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Question: Breaking vicious cycles in life

“Breaking the Vicious Cycle: In the old epic called Mahabharath there is a story of “Chakravyuh”, It is said that Arjun’s son whilst in the womb heard half the story of how to enter the chakravyuh but when Krishna was telling the part of how to get out of it, since his mother went to sleep. he gets killed coz he enters but does not know how to get out. We as beings in this cycle create so many vicious cycles in our lives which we enter rather easily but do not know how to get out of it- I will give you an example- Ram has been attending spiritual classes for the past 15 years- when it was told that destruction is just around the corner- impact- he took it easy as far as his career is concerned- his fitness- his relationship with his immediate family- You cannot eat food cooked by people who are not in gyan- Your children should also come to the center- Now after a few years of this honeymoon intoxication the effect of this started to show- his career went downhill- he somehow thinks that everything is going to be allright tommorrow- because bapdada is there to help- This cycle continues for a long long time- he starts to then feel that he has no choice to be positive and think that everything is going to be okay- very much like the investors thought post 9/11…. Now how does Ram break this vicious cycle he has created and so many small cycles with-in it to come out and breathe some fresh air- thanks and regards.”

Dear reader,
Thank you for your question. To break a vicious cycle in our life is pretty easy once there is complete realization of what is happening.

Many times, we “think that we know,” but we don’t. Many times, we think that we have figured it out; but we don’t. Many times, we don’t accept help, because we think that we can deal with it ourselves. Many times, we fool ourselves because we don’t want to see what is in front of us.

For those readers who would like to know a bit of information about what is “Chakravyuha,” you can find it here:

Indeed the Mahabharath has a great analogy with this story.
The character who died in the Chakravyuha (circle of military formation) is known by the name of Abhimanyu. Clearly, we can see that only having half of the information of something, is not the proper way to behave. That is why, we “think that we know,” when we don’t.

The question is, why Abhimanyu had to die in such a way, or what prompted him to do such an action?
In the Indian Mythology, it is said that Abhimanyu was an enemy of Lord Krishna in his previous birth, he was the demon Abhikasura!

The teaching, is that whatever you see that is going on, under this belief; it is due to your karma from previous births. Thus, for most is about blaming into our past for whatever we have done has a consequence in the present. Nevertheless, we forget that Abhimanyu will be someone different in his next birth by following this belief system. It is a never ending story with many plots along the way!

There are many ways to look at this. Life is a story. How you perceive that story to be, is how it will be for you. Abhimanyu, lived like any of us; did what he thought it was “right” like any of us would do and died like any of us will do. His story is just different than anyone else but the end result is the same.

Abhimanyu acted as his role in life was meant to be. The interpretation of his role in life depends on us, the “outsiders,” we are the ones feeling pity or qualifying his life as “good” or “bad.” However, life does not work under human moral standards. Abhimanyu had a role to perform and he did it. End of report.

The example that you are giving is your own perception of life. Your own interpretation when things do not happen as you thought they should.

Please see that you are living. No one could stop you from enjoying life as it is for you.

Ram has followed a lifestyle just because he believed that destruction of the world was just around. That belief brought other changes in his life, which are not the consequence of following a religious group, but the consequence of following your own beliefs.
Please see that.

What Ram has realized thus far?

Let me give this story in exchange:

Ananda, on the other hand; joined the same group that Ram belongs to, only because he wanted to know God.
Ananda knew God through an experience after many years in that group, but Ananda realized, that he didn’t know himself. That realization was so strong and so evident; that Ananda had to change.

Could Ananda be upset with that religious group for not telling him that “to know yourself is the ultimate”?
Or Ananda should be “seeing” this experience in a different way: “Because Ananda got to know God; then Ananda was able to recognize the importance of knowing himself. Without that previous experience, Ananda would have not experienced that other strong realization.

Ram needs to be honest with himself and ask himself what is what Ram wants out of life?
If Ram wants a career or “help from God,” or to belong to a group to get “salvation,” perhaps Ram is not looking into the right avenues.

Nevertheless, until Ram does not fully realize this, things will go as they are, the vicious cycle will continue on… we could call this “karma” to feel “good” about it… but there is no complete realization.

That honesty can move you into a different experience, but there is risk involved when not ready, just like Abhimanyu experienced by not knowing how to get out of the “Chakravyuha,”…. By not paying attention that the way he entered the circle, is the same door to get out… 🙂

Best wishes!