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Understand, love and accept what you are now

What “you” are right now is the product of many, many experiences from many, many lives.

“But… That is reincarnation… There is no scientific proof of that..”

In a family all siblings are different even though brought up by the same parents.
Suzy likes beets but she hates carrots. Her sister, likes carrots and hates beets.
What is the scientific explanation of that? 🙂

What “you” are now, is constant change.
Because our consciousness is different at every point in time due to different experiences, it is impossible for everyone to have the same change to the same extent, as to be the same.
In limited words, “All sinners cannot become virtuous at the same time.”

“This is the only time to change. It is now or never. Don’t waste your time. Convert to our religion. Just believe in so and so and you will be saved.”

That is a huge misunderstanding.

Consciousness cannot change by accepting a religion or philosophy. However, the experiences through that religion or philosophy will help in the process of transforming our consciousness.
A religion or philosophy or guru is not the “solution” but an ingredient into the “solution” which will emerge upon each one of us when our time arrives.

That is the reason why, there is no religious path or philosophy which could be labeled as the “true path.”

Spirituality cannot be separated from Life itself.
In short; to learn to live life in balance, in joy… That is true spirituality.
That is why any religion dealing with the future; such as heaven, and a promise of salvation; is not interested in the “now,” (for that “salvation” is in the future,) therefore; beliefs are born as the main way to understand Life “now.”

“What do you mean?”

Your life “now” should fit into the belief of a future.
Heaven is the goal. Act like a heavenly being now.

In theory that may sound good. That is a nice belief.
In practice, it does not work like that.
To act is not the same as being it. Actions are according to our consciousness and not the other way around.

To act heavenly even though our consciousness is not there, is to start our journey into exploring self-dishonesty.

“But… I want to be an angel!”

Understand fully what it is to be a human being first.
That is the “now.” The future will come as a consequence of that.

This is not intellectual understanding. It is living life in awareness.

Therefore, to become conscious, aware is the first step. A belief system is not interested in that.
A belief system is only interested in beliefs about the future.

The discovery of “being” a human being is forgotten to embrace a futuristic ideal.
The “Now” is suppressed in order to live the futuristic ideal.

Life is greater than any belief system.

The “truth” may be falsehood


Do you know the meaning of “truth”?
It is a concept. Something for the “I” to feel good about. A word that implies “righteousness.”
“ I am telling you the truth.” Rather than, “I am telling you what I perceive to be factual.”
“Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.” That is a historical fact. It is in every book. It is the “truth.”

The “fact” may be; Christopher Columbus did not “discover” anything. Many “Americans” living in America knew America at that time. Moreover, they did not call it America.

Christopher Columbus “discovered” America for “Europeans” (Notice how “I” artificially divide people) who did not know about America. We do not know if Columbus was in fact, the first one in the “new world;” but the “truth” can be manipulated in many ways.

Be aware of anyone who claims to have “the truth.”

A religious “leader” had an experience. His consciousness changed. Followers appeared because they wanted the same for them. Therefore, the answer must be, in following him.
That is the assumption.

Forget that everyone has different experiences.
Forget that consciousness is beyond the handling of an “I.”
The “I” trying to change itself to have the same qualities as the religious leader, is the fake trip of a second class actor who is unwilling to look at himself.

Following is the opposite of self-realization. Nevertheless, the paradox is that following may be necessary as a “tool” to experience for yourself . Therefore, to follow is not “bad.” Consciousness will change to another experience, by itself. Consciousness does not change through intellectual speculation.

When we forget about concepts such as searching for the “truth,” we may actually experience something useful without using a label to describe it, to tell others “I found it.”

Observe how existence is not depending on anyone. It “is.” However, when the “I” asks: “How did I get here?” The “I” is unable to see that it is separating from everything else at that moment, and by “creating” that separation, it needs to find a way to preserve itself for “everlasting life…”

“How did I get here?” just shows the type of consciousness someone has.

No “practice” of a particular action could change someone’s consciousness to make someone “better.”

What is “better”?
What “you” think it should be? What “others” have told you about? What you have learned in society?

Observe how we create the problem and the solution. Both are coming from the same consciousness.

Observation. Awareness.

If you are aware of your addiction, on how your addiction adds suffering to your life, at that point we could go deeper into discovering how that “I” comes into being. Observe it in action without adding any “moral” statements. Become aware of how your mind changes “its mood,” on how the “I” is looking for satisfaction because something else is lacking in your Life. That is the point: To discover.
Then you will realize about what is throwing you out of balance. At that point, healing happens. The sources to heal will appear. You have gone through the full path, the experience.

Without observation it may go something like this: “That addiction is bad. You will go to hell if you keep on doing it. You are bad. God will punish you. Ask for forgiveness. Whenever you feel the temptation to “do it,” fight against that. Don’t let the devil win. Look for support, people to help you. Ask the experts. Get some medicine. Do something….”
Guilt and shame will be added every time you “fail.” Worthlessness will be felt every time you are compared against a “success” story.

Observation. It is so “natural,” so “intuitive” but our beliefs, traditions, moral standards, etc. are “against that.”
We must learn what “teachers” tell us. We must “do” what is known to be traditional.
We must bear the weight of not being a “cookie cutter” entity.

Shall we react? Shall we get together and fight it? 🙂
No action is necessary. It is not about “doing.”
Observe, become aware, accept what for others is “normal,” appreciate it, open your consciousness to the enjoyment of being alive.

It is a game. Play it. Don’t take it seriously. Assimilated it. Smile, don’t hold on to the past so you are ready for the next experience…fresh, anew as if you just awaken from a long and deep sleep…

Love: The Totality version


“love is a deeper season
than reason;
my sweet one”
Edward E. Cummings

Many things that we label under the word “love.”
A poet may find that this “thing” which we call love is beyond reason, beyond thought.
It is the “I” confronted with a greater power than reason. Nevertheless, even in the face of this “proof,” we still rely on reason to run our lives. It is through experiencing that love and the way that it manifests, how we could find that “I” hidden underneath.

It is that “I” who feels elated when his love is retributed and the same “I” who feels in despair when it is not. It is the same “I” who will take things for granted when the love “wears off,” and the same “I” who will feel sorrow when that love goes away.
Without a doubt to learn about that type of love, is to learn about the “I.”
That “I” is always seeking for something. Love becomes that thing which is completely out of the “I” control and that becomes a powerful attraction for that “I.”
At the end, the story will be about adding other elements to that “love” such as forgiveness, guilt, remorse, passion, hate, confrontation, etc. All sorts of emotions, which appear due to a belief… and that belief will bring other emotions.

That my friends, is the love of the “I.”

A master once said: “ Life gives you 50% of the whole for you to become complete. The other 50% percent will be provided by life to complement the complete 50%. There is coffee and there is milk coming together to make something greater than themselves. Love does not need a receiver.”

When there is love without that “I,” then the giver is also the receiver. The giver is the receiver in the Totality of it.
At that point, love becomes that attitude of freedom to give without a specific receiver. When we understand that connection with the whole, love is that intention without expectations.

Our intentions, our feelings, our actions whatever we “think” we do onto “others,” we do it to ourselves.
That is to understand that “we” are that Totality.

Human affection could be expressed in different ways. There is no limit…but the limit becomes our own beliefs. As we label every relationship, we also determine that relationship.

“But she is the only one… I have not felt so intense in my life with another person.”

To discover our own intensity is great, but it is not reduced to a particular person. I could feel very intensely with one person, but that does not mean that it cannot happen again with someone else. Every relationship offers something to know about ourselves, the “I.”

As many of us do not spend the time or resources to become complete with the 50% that life has given us to play with, rather than finding a complement with others to make that tasty “milk and coffee,” we look for another person to complete ourselves.

That is the issue. We want for someone else to do the job that we couldn’t finish.

To “merge in love” is not just a pretty word. It is to empty yourself to be one with that Totality, for in that oneness there is completeness. Then life, may show us the other 50% to complement that completeness.. to make something greater than the “self.”

Love then is the universal path to self discovery and its own reward.



Kathy was looking to get a different job. She was certain that she will be getting a new one in no time.

Kathy expected to be called to interview, but nothing was happening. That created an unknowingly irritation in her mood. The consequence of this was an inflammation in her body.

Although Kathy did not perceive the relationship, she was quick in label that incident as “bad luck,” and this pessimistic frame of mind, created a vicious cycle…

Expectations are a subtle way of a controlling personality. That person will not be able to enjoy life until a situation occurs.

We could expect a person to behave in a particular way. We could expect for some event to occur in the future. We could expect to be treated in a certain way.
All those expectations are a sure way of creating suffering.

Because things do not occur as “we” wish for them to happen UNLESS that is the way they should happen. thus, why put yourself on the spot? 🙂

In our society, we have created an idea to solidify that egocentric behavior: “I” am in control.

Certainly, there is no one in control once we understand the principle of cause and effect.
There is no one in control, once we understand that this life is an eternal movie.

However, even though some of us could have “knowledge” to understand these things, at the same time, our vision is taken to strengthen that ego.
“I am” the star of this eternal movie. “I” control things. “I” will become an enlightened being, etc.

All of these expectations are bombs waiting to explode. We will feel the repercussions.

A person who realizes about how an expectation could be detrimental to his health, will try to do something about it.

The typical “spiritual” answer to his search will be: “Do not have expectations.” 🙂

That is the beginning of having a repressed personality.

It goes something like this:
Buddha says: ”Desires are the cause of suffering.”
Mr. Follower Tothedot will say: “I should not have desires. Desires are bad.”
Mr. Tothedot does not realize that negating something in him does not mean to solve something.

Unfortunately that understanding of Mr. Tothedot, has been what “easy religious spirituality” has brought to human kind: The idea that a repressed personality is “good.”

The expectation to get rid of desires in ourselves is a gross misunderstanding, which happens because there is no experience of the discovery on how a desire occurs and what that entails, for that discovery is truly a personal journey.

-Q: Who has the desire?
A: Well.. it is “I”
-Q:Get rid of that “I” then.

That is the teaching, the path, the journey, the discovery.

Observe those desires. Observe those expectations. As long as there is “someone” such as an “I” observing, there could be rationalization, which is thinking, which is separation, which means to deepen the sense of isolation, the sense of “I.”

Is there a way to observe without having an “I” involved in the process?
Ah! That is for every one of us to discover, that is if this thing called “inner discovery” truly matters to “you.”
If it doesn’t matter, then an answer is all you will be looking for. 🙂 🙂

Organized religions and inner discovery


This blog has reached the stage of “discovering things by yourself.”
That could be a scary thought for many.

Avyakt7 in his journey has had many experiences, which are out of the “normal” range. Those experiences were there to allow his consciousness to discover things, to grow.

If Avyakt7 wanted to “teach” his own experiences to mankind, (one of the greatest ego trips available) then Avyakt7 will need followers. Believers.

Those believers are born when they feel that these writings somehow give them an “out of the ordinary” experience. Had some readers describing their stories to me before.

Perhaps this means that Avyakt7 is a “chosen one.”? 🙂

No. That only means that there is synchronicity in life when it comes to consciousness. We are all related. Some are touched more than others at any given time.

Some will feel touched by reading someone, hearing a class by a guru, etc. We are all different.

When those followers decide to “safeguard Avyakt7’s teachings” and to “spread them to humanity,” then that is the time when a religion, cult, sect, etc. is born.

That is the point in time when “entropy” appears and with that a dogma may be necessary so things are kept under control.

Please see that at that point is not about sharing things, for the common good but it becomes a matter of “having the truth” to convince, sort of like being a salesman with a salesman pitch to sell.

Why is that important to be aware of?
Because organizations need the support of the masses to exist. Thus, it is no longer about “teachings” but about survival and growth of an organized religion. It becomes another corporation where those who are “leading” are not necessarily those who have greater openness in their consciousness.

Now because of the internet, there is no need to “market” someone as a “savior” or “illuminated one.” You could just read something from anyone and find out for yourself if that rings a bell in you.

Did Jesus Christ write anything? No. Jesus has believers now because Jesus had followers 2000 years ago who have interpreted Jesus’s teachings. Christianity became popular because one Roman Emperor, Constantine the great, had an “experience.”

Everyone is looking for an “experience” to believe in something. But not too many are willing to discover things by themselves about them.

Why do that “work” if it is “better” to follow someone who “knows”? 🙂 Again, this is not about having the “right” answers, but about discovering by yourself, so your consciousness changes, opens.

Every organized religion will offer the environment of protection for a seed to grow. Nevertheless, there may be a point in time when that inner discovery can no longer happen when external borders are placed by a dogma.

The baby is ready to walk out of the crib, but all he hears is: “if you leave the crib, you may fall… and if you fall, it is going to hurt you.”

That is when fear appears as a great tool for organized religions to keep their “followers.”

To grow means to recognize those fears.

The journey of inner discovery is a “solo” journey. It is about consciousness and that consciousness will open up when ready. Life experiences will occur to help in that process.

That is why, joining a religion is not bad at all. It is “good.” It is part of that experience. If someone is able to see the changes in their consciousness due to that experience, then that person is aware. If someone decides to leave a religion and try something else, that is good as well.

That is the experience necessary in his life. Part of the “solo” experience.
If someone “loves” a religion and then “hates” it; then that person if aware, will be able to see his own “bi-polar” tendencies. All is good as long as you can see things for yourself.

The keyword is awareness when it comes to experiencing something in life.

Because Avyakt7 does not dare to teach anything, but just to share; followers are not needed. Believers are not desirable… 🙂 and so religions and 99 cents DVDs on “How to be happy” are out of the question.

But if you find anything here useful for you, then feel gratitude to life, feel joy and become aware of the miracle of being alone in your journey, but never alone… 🙂