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Question on Brahma Kumaris beliefs

“SCIENCE VERSUS 5000 YEARS OF TIME CYCLE ! following are my questions.. 1.)5000 years of world drama is said to be like a recorded cd ,which plays the same thing even if repeated N no.of times if so, then what is the significance of the KARMIC ACCOUNT, what is my role here? all my thoughts and actions become predetermined then how can we say we create our own destiny? 2.)If the destruction of this world is going to happen with NUCLEAR WARFARE it will make the entire planet inhabitable for the next hundreds or thousand’s of years,{ japan is an example,even now radiation and related diseases persists in those regions} earth will become more polluted and hostile than ever before ! if so then when will SATYUG the GOLDEN AGE start? it will have to take a long break! 3.)The existence of DINOSAURS and other extinct life forms on EARTH is confirmed by SCIENCE, fossil remains and carbon dating results are proofs for their existence but, there is no mention in our 5000 year cycle that such species existed, did GOD FORGET THEM?.”

Dear reader,
Thank you for your questions!
I am afraid your questions came a bit late… This blog changed its path a couple of months ago from Brahma Kumaris knowledge to Spiritual knowledge in general and for all.

However, i will use this opportunity to give additional explanation and then answer your questions.. so bear with me! 🙂

Beliefs are out. Experience is in. A couple of days ago, it was shared that once the realization about our own eternity is experienced, then beliefs are useless.

Beliefs are “good,” when someone experiences protection and support through a religious system. It is the time for reformation.
Beliefs are “bad,” when they “box you,” and seclude your experience of life and make you part of the “cookie cutter” machinery.

Therefore, beliefs are neither “good, nor bad,” but useful according to someone’s timing in life.

In my experience, out of all the beliefs systems that I have been exposed to (Many, I need to say) Brahma Kumaris knowledge is the most complete, the most reasonable, intellectually speaking. This blog has plenty of articles about that.

The issue has been the way it was interpreted.

Here a little example:
So you know about an eternal, repetitive cycle. Then, why make so much fuss about “destruction,” when we can realize about our own eternity? Think about that.

So you know about an eternal, predestined movie; therefore, what you think you do out of your free will, is part of that movie. Your free will is predestination and predestination is your experience of free will. 🙂
This is just an intellectual concept, but there is the experience which is most important.

When you realize about your own eternity, then the movie of “doing things,” should not matter, when “being” is the most important thing. As it is “being” then “doing” aligns. This is what this blog has emphasized.

When the “little child” needs reformation, the “scary” thought of “destruction is just ahead,” makes you do something to earn your “paradise..” Do you see that? Death by itself is not scary enough, for everyone will die some day… But to be “saved” from destruction, makes it special… There is no death, but we die. I hope you could grasp this.. I know you will 🙂 There is “destruction” but we are eternal? I hope this is not hard to understand… 🙂

In my experience, the whole “experience” in Brahma Kumaris was to “reform myself.” Celibacy is the main ingredient that Brahma Kumaris uses for that. This does not mean that celibacy is “good” or “bad.” It is the “tool” used for reformation.
Even though it is one of the toughest “tools” for reformation, celibacy will allow you to experience a different consciousness when we are not repressing ourselves. This is the challenge. This is not only physical repression, but also emotional and how you approach life despite your unusual practice, will dictate your degree of “advancement.” Once you have experienced that consciousness, then you know better.

That is my experience in a “nutshell.” I would have not been able to go through it, if I did not have divine help. Here is where your “karma” comes into the picture. This “spiritual bug” comes from many past lives not just this one.

OK.. now into your questions 🙂

1.)5000 years of world drama is said to be like a recorded cd ,which plays the same thing even if repeated N no.of times if so, then what is the significance of the KARMIC ACCOUNT, what is my role here? all my thoughts and actions become predetermined then how can we say we create our own destiny?

Your karmic account is your own movie included in the “big movie.” The Drama. Your role is what you will experience as “doing.” In reality, you do not do anything… 🙂 but because you believe you do; then you do. 🙂

You “create” your destiny when you believe that you have “free will.” You do not create your destiny when you believe that everything is “predestined.” If you do not have “beliefs,” then everything moves as it should.

2.)If the destruction of this world is going to happen with NUCLEAR WARFARE it will make the entire planet inhabitable for the next hundreds or thousand’s of years,{ japan is an example,even now radiation and related diseases persists in those regions} earth will become more polluted and hostile than ever before ! if so then when will SATYUG the GOLDEN AGE start? it will have to take a long break!

Please see how many “beliefs” you are introducing in your question. Your belief of Nuclear warfare, is not completely accurate if you studied the Brahma Kumaris daily scriptures. In that belief system, there is a mention of natural disasters, famine, drought, diseases… Things that you did not account for in your belief. Also, It is mentioned in the Brahma Kumaris belief system, that there will not be a nuclear issue in Bharat and the rest of the continents will go under the oceans. Scary movie… huh? 🙂
Thus, your belief of Nuclear disaster surrounding the whole planet and making the Earth poisonous to live… is just another belief. 🙂

3.)The existence of DINOSAURS and other extinct life forms on EARTH is confirmed by SCIENCE, fossil remains and carbon dating results are proofs for their existence but, there is no mention in our 5000 year cycle that such species existed, did GOD FORGET THEM?.”

Dear reader, “confirmed by science,” is meaningless when we are talking about life. Your belief in science as the holder of “truth,” is just a belief.
Life is more than the physical realm which is what science deals with. here is your definition of science:
“The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.”
In spirituality we can experience that there are many realms beyond the physicality of life, which are integrated. The proof is your own experience.

Quantum mechanics is getting closer to that “reality,” which makes “randomness” and “probabilities” scientific terms to use, when they only denote lack of scientific certainty.

Now, dear reader, I will ask you to please read the tab titled “scientific tales” for a through and convincing ride into the realm of tales for grown ups…

There all your questions about the 5000 year belief deal, the dinosaur belief deal and all such beliefs, are answered there. Otherwise, you could type the keyword “dinosaur” in the blog, and you will find articles related with that topic.

Dear reader, It has been a pleasure to reply to your questions, but let me inform you that avyakt7 has “retired” from intellectual debates and logical thinking when related with spirituality and the experience of life. At work I may need to use those skills, but then after those hours of earning my “paycheck” have gone away… those skills are “submerged.” 🙂

However, avyakt7 had his time in that “realm” and articles are available in this blog for those who would like to spend time on such things…

Best wishes!

Questions for June 6th 2013- Topics: Power, Love and Entropy

Brother, When i say i am a powerful being what i really mean from this? Our nature is of stillness and of movement, 2 extremes. Should we focus on break(to get stillness) or should we learn to drive (to get moving)?

Dear soul,
Thank you for your great question!
To be “powerful” simply means to be able to be constantly stable in one stage at this time. We fluctuate because our consciousness fluctuates. For some that stage to be obtained is called “soul consciousness,” for me it is “beyond thoughts and duality.”

Your mind is caught up in duality when you see 2 different things such as movement and stillness and having to choose one of them. Embrace all. You are both. If you deny one to choose the other, you will suffer for sure. “The truth is a paradox” has been said, not that it is logic.

Best wishes!

dear brother,if girl or boy face the one side love situation what should he or she should do???As who is in love sending thoughts and definitely thoughts will come to the other person which will create disturbance. How one can protect him/her self from this kind of situation where he/she does not want to involve.I asked question because i have seen so many youth who dis troy their career due to other person and sometimes lose their valuable life for that person who has no care for their emotions. In this situation other person is also not responsible as he/she cant feel same for other person?so who is responsible. How spritual knowledge can stop youth to take such a big step like sucide for love ones?

Dear soul,
Thank you for your great question.
Let us say that person A is in “love” with person B.
Person B does not reciprocate that love, is not interested in person A as a “lover.”
Person A will be thinking about person B all the time. Sending thoughts towards that person.

Those thoughts will be in relation on how person A was treated by person B.
If person B was very harsh towards person A and closed all doors, hurting the feelings of person A; then you can imagine the quality of thoughts that will come as a return in person B’s way.

One of the things that we need to learn is to treat everyone with respect. We know that this a karmic account (so no one is responsible,) but knowing that does nothing to solve the issue. Therefore, let us be aware of the feelings of another human being who feels something for us, even though we do not wish to be engaged in such relationship.

The other thing that we should know is that as long as we are dependent on someone for our happiness, we will fluctuate. That fluctuation could be a broken a heart for some or to commit suicide for others.

To learn to let go, is more than lyrics from a song; it is truly to wish the best to another being and let that be the extent of your love for that person.

When you open your hands and let a dove fly free from your “protection;” you can enjoy its flight with good wishes from the heart. A dove needs to fly.
If it is in the Drama, that bird will come back to you by itself; otherwise, it is free to fly. You are Ok with both. That is love.
If youth could learn that, then their teacher was a “good one.”
Sometimes, that teacher is life itself.

Best wishes!

HELLO and omshanti dear brother I’m in gyan since one year. Baba said that I come onto this earth only when all other souls become tamo pradhan. my question is if every soul has to go through sato pradhan, sato, rajo, tamo, tamo pradhan (it is known that souls degrade as they take births but baba said a child is sato pradhan,adoloscent is rajo &adult is in tamo stage in each birth too) then the one birth soul should reach 25 years of age for becoming tamo pradhan only then Baba started coming which means that soul has already hit 101 years of age if sangam is still continuing the age of that soul continues to be indefinite how can this be possible? Does it mean we are only 4-5 years away from world transformation?

Dear soul,

Thank you for your question! And welcome to the BK club!
Take a look at a day and how it transforms into the night. This will explain to you a mini cycle of sato, rajo and tamo.

Then, observe how the 4 seasons change in a year. That will teach you a bigger cycle of sato, rajo and tamo.

Then, take a look at the cycle of time; then that will teach you a even greater cycle of sato, rajo and tamo. (Entropy)

Now, take a look at human beings and how their lives fit in all of those cycles.

Please just take a look at this for now, study that and you will learn the answer to your won question.

Unfortunately, I do not follow how “entropy” is related with being 4-5 years away from world transformation; when the world is always transforming.

Best wishes!

Questions for May 30, 2013 – 5000 years and Dino “combo”

How do you explain that the cycle is only 5,000 years when the earth is so very much older. It’s not just carbon dating that shows how old the earth is, but geology, and many many facets of science. All else in gyan is easy to understand, but this one point of 5,000 years in not. So when did the dinosaurs room the earth, they also existed for a very long time as they have been dug up through many many layers of earth and rock on most continents, even those that we are told are under water in the gold and silver ages, so therefore dinosaurs are meant to have been on earth only 2,500 years ago, but that is during recorded history. These questions have never been answered, so please explain if you can. Om Shanti Jan

Dear soul,

This is a repeated question. There are plenty of articles in this blog which deal with those questions that you have asked.
Please search in the blog by using a keyword such as “dinosaur” or “5000 years cycle” etc.

Nevertheless, I will answer your questions so I can just place this article someplace visible in the blog, where everyone who has the typical “dino” question or the “5000 year old” theme; will be able to look at it. (“Scientific tales” section.)

Dear soul,
The Earth is not 5000 year old. It has existed forever. It just changes. The cycle of time is according to Gyan 5000 years. Matter cannot be created. It only changes. This is something that many people fail to realize.

Just because someone placed a flag in the moon, in 5000 years it does not mean that we will see the same flag there. Matter changes, recycles itself. Everything changes in matter, but after 5000 years (according to Gyan) repeats itself.

You are a believer of science. Science may be your religion.
Science can only bring you beliefs, just like a religion.
Want proof? 🙂


Now, let me ask you: Why intelligent people who are so great about providing “proof” with the help of Science, are able to disagree by “millions of years” in something so fundamental as the age of the Earth?

Now, just because someone says that the more accepted theory is the “big bang” it does not mean that this is the “truth.”
The truth is not won by consensus of the “majority,” by votes.

There are plenty of theories nowadays that even reflect that time is cyclical and not linear as believed by some scientists.
Please take a look at this link:


Please read every article with care and you will know, that we are dealing with scientific beliefs, dogma hidden under the precious word “research.”

Please read the article below. It basically explains in a very rational way, why cyclical time has greater probability of being “real” than the so-called linear time of millions of years.

http://www.helium.com/items/487172-philosophy-which-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg (helium.com is no longer in business, so I have a copy, below)

Click to access chickenegg.pdf

This article is the top one among many other articles by “thinkers” which do not belong to a particular religion. Please take the time to digest it.

On your dinosaur question, the same thing applies. Bones may have been found, but that does not mean that a dinosaur depicted, as scientists want us to believe, existed. Behind the dinosaur belief, there is just the theory of evolution and behind it, the “big bang.”
I am not saying that dinosaurs did not exist. I am saying that as far as I am concerned there is no way, that I can know if they existed, and that I have to rely on someone else to “find that out for me.”

I don’t like that.

I have experienced “deja vues,” I have experienced the “soul,” I have experienced “fortune telling” (which demonstrates the cycle of time) and I had experiences with reincarnation by intuitive experience.

Those are my “proofs.”

Dear soul,
Please do not get caught up in more beliefs, in more dogmas. The bottom line of this knowledge, which is Spiritual knowledge, is to know the self, so there could be self-transformation.
That is all.

More concepts without experience is worthless.
However, If a concept is able to transform you, please continue.

In your deathbed, you can hold on to more beliefs, to more concepts and be afraid to die, afraid of the unknown. No theories will get you out of that feeling.

On the other hand, when there is experience, when you have tasted that which scientists do not know about for lack of experience; then, you will be alright. You will know.

Finally, I am not here to support more dogmatic views of life. To support a particular theory or a religion; but just to share experiences, to share what could trigger something in your spiritual life, a new viewpoint, a new realization, a new feeling… No more concepts or empty theories.

Best wishes!

Om shanti——— Is it true when we give a certain THOUGHT to a crystall, it then vibrate at that frequency for many days/hours depending upon the intensity of thougth.Also how we can increase our frequency of vibration to a heigher lavel.. enlighten it plz.

Answer: Dear soul,
That type of question is not part of my experience. From the spiritual perspective, a thought is powerful for it has the possibility to manifest itself into “reality.”

Best wishes!

Dear avyakt7 do the souls have any consciousness when they resides in the paramdham? is it godlike stage?

Answer: Dear soul,
Thank you for your great question! There is no “consciousness” in Parandham.
Is it Godlike stage?
Answer: what do you think? 🙂 🙂

Best wishes!

Easy Raja Yoga Knowledge as 1-2-3-4


If you ever wanted to know how “life/Drama works” according to Raja Yoga gyan, in easy to understand steps; that you could communicate to anyone; here is the “churning” (realization) fresh from the “inner bakery” 🙂

Life, which is known as “Drama” is ONE (1.) That is all it has ever existed. There is nothing before it. It is eternal.

Life or the Drama is in continuous movement; that is matter and energy continuously transform. That perception of change, is what we call as “time.”

That change, that movement, experiences entropy. That means that it “degrades” in quality. It is “numberwise” and it is reflected by the souls arriving to the Drama of life at a certain point in time. This experience of “entropy” could be divided into “soul consciousness” and “body consciousness.”(2) Two.

Soul consciousness means non-duality (1)
Body consciousness is duality (2) Therefore, that is (3) Three in the Drama.

Finally, Soul consciousness has 2 seasons: Spring and Summer.
Body consciousness has 2 seasons as well: Fall and Winter.

Those (4) seasons make up the cycle of time; also known as Golden, Silver, Copper and Iron ages.

As we can see, the Drama is ONE.
The Drama is TWO
The Drama is THREE
The Drama is FOUR.
From ONE, it expands through entropy, (into 2,3, and 4) so it can collapse into ONE again.

From the seed it expands into a tree of many things to collapse into the seed again.
Therefore, to understand knowledge is to know the “seed” and its capacity to expand.

Now some Trivia: 🙂

The numerical progression on number of births according to Gyan.

Soul consciousness: 8+ 12 = 20 plus 1 at the “confluence age” when coming from body consciousness into soul consciousness; that is equal to 21.

Copper age number of births = to Golden age + Silver age+ Confluence age.
That is 21 births in the Copper age = to the same number of 21 births in soul consciousness.

Iron age is equal to twice as much as the Copper age (42) or twice as much as the Golden + Silver + Confluence age number of births.

That “one” birth is a transitional birth on the same physical body; thus we can also say that we can get as many as 83 different bodies in the cycle of time, but we can take as many as 84 births… 🙂

Question: Brother thank you ever so much for sharing your understanding and experiences, extremely extremely helpful for me personally. What you are suggesting is that this which has no begining and no end, then the middle i.e. what I am experiencing is just an illusion/dream? It does seem real as that is the only experience I have. And now I must make an effort to be the best possible. Pardon me for saying this, I mean no disrespect to anyone. So ‘God’ could also be an illusion but seems real and necessary for my self transformation. Also, cyclical time with the four stages makes sense as it solves a lot of questions. 5000 year cycle is also probable. However, I had a few doubts, what i understand is that once a soul enters into this plane, it stays on till the end of the cycle, is that for all souls? Even ‘messenger souls’ who lay foundation for major religions? Moreover, I do not have much knowledge/experience but you have a whole lot of people using angels / spiritual masters from subtle realm to guide them. So our these subtle energies also part of the drama and they have always been doing that or could there be something else. As one of your links points to findings where they point out that earth is orbiting in a spherical path, so could that mean that we are also moving in that path with each cycle taking some souls to higher states as well? Or is this again my ‘ego’ trying to find answers for soul capacity. Many many thanks.

Thank you for your great questions!

Dear soul,

Ah! We are going into the interpretation “game.”
I am not saying that what you are experiencing is neither an illusion nor real nor a dream. All what I am saying is that whatever you think/feel/perceive that you are experiencing, is not “you.” That is all. Detached observer. The points in these sharings are meant to go in that route, to discover the self.

In that apparent inoffensive phrase “I must make an effort to be the best possible,” lies lots of issues with our long friend “ego.” By discovering the self, there is no need to be “better” for you have found what “is.”

About God. What do you think God is? What do you think BapDada is? Is it true that what you “think”of God, is truly God? Are our thoughts able to grasp God? So, you have an experience with God. Does it mean that someone else who had another experience but it wasn’t with Bapdada, did not have an experience with God? Haven’t Sakar Murlis mentioned that according to our “faith” so our experiences?
Do you think that God is a point of light sitting in Parandham? Is that thought God? 🙂 Isn’t that just information?

Dear soul, As mentioned many times and in different ways throughout this blog; before knowing God as He is and how He is, I need to know the self, experience the self. Why? because God is a “soul,” and I am a “soul” as well. Isn’t that what Gyan says? If I have not experienced “I” the soul, can i know God? Knowing is not words, concepts, pictures and faces. Knowing is being. Experiencing. Therefore, you want to know God? Know the self. Not because the self is God, but because by experiencing that soul consciousness, I could be like Him. See? One more item which has been repeated many times already: There is no separation at the soul level. Separation only exists at the physical level. Something to churn about. 🙂

According to Gyan, all souls who enter this Drama, must stay “in it” until the end of the cycle, either by taking rebirth or by “being there” without taking rebirth for some “time.” However, it is assumed that God is the only soul in the Drama who could “come and go” as He “wishes” but yet, He does it as it is in the Drama.

In my experience, at this time you will have “positive energies” as you call them “ascended masters” or “angels” or “beings of light” or however you want to call them, which offer a “service” to humanity as Brahma Baba is doing to Brahmin souls. All of that is part of “Godly energies.”

In this avyakt Murli is clearly expressed: “Therefore, do not be afraid. In order for you to face anything, BapDada the backbone will be revealed through any being at any time and even now is revealing Himself.”

Also, you have the “challenging” energies. Called “darkness.” All of that is “real” for some. Not real for others. As an article expressed about “reality” what matters is how that experience “transforms” the self. That is the bottom line. There is a point where we cannot longer figure things out intellectually. It becomes worthless, for it only fills up our intellect with “new” ideas; which we think is “knowing” but it isn’t. It is just information which will not reflect a “true” reality for we cannot put “reality” or rather our “experience” of reality into words or ideas. Words cannot express fully that.

Finally, according to Gyan and “my experience,” this cycle of time is eternally repeating. “the fly passing by now,” is an eternal “movie” which will be shown to us again in another cycle, which will be, just like this one… 🙂

Best wishes!

Question: Brother, many many thanks for your immense patience and sharing your understanding. Since, I am extremely new to this knowledge and I am attempting to understand it. Apologies for the redundancy in my question. Purely selfish reasons for my own clarity I ask once again. Thanks to this gyan and your explanation, I now understand that the souls sanskaars determine its role, and collectively the roles form this eternal drama. The souls are eternal and unique. However my ego nags me to understand how the soul capacity gets determined, there would have to be a first any churnings on it? but then logic drags me to your wonderful explanation of the chicken and egg situation and the beginning of time. I hope my understanding is in the right direction. So we are in this viscious circle never to come out of it :). Many wouldn’t realise this and for those who would, it wouldn’t matter as they would eventualy find liberation in life numberwise. There is nothing like being better or doing something great to attain so called salvation as that can be obtained in doing any role. So there is nothing much we do but yet there is effort, and if we are to experience this reality it shall happen when it has to and we just flow with life embracing all its experiences with awareness if we feel like. Thanking you in advance for your patience.

Dear soul.
You made my day. 🙂 🙂 truly.

You are understanding me… I am not that crazy after all! 🙂

Consider this: ” We are in this vicious circle never to come out of it.”
How do you know that? Have you experienced that? Do you remember that? 🙂 Isn’t this vicious circle so wonderful? Isn’t the thought of eternity wonderful? But there is something greater than that and that is the opportunity to be alive, not to be “you” but to be part of this… to be able to watch this awesome sight in Nature (rather than a TV program) in pure awe, hearing the beauty of a bird’s song, seeing the artistic masterpiece of colors in the sky, to hear the whisper of the ocean through the murmur of its waves, to touch another human being just like us with the comfort of our feelings, to be able to share, to experience and to express without any limits. Is there something that you could imagine “better” than this? This is life and it is eternal. How we perceive it is the problem, for as long as “I” (ego) exists, there will be problems, separations, analysis, segregation, suffering etc.

Dear deep thoughtful soul, unless we are AWAKE, aware, conscious, we will miss all of that beauty. That is the “effort.”

Best wishes!

What makes you SMART, even SMARTER – By BK T.D Joseph

Article by: BK. T. D. Joseph, Bangalore, India tdjaum(AT)gmail.com – If you have questions or remarks about this article, please contact the author.

Once King Yadu asked a hansome young man, named Avadhūta, who showed extra-ordinary practical wisdom: “I see that you are not engaged in any practical religious activity, and YET you have acquired a most expert understanding of all things and all people within this world. Kindly tell me, sir, how did you acquire this extraordinary intelligence, and what is the cause of the great ecstasy that you are feeling within yourself?” The young man replied: ‘I have gained the necessary wisdom from the whole creation, through 24 Gurus.’ In other words he was copying the priciples which sky, sun, moon, sea etc. were displaying.—Śrīmad Bhāgavatam Canto 11:7.

If this is the case, we are actually flooded with gurus. Taking a cue from him we will shortlist some five familiar things around us that can make us smart, such as Sun, Moon, Ant, River & Tree (the first letters of which make the word SMART).

SUN is the supporter of all living beings on earth giving them light and heat to everyone alike. Hence sun is a guru teaching us silently that whatever we say or do must be enlightening to others and be providing warmth to them—something Jesus too stressed in his sermon on the mount. (Mathew 5:13, 14) Talking about our disappointments and distress would make others gloomy and weak, hence it reflects lack of love on our part as all are overwhelmed by some distress some way or other. Before speaking to someone, we need to examine whether what we are going to say is “non-offensive, truthful, pleasant, and beneficial.” (Gita 17:15) If not, the best course of action is to be “silent” which will save us energy and spare much distress later.—Gita 12:19.

MOON, reflecting sun’s light, helps us in the night. Earth and moon rotate on their axis, yet we always see only one side of the moon. Because the rotational period is exactly the same as the orbital period, the same portion of the Moon’s sphere is always facing the Earth. Moon thus teaches us that our action should always reflect the qualities of the Soul as we are all souls, the children of the Supreme Soul, and we should never let our other side (the egoistic, selfish side) of our personality be seen by others.

ANTS are very small in size yet it is wiser than human rulers. “It has no commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest.” (Proverbs 6:6-8; 30:25) They teach us to be prudent, acting with care and thought for the future—something that humans are yet to learn. If human rulers were prudent, we would never have even heard of poverty. Take the latest news! European leaders spent their resources recklessly; and now they force what they call AUSTERITY MEASURES on people. Even US Government is no exception as it too plans Austerity Measures for the next 10 years for the same reason! We have pollutted air, water and land making virtually impossible for the next generation to live. Present world population is 6.8 billion, and 870 million (more than the populations of USA and the European Union combined) people do not have enough to eat, while the bulk of the rest suffers from obesity!

RIVER flows continuously till it reaches ocean. It is not interested in the pleasant or unpleasant sights on its way. When met with with obstacles such as rock on its path, it still flows by its side or over it. Hence river is the symbol of non-attachment. It quenches the thirst of many living beings, and cleanses those taking bath in it. Then there is subtle lesson too: “You can never step into the same river; for new waters are always flowing on to you,” says Heraclitus of Ephesus. This is typical of what happens with the cells in our bodies, sanskar, values, experiences and circumstances, all of which keep changing. This helps us to treat others always fresh, not under the influence of their past behaviour to us. Again, it is a symbol of consistency: whether it experiences turbulent times or peaceful times, it keeps flowing. What great lessons for us to copy!

TREE is a true symbol of God, the Benefactor. It silently works to produce fruits which are to be enjoyed by others who may appreciate the tree or not. While itself being in the hot sun, it provides refreshing shade to other beings. What better lesson can we have on the principle of ALTRUISM, “taking delight in the welfare of all beings” which is the very basis of spirituality, also called “eternal duty” (sanatana dharma). (Gita 12:4, 20) Take the case of trees like mango. It produces seed in which countless future generations of that tree remain protected [SAT=truth]; then it covers the seed with flesh which will be a deliciously beneficial treat for other beings [SHIVOM=benevolence]; and finally it presents it to us in attractive/appealing colors [SUNDARAM=beauty]. Thus they display God’s cardinal qualities also.

If you can practice the above principles, symbolized by those very familiar things around us, you will be amazed to be found SMART by others, and also always be successful in whatever field you put your hands on. Why stop at that? You can even become SMARTER at both spheres—Materialistic and spiritual—getting an inheritance of even 21 births in a very ideal surroundings! This requires that you need to be at the right place, at the right time, with right people and doing the right thing. Let us see how:

Before seeing how, we need to have some back-ground information. Sociology presents, among other theories, what they call SOCIAL CYCLE THEORY which states that “events and stages of society and history are generally repeating themselves in cycles.” Interpretation of history as repeating cycles of Golden and Dark Ages was a common belief among ancient cultures. Bible too confirms that history passes through four different stages with 2nd to 4th steadily decling in quality; and it symbolizes each stage with metals such as pure gold, silver, bronze and iron respectively. (Daniel 2: 31-44) History of the righteous will be “like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day,” then it become dimmer and dimmer to become “deep darkness” at the end. (Compare Proverbs 4:18, 19) Thus history is broadly divided into “Day,” a period when people would live by the light within, and to NIGHT, a period when people would live selfishly. (Compare John 9:4; and 11:10, and 1 John 1:6) And NIGHT will climax when people will perfect their selfishness in all its forms. (2 Thimothy 3:1-5) This classification of DAY and NIGHT suggests that history repeats itself just like day and night do.

When the wicked are more and the righteous are very few, who will effect the switch-over from NIGHT to DAY? Remember the three major roles God plays, as taught by virtually all religions: GOD = Generator, Operator, and Destroyer. What does he generate, operate and destroy? He is the Generator of Heaven on earth, Operator of the heavenly kingdom of Vaikund (literally means no kunta or obstacle, a place where there is total auspiciousness, beauty and peace as opposed to what we see here on earth now), and Destroyer of this old degenerated world (hell) on earth, which was a heaven in the beginning. His supreme quality, BENEVOLENCE (on the basis of which He has the most appropriate personal name as Shiva), will not allow Him to force people to change their ways. He can only provide the right knowledge, and right atmosphere. Thus, His teaching program and subsequent replacing the hell on earth with heaven are in conformity with the very core of His personality—BENEVOLENCE. (compare Gita 4:7; Isaiah 2:2-4) This will transform some ordinary people into holy ones, whose integrity and beauty will be like that of a diamond, who will be the foundation of the golden age to come on this earth.

This divine teaching program happens during the last generation of the iron-age. Thus God, the Supreme Father, prepares a pure generation in parallel to the hard-iron-aged generation. Hence the present time is a Diamond Age for those who take advantage of the Heavenly Father’s teaching program, whereas it is the climax of iron age for the rest of the humanity. You can be SMARTER by finding yourself in this Diamond Age which means you are in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, and doing the right thing. Let us see how:

Those who want to live in DAY of righteousness, the heaven on earth, have to live by SHRIMAT (dictates of God) which means walking with God. Greatest Shrimat of God is that we should be SOUL-conscious, which involves having a “maximum time in loving remembrance of God the Father as the Supreme Soul” and having loving kindness towards all humans as fellow souls. (Murli 18.06.1969) Thus you have first step (S) of being SMARTER. You climb the second step of (M) when you attend His MURLI class daily in the morning. This is a class after the morning meditation where His Shrimat is explained through which we develop an intoxication towards our Heavenly Father.

We know that happiness depends on the quality of our thoughts. But quality of our thoughts depends on the people with whom we choose to associate. Hence we act in our own best interest when we associate with quality people, pure ones, who walk with God. Thus Association becomes the 3rd step (A) of being SMARTER. When you are among the pure ones (whose soul is the ruler of their senses), you return the Rulership from ego-intellect-mind combination to its rightful heir—Soul—to rule over your senses. Thus you have the 4th step (R) of being SMARTER. Now with the ego taking the back-seat, you have right perspective that you are not the doer. You begin to see “inaction in action, and action in inaction” and so many invisible causes operating behind one’s action (Gita 4:18; 5:14) The cause you perceive will only be a tip of the ice-berg. Thus you come to a firm conviction that you are a tool in the hands of God, who is like a Drama Director. On becoming Tool-consciousness, you “neither rejoice on obtaining what is pleasant, nor grieve on obtaining the unpleasan.” (Gita 5:20) Thus you have the 5th step (T) of being SMARTER.

Once you have firm foot on the above principles, you completely exit from false sources of security: your body, your objects and your relatives, all of which appear, remain for a while and disappear after some time. This Exit makes you step on to the 6th step (E) of being SMARTER. With all the above steps being right, you happen to be on the right place, at the right time, with the right people, and on the right road, doing the right things. This helps you to take right decision at the right time which you will never have to regret later. Thus you are always right. This is the last step (R) of being SMARTER.

You may wonder if this is possible for you! That is because we are used to simply living rather than choosing. We seldom realize that we have enormous power to choose. For example, when someone introduces a subject you don’t like to discuss, you often change the subject. This shows you have control over your thoughts and are also innume to other’s influence. There may be many people who feel like murdering others for some reason, yet very few only do so. That vast majority refrain from killing others thinking of the consequences. Even a habitually angry person controls his anger when he is with his employer or high police officials. All these show that we have control over our thoughts and actions. We can have control even over our destiny as it is the result of habit which is nothing but our repeated action.

Now taking this a little backward, we touch the larger picture! Our gross body depends on the quality of our subtle body. Quality of our subtle body depends on the quality of our Causal Body. Quality of our Causal Body depends on the quality of our sanskar (or vasanas, literally smell or fragrance, hence stands for latent tendencies in one’s nature), which means things we look forward to do or enjoy doing, carried over from our previous birth/s. If vasana is chosen, all the resultant actions are fixed or determined. Vasana and its development are like seed and tree. From seed starts the tree, and its picture is complete only when see the invisible (seed + roots) and the visible (trunk, branches, leaves and fruits).

No wonder that Shiva Baba consistently asks us, through all Murlies, that we need to build a sanskar of remembering Him. “Fill yourself with the sanskar of Satyug. As you fill your sanskar, so your reward is fixed.” (Murli 14.01.1982) Once a sansakar is chosen, its results are automatically fixed or determined. It is like what happens when you hear words such as friend, sister, wife, mother etc. Instantly various attitudes are formed/chosen in your mind, which are like seed [cause] which later matures into action [effect]. Thus free-will and pre-determination are like two sides of the same coin. Greatest proof for this is your own life: you know your present is the result of choices you made in the past. Hence your future will be the result of choices you make in the present. Hence you can choose to be SMART, even SMARTER. The firmer you cling on to our Heavenly Father, higher the chances that you “will be able to claim a number at the front,” and “filling up your treasure-store of all attainments for all time.”—Murli 12.11.1979 & 14.12.1983