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Question: in today murli ” gyan and yoga r like siblings. baba says knowledge is better than meditation bcoz it gives u liberation in life” plz explain ‘

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,
For the sake of promptness, anyone who would like me to give an “interpretation” of a Murli point, please double check that what you heard is correct.

In todays’ Murli (3/28/12) First page, line 36 it is stated:
“Gyan and Yoga are brother and sister. Baba says: Gyan is more elevated than trance (dhyan,) because it is through knowledge that you are able to receive liberation in life.”

Through Gyan we can understand yoga. Through that understanding we can experiment and experience. Our yoga is based on the understanding of our Gyan. Gyan is the “foundation” of “effort making,” thus its importance. It is the “cornerstone” for experiencing the Golden age; once that “theory” is made “practical.”

Best wishes!