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Reader’s remarks: About Dharamraj

Om shanti.

Baba says that as Dharmraj He would only show us our mistakes/ sins but would not punish us Himself. He was/ is/ will be just a Detached Observer.

The ‘punishment’ that we undergo in Dharmraj puri would be ‘self-inflicted’. The soul watches his/ her sins and experiences pain and suffering based on what it is viewing. The soul realises its mistakes/ sins and ‘experiences’ equal amount of pain and sorrow that he/ she had inflicted on others.

That is how the soul gets purified and returns home as a pure soul sans all the weaknesses and vices he/ she had in the last birth.

Mostly, it seems like (sounds logical too) we settle all our karmic accounts of the previous births before leaving the present body. Yes, we do not know/ remember what all foolish, useless, and sinful things we had performed in our previous births; but we know the ‘root-cause’ of all those actions which is body consciousness.

So, the more we let go of our b.c. or, the more we improve our soul consciousness, the more our sanskars get reformed and sins will be burnt.

So, when we reach the subtle region for the ‘final purification’,we will be left with the (fresh) sins of this last birth that we could not settle before leaving the body. 🙂

The near death experiences that we have read explain how loving is/ was the DIVINE LIGHT (Baba/ Dharamraj)and how a few angel like people (8 jewels who will sit in the tribunal) were supportive and accommodating. Baba and the 8 jewels will not ‘condemn’ us for our ‘misdeeds’, rather, by giving love and support, they enable us to withstand our pain and suffering.

What else can we expect from the Ocean of Love and the Ocean of Knowledge who understands the Drama and our roles? The 8 jewels who sit in the tribunal are equal to the Father at that time hence they too shower love and power on the souls who are going through the process of ‘settlement’.

It is the Spiritual law that any soul has to lose its power of purity with time and has to regain it fully by the end of the drama either through realisation, or suffering, or both. So, the sweet Father and the 8 angels just assist us to understand our mistakes and to get rid of the dirt of vices.

Let us use the power of knowledge and yoga and remove our vices as much as we can so that we would not need to suffer much on our way back HOME.

Another point related to this aspect is – Baba says that the ‘punishment time’ would not be long, it might take just a few seconds.

One may wonder how could we view our long list of sins in such a short time. True, we are used /habituated to think of time as something that runs in a linear fashion. (sorry for loss of words to express my thoughts in a better way.) But many souls who had the near death experiences were able to see ‘All the important Events of their life’ in a few seconds!

So, it is possible. While describing the ‘Dharmaraj puri’ (the name of the subtle region on our way back Home), Baba says that even though it takes very little time to view our sins and to go through the suffering, one experiences that period to be like a very long time.

Our sweet brother Einstein’s theory holds good even in the subtle region! 🙂

Let us become wise and alert and become a sample for many many souls
by transforming ourselves and inspiring them also to make sincere effort.

Let there not be the FEAR of punishment but the willingness and enthusiasm to regain our lost purity and strength.

yad pyar,


AVYAKT7 responds:

Below you will see different Murli’s excerpts.
Note the contrast between Sakar Murli and Avyakt Murlis.
Also note that the information is given which may seem ” a roundabout” and not to the point. Note that even the “jail of the womb” was considered Dharamraj- Note that Sakar Murlis mention that every sin from every birth will be accounted for. 🙂

Also, the Father is mentioned as being Dharamraj, but then Dharamraj is mentioned as his “right hand.”
This is why, we cannot take versions literally. We have to churn them.
However, my preferred version is:

Avyakt BapDada 19th April 1969
“Only eight will cross the land of Dharamraj without experiencing punishment. This is the method for not experiencing punishment. The more you stay in the awareness of the point, the greater will be the change visible in your sanskars.”

For me it is sweet, short and with the recent experience of Brahma Baba of becoming avyakt.. and He is giving us how to “avoid Dharamraj.”

Best wishes,

Murli excerpts:

Murli of 19-08-2001. Pg. 3 Last Paragraph: Question: What is the land of Dharamraj? How and when can you experience that? Answer: The land of Dharamraj is not a separate place. The experience of punishment is called the land of Dharamraj. All your sins appear in front of you at the end and the demons of death are not anything living. It is your own sins that appear in front of you to make you afraid. Those moments are the moments of repentance and disinterest. Even small sins appear to be like evil spirits and these are referred to as the demons of death coming to you. Ugly ones come, beautiful ones come, and even Brahma Baba appears in front of you in an official form. A tiny sin is visible in a very fearsome form. Some mirrors are such that a small person appears to be very fat and tall. In the same way, at the final moment, there will be cries of distress of repentance. There will be that pain and burning internally. It will feel as though someone is peeling your skin. There will be these feelings. There will be the experience of such punishment of sins and it will be very severe. This is referred to as the land of Dharamraj.

Avyakt BapDada 7th February 1980

If there is not controlling power the soul will have to appear in the court of dharamraj (the supreme judge) and will be fined! So be refined and avoid being fined. Do you wish to be welcomed with honour in the court of dharamraj? Or do you wish to experience repentance?

06-06-03-Sakar murli
Firstly, it is Ravan that gives you sorrow and secondly Dharamraj gives you punishment in the jail of a womb. He gives you a vision of all the sins you have committed. In the golden age, a womb is like a palace,

07-07-03 Sakar Murli
If a burden of sin remains, the tribunal will sit for you. You will then be given visions: This is what you did in such-and-such a birth. When someone sacrifices himself at Kashi, he is given a vision and then punished. Here too, you are given visions and then Dharamraj would say: Look, the Father was teaching you through this body of Brahma. He taught you so much, but in spite of that you committed these sins. You are not only given a vision of the sins of this birth, but the sins of birth after birth. It takes a lot of time. It is as though you are experiencing punishment for many births and you will then repent and cry a great deal. However, what can be done at that time? This is why I tell you in advance: If you defame My name, there will have to be a lot of punishment. Therefore, children, don’t become those who defame Me, your Satguru

You have to be tolerant in every situation and you also have to understand that the Father is the Father and also Dharamraj. If anything happens, simply report it to the Father. Then, that would reach Dharamraj anyway, and that person would be subject to punishment The Father says: I give happiness. It is Dharamraj who gives sorrow, that is, punishment. I don’t have a right to give punishment. You tell Me and then Dharamraj will give the punishment. By telling Baba about it you will become light because He (Dharamraj) is still the right hand.

Page 31- last line from the book “Brahmin Life a Diamond life’ by Bro Nirwar.
“There is a fear of Dharamraj. Sakar Baba used to say that the Father is here now giving the experience of all relationships. At the end the relationship will be that of Dharamraj. But for whom? Only those who break Baba’s law

The above from: https://sites.google.com/site/rajyogikhem/home/festivals/dharamraj

Avyakt BapDada 19th April 1969

Only eight will cross the land of Dharamraj without experiencing punishment. This is the method for not experiencing punishment. The more you stay in the awareness of the point, the greater will be the change visible in your sanskars.

Avyakt BapDada 25th November 1995

For the new ones, the murli is very deep, but in the Diamond Jubilee. BapDada wishes to free all of you from everything. If you do not do this he will have to take on the form of Dharamraj. At the moment, Baba is telling you with love. Why should you not become free whilst there is still the form of the Father? The older ones think that BapDada should do something so that everyone becomes all right. But Baba does not want this. Baba does not want to be taking the form of Dharamraj. He can punish everyone internally in one second, and that punishment would be very intense. But BapDada does not want this. The form of the Father is very loving. If Dharmaraj becomes his companion, he will not listen to anything. Do you understand?

Avyakt BapDada 19th March 1990

You want to go with Baba do you not? Or do you want to wait in between in the land of Dharamraj? Does everyone have the determined thought that we are together and we will all go together? At that time, Baba will not stop – he will not wait – he will fly in a second.

Avyakt BapDada 18th January 1988
If God is pleased, you will be free from Dharamraj the account keeper, and you will also be free from Maya.

The above from: http://themurli.wordpress.com/

Question: Dear Brother, Where is Dharmaraj puri ? When shall it be formed ? Who is Dharmaraj and what is his role ?

Thank you for your question!

Let us review some “pure gyan,” to find that out.

“Dharamraj” is the equivalent of “purgatory,” in Christianity. It is a “land” where souls will be purified before entering the soul world.

Once a soul has performed all the roles assigned to “it,” then there is a “transition” for that “purification.” (meaning the experience of being completely body-less.)

Since this cannot happen in the physical world, neither in the soul world; then.. where could it happen? 🙂 Here is where the knowledge of the “3 worlds” comes in.

It can happen in the “subtle region.” As we know, every human being has a subtle body. Through that subtle body there will be this experience of “suffering,” if there is no awareness of the soul conscious state; there will be clinging to the physical body and physical relationships.

This is “settling” of karmic accounts which are pulling us back to the physical realm. The more attached we are to the physical world, obviously; that means greater experience of suffering.

The subtle world has always existed.(This is one of the tenets of “pure” Gyan; everything that exists has always existed.) We just became aware of that according to time.

There is a connection with our subtle bodies; although we may not be aware of it.

Best wishes!

Pure marriages, punishment and cookie cutters :-)

Have you ever wondered , If it is Ok to get married after being a BK? What is the significance of marriage? Who can give you the answers of that?
These 2 questions have the potential to bring others as well (if you would like to explore this topic)

Baba spoke before about “pure marriages” and said to have the “sword of knowledge in between.”
Would this mean that marriage is OK? As I see it, marriage is not the issue. The issue is to remain celibate.

Let us say that BK A meets BK B and they decided to live together, because they acknowledge to still be body conscious. Is what they are doing “wrong“?

Through knowledge, I learned not to judge a particular position. I cannot know the circumstances of anyone but myself. I can’t even say that “Maya eat that one up” because I understand the concept of number wise. I can only see myself. How honest I am with myself is what dictates my experiences. Cause and effect. My capacity is just that, “mine” it is not the same for others.

BK life is not a question of being tough with ourselves and to hide our sorrow. If I am not happy, the world is not a happy place either. BK life is about being soul conscious. In that stage, it shouldn’t matter if I am around brothers or sisters, because I will not see genders but souls. But we know that most of us are not there yet.
If you cannot do it, do you assume that everyone else can’t? Another reason to look at ourselves only.

My point in this brief sharing is that there are no “cookie cutters” BKs. It shouldn’t be. We are not made out of a factory to behave the same way and to have the same sanskaras. However, we have the BK sanskaras which are meant to lead an elevated life style under whatever circumstance life places us.

You can wear white or green. You can have braided hair or be bald. You can sing, dance and perform like an actor or you can careless about those things… you are still a BK if you are willing to die alive (As Baba has mentioned). The world changes, traditions are modified to conform with norms and “laws of the land,” and we need to change as well. Change is not just physical: our work, our traditions, our opinions about something, our dress, our hair style, etc. Spirituality changes our being. That is the change that we are concerned about. Circumstances will vary. Food for thought.

About “Dharamraj:” Are you afraid of being a maid in the golden age? Will that bring you suffering there? If it does, then it is not the Golden age.

Have you ever wondered how Brahma Baba or ShivBaba “know” about the suffering of Dharamraj without having an experience of it? Is perhaps the Drama made for the benefit of only 8, who are able to “pass with honors”?

When souls at that time believed that the soul was of the size of our thumbs, it is easier to understand that tools were needed to bring those souls forward into “making effort.” Being a maid, experiencing repentance and overwhelming pain, etc. reminds me of the Christian hell and purgatory. The fact is, we have survived and we will survive. The fact is that we will become again who we are now. “hum so”… Would you repent about it? I hope not, for it will repeat.. forever.. 🙂 I guess by now after so many repetitions we should be used to it.. 😉

This drama is not about punishment nor about getting a reward. It is all cause and effect and it is “made” according to our own capacity. This Drama fits us perfectly. We will move forward if we let the Drama do its job; otherwise, when “I” is in between, the Drama cannot flow. It is stuck in our own ideas.

Comments on Sakar Murli 5-25-12

Essence: Sweet children, become pure by following shrimat and you will be liberated from the punishment of Dharamraj.
In order to become like a diamond, drink the nectar of knowledge and renounce poison.

Question: On what is a golden-aged status based?
Answer: It is based on purity. Stay in remembrance and definitely become pure. Only by becoming pure will you receive salvation.
Those who don’t become pure experience punishment and return to their own religion. You may live at home with your family,
but do not remember any bodily beings. Remain pure and you will claim a high status.

Song: Having found You, we have found everything. The earth and sky all belong to us.

Essence for dharna
1. Settle all your sinful accounts with the power of yoga, purify and cleanse the soul and make the atmosphere peaceful.

2. Follow the Father’s shrimat and promise to become completely pure. Do not be influenced by vices and thereby become
an obstacle in the creation of heaven.

Blessing: May you be unshakeable, immovable and a conqueror of matter by remaining seated on the unshakeable seat of a
detached observer.

Whether matter creates upheaval or shows her beautiful games, souls who are the masters of matter will observe the games as
a detached observer in both situations. You enjoy watching games and are not afraid. Those who practise remaining seated on
the unshakeable seat of the stage of a detached observer through tapasya cannot be shaken by any situation created by matter
or people. The five players of matter and the five players of Maya are playing their games and you just have to watch as a
detached observer. Only then will you be said to be a soul who is unshakeable, immovable and a conqueror of matter.

Slogan: Only those who concentrate their minds and intellects on the one Father can become worthy of worship souls.

This Murli main point is "celibacy." See that I am not saying "purity" for "purity" is beyond physical celibacy.
Baba stresses celibacy as the main aspect of gyan for the children. Celibacy is that important that our "status" depends on it.
This is also a good time to stress "punishment" for not "obeying God’s rules."
This is a good explanation for a "child like understanding." Fear based gyan is just a tool to explain to a child mentality.

Have you ever questioned why do we need to follow celibacy in the BK path? We can assume that in the Golden age there isn’t "intercourse" (what we know now as a "sexual relation.") But that is an assumption. Baba says that children are born through the "power of yoga." Baba does not explain the "how." Therefore, any assumption that we follow celibacy now because in the Golden age we will not reproduce through intercourse, is just an assumption, not supported by gyan. On the same token even though, the sanskara of living as a couple is a Golden age sanskara (fact, because gyan says so) BKs are not encouraged to find/have a companion unless they "met Baba being a couple." Thereby, we see that things do not match. Why is that?

The aim of celibacy now is simply to ‘awaken’ spirituality in us without any interference from things which have the power to pull us away from spirituality. Most BKs have come to gyan very tamopradhan. How are we going to awaken? Granted, you had your experience with Baba or with Dadi or some kind of experience, but that will not awaken you. That is just a "carrot" that will "intoxicate" the donkey inside.

Celibacy along with following the Maryadas on a regular basis will "awaken" your sensibility to spirituality. Will get you in tune so the physical attractions will not have the same pull to you.
This is very important because, "dharamraj" is just the experience of not being able to be soul conscious when we need it, that is when we "leave" our bodies. At that moment, without soul consciousness we will suffer.
This is a grown up realization, without bringing the "monster" Dharamraj that will punish you for ever because you performed a "predestined" part. For a grown up that is "spiritual masochism."

When we "grow up" in spirituality, we do not fight internally: the good vs. the evil. We embrace things as they are and practice what the blessing mentioned today: Detachment."You enjoy watching games and are not afraid. Those who practice remaining seated on the unshakeable seat of the stage of a detached observer through tapasya cannot be shaken by any situation created by matter or people. Similarly the "ravan" inside and the "angel" are part of the show. Embrace both and have your "aim and objective" clear, and if you flow with the Drama you’ll do things "according to time." That means you will be unlimited.

Finally, this statement in the Q/A: "Those who don’t become pure experience punishment and return to their own religion." Will need to be "revised." If someone "returns to their own religion" what is the issue? That is where that soul belongs. Are we saying that to return to your own religion is punishment? That is senseless and it sounds as if we are trying to show "superiority" to other religions.
That "inquisitional" (from the inquisition) fear based, "I love Baba and I do what Baba says otherwise i will get punished" message is not conducive to spirituality.