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On Saints, Demons and Angels


In a nutshell, a society makes up a Saint. Once a saint appears, a sinner is born automatically and with that a demon.

A society has moral values, which will change in time. A Saint represents that person who embodies those values.
A Saint represents the duality of being “against” something and “for” something. A saint lives for the most part a repressed life style.
His “goodness” is artificial for it is based on moral standards.

A saint represents a religious doctrine and because of that, a saint cannot be universal. A saint is the standard to imitate, a “divine” life but his lifestyle is out of the reach of the common man.

For that reason a “saint” becomes a “saint” when he is no longer among us; for that saint cannot make human “mistakes” anymore.

When dead, followers will appear and with that a new belief system.

Not everyone could be a saint, that person needs to fit the standards of “sainthood.”
Have not heard of a happy saint yet. As a matter of fact, it will be hard to see one who is joyful, smiling and full of life.

Nevertheless, our society needs those examples to point out the “right way.” 🙂

A Demon is a reactionary movement against sainthood. It is “heavy metal” when all you hear is church music. That reaction has the same qualities of “sainthood” just with the opposite polarity.

A saint rejects evil. A demon rejects the common good.

Most monotheistic religions are based on rejection of something to embrace the opposite.
It is in the understanding of the opposite but complementary forces of the Universe how wisdom appears. Wisdom cannot appear out of rejection.

An Angel transforms. An angel does not reject or oppose.
An Angel accepts and transforms. An Angel embraces all and is able to live in the dichotomy of life.

Everything is as it should be, so why reject anything, then?

An Angel does not belong to a particular religion, but he belongs to the world and it is in the world how an angel is made. An angel does not appear out of a religious protected environment or an ideology, but as the lotus flower; he emerges out of the mud not a clean vacuumed carpet.

An angel lives life to the fullest; experiences to the fullest and transforms all experiences through the consciousness of his benevolent feelings. An angel is out of this world but still lives in this world…among us and with us. Although he cannot be recognized as easily, he could leave a positive lasting impression in someone’s life.
That is his trademark.