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Useless definitions

The mind defines through thought. Thought uses words. Words express duality.
“What do you mean?”
Here is the “definition.” That definition is meant to separate that which cannot be separated.

For example, look at the Earth. It cannot be separated from the Universe, for it is part of it; however, by naming it “Earth” someone is going to ask: “What is the Earth? Define Earth…”
Then, the definition will appear and we will believe that the Earth is something separated from the Universe, a different thing, the Earth is confined to that definition…

If we observe the planet Earth, we could see Ocean and Land. Through labels, I have made the separation. Then, because the mind likes to analyze and continue the separation, I could make borders in that land and call that “a country” or “continents.” There are no countries in “real life,” but only in the human mind, the borders are in the human mind. See my point?

I am not saying that words are “Bad.” I am saying that once you are AWARE on how words direct your perception, you are free from the conditioning as long as you are aware.

Look  at these  words: soul, spirit, body, mind. Those labels only divide something, which cannot be divided.
“Who am I?”

Could John Doe be separated from the Universe?
Who is John Doe? Isn’t he a body? Which part of the body?
Oh… he is not a body, he is a soul… what is a soul?
Ahh! Let me define it: A point of light. Can I divide a point of light? Of course! Just label it something… The word “soul” is merely a label identifying someone’s experience. For most, it is only second hand knowledge. That is the beginning of self-deception.
John Doe is not a body. He is a spirit. Do you believe me? 🙂
What is a spirit? Let me define it: “the breath of God…” Sounds pretty, huh?
Or perhaps I could say: John Doe is a mind. What is a mind?
Let me define it: “It is pure consciousness…”  Very “new age-y” indeed.

The point is to observe how our language divides things. Thus, the mind divides. The Totality is one, and our minds are only concerned with a “part.” That part exists because of a “definition.” We believe the definition to be “real.”

Do you see my point? We are just adding meaningless words to define something, which cannot be defined. Therefore, beliefs come into the picture. Those beliefs represent only words, concepts.
If I say “John Doe is emptiness” that has as much “truth” as saying, “He is a point of light.” 

What is love?
Oh… Let me define it.
Absence of hate.
What is hate?
Let me define it: Absence of love.
Look at that clearly. See the mask of words? Knowing love or hate is not a matter of defining it. It is an experience. Can you put the “truth” in words then?

If the above is understood, if you had an Aha! moment… you will not believe in the world of words and thinking as the “reality,” but you will embrace the indefinable unity of all… Have you heard before that “we are one.”
It may not be a concept anymore for you.

Thought separates. Feelings unite, embrace. A mind free from thinking will know without definitions. A mind free from thoughts is egoless.
Now… If you want to “become free from thoughts to be egoless,” you are just wasting your time. What are you going to DO? Your mind has made that up; paradoxically, it is the ego wanting to get rid of himself, and that is exactly how the ego will continue to exist. If you reject something, you will make it stronger…

Just become AWARE. Forget about getting rid of things, conquering things, fighting things… The ego is an illusion created by the mind to give us individuality, separation, DEFINITION… then, AWARENESS is just a mirror. Put the ego in front of it and… you will see…

Nothing. 🙂

The Body-mind-spirit-soul connection


“I am a soul not a body.”
What about the mind?
What about the spirit?
Why some religions and philosophies spend so much of their beliefs in “conquering the mind” or “controlling the mind” if “I am not the mind”?

Words separate.
That is perhaps one of the most important realizations to go beyond the “head” and into the feeling of living Life.

Every word has an opposite.
That is how duality is created in our communication.

Now, that we could see this handicap inherent in the way we “think” (for words are needed to express thoughts) then we could see how plain stupid is the idea of “defining” God, “defining” who I am, “defining” Life, etc.

Do we see that we are using words to express in duality that which is not possible to express through duality?

Do we see how thinking alone cannot bring a different state of consciousness, other than the perception of separation?

Living life in joy is not concerned in the most minimum in defining or conceptualizing Life.
Do not define yourself to be able to change, to flow, to live.

The unity of the body, mind, spirit, soul is artificially divided through thought; when in “reality” it is unity which no label or definition could touch.

Do we see that?

Moreover; the unity of body, mind, spirit, soul is ONE with everything else, for it cannot exist all by itself. Totality.

Do we see that?

Let me put it in another way.
Any thought is doomed to separate what otherwise is not. That is why any “intellectual” cannot “walk his talk” in “spirituality.”

“ Me and God alone.”
That phrase is full of separation. Full of “I.”

Let me put it in yet another way…. 🙂
Thinking and its entire family of beliefs, judgments, assumptions, analysis, logic and reasoning are not the “tools” to live Life in Joy.

I could hear a “black or white” follower saying:
“ Thoughts are bad then. We must make effort not to think.”

That is a gross misinterpretation just as to believe that by denying ourselves from Life’s pleasures and becoming an ascetic or a “renunciate” we could be “better.”
Thoughts are extraordinary tools to live Life in the “office world.”
Integration rather than rejection.

Life’s pleasures are part of the whole experience of living.

Separating pleasure from pain, we have created a duality. Choosing one over the other, we have created an illusion.
There is no separation between pleasure and pain for the experience of one, necessarily leads to the experience of the other.
Just like the experience of hot and cold, light and darkness, good and bad…

Want to feel guilty? Want to ask God for forgiveness?
Make that separation. That is all it takes.

A dogmatic view


What color is the sky?
Depending on our consciousness, there will be an answer.

Let us say that some individuals were born color blind but with possibility to recover their “in color” vision.

One of them had a vision of the sky on a sunny day. He was amazed at the color that he saw: “It is blue!” he said.

“Blue” was something that the others could not understand for that wasn’t in their experience.

For all we are concerned, he could have said: “It is yellow,” but still it wouldn’t be understood.

Those who could see colors realize that “blue” is a vague identification of the color of the sky. There are many types of blue. Many shades. Many tones.

As the “color blind” people around were amazed to witness the “transformation” of the person who identified the sky as “blue,” everyone followed him.
The “blue sky” person became a “colorful” person. He was different. Everyone decided to follow him to have a portion of his experience.

They had “knowledge” now. The sky is blue.
What color is the sky?
“We believe the color of the sky is blue. That is right. Everything else is wrong.”
That is a dogmatic view.

The color of the sky changes for life changes. The color of the sky cannot be reduced into a word.
What would happen if one of the color blind people awakens his full vision while looking at sunset hours? That is when shades of red, orange, yellow, white and blue are perceived in the sky.

A new religion will be born, for sure.

Some scientific people will spend their time analyzing the sky. Their question is: Does the sky exist?
Define what is “sky,” perhaps some will ask.

Hiding behind that definition lays the “trap.”
My definition is not the sky, but just a definition.

Others may ask, ‘Why is the sky blue?”
Some may say: “It is due to the color of Ozone.”
Define “Ozone.”
It is 3 molecules of Oxygen.
That makes sense! Now, I know!
But others may say: “According to so and so, Ozone is colorless.”

The endless search for answers gives the illusion of knowing. That is the other extreme of a dogma.

A dogmatic view of life is completely closed to the possibility of change. Their dogma could be put into words to live by.
A dogma is a rejection of the possibility of newness. It is in that view how our beings are unable to perceive change and to embrace it for fear of losing that which we may think to know.

Knowing is not words. It is not a sentence or a book. It is experience. That experience cannot be put into words.
A dogma is composed of words. It is a closed “post-office” of never sent letters, in the immensity of the world.

“Why is the sky blue?”
Because it is blue.
Now, let us try replacing the word “sky” for “spiritual” words such as: God, soul, spirit, goodness, mind, etc, etc, etc.

Being a “script” in Destiny :-)


Some buttons were pressed when in the last article it was mentioned “we are a script in destiny.” 🙂

That ego jumped up… very high.
Wait a minute… “I am” something!

We are not a “script in destiny.” That is just a way to express according to the context of the writing, to make a point across. Hopefully we could see how attached we could be to our own beliefs.

Can we live with the understanding that what we understand “now” as “truth” and the way we understand that could be a misinterpreted belief? 🙂

If we can, an immediate openness in our consciousness will take place. Now we can listen to “others” and to our inner being.

How it could be expressed that we are something which cannot be defined or conceptualized but has consciousness and that consciousness is integrated in a movie reel with a particular script to perform?

How it could be expressed that this “I” is merely the identification of that consciousness with a body and a role in a society, which is always comparing with the perception of “another” consciousness embodied into another human being?

Hopefully the above will not be misunderstood. Avyakt7 does not know any other way right now to put his experience in writing. Sorry. 😦

Q: If this thing called spirituality is about discovering that ego which does not allow us to integrate with the Totality, then why is there a need for so many beliefs and religions?

A: Simply because the majority of the “people” are only conscious of their own individuality. Because of that, ego is pretty strong. That ego wants to survive and live.

A: If someone says that “You are nothing and so I am.” That will definitely bring a misunderstanding in someone whose experience is to be only “someone.” Please see the paradox that we could be “something” and “nothing” at the same time. We could open that door when necessary, but we don’t.

Therefore, how can we change someone who is absorbed in his own individuality through his own ego?
Definitely it will not happen by telling him or her, “You are nothing.” BUT, the beginning of that change could happen if there is an almighty, all-powerful being, greater than our egos who is directing you to “do something.” That little ego of ours may feel empowered at that time!

God is needed at that time.
Our ego “likes” to be important. Our ego loves to have a “purpose.” Our ego feels secure knowing that it will not perish but survive in the afterlife. Our ego feels great when it knows about having free will to “do” whatever. Even though, spirituality is about “being” and not doing…and the minute we “think” that we “are” something, that is the minute that ego has arrived again.

That is how slippery ego could be.

Do we see that?

Q: So what you are saying is that God is needed to ensure change for a determined type of consciousness?

A: Could be. It is not for me to say that. God has value. God exists, although our consciousness will dictate how much.

Q: So you are not saying anything then. Are you afraid of saying things as you think?

A: No. It is not a question of being afraid. It is a question of respect for someone else’s beliefs, and their state of consciousness. Avyakt7 is not pushing his “beliefs.” Avyakt7 is not interested in creating a religion to “save everyone.” Avyakt7 is merely sharing his experiences.

Q: So, you could be “wrong”?

A: 🙂 Maybe. Maybe not…. 🙂 What is right and what is wrong in a Universe of perceptions? What is right and what is wrong in a world where everything is “beneficial” as it is? Just because it is that way. Avyakt7 is not looking to be “right” or “wrong.”
Avyakt7 is merely enjoying …. Is that right or wrong? 🙂 🙂

Odd questions in Spirituality

The questions: why? How? Where? When? May sound like good questions to ask when we would like further information. The issue with spirituality is that spiritual knowledge is not related with “information,” but it is mostly related with experience.

We have been trained through our educational system to use the “scientific method,” to “know” things. That knowing means to classify, to describe, to contrast and to label.
That is a “static” way to describe, but there is no knowledge in it. It is just information.

Knowledge is always practical and should be used in our daily life. That is why, spirituality is way more than “theory.”

Reasons and arguments are mental paradigms for mental understanding. Paradoxically, that mental “knowledge” is an obstacle for experiencing “newness,” because when we ‘know” we have an expectation for something to happen according to what our knowledge dictates.

That could be true in the physical world, but not in the spiritual realms.

Where is the soul world?
A region without time does not have a location. Therefore it could be here or there, or nowhere.. 🙂 However, it exists. Experience does not dictate location.

What is happiness?
A definition is not happiness. We like to use the “word” to describe something but the interpretation of that “something” varies because we are “numberwise.” More words we use to describe, more confined our explanation will be.

Where is the soul? Where? That question Is looking for a location again. The soul is timeless.

Who am i? Fill in the blank. That definition requires further definitions and explanations. Confined in ideas and theories, we miss the experience. If we try to “cage” the experience as “this is it,” we do not allow things to change. If we say “I am a soul.” What difference does it make practically? Do I have the experience?

More words, more concepts mean less experiences.
Food for thought. Drink for feelings.

Question: Dear brother , many thanks for your divine yuktis . Your words are wise and very practical . Could you please share some thoughts on self – compassion , self -acceptance . Kindest gratitude

Dear soul.
Thank you for your question! and your kind words. 🙂

I just share what is experienced. That is all. The role plays and “I” write.

“self-compassion,” and “self-acceptance.” Uhmmm… Those are “pretty words,” which could be defined in many ways. Here is the simple word to replace those other 2 “pretty” words: Love.
We separate love between love to the self and love to others and love to God. We like to “separate.” It is just love at the end of the road!

This is what I learned : When you feel peace; when you are in peace, you know love. Then, there Is no more “separation.” No more definitions. Just the experience. Then you know at that point. Defining words then, is unnecessary.

Best wishes!

Understanding Sakar Murlis: How the child goes from Kindergarten (children’s garden) to College

As I recall hearing the Sakar Murli from 2/7/2011 I thought, this would be a good example to bring up and to share that I was finally able to understand why Baba calls us “children.” 🙂

I was listening to a complex, very complex topic but Baba was using “4th grade level language” to explain it.

Here it goes:
“In the physical there are 2 rulers with 2 kingdoms, the Kingdom of Rama and the Kingdom of Ravan.”
“Baba does not give sorrow to anyone, it is Ravan.” “ Now, you are going to the Kingdom of Rama.”
“The Father has come to save you. There is the procession of the Groom and the brides. He will take you back home, to the land of Peace…” “Children remain pure only this birth.”

If we take that literally, we are still using that child language. It is poetic, it is romantic, it is easy to follow and to understand…. But there is no depth in it unless we churn it.

Now, here comes the High school kid:

“Baba is plainly talking about duality. Duality is something that we need to experience in this physical world. This is “High school” understanding.

“College” level understanding will allow me to see that there is duality only in the copper age onwards. Soul consciousness means to be free from duality; that is the Golden and Silver ages.

Now that we understand the beauty of predestination and that roles are running through us, we can see and understand ego and at the same time, we can see that is actually the Drama playing out which will “give us our kingdom.”

See the difference? Baba, the unlimited “Daddy” is no longer driving the car by himself… There is “Mama” Drama in the co-pilot seat… 🙂 at all times…

Of course, “Graduate level” understanding will show us that “we never had a kingdom” to begin with. The role allowed us to experience “having a Kingdom” but in soul consciousness there is no “consciousness“of “mine,” thus, is it your kingdom?

Knowledge, Godly gyan can be very deep. It could be very challenging to understand without understanding. All of these paradoxical things will not allow us to “imbibe” divine virtues, although it will give us “freedom” from the cage of thinking “inside the box.” The box of repetition without understanding.

This why inside gyan, we have so much depth, but so much depth that only a child could fully understand it…;-) Another paradox!

Once we understand the power of the Drama, words like “detachment” and “tolerance” are just unnecessary words meant to explain ideas which everyone will understand in a numberwise fashion without looking the word up in the dictionary.

Those ideas are not the “thing.” We cannot understand and apply “detachment” by a definition, but if we look at how the Drama is “running,” then we can understand.

Baba said in that Murli that everything that exists has a name and form. We are “slaves” of names which automatically give us a form. That is “thinking.”
If we could just be “free” from thinking, could we see something new?
You bet.

Have you seen a fruit which is almost a square, brown on the inside with 3 red triangular seeds and blue on the outside which tastes sweeter than molasses? 😉

You thought about it, then it exists. Now we just need to give it a name; let me call it: “ mareint.” Now the existence of that fruit is assured even though, it does not exist… but we can talk about it… this is the trap of language and ideas, definitions and such things, the beginning or bhakti and of course, of science.