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Question: According to gyan and law of entropy, we are degrading in every birth (from top to bottom). So, which means that our last birth (most cases the present one) is the most degraded one then our previous ones. But, if we see around world, now the living conditions has become much better than few 100 years back. Back, there was no education, no technology, world wars happening, fatal beliefs and customs such as sati system, child marriage and many miserable happenings and epidemics around the world. So, that means those were more suffering time for the majority of the souls than this, as now the life of majority has improved if seen in terms of standard of living through education and science. So, here I am doubtful as how now (in present birth) the suffering is most than our previous births?

Thank you for your great question!

First the experience of suffering is relative to the role. For someone used to the USA standards of living, to move to Jodphur, will be cheer suffering. The heat, the quality of water, the scarcity of water, the mosquitoes, etc, etc. On the other hand, for someone who was born in Jodphur, that is great. Similarly, your perspective on suffering is based on your perception that “technology is better than lack of it, education better than lack of it, etc. That is just a perception. You can live a good life without any of those. As a matter of fact, you can even live a healthier life.

The main issue is population increase. More people means more competition, crowded places to live, scarcity of goods and natural settings, increase in pollution, abuse of natural resources, etc. That is a logical fact and not a perception. That brings suffering. This is something which gyan explains. (from few to many = entropy)

The perception of happiness of a Brahmin soul is different than any other soul, for a world without disease, fights. untimely death, and lack of vices was experienced. Nowadays even though you may have technology and education, etc; the experience of disease, aging and sudden death is experienced. That is sorrow, that perception of sorrow will increase as time goes by. That is entropy.

When we talk about “most degraded birth” we need to understand that this is a matter of perceptions. I thought I had a pretty good life until I “became” a Brahmin. Then I was able to experience utmost sorrow when my “supports” were broken, but that is the “ONLY” way for a Brahmin soul to “ascend.” Then you realize that your once known “good life,” wasn’t that at all.

A fly is used to be around garbage. For a fly, garbage is “paradise.” For a butterfly, a flower and flying free is its own paradise.
Who is better?
None of them. Just different. But you can choose who you want to be. 🙂

Now, If you are really a butterfly acting like a fly, when you have the chance to have a glimpse of your butterfly life in the past; you will see your current life as a fly as the “most degraded one.” Even though you may have technology to pick up the garbage easier and education to teach you how to find the most alluring garbage dumpsters around. 🙂 Different perceptions.

Best wishes!