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Question on “Animal-land” evolution


My dear, dear Avyakt7,

In one of the recent SAKAR murlis BABA has said that in SATYUG of course many animals will be there but not all the types which we have in KALIYUG. This fact was somewhat confusing to me. How can the animal types not already present in the GOLDEN age appear during KALIYUG ? For example let us assume for the sake of argument that dogs are not available in SATYUG and that they appear later on in KALIYUG . This is possible only if a dog’s soul floating around canl find an already available body. Hence I thought that the body types must already be present from the confluence age onwards extending into SATYUG and then continue thru the whole cycle, is it not no ? ( Unless we are talking of evolution etc according to DARVIN). May be that I have erred somewhere in understanding. Kindly clarify.

Thank you & best regards to you and everyone of our divine family

Dear soul,

Thank you for your fantastic question!

This answer may help some souls to figure out further stuff!
As we know in the Drama, circumstance change. As it is the environment so are the beings in it.

When does the first fly appeared? Obviously as the environment changed into a suitable environment for them to appear, then they appeared. 🙂 Magic!
Now, if you ask me to explain to you the process of how exactly this happend and how a bug developed into a fly; I cannot tell you that. No one can.

However, I can facilitate a better example so your question could be understood.

Now, you see different races in the world. This environment is the environment of variety. Now, let me ask you: What was the race in the Golden age? 🙂 Have you seen a hispanic Narayan? or a Blonde Lakshmi? No.

The race is white with black hair.
So, how the other races appeared? 🙂 Through entropy, beings matched the environment little by little. From white light you have the latent capacity to show all colors of the spectrum as in a rainbow, which will be shown as the environment changes.

Then, obviously the other races appeared as entropy increased, just as animals developed as the environment changed.
We need to remember that there was a destruction at the end of the Silver age, and that meant many changes in the environment which we don’t know of.

Now to finish the example of the races that I gave.
That has been used by some to say that the “white race is superior” than other races because that was the original deity race.
That is not true at all.
The white race now has no resemblance with the features of the Golden age. However, from that white skin color, all other colors can appear later on and other modifications in the structure of the body can appear as well.

When we are caught up in the body and just one birth, we are conscious of only this life. We are not conscious of the many lives we have lived in other bodies and the different colors of clothes that we have worn.

Same for animals. The “clothes” (animals bodies) will appear as the environment changes. There are summer clothes and winter clothes and from those 2 extremes, fall and spring clothes also appear… just like in the cycle of time.

Best wishes!

Question: Om Shanti Dear Brother, In the Murli now and then we get the phrase ’16 celestial degrees complete’. Can you throw some light on it? Do we need to work out on each of the sixteen or will they come automatically as we focus on becoming soul consciousness stage?

16 celestial

Thank you for your question!
If you type in the “search” box of this blog “16 celestial degrees” (as shown in the picture) you will obtain all the articles where this term was discussed.
Here is one of them:
http://bkgyan.com/2012/11/16/question-name-in-detail-the-16-kalas-often-mentioned-in-brahmakumaris-discources/ Basically those are “virtues.” The number 16 was chosen for a full moon has that number of celestial degrees according to Sakar Murlis. (Sakaar Murli -Jun 16, 2011)

“You now become sixteen celestial degrees full by listening to the true story. The moon is said to be sixteen celestial degrees full. This is not said of the sun. You souls understand that you will become full of all virtues, sixteen celestial degrees full in the future. Then, after half the cycle, you will have alloy mixed into you. You now understand that you are once again becoming full of all virtues, sixteen celestial degrees full deities once again.”

Then someone immediately put on paper the “16 virtues,” so everyone could check if they have it or not .. 🙂 and with that came other versions…. As you mentioned, all we need to care about is to become soul conscious, the rest comes automatically in it.

Best wishes!

Topics with Depth: ” We do not Learn. We Remember.”

Topics with Depth
1. We do not learn. We remember.
“Baba is making us into Deities.”
We are already that which we will become. This sounds like a nonsensical phrase. However, with gyan ; that phrase has plenty of meaning. The role plays. We can only become that which we have been. Nothing more, nothing less.
Of course, we do not know what we will be. We don’t need to. It will happen as it has to happen. It is guaranteed. That is the game of being and becoming.
All we need to do is to stay in the path, the consequence will automatically manifest as a consequence, not as a desire. Please see this point.
Every time something happens in our life, we are remembering something to increase our remembrance of our own self, the experience of it. Baba repeats the same things in the Murli, those things need to be drilled down so one good day, we will remember and experience what he is talking about in a numberwise manner.
We have not learned anything new. It has happened like this before and will happen again in the same manner.
This point of gyan should automatically “free us” from striving, from “wanting to become” from letting our minds run wildly, from allowing the “spiritual ego” to rise up.
If we live with happiness now, happiness will be the consequence in the future.
Life experiences are valuable to make us “wake up” and remember. The Drama is there to help us see and recall who we are.
Baba is there to tell us that we are not alone. The road, the journey is always easier when we are not alone. Baba works through others, let us see that connection.