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Important lessons from Life

If we are aware, we could learn many Life lessons from almost everywhere. Even from the dentist office!

The disciple went to visit the Orthodontist. He had one front tooth crooked and he wanted to fix it so his smile could look much better. The disciple thought that to fix only one tooth, would be a matter of a few weeks. He was shocked to find out that it could take half a year or even more.

The disciple went to see his master afterwards. The disciple exclaimed: “Master, to make only one tooth straight, it will take half a year! In the meantime I will need to wear braces which I heard could be messy after eating.”

The master smiled and said: “Naturally, you have the option not to do it. Remember that Nature designed your teeth that way. You will only pay the fair price to change things.”

The disciple said: “ Master, I want to have a nice smile!”

The master said: “ Alright. But let that smile come from a relaxed gut like a child. That is a frank smile which is appreciated by all. You could have perfect teeth with a fake smile. Remember to talk to your body, your mouth and give it a little massage and explain to it what you desire to do. In that way you will have its natural cooperation. It is not just to do it because you want it done. ”

The disciple couldn’t understand that advice. After all, those were “his” teeth. But he was going to follow his master’s advice anyway… just in case.

The master continued: “Remember that in Life things get worse before they get better. You may observe that some of your teeth move all around just to allow for that one tooth to be straight. That takes time and concerted cooperation. Most are used to fix things right away without obtaining consensus from others. That way of fixing is a violent fixation indeed. Everything needs time to accommodate. By being aware of the need for cooperation to reach a common objective, you are allowing for lasting, harmonious change.”

The disciple said: “Yes, master. I can see that many times even though we have an idea to progress, there has to be consensus by all involved. Although, I have observed that many times something good could turn into something bad as well. Why is that master?”

The master replied: “ Remember the game of duality. Good goes together with bad. You could praise someone many times. That is good. But then she could learn to expect that and become a tyrant. Therefore, here is another important teaching from Life: Learn when to stop. This not an easy lesson. It requires to have a sense of balance. Perhaps this lesson is of utmost importance to preserve ourselves: Exercise all you want, but learn when to stop. Eat all you want, but learn when to stop. Pursue your dreams, but learn when to stop. When you walk from point A to point B, it is a matter of moving forward. But when you walk in Life and become a Life walker or a seeker; it is not a straight path. You move two steps forward and then one backwards and perhaps a couple steps to the right and half to the left and then you stop and go at it again. It is a dance, not a walk! Therefore, remember to listen to the music being played so you can dance harmoniously, in balance. Those fixed in improving all the time and moving forward no matter what, believe that Life is a contest, a struggle where they need to win. They do not know when to stop. Moreover, they do not know how to dance. Thus, what joy could there be in their journeys, if there is a song playing and they do not listen to it ?”