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Question: OM SHANTI: I am BK Kushal from Nairobi,Kenya. I wanted to say that I want full details of the Seed, Kalpa Tree and the Eternal World Drama Cycle because I want to become a spinner of the discus of self-realization.

Thank you for your question.
Dear soul,

You can do a search on those terms in the blog. Many articles have been written already on your questions.

Here is one on “spinning the discus”

As far as the knowledge of the “seed and the kalpa tree,” it is very simple. From One,(seed) it goes to many (tree) just to become One again. From one way of doing things, it goes into many ways (variety) so it can go back into one way again.
From one religion, it goes into many so it can become one again. From One language, it goes into many languages so it can become one language again…. Do you get the idea? 🙂

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Question: The Sakar Murli of 17/7/12 Pg 2/3 states……”They have given the discus to Krishna as well as to Vishnu” Please explain the significance : giving the discus to Krishna/Vishnu

Thank you for your question.
Sakar Murlis usually bring the significance of Hindu devotional stories into a new light.
In this case, Baba refers to the significance of spinning the “Discuss of self-realization,” meaning the realization of the soul interpreting different roles in time. BapDada has given us a drill to experiment with these stages.

Sakar Murlis have mentioned that in devotional stories Krishna (viewed as God in devotion) and Vishnu,(viewed as God as well) have been adorned with the discuss as an ornament. That discus have been portrayed as “capable of cutting the heads of the demons.”
Through the Sakar murli, we understand that Krishna is a deity and Vishnu is the representation of Lakshmi and Narayan together (the representation of the Golden/Silver ages.) Moreover, Narayan is the same Krishna as an adult. Thus, basically devotion represents the same individual with the discus as an ornament.

Baba has mentioned that truly the discus belongs “now” to a Brahmin soul and not to a Golden age deity such as Krishna. Thus, the discus of self realization is an ornament of a BK soul, for in the Golden age, there is no need for it.

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