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Question: how it would be that drama of 5000 year life cycle to be accepted by current cult of scientist openly & everybody in the race , no future strategies by governments which they plan for next many years , no future missions from NASA ? but drama will not allow that , it will be full of mystery untill last time .

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,

So far, we do not have a way to “prove” the duration of the cycle being 5000 years. Without that proof, the Scientific community will not accept it. Interestingly, there is no “proof” of the millions of years of origin of the Universe, either. There cannot be proof of that because the Universe has always existed as the law of conservation of matter states. ( And as cyclical time logically and rationally shows.)

The point in knowing the duration of “repetition” is not meant so people “just know” another fact, another interesting piece of data to recite. The utility of that information is to make us aware of where time is going.

What we may want to make scientists aware of is that “entropy” in the world keeps increasing. That is something that most probably realize but have not explored. That entropy does not mean “The end,” but the beginning of another “beginning.”

In fact, the knowledge of the cycle of time; should dissipate fear in people and should bring hope; but that is not going to happen if we, the ones who “understand” this knowledge are still afraid of “destruction,” when it is another “beginning.”

Even though we know it, we don’t understand it. To get to the point where our own understanding is accepting and not fearful, would be a good priority before thinking about convincing others. Certainly, the Drama could “allow” this.

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Question: Dear brother, I have read in an article on net that during the time of destruction all the Bk souls will be saved i.e.they will not leave their bodies and also another thing that during that time people will have visions of deities through us and also that all the souls will come to know and have visions of what they have done during all their births. Are all these informations true?please clarify.Thankyou.

Thank you for your question!

According to “pure gyan,” that cannot be possible unless it is some sort of patronizing story implying that everyone needs to be a BK, which in gyan, we know is not possible. “All the BK souls will be saved.”
Saved from what? We are immortal souls. Nothing could ever happen other than “change bodies.” Isn’t this knowledge? 🙂 BKs not leaving “their bodies”? Isn’t the Murli saying all the time that “it is time to go home?” 🙂

As far as people having visions… 🙂 People can have visions of anything. Certainly I am not opposed to that. BapDada many times mentions things in “general.” Referring to all “BKs.” However, we should know by now that everything is a numberwise game and unless we have reached a degree of spiritual perfection, no one will have a vision from us, just because we dress in white and wear a badge. As far as having a “vision of all the things that we have done in our births<" that would be a very loooong movie… which will repeat again. Now, if you mean "we will have a vision of all the bad things we have done." then that will be another 2500 years long movie with the only good thing that there will not be any commercials in it… 🙂

Come on! We know about the roles "being recorded" in us. Why get "punished" for something that we will repeat again? Why inflict suffering for something that we cannot do anything about to "fix"?
However, in the unlimited; even those things that were "sinful" were beneficial for the Drama to be the way it is. It is all cause and effect.

What will be at the end is suffering through our own vices. When is time to leave the body, unless we have experienced enough soul consciousness, attachment and ego will be there and that feeling will bring suffering in a numberwise manner.

As a kid my parents liked to watch "spanish soap operas." I recall about this guy laying in bed in his last moments, crying like a baby saying " I don't want to die… I don't want to die…" That is the way he died. That is suffering. No need for further movies and visions, don't you think? That is why while we are living we need to experience what is eternal.

I hope I answered your question.

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Question: Hi brother, My question is how the golden age and silver age all ended? Had it all happened due to the natural calamities that had destroyed all the golden palaces ?

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According to gyan, there was a destruction towards the end of the Silver age which marked the beginning of “body consciousness.” That destruction is remembered through the stories of “mythical” places such as the “Atlantis,” “Lemuria,” “Kumari Kandam,” “Mu,” “Mount Shasta,” etc.

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Question: Baba says – Golden age gets established before destruction takes place . Any signs any one sees golden age is being established..

Thank you for your question! 🙂
Short answer: when you self transform, you are establishing heaven before destruction. Right? Through the law of karma, you will experience heaven in the future and through your stage you will experience that “now” as well. That is the sign that we can “see.”

If you are referring to physical facilities, then your question would have been very tough to answer in the 1950’s, when there was no knowledge of the “Advance party.”
Now, since BapDada has disclosed this, then we know that there are some souls who are doing these things in a very incognito way. Once destruction happens there will be still 35 years before you see the “final product.” That is plenty of time to build things.

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Question: 1.Baba says duration of sangamyuga is 100 years ..beginning of golden age is that period when shri laxmi,shrinarayan sits on throne…&coronation ceremony….now it is already 75 years of sangamyuga when shri krishna will take birth……? 2.In context with todays murli (9/15/12) what do you mean by destruction of all religions? a) do their values become extinct? b) do they fight in them selves? c) does their religion disappear ? d) do they become complete dharmabrishta/karmabrishta?.. e) do they divide? what exactly happens even today at the end of sangam yuga …jainis are one of the best in their culture?/life style- muslim mosques vibrate with tranquility/peace…some churches are vibrating with serenity it is not complete destruction of these religions silence…can you explain in depth…how exactly these religions vanish…i think these vanish only 33 crore dieties remain stable on this planet???? 3.What spiritual efforts brahmins can make using subtle region.

Thank you for your questions!! 🙂

Dear soul, without further delay, let me go into them:

1) I have written extensively (more than what i am interested in) about this topic here:
However, for the sake of practicality, I will post what I consider the main points below:

Today was a very interesting Murli (5/14/11)
Why? basically it terminates once and for all, all the BK mythology about “destruction,” I mean; the “business” of giving dates. Some thought the “100 years” of Brahma (following Indian Bhakti) came about when Dada Lekhraj was born (1876.) Many BKs left after waiting for destruction on that date (1976) and it didn’t happen… and then Baba didn’t tell the children: ” I never told you when the 100 years would have started, why do you make stuff up? stop doing that, you are making me look bad” but rather, He went along with something like ” why are you upset if destruction didn’t happen? You have another chance…”

Baba is not in the business of “I told you so” but He lets the “children” go along with their games…. “destruction consciousness” I like to call it.

In the murli today it was mentioned that “There is no time when Shiva came” so, why are BKs giving dates such as ” 1876 (Brahma’s lokik birth ) or 1936 (when Brahma still thought that he was God due to the things that were happening to him.) Why go along with such childish games?

In the first avyakt Murli (1969) Brahma Baba mentioned about the 100 years of Brahma and that “certainly he will complete those in the subtle region.” We don’t know when Dada Lekhraj became Brahma. He hasn’t disclosed that.

Today’s Murli basically mentioned that “destruction” will happen before the 5000 years of this cycle are up. Destruction and the birth of Krishna happen at the same time as “visions of the future” points out, and that goes according to “pure” gyan, for “good” and “evil” have a common vortex. (destruction of the impure world, birth of the pure world.)

Then, there is a 35 years wait to complete the 5000 years cycle. At that point Narayan marries Laxmi and 1/1/1 starts. Therefore, we do not know when the 100 years countdown starts. All we know is that once destruction happens, there will be 30 to 35 years before day 1 starts.

Dear soul, we are not “75 years into Samgamyug.” That is incorrect. We are “75 years into the “official” beginning of Brahma Kumaris.”

2) This question was answered in today’s “Comments on Sakar Murli 9-15-12.” Basically, it is another “translation issue.” The word Dharma was translated as “religion” when it means more than that, a life style, traditions, a culture, etc. As we know, all of that will disappear and then the “Deity life style” will take over. It is not even a “Deity religion” as translated, for there is no need there of “spirituality” nor God. That is the Drama!
As we know, every culture changes with time. In this case, everything will change at a faster speed after “transformation” also known as destruction. Here is where the “Advance Party” takes over as “survivors.”

3) As far as “spiritual efforts” using the “subtle region,” I do not know of any.
I have not experienced the subtle region (yet.) So I do not know.
I have experienced the avyakt stage as I shared in an article and I have experienced BapDada’s help (magic) through “others”.. 🙂 to help me in my spiritual “efforts.”

Best wishes!

Question: About the truth of BK knowledge compared to history and science . See full question below.

Comment: I was churning some of the information in the murlis and need some clarification on the below.

The  murlis stated that the cycle is 5000 years.At the ending of 5000 years, the Golden Age starts again and goes on for 1,250years, then the Silver Age starts which goes for 1,250 years,then  copper age – 1250 years then iron age 1250years, then Golden Age again.We are in the Confluence age  right now.

For  this calculation, let us take it that the Iron Age ends today and The Golden age will be starting tomorrow.. Today is August,  2012 AD ( AFTER THE DEATH OF CHRIST).Christ came in the copper age. Take away 2,500 years (I.E  the Copper age – 1,250 years PLUS  the Iron age – another 1,250 years)we ended up with 488 YEARS BC(BEFORE THE  BIRTH OF CHRIST).2500 YEARS from today, OR 488 YEARS BC should be the ending of the Silver Age in which the BK teaching says that there  were still harmony on this planet with no fighting between nations/ countries etc. Plus  Souls were taking bodies by yoga power  and not by any kind of lust…sexual relationships.

History can prove that more than 3,200 years from today ( which will be in the Silver AGE ) babies were born not by Yoga power but  by having SEXUAL  RELATIONSHIP(a male and female )coming together, there were lots of fighting between countries –Greece, Egypt etc. 3,500  or 3000 years ago from today,the various nations had temples and places of worship where they went to worship their gods and goddesses.Therefore, where did the 21 trouble free births by Yoga power in the Golden and Silver Age( which should exist 2500 years from today plus 488 years – total 3000 years approx ago. ) which the BK is teaching  coming from?

Besides the BK had  PREDICTED that destruction will take place a number of times in the past, yet we are still here.e.g in Jan 18, 1977 .

Please do not get me wrong…… The BK Teachings in some areas e.g  we are all souls, Karma, purity , positive thinking are very good  but I am trying to make sense out of some of their teachings.

Looking forward for your reply


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Thank you for your question.

That question has already been fully discussed here:


Basically, you have the belief in “history of the world” versus Baba’s versions.

Don’t give me wrong but I have found many “glitches” in the history of the world. The most outstanding one being the assertion that the human race has existed for millions of years in “linear” time while current world population tells me that this is impossible, for the simple fact of “rate of growth.”  We have populated the Earth from 1 billion to 6 billion in way less than 1000 years. If in fact, we had lived for millions of years; our population would have been way greater than our current 7 billion people. Just simple logic.

I am also leery on the explanation that science has about the “origin” of entropy. How the world started in high entropy as the “norm.”

Brian Greene, Ph.D in Physics mentioned in his book, “The Fabric of the Cosmos” in page 164 “You should never be surprised or feel the need to explain why any physical system is in a high-entropy state. Such states are the norm. On the contrary, what does need explaining is why any given physical system is in a state of order, a state of low entropy.”

The cycle of time explains both, low entropy and high entropy without a problem. If you would like to read more about it, here is a link:

Click to access time.pdf

This will put the concept of “linear time” in the waste basket, which is defended by current science. I can go on with other appreciation of scientific “facts,” but history is not a domain of science because their own dating tests have been proven to be faulty and history has been manipulated in many instances. Just human behavior in kaliyug.

Science is good to apply laws and to create inventions, but I do not have any “proof” that what my book of history says is true.

On the other hand, as I explained before; I had experienced “Deja vues,” “fortune telling,” (which tells me that the cycle of time exists and it is repetitive, as Baba mentions)  and had an experience which allowed me to understand cyclical time instantly, which is explained here:
and which allowed this role to write this article here,

Click to access chickenegg.pdf

which has become the #1 article out of 49 in the topic.

That is “proof” to me. So, I choose Baba’s gyan at any time over any other knowledge.

As far as “destruction,” I have shared plenty on that here:


There is the knowledge of destruction, which is merely transformation for matter cannot be created neither destroyed… Only transformed.

Best wishes!

Question: Baba says that there will be destruction by “Shankar”. Could you please explain what is ” Shankar” actually?

Great question!
In Hinduism, God as the “doer” is portrayed doing 3 acts: Creation, sustenance and destruction.
Those activities are performed in this belief, by Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, Since God himself does not do those but, He “acts through others.”
In Brahma Kumaris, Baba has mentioned that “it is not Shiva for that is the name of God himself, but rather Shankar.”

Note that all of those explanations are devotional stories based on Hindu belief. Shankar is a name of a Hindu deity in the Hindu belief system. Sakar Baba used this terminology because it was part of his “sanskaras” at the time and just reflected his traditional belief system. We tend to explain something “new” based upon what we already know (Hinduism in his case.)

Gyan on the other hand, clearly shows that everything which exists is eternal; however, changes. Those changes are due to “entropy,” which means that “something “new” will get “old.”

Therefore, we can see how something which exists (creation,) changes into something else (sustenance) until it is no longer available for it has transformed into something “different,” (destruction) just to become the same thing again (creation.) That is an everlasting repetitive cycle.

Moreover, gyan clearly points out that there is no destruction at all for everything is eternal, it just changes in time to become the same again. Thus, in the “unlimited” destruction is merely transformation.

Best wishes.