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Harmonious balance


A traffic law is based on a “black or white” view of the world. It is a simplistic view of the importance of “actions.”
Do not turn left. Do not park. Yield. Stop.

Life does not work that way. Can we observe that? Life is not “Black or white.” Life has no moral standards built in it, unless we purposely label something as “holy, pure.” When we do that, we have automatically labeled the other things as “impure.”

That is how we create Duality.

The “law” has a connotation of righteousness, morality, good, etc. Nevertheless, the law is simply, the way our society has agreed upon to “act.”
An agreement is not the “holy grail” of morality.

It is very important to perceive the above, in order to understand what will be shared below.

The typical consciousness of our society supports the simple understanding of “black or white” statements. Most organized religions are shaped in that way as well.

For example; if we perceive sex to be a problem, then the easiest way to “eradicate” that “problem” will be by denying sex to all. (Black or White means No sex= good OR Sex = bad.)

Since this is not feasible, then the next step is to regulate it. “Thou shall not commit adultery.”
At this point, is when definitions and concepts come into existence.
For example, let us define adultery.

Adultery will be defined according to some ideal, belief or reason, however; let us observe that “morality” of that definition is just an agreed upon convention.

Do we see that?

What about if there is a “smarty pants” among us and discovers the above?
Well, in that case the “ultimate” support weapon will be unleashed…
What is that?

“God has said it.” End of report.

When the “holy” circles are sure that this is so, then anyone who thinks otherwise automatically becomes a heathen, infidel, pagan, etc. (Black or White = pure /impure)

Nevertheless, when we observe Life, Nature, we discover that everything works in harmonious balance without having “do nots” around.
Wouldn’t be a total contradiction for God to say “do not” when “his creation” does not operate in that way?
Ahhh! Observation… How many crimes have been committed for lack of using thy name!

So, you “believe” that God did not create Life, Nature but still you believe that He is saying, “Do not” to many things that otherwise you would do?
If God did not create Life or Nature, then…. what kind of “God” is that? 🙂
Perhaps someone else’s “definition.”

We have been conditioned to conform to one side of duality and to believe that Life is nothing but our established rules and regulations. Our minds are full of those beliefs, which even contradict our own feelings.
There is no need to react “against” that, just to observe for when we observe we are not part of it, even though we live in it. Isn’t that paradoxical? Want to “act,” to do something about it for “others”?
Yes? Then your opposition will be your position. That means rejection, contempt for a part of Life itself.
There is nothing harmonious about rejection.

To learn to perceive balance and harmony is beyond the understanding of rules, regulations, commandments and such. It is not a “black or white” scenario. It is not a simple following of a holy paragraph, law or code.

We belong to Life itself and when we observe that, we will be able to move according to the circumstance and the current time.
A good idea today, will be a “bad” idea tomorrow. Timing.
Laughing in a particular setting may not be proper. Circumstance.
Observe that “do not’s” are not needed or required. Life is not a traffic law school.
Be in tune with Life. Appreciate it. Belong to it. Be “It.”

To learn to observe from different perspectives may be a gift, but more than that it is simple awareness.
We have been living for the longest time secluded in a box of beliefs, when in fact; those are thinner than the air that we breathe in everyday.

Wake up. 🙂

The thought and the thinker


Let us put everything together. Let us add some depth to these sharings.

Reality is what we make up of our perceptions. There is a collective perception, which many times is called “reality” but that perception comes from a certain type of consciousness which is fed through information.

That is, what we have learned is merely agreed upon information.

My eyes can see. I do not know if someone else can see exactly what my eyes are able to see. I may call “reality” to what my eyes perceive, but it is far from “reality.” My eyes are able to perceive something according to the way those eyes were designed to “see.”

The same is for every sense, for every perception. When we identify this in ourselves we could have a greater openness, greater understanding.

Someone may spend their life trying to find what is truly “reality,” but how is that person able to perceive that reality? Through the same senses which are designed to see in a particular way.

Mathias, the wise tree; was speaking with his friend Ananda about deep things…. 🙂

Ananda: Friend, I can see now, how a belief may not necessarily be my experience, but in a collective consciousness, that belief must be accepted to belong.

Mathias: Who are you?

Ananda: If I do not use any belief system and just out of my own realization; I am pure, dynamic consciousness.

Mathias: Dynamic?
Ananda: Yes… it is continually evolving, changing.

Mathias: …but what type of consciousness are you?
Ananda: type? I don’t know.
Mathias: Just feel it, friend. Forget about thinking.
Ananda: … well, nothing comes up…
Mathias: Look… Tell me what do you see?
Ananda: I see a tree.
Mathias: You have a thought of seeing a tree, which automatically makes a separation between “you” and the “tree.” Those labels, “you” and “tree” define and separate.
Is there any separation between the thought and the thinker of that thought?

Ananda: No! There is not.
Mathias: Friend, then what are you?
Ananda: Everything!! Now I understand! 🙂
Mathias: That is Totality. Only labels and the thoughts about those labels separate things.

When we talk about thoughts, the question could be: Am “I” truly, willingly creating those thoughts? If “I” am then how is it so hard to stop them? 🙂

Please consider the questions above. If you go into it, you may find out your relationship with life and you may know for yourself as to why, enjoyment of this experience of life is important.

Many have “knowledge” about the movie of life, but they do not see the relationship between thoughts and that movie of life.
Many have a belief in God, but they do not see the relationship between the word God and their beliefs of what that word means.
Buried in beliefs then, it is impossible to see that we cannot define, the indefinable.

The “keyword” is consciousness.


Explaining the word consciousness is an impossible venture. It is in our experiences but we do not recognize it many times…. Perhaps because we are unconscious… 🙂

The dictionary will define consciousness as: “The state of being awake and aware of one’s surrounding.” Get it? 🙂
Now every one of us will interpret that definition. Some will venture into becoming gurus and explaining their own take on that. They will have followers who will merely repeat the “concept” and if they stick around long enough, then they will become the next guru in the “lineage,” full of dogmatic concepts to repeat to potential followers.
“We have the truth,” they say. In truth, just a bunch of concepts, definitions and so on.
Their task now is to fit the perception of “reality” into their dogmatic views. Quite a task.

And that is how we “think” that spirituality is another “concept” gathering deal.
You got to know the keywords: “ Consciousness, live in the moment, soul, God, eternity, etc.”

Do we remember the time when we played with dolls?
I mean, most girls have played with them. Also boys: The popular “G.I Joe.” The exclusive image of a super macho guy with his impeccable wardrobe to fight evil through muscles and guns. The “fun” was to change his clothes according to the appropriate circumstances, according to the “adventure.”

Do you remember the time when you decided to stop playing with dolls?

Most probably not. There wasn’t a single moment which indicated that change of…. consciousness.

Granted. If your “Grandpa” caught you playing with your G.I Joe doll, he may have said something to you, like: “Boys do not play with dolls” and just to make sure that you got his message, he may have added a group of things that “boys are supposed to do.” That probably stayed in your memory banks, so you could repeat that to your grandkids. 🙂

Then, at that point; even though we may want to play with our G.I Joe exclusive edition, we were repressed thanks to Grandpa. Our consciousness did not change, but our behavior did through a “commandment.”

See where am getting at?

Another example.
Let us say that Annie was a meat eater. She decided to become a vegetarian because she wanted to “eat healthy.” According to her views, to eat healthy is equivalent to be a vegetarian.

That means that whenever she is not feeling like “being healthy,” she could go back into her old self.
Her consciousness has not changed.

What about if Paul is told by “eminent, respected individuals” about how animals are mistreated, even as pets when he attended a talk given by XYZ organization. Paul felt that he had to do something about it. He joined the organization….”I am for fair treatment of animals,” nevertheless, he could not stop eating a “big mac” on a daily basis. His consciousness couldn’t see the relationship between his “ideal” and his behavior.

Another example?
Petra joined a religious group. She had an “experience” in that group. She believed that to be a Godly experience.

Petra couldn’t understand how her folks were against her joining that “cult.” (The label given by those who do not like a religious group.)
Obviously 2 different state of consciousness.

Petra found some “support” from others which had similar consciousness. Their main task was to stay in that consciousness without further change.
They felt that they “have arrived.” They felt that their consciousness was the “highest.”

That is how there are many religions. Those only pinpoint the difference in consciousness.
Nevertheless, ego could be so great and then the point becomes in believing that “my consciousness” or “our consciousness” is the greatest. The truth… and “I am part of it.”

Notwithstanding, that type of consciousness may become a “life style” rather than a necessary experience in our paths to open up our consciousness even further.

That opening comes “naturally” when we are not entangled with beliefs, just like when we stopped playing with that G.I Joe doll…. It just came the day when we decided to stop being part of his awesome adventures… 🙂

Everyone of us, is a “work in progress.” There is no “arrival.” The issue is when we see something, when we realize something and we are unable to live according to that realization due to different fears.

Moreover, there are some who believe that the “time when we played with a G.I Joe doll was a waste of time.”
Obviously those individuals do not realize that everything has its own timing in life…. And for everyone that timing is different… all according to their own state of consciousness.

The untouchable Truth

If we believe that we are going to find the truth here, in these writings; we may be wrong.
If we think that we will find the “ultimate truth” in any religion; we may be wrong as well. There is no dogma or belief that could convey the truth.

If we think that this “truth” could be put in words as to “tell everyone what it is,” we will make a fool of ourselves.

If we think that we know God because we have an “experience” of God; we may need to think it twice: Knowing is not a description. Knowing is not a definition. Knowing is not analysis. Knowing is not talking about it.

Knowing is being it, for only in being something, we can know and that cannot be described.

Avyakt7 cannot describe himself for by doing that, Avyakt7 will “frame” something which is continuously changing. Avyakt7 today is not the same one as yesterday. A description of Avyakt7 is just a lie of what Avyakt7 ”is.” At the same time, Avyakt7 is merely a label. 🙂

As long as we are cluttered with thoughts and thinking, as long as our minds are not “pure” with emptiness, crystal clear without the clutter of our own past experiences, our own judgments and preconceptions, we cannot know anything at all. We can just describe, repeat, follow, believe.

That is why in spirituality one of the first realizations is to see the futility of our own minds in grasping something which is not related with thought and thinking.

That is why, to have a piece of information and call that “knowledge,” is a good way to deceive ourselves.
Deceive ourselves from what?
From knowing ourselves.

Is Spirituality, everyone of us have to walk the path to know. There are no shortcuts. We cannot disclose our findings as the truth, for every spiritual walker is in a particular place in the spiritual path.
Numberwise. 🙂

If we talk about “lakes,” unless we have experienced that; we will not understand. But again, to say “lake” and to describe the “lake,” is not the same as knowing the “lake,” nor to define a lake means to “speak the truth” about “lakes.” Our talk or description can only be a vague reference, a clue for someone else.

A description can never be the truth. Words can never touch it.