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Questions for May 30, 2013 – 5000 years and Dino “combo”

How do you explain that the cycle is only 5,000 years when the earth is so very much older. It’s not just carbon dating that shows how old the earth is, but geology, and many many facets of science. All else in gyan is easy to understand, but this one point of 5,000 years in not. So when did the dinosaurs room the earth, they also existed for a very long time as they have been dug up through many many layers of earth and rock on most continents, even those that we are told are under water in the gold and silver ages, so therefore dinosaurs are meant to have been on earth only 2,500 years ago, but that is during recorded history. These questions have never been answered, so please explain if you can. Om Shanti Jan

Dear soul,

This is a repeated question. There are plenty of articles in this blog which deal with those questions that you have asked.
Please search in the blog by using a keyword such as “dinosaur” or “5000 years cycle” etc.

Nevertheless, I will answer your questions so I can just place this article someplace visible in the blog, where everyone who has the typical “dino” question or the “5000 year old” theme; will be able to look at it. (“Scientific tales” section.)

Dear soul,
The Earth is not 5000 year old. It has existed forever. It just changes. The cycle of time is according to Gyan 5000 years. Matter cannot be created. It only changes. This is something that many people fail to realize.

Just because someone placed a flag in the moon, in 5000 years it does not mean that we will see the same flag there. Matter changes, recycles itself. Everything changes in matter, but after 5000 years (according to Gyan) repeats itself.

You are a believer of science. Science may be your religion.
Science can only bring you beliefs, just like a religion.
Want proof? 🙂


Now, let me ask you: Why intelligent people who are so great about providing “proof” with the help of Science, are able to disagree by “millions of years” in something so fundamental as the age of the Earth?

Now, just because someone says that the more accepted theory is the “big bang” it does not mean that this is the “truth.”
The truth is not won by consensus of the “majority,” by votes.

There are plenty of theories nowadays that even reflect that time is cyclical and not linear as believed by some scientists.
Please take a look at this link:


Please read every article with care and you will know, that we are dealing with scientific beliefs, dogma hidden under the precious word “research.”

Please read the article below. It basically explains in a very rational way, why cyclical time has greater probability of being “real” than the so-called linear time of millions of years.

http://www.helium.com/items/487172-philosophy-which-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg (helium.com is no longer in business, so I have a copy, below)

Click to access chickenegg.pdf

This article is the top one among many other articles by “thinkers” which do not belong to a particular religion. Please take the time to digest it.

On your dinosaur question, the same thing applies. Bones may have been found, but that does not mean that a dinosaur depicted, as scientists want us to believe, existed. Behind the dinosaur belief, there is just the theory of evolution and behind it, the “big bang.”
I am not saying that dinosaurs did not exist. I am saying that as far as I am concerned there is no way, that I can know if they existed, and that I have to rely on someone else to “find that out for me.”

I don’t like that.

I have experienced “deja vues,” I have experienced the “soul,” I have experienced “fortune telling” (which demonstrates the cycle of time) and I had experiences with reincarnation by intuitive experience.

Those are my “proofs.”

Dear soul,
Please do not get caught up in more beliefs, in more dogmas. The bottom line of this knowledge, which is Spiritual knowledge, is to know the self, so there could be self-transformation.
That is all.

More concepts without experience is worthless.
However, If a concept is able to transform you, please continue.

In your deathbed, you can hold on to more beliefs, to more concepts and be afraid to die, afraid of the unknown. No theories will get you out of that feeling.

On the other hand, when there is experience, when you have tasted that which scientists do not know about for lack of experience; then, you will be alright. You will know.

Finally, I am not here to support more dogmatic views of life. To support a particular theory or a religion; but just to share experiences, to share what could trigger something in your spiritual life, a new viewpoint, a new realization, a new feeling… No more concepts or empty theories.

Best wishes!

Om shanti——— Is it true when we give a certain THOUGHT to a crystall, it then vibrate at that frequency for many days/hours depending upon the intensity of thougth.Also how we can increase our frequency of vibration to a heigher lavel.. enlighten it plz.

Answer: Dear soul,
That type of question is not part of my experience. From the spiritual perspective, a thought is powerful for it has the possibility to manifest itself into “reality.”

Best wishes!

Dear avyakt7 do the souls have any consciousness when they resides in the paramdham? is it godlike stage?

Answer: Dear soul,
Thank you for your great question! There is no “consciousness” in Parandham.
Is it Godlike stage?
Answer: what do you think? 🙂 🙂

Best wishes!