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Question: Dear brother, Everything repeats exactly as it is every 5000 years, this includes, thoughts, words, actions, emotions, consciousness…etc.., it seems as we have the freedom to choose the way we want, what to think, how to feel, but then these are the act of the role that has already happened meaning if I choose to think this way or feel this way, then it ends up this is how I did 5000 years ago so… I can never do anything different that has happened 5000 years ago from today, at this moment, at this second…. yet It is not wise to say, I will let sit and do nothing, no effort as if it happened 5000 years ago , it will happen again, if I do that then it becomes as said 5000 years ago… it is as if we are on a constantly running steps … if you are still standing , watching the scenes pass by you are safe, but if you try to jump out of the running steps , you will be thrown out…. Or even if you do jump out of it ..you will fall on another running steps… as it needs to flow not stop for as we are all eternal and every second is new but temporary every 5000 years… your thoughts?


Thank you for your question and realization!

Dear soul,
The interesting thing about this Drama is that we never knew any of this until now. Do you know why?
(besides the popular “because it is fixed that way”) 🙂 Simply because we need to know that information now to understand Ego. To become ego-less again.

In the Golden and Silver ages, we wouldn’t be able to feel as “I am a puppet of the Drama,” for “I” as a “doer” wasn’t heard of. The consciousness there did not understand about an entity “doing things the way that entity wants.” That entity is “I.” The popular words “I do as I want,” wouldn’t be understood in Non-duality. You wouldn’t hear Narayan saying: “I do as I want because I am the King here, and you are just a simple subject.” Those words are not understood there.

Now, we need that information for otherwise, to “understand” ego will be very, very difficult.

We wouldn’t be able to understand that we do not do anything, but there is a Drama which is the conjunction of all roles playing at the same time. Those roles play in synchronicity. Everything works well as it is, until we start “thinking about it,” and figuring things out considering about how “I” fits into this. What is “my piece in this pie”? What do “I” bring into this? How can “I” become better? How can “I” leave a “trademark” in life so others know about “me” and remember “me”? How can “I get” the best in the after life, so “I” continue having “the best”? Ego wants to exist.

Those thoughts, dear soul; are just illusion. Self made lies, which the “I” does not feel comfortable when knowing that after all, it is not “I” changing the world, but the world changes itself, through the roles running through us, souls; when in the experience of being in a body… 🙂

Sakar Murlis talk about “taking action,” “not to let the Drama do it for you,” 🙂 It is a way of being “proactive” while having ego. As we go deeper into this, we see that becoming ego-less is not about “reinforcing more ego in us,” but rather to step away from “pushing and controlling” things.

When “ego” is out of work, that is another way of becoming ego-less. But, when we haven’t gotten to this point of inner understanding, it is better to “push things” for otherwise, we could become lazy, and blame it on the Drama with the popular excuse: “If it is fixed in the Drama then I don’t have to do anything.” 🙂

That response shows clearly that our lazy ego believes in “doing” but if someone is doing for you, then why do anything. This is the “childish” understanding which Sakar Murlis had to deal with.

In that understanding we swim from “I” into “you.” In that understanding there is no depth. Without depth, “I better make effort” now.

Best wishes!

Question: wonderful is this!.brother i am looking for baba’s help by you.after 3 days is my alumni meet in college.i am so inspired to give the link of gyan or something as eye opener (because many may not be intereted in spirituality).i have not much idea what to present to teachers and batchmates of engineering background .do you have any presenatations or idea regarding what to include with videos.thank you in advance.om shanti.

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

I would suggest the following videos and this writing: https://explore7.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/chickenegg.pdf

After this, your engineering fellows, should be motivated to know more…and they are welcome to come here and ask…

Best wishes!

Question: I haven’t understood this clearly please explain… A Christian priest who follows celibacy (especially Christian priest who follow celibacy “out of love for God”) will not even be a subject at the end of the Silver age.

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

This point is one of those things of gyan that is truly “food for thought.”
Sakar Murlis gives great emphasis to celibacy (purity) Even though a BK soul leaves gyan due to sex-lust. It is mentioned that this soul will go to the Silver age, where he could be a “subject.” Then you wonder if celibacy is really the main qualification to be in the Silver age of the cycle? That is why I am bringing up the case of catholic priests who follows celibacy but yet, according to the Drama; they are not “worth to be in the Silver age.” See the point? 🙂

This brings to my mind, the fact that souls belong to a particular “section.” Recognition of Baba is what makes that particular section in the case of BK souls. At the same time, it brings the awareness that there is no such a thing as “the Silver age is better than the Copper age,” for every soul will feel at “home” in their particular age. Intellectually, we think in terms of “better” or “worse,” we like to compare. The beauty of the Drama is that “intellectualism” is not able to understand the perfection of it.

We never become “better. We can only become what we have been. 🙂 and that will eternally repeat.

Best wishes!


Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

I have written here many articles about the 5000 year cycle. You can do a search on the “search article by keywords” in the blog, by the “blog stats.”

Let me showcase again an article which I wrote sometime ago https://explore7.files.wordpress.com/2019/12/chickenegg.pdf This article has been the #1 article for a long time now. This article even though it answers the question of “who is first the chicken or the egg?” in reality it answer the validity of cyclical time. That website is not a Brahma Kumaris website. Why is that article the #1 article if it merely explains gyan in a more worldly way? Please read it. (the article was in helium.com which is no longer in business.)

The cycle of time is what exists from a logical, reasonable perspective for there is no beginning of time and if there was, I am eagerly waiting for “proof” on that. 🙂 Please send that proof to me.

The “proof” of the cycle of time of being a short span, according to gyan; of 5000 years is quite possible if we just look at the trend on population. You may wan to look at this article.

That article has the classical answers. Finally, I want to add something “new.” You say that there are no “proof of the Golden age, etc.” Let me tell you that there is.

I am a Peruvian native. Let me tell you that the history that I learned in Peru about Peruvians and World history is quite different than the ones made by Americans and Europeans. It is not about dates. It is about perceptions and theories built upon them.
It is about covering up things that our science cannot explain through crafty theories.

Peru has been a “picnic place.” According to Gyan, that means a place where Deities used to go to “catch some rays,” and to surf by the Pacific ocean in their veemans. Peru has one of the oldest cultures in the world. It has been greatly exploited throughout history by different “Developed countries.” The history books of Peruvians are different when it comes to British and USA “doings” in Peruvian territory in the last 150 years. I know because I have studied them and somehow experienced it.

It is all about economical interests. History is written that way. Once Europeans came to Peru, a new religion was in place. That is Christianity. That religion wasn’t taken by the love of people for the “son of God,” but simply it was imposed. Likewise, Western culture is being imposed in a more “subtle way” in the world. Scientists will support the “status quo.” That means linear time. That means the belief that we are “much better off now than before,” that means that our culture is far more advanced now than what it was before.

Not true.

Please research about Macchu Picchu. “One of the 8 wonders of the world.” Please research about the Nazca Lines. I have been in Macchu Picchu a couple of times. There is no way on Earth that our current worshiped technology could make something like it. Look at the structures. Feel the vibes there. See how the knowledge of astronomy, architecture and aesthetics all blend in. Accepted theories show that this site was probably built by aliens… 🙂 Iam talking about something that I have first hand experience. There are other “memorials” in other parts of the world, such as the pyramids in Egypt, the ones in Mexico, their advanced knowledge in astronomy, etc.

Here a little website. By the way, “Macchu Picchu” was “discovered” by an American, Hiram Bingham; even though natives new about it long ago, but it takes a foreigner to “discover things.”

It is a wonder how scientific theories come mostly from American or British scientists, specially from the most renowned universities. You do not hear much about latin american scientists making a “breakthrough.” It is not because they cannot think. It is because they are not part of the “game.”

Please read this website for further information about the scientific whims of the time. How some scientists were treated just to preserve the “old stuff.” 🙂 Change is not always welcomed.

I think i have given you enough “intellectual material.” Just remember that a change of consciousness means a different way of looking at things. That hopefully will come with time.
Welcome to the BK club!

May you grow and prosper…

Best wishes!

Question: Does this mean that according to our stage before coming to gyan we can understand how much we took from baba in the previous cycle and how far in the golden age we came? Because brahma baba and mama had very good stages before. As an example if someone’s stage is very good before becoming a Brahmin does that mean that that Brahmin has come at the beginning of the cycle? And in my case my stage was very bad before does that mean I came at a later time in the cycle?

Thank you for your question!
Dear soul,

We cannot generalize. No one could say a bad thing about my physical Father, but yet he is not a BK, even though he truly behaves with lots of spiritual wisdom without being spiritual. If I am asked to write a book about him; obviously I will not describe the instances when I was punished by him or when I thought that he had made a mistake. I will write this book to show his greatest qualities.

There is no relationship in coming to Gyan in a “good or a bad” state with coming earlier in the cycle. What gives you a number is your capacity to settle those karmic accounts. That is all.

Best wishes!

Question: After reviewing your comments on today’s murli, it seems that we can’t complain or compare our role in this drama, this makes me come to the realisation that we should make the maximum effort and be content with whatever outcomes it brings? Please share your thoughts as contentment is virtue too?

Thank you for your comments!

We should make the “effort” to be aware of soul consciousness and to experience that soul, what we are.
That is all…to increase that awareness, we have a “code of conduct” in BK life.
For many, “making effort” means to follow the code of conduct, for others to “do service,” yet for others to “forget everyone else including your body,” or to be “in love with the One.” (amazingly, that seems as if to love is an effort.) For me is to be aware as much as possible so I can experience soul consciousness, for in that experience there is self transformation.

If you would like to call my description above, “maximum effort; ” then .. yes, that is what it is and then let go of any perceived “outcome” or expectation. Everything will happen automatically when we reach soul consciousness. Otherwise, there is the continuous striving, the comparison with others, the spiritual ego to “achieve.”

There is no place to “arrive,” but just where you are now. 🙂 It is a matter of 5000 years. All there is to it is just to emerge a “new” consciousness.

Contentment is not to be “OK” with your lot or what you have “received.” That is to be “complaisant.” (willing to do what pleases others) Contentment is “inner fulfillment.” In that contentment there is what Baba calls “attainment.”

This Drama is a game. It is a play for little children to be amused at. When we believe the play to be “real,” we get in trouble.

Best wishes!

Question: Om Shanti, Dear Brother, I’m new to this knowledge. My question is does each soul has 84 births or not? I think that those who live more than 100 years in the present time are left with 1-2 births. Is it correct or not?

Thank you for your question! and welcome to Gyan… 🙂
Visualize a circle. In that circle different souls come down at different “times” before completing the full circle. If you keep in mind that a human being could live up to 150 years as a maximum span, then you will realize that there are some souls who will take fewer births than 84.

Also, keep in mind that at every birth, we have different roles which call for different life spans. For instance in one of my 84 births, I may have only lived for 1 day. The next one 120 years, etc.

Therefore, according to gyan, the maximum number of births in a period of 5000 years which is a cycle is 84 births. Some souls may take less births to a minimum of 1 birth. Thus, every soul except God, takes at least 1 birth.

Best wishes!