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“How to get help from Baba” By: BK Gayathri – India

Om shanti dear divine family.

Let us go in to the depth of how we can ‘get help from Baba’.

This is the path of knowledge, a new path that we have taken after half a kalpa’s practice of following the path of devotion. Baba has been quite understanding; in the early days of the Yagya, He carefully chose words to explain this knowledge to His long lost children in a way that was easy for them to grasp.

Sakar murali – 7th Feb 2013 – “..Earlier, you had a very good book of the contrasts. Now, even more good points are emerging. The Father says: Day by day, I tell you very deep things. I would not give you all this knowledge at the same time. Previously, I used to give you very easy knowledge. Day by day, it is becoming deeper and deeper. How could I tell you all the deep things at the same time?”

We notice the gradual difference in His teachings as time went by, considering the maturity of His children. Avyakt muralis are more refined in conveying gyan (keeping in view a larger and global divine family which consists of BKs coming from different backgrounds and with different intellectual capacities). And the latest avyakt muralis direct us to make effort in a much more advanced way. 🙂

Dear divine family, I would like to share a few observations I made in the past. Please do correct me if I am wrong.

Belief 1. Baba helps His obedient children when they are in difficulties.

Many souls (including myself in my early days of gyan) believe that since we are obedient, that is, since we are following shrimat (????), it is Baba’s duty to take care of us and to remove our difficulties. 🙂

We are really naive in believing or, clever in ‘expecting’ that He would come and remove our difficulties; we want to be pampered that way. …

But our dear Baba has explained many times (which we tend to overlook, being selective in following/ listening to shrimat) that His job is not to remove our obstacles or difficulties, but to give us teachings and to guide us. ONLY by following his teachings we can get rid of our problems and that is the ONLY way to TAKE help from Him. 🙂

Usually, any BK, when contacted, would spontaneously give the advice – “Remember Baba, He will help you.” Yes, He has been helping us since the last 75 years by continuously giving gyan. It is up to us how much we take it and put it to use practically.

Baba says, “Children, if I had the power to ‘create’ your fortune, I would have made all of you into kings of kings. But the drama is not made that way.” By stating this, He is clearly indicating that our salvation is based on our own effort.:)

Baba also says, “I do not give you blessings, I only teach you children. If you want blessings, go to the Sanyasis…” Yes, as the Satguru He has been blessing us, but ultimately what ‘creates’ our present and future (fortune) is our own spiritual effort.

2. We did tapasya and Baba was happy with our effort and removed our obstacles.

Some BKs support their belief by saying after doing certain amount of tapasya, Baba removed their obstacles. ( A devotional belief – God appears and grants boons.)

Yes, all that is correct except that it was not Baba who removed their obstacle but it was their spiritual effort which had brought in transformation in them that has caused the end product, and also the mental and/ or the physical suffering that they went through during the process of settlement of their karma which enabled it to happen.

When some very very serviceable souls in Madhuban and abroad left their bodies in accidents, the question was put to Baba during the murali season as to why He did not help such and such a soul. BapDada told the gathering that that soul had a karmic account to settle and Baba could not interfere….

I remember how some of my spiritual classmates reacted to His reply… they were very much disappointed with Baba’s non interference! God does not help His children!!!!!

But those incidents taught me the lesson to make sincere efforts to follow shrimat and not to expect anything more from Baba.

Baba says, “Children, do not expect me to cure your diseases or to bring your family members in to gyan. That is not my job.” – a clear shrimat.

My own experiences from yoga

From the beginning of my Brahmin life I had huge problems; actually, they got ‘created’ after I became a BK. 🙂

There were times when I was crying in agony, I used to feel as if my heart was bursting with pain.And BapDada was quite merciful towards me and granted me visions – in one of the visions He was literally patting on my back, consoling me saying everything would be all right; and to keep me in good humour, even showed me my satyugi image!

There was a time (one of the many times) when I desperately needed His help, and He appeared in His full glory, in that great body of light, and sent a silent message that I was not alone and that He was with me!

Initially, every time such things happened, I imagined that my problems would be solved instantly and that I would be free from sorrow or pain.:) Obviously, no such thing happened. And I learnt that Baba was just encouraging me, giving me hope, giving me the strength to move on in this spiritual path.

3. Yoga cures diseases.

Yes, our practice of yoga makes us pure, burns our sins, transforms us, and to some extent makes us physically healthy in sangamyug; but total health is obtained only when we become karmateet and then in the first half of the kalpa.

We see very, very senior BKs having ailments. That does not mean that they are not having good yoga; it is just that they are settling their accounts and because of their power of yoga they are able to bear the pain and suffering easily.

Through yoga we keep becoming pure and the number of mistakes that we commit become fewer leading to less new karmic accounts to settle. 🙂

Some BKs work on a particular problem for some 21 days or so with total concentration/ dedication and mostly become successful if they did it with all sincerity. That means, during that period of 21 days or so, they were focusing their yoga power on a particular problem hence could succeed in their effort to some extent.

But there is no guarantee that that sickness or problem will not return later on if there is still some karmic account left to be settled. And our burden of sin is so huge that something else may take over the place of the old problem.:)

That is why, let us not look down upon people who are still having obstacles/ sicknesses and consider them to be not good at yoga. Of course, according to drama, we are all numberwise too.

In sangamyug, we have only one mantra, one life giving herb (Jeeva sanjeevini) – REMEMBRANCE. It will certainly ward off all our problems and we will live “happily ever after” (for half a kalpa/ 3/4 of a kalpa).

And until we master the art of constant remembrance/ constantly being soul conscious, we cannot achieve our aim.

Let us not wait for any miracle to happen except for transforming ourselves into satopradhan souls. Baba wants souls who can become equal to Him, heir quality souls. Let us fulfil His desire and help in world transformation.

Om shanti.

Signing up for Brahmin life

I find fascinating how so many Brahmin souls do not fully realize why they have been “selected” to sign up as a Brahmin soul.

Most of the time, what I hear is about experiences with Baba and the Divine family or that they felt drawn towards a particular aspect of the Brahmin life, such as “service,” or just because they practice celibacy and vegetarianism and found “nice” people similar to them.

All of the above may have been the reason why someone “signed up,” but none of the above reasons will be enough to keep you going, if in fact what you are looking for is to find your full spiritual potential in a practical way, in your current life.

Basically, when you are in “this,” you are in it, to “die alive,” that is to transform the self.

That “dying alive,” is not well understood. It has nothing to do with having visions or experiences with Baba. It has nothing to do with having a good intellectual grasp of gyan. It has to do with seeing yourself as you really are and the contrast of knowing through gyan of “who you were” and therefore; “who you can become again.”

This Brahmin life has many tests in it and if you have not experienced tests in your life due to being a Brahmin soul; perhaps you are following some fad, like “dressing in white” for the “spirituality of it.” 🙂

Once you signed up to be a Brahmin, you signed up to recognize your own weaknesses and to observe how those overtake your life. Your ability to withstand those challenges, those “tests,” is what determines your potential, your capacity.

You may choose to look like a nun or a monk. You may choose to act like them, you may know how to talk like them, you may open 100 centers, etc. but all of that is just a peripheral view of spirituality.

What matters is at the “end,” when it is the time for you to leave this corporeal existence. That is the second that determines your next destination but to get to that second, there are many years of preparation. That is it. Simple and straight forward.

That is why, whatever you do, may give you “extra points,” but it will not allow you to “pass with honors.”

Therefore, your position in the hierarchy/administration is of no consequence. Your “gold ring” and “your teacher badge,” are of no consequence. You knowledge of the “accurate” history of the Yagya or Your “many times in Madhuban,” or “many years in gyan” it doesn’t matter at the end of the road.

You can have so many life experiences under different positions and circumstances. Nothing matters, UNLESS; that was a preparation for that final second in your physical existence.

It is not for everyone to get there. Many will drop out along the way. This is part of the “game.” However, we need to remember that everything works in “cause and effect,” therefore; your “final moments,” will be nothing but the consequence of your previous moments.

We signed up as Brahmin souls in a body conscious state, just to be transformed at the end in a soul conscious state. That is all. It is the story of the “ugly duckling” who in reality was a beautiful swan. That illusion of believing to be an “ugly duckling” is Maya.

This path “is not like going to your auntie’s home.” That is why BapDada is there, just to show us the way, but we need to take the steps in our own two feet and experience every step along the path. We can only stop for a brief time to take a breath, but the only way is to move forward.

May you keep flowing to your highest destination!