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The thought and the thinker


Let us put everything together. Let us add some depth to these sharings.

Reality is what we make up of our perceptions. There is a collective perception, which many times is called “reality” but that perception comes from a certain type of consciousness which is fed through information.

That is, what we have learned is merely agreed upon information.

My eyes can see. I do not know if someone else can see exactly what my eyes are able to see. I may call “reality” to what my eyes perceive, but it is far from “reality.” My eyes are able to perceive something according to the way those eyes were designed to “see.”

The same is for every sense, for every perception. When we identify this in ourselves we could have a greater openness, greater understanding.

Someone may spend their life trying to find what is truly “reality,” but how is that person able to perceive that reality? Through the same senses which are designed to see in a particular way.

Mathias, the wise tree; was speaking with his friend Ananda about deep things…. 🙂

Ananda: Friend, I can see now, how a belief may not necessarily be my experience, but in a collective consciousness, that belief must be accepted to belong.

Mathias: Who are you?

Ananda: If I do not use any belief system and just out of my own realization; I am pure, dynamic consciousness.

Mathias: Dynamic?
Ananda: Yes… it is continually evolving, changing.

Mathias: …but what type of consciousness are you?
Ananda: type? I don’t know.
Mathias: Just feel it, friend. Forget about thinking.
Ananda: … well, nothing comes up…
Mathias: Look… Tell me what do you see?
Ananda: I see a tree.
Mathias: You have a thought of seeing a tree, which automatically makes a separation between “you” and the “tree.” Those labels, “you” and “tree” define and separate.
Is there any separation between the thought and the thinker of that thought?

Ananda: No! There is not.
Mathias: Friend, then what are you?
Ananda: Everything!! Now I understand! 🙂
Mathias: That is Totality. Only labels and the thoughts about those labels separate things.

When we talk about thoughts, the question could be: Am “I” truly, willingly creating those thoughts? If “I” am then how is it so hard to stop them? 🙂

Please consider the questions above. If you go into it, you may find out your relationship with life and you may know for yourself as to why, enjoyment of this experience of life is important.

Many have “knowledge” about the movie of life, but they do not see the relationship between thoughts and that movie of life.
Many have a belief in God, but they do not see the relationship between the word God and their beliefs of what that word means.
Buried in beliefs then, it is impossible to see that we cannot define, the indefinable.

The Beauty of Depth

The beauty of depth is
depth of beauty
beauty aims for depth
and depth for beauty

Depth without beauty
is a dry, lonely travel
under the cloudless sun
in the agony of a cavil

Beauty without depth
is a ballerina dancing
in the stream of life
searching for that man
without a wife

Depth climbs the balcony
to the door of the heart
only beauty has the answer
and the welcoming part

Two different paths
mingling at last
to be one
by dismissing their past

When beauty finds depth
there is death
of the mournful dove
then, what is born
is called love