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Question: Baba says that you have to make a balance between “Love” and “Law” could you please explain how to make this balance practically in lokik an alokik life?

Great question! Thank you for asking.

To answer your question I will share an article which was written sometime ago. It was about “Love and Law” and Dadi Janki’s words inspired me to do it.
When you finish reading it, I am sure you will get the point and will implement “law and love” practically in your life according to your circumstances and current set of sanskaras… 🙂

Here you go, Best wishes! 😉

“It takes a second to forgive. Be able to forget what happened so deeply that, even if someone reminds you, you cannot remember. Have a balance of law and love, not just law on its own. I do have to be firm following the laws of God, but this is easy in an atmosphere of love. Give love to yourself so you can follow God’s laws and give love to others so they can follow God’s laws. We have to move forward with forgiveness, compassion, honesty and love.”

Dadi Janki.

Laws are black or white. There is no in between. However, laws are able to make a distinction between what is considered correct and what is not; this distinction has no ranges. It is an “all or nothing” approach.

When we read a law, for instance: “Do not swim in this lake.” What would happen if I see a creature in that lake needing help and I enter this lake and swim in it? Did I break the law? Of course, I did. Do I feel “bad” because of that? Not a bit.

The problem comes when our mind becomes settled in extremes and we pretend to fit any event which life throws at us into those extremes. That is the easy approach.
Let me put everything in convenient “boxes” in that way my intuition, my sensibility is completely out of the picture and only “reasonable extremes,” thoughts based on duality, “black or white”are available.

I recall the story of a young close friend of mine who wanted to become a “great athlete.” He took great care in doing all of his assigned workouts, rest, nutrition, etc. He was very disciplined in following his daily routine, however; he wasn’t happy even though he was pursuing his dream. Why? Because he wasn’t in balance. A Human being is more than just a “great athlete.” Due to his motivation to follow everything down to the “dot,” this young fellow wasn’t enjoying a social life, he needed to go to bed at 10 PM, “no matter what in order to get his 8 hours of sleep which is recommended by most physicians as a normal and healthy habit.”

In his young age when most social activities were happening at night, he wasn’t able to go. When faced with this decision he stuck with his “athlete dream” so faithfully, but painfully, his social life was missing and with that the wholesomeness of life.That is the consequence of an “all or nothing approach.”

In due time, this lack of balance started showing in his athletic performance. The pressure of becoming “great” was even taking away the joy of practicing his sport.
Success is not a straight line. Most of us believe that in order to swim passing the waves of the ocean, we need to walk straight, no matter what. Watch out! …others are watching you… or so we think. Rather, it is an easier approach just to go under the waves and emerge, safe and ready to swim with joy and liberty after “bowing down” to the circumstances in life.

The “great athlete” could have shown his discipline by only attending to his friends parties, let’s say twice a month rather than denying them altogether.

Here is when love is needed. In this path of knowing ourselves, we need to learn to know our current stage. Are we there yet? Give love to yourself, encourage yourself, and “train” yourself to reach where you want to be. Do not give up. Go under the waves of “hard circumstances” and reach the destination safely. Enjoy life. Love is enjoyable.

Discipline is not longer discipline unless we understand the concept of flexibility. Discipline without flexibility is tyranny to our own self. Lack of respect for the self.
Wisdom comes when we learn to understand when to use flexibility and when to stop so it does not become carelessness. Discipline is this drive which clearly knows about the destination and knows the direction even though the winds of circumstances maybe blowing at a different direction.

To live life fully, thinking is not needed. Sensibility, appreciation and gentleness are necessary qualities to develop. Then we can act without “understanding,” without thinking and “acting right.” Laws are needed when those qualities are lacking. Thinking is “black or white.” Life does not have any colors.

Many times we are so hard on ourselves that we take away the joy in our lives.

Love is the answer. It takes time to learn to love ourselves, because we don’t realize that love is not something to give to “others,” when there is nothing inside ourselves to give.
As love grows inside us, giving is a natural consequence when there is fullness. A tree full of fruits does not know the significance of “giving.” Its own fullness automatically gives. That is a law of life…