleep…

Is Carlos right? Or is Anil right?

Anil will be a “golden age deity,” and be “awake” for most of the cycle. Carlos will not. Carlos will be playing “sleeping beauty” most of the “time” and then wake up towards the end to have “some fun.”
Is Carlos missing something or is Anil missing something in life?

I hear, “But Carlos will be sleeping for 4500 years until a prince kisses him and he will “wake up” then.”
🙂 There is no experience of time for a soul. Besides, Carlos will be “home.” Isn’t this the time to go “home”? Well, Carlos will be there taking a “long” nap and just as when we wake up after a good night sleep and it seems that rather than 5 hours of sleep, we slept for 30 minutes; similarly Carlos will feel the same. He will have all the energy to conquer the world, while a Brahmin soul will be in his “stage of retirement” when Carlos wakes up.

It is a matter of timing and perspective. It is relative.

Anil didn’t miss the party if he truly didn’t feel like going. His sleep was important for him.
Similarly in the Drama. No one loses anything. The perfection of this Drama is that we will go and “wake up” where we need to.

“The Golden and Silver age party” of 2500 years is not appealing for all; but just for Brahmin souls.
Take away the “nice labels” such as Golden age or Paradise or heaven… Call it just “Spring,” you will see that there is no more fights about who “truly goes to heaven.”

However, for Anil bhai; this is the time to “accumulate.”

Understanding karma with a notch of depth

Karma is one of those “trivialized” words used in “new age” talk and spiritual teachings which are “in” with the wisdom of ancient Indian traditions.

Karma means “action” as we all know. The usual example of karma is summarized in the saying:”What goes around comes around,” and that becomes the “fear”necessary to act “morally.” In other words, God does not need to punish anyone, but your actions will do that. Therefore, we liberate God from our pre-conception of someone out there who is looking at us from “up above,” sitting comfortably in cloud #8, just long enough so He will see us “fall into temptation,” so He can say :”Aha!” and then punish us accordingly. 🙂

This is the simplified version of karma. The “karma for dummies” version1.0

Gyan (Knowledge) has added many layers of depth to it, which I will expand a bit.
1) Actions are merely the expression of thoughts and feelings at one level
2) Actions, thoughts and feelings are the expression of a sanskara (embedded behavioral inclinations) at a deeper level
3) Sanskaras are the expression of the Drama at the individual, personal level
4) The Drama is the expression of all individual sanskaras of all souls “Actors” at any point in time
5) Sanskaras exist according to the capacity of the soul
6) Sanskaras play according to time
7) Time is understood in a cyclical way as gradual changes happen from non-duality into duality.
8) Non-duality brings duality and duality brings non-duality. That is, the seed expands into a tree, to become a seed again. This process repeats eternally, That is why time is cyclical and repetitive.

Therefore, we have gone from a “simple” action to the depth of cyclical time.

As we can see the roles in every soul will express eternally. Those roles will express activities which while in the “non-dual” turn of cyclical time; those actions will be “neutral,” meaning that consequences will not be experienced for there is no “duality.” In other words, if I play “hide and seek” with someone; that action is neither “bad” nor “good.” Any activity at that time (non-dual) is void of polarity. However, there is “degradation” of qualities of such activities. This is what in gyan is known as “celestial degrees,” and some may use the word “entropy” to refer to this.

Once the threshold of non-duality is reached, then duality appears. Here the activities have a consequence just because there is the appearance of ego.

There is duality because the real self, the soul; is in conflict with an illusion of personality, which is known as ego. As greater “entropy” increases in “duality,” greater will be the experience of the consequence of our activities. Ego is nothing else but the experience of duality.

Gyan explains that there are 3 types of actions:
1) Neutral actions
2) Sinful actions
3) Actions

“Sinful actions” are those activities which will bring sorrow to others and us. What is known as “good actions,” are the perception of something which brings a happy state, although is temporary.

Example: If I send a child to college to study, I may get an education in my next birth. That activity is neither “good nor bad” in itself; for that activity will come mixed with other karmas that we have performed. For instance, I could suffer “bullying” while in College or my intellect may not be good enough to grasp the materials being taught, etc. That is why, in gyan those activities are known as just “actions.” For there is a mix in anything which appears to be”good.”

In the world of duality. Because there is a mix of sorrow and happiness, we believe that this is “life.”

Note that those activities will be performed according to the role of every soul “actor.” As a matter of fact, we have been performing many actions in past lives without knowing how everything was threaded, but just following the “morality of the time.”

Since we are aware that soul-actors will perform activities according to roles already “predestined,” then we can see that every soul has the capacity to deal with every karmic account experienced as well.

Settling karmic accounts means to be “bondage free” from the web of experiencing Karmic consequences and that is possible when “neutral actions” are performed again. In order to do that we need to become soul conscious again, for in soul consciousness we are beyond duality; we experience a “non-dual” time while performing actions which will have benefit for all.
This is what is known as “elevated actions” at this time. While performing “elevated actions” we are experiencing the “karmateet” (beyond the bondage of karma) stage practically until becoming “karmateet.”

The theme of these “laws” is very simple. From soul consciousness with experience body consciousness and from this, we experience soul consciousness again.

Free will resides in being aware of the “rules” /laws of the game of life, to be free.