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The stages of Seeking (3)

Lost in concepts to understand the “ego,” the seeker cannot go any further for understanding of the mind is not the experience and without assimilation of an experience, there is no change. That is how Life experiences and living beings are intimately related.  

The “vessel,” the human form is naturally empty. Intellectually, that may be known as “illumination.”It is through that emptiness how Life experiences are no longer a trauma which comes through the separation of Life and the “I.” Life is “giving” something which the “I” does not want to and rejects. That is a traumatic experience creating emotional barriers.

The “I” has created his Gods and his Devils. The “I” has created the “office world,” to be “busy,” and to “accomplish” things, to become “someone important” in this Life or the one “beyond.” At the same time, the “I” has created moral standards, laws, beliefs, traditions. Those things are part of the necessary make up of a society, but those things are not ultimate standards. 

Emptiness of all of that is not a religious credo. It will happen when our time is ripe. That is how “newness” appears.
There is no need to practice to be “good.” We already are, but covered with that ego, that “I.” Allow for Life to peel the layers of “I-ness.” The “I” cannot peel his own layers of ego.

Inner search then, is not about finding the “true” “I,” but to realize, to experience that there is “no-I.”

Nothing to be “saved.” Nothing that I can “do” to go to “heaven.” Nothing existing with a “purpose.” All is there. If you are conscious of that, enjoy it now for it will change.

The mind cannot create newness. Thought is only a linear recollection of “past” events used to extrapolate “future” events. There is no creativity through thought and thinking. Creativity is beyond it, in that emptiness. When there is no creativity, there is self-destruction, which is another way leading into creativity again. The circle is in movement. The mind can only see a stand still picture and try to desperately hold on to it. Life is a movie, not a picture.

When that emptiness settles in; the “seeker” does not seek anymore, for there is no seeker.  Paradoxically, “He” has arrived.

“Now that I know, I can make a shortcut and start from “no-I” and skip the rest…”
To know means to BE. You cannot BE when your mind is. Unless you live every stage, you will not know. 🙂