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The game of going away just to come back


Can you change yourself?
Can you ask for God’s mercy to change yourself?

Our society is training us to lack complete awareness of our internal relationship with everything that is.
It is in that ignorance how we have developed a society of “pushers” to “get what we want” or “effort makers” in “Spirituality.”

I need to use the “right” terminology to be understood. “Spirituality” means nothing, but when I convey those magic words, there are some ears trained already to listen to those words.

“Spirituality” is not separated from living life, from “mundane” everyday tasks. Going to the bathroom to “do our business” is as divine as having the greatest meditation by the Taj Mahal. All experiences, all good.

It is our mind who has been trained by traditions and beliefs to make differences and to select certain aspects of life as “elevated” and others as “low.”

Again is the duality “business,” which does not allow us to see something greater than our continuous dichotomies.

Because we have created our own little world with rules and regulations, moral standards and values; we believe that Life follows the same. We believe in our separation from Life, that we could change Life to fit our whims.

I hear: “If life pushes you aside, push even harder…don’t give up.” It is that mentality which continues the trip of complete lack of awareness. In top of that, we want for a God to “help us,” to be in our side of “righteousness.” 🙂

Do you want to be a “good man”?
Have you followed Yogananda’s steps? Have you embraced a guru? Is your search for God aimed at experimenting the powerful bliss that Yogananda experienced so you too have that same experience? Or are you looking for some magical powers to be called a “saint” or “self-realized” and to be worshiped and praised for that?

That is the spiritual egotistical mind.

The answer to “achieve” that is: “You have to make effort. Austerities, penances, follow a list of “do not’s,” follow the guru, become involved in some religion, help others, etc.”

All of that is of no use by itself when we lack awareness. It becomes a “monkey sees, monkey does” type of activity.

To follow the life experience of person is not the rule of “sainthood” to be followed by everyone else.
Because everyone has different experiences in life. Everyone comes equipped with different “tools” and different needs.

Do we want to “act like a saint”?
Actions by itself are not the benchmark of “sainthood” but our feelings brought about by our intentions in life.
Intentions are not thoughts. Intentions are what we truly are, when there is no make up of being “politically correct” devised by our minds.

When we allow for life to shape us through the assimilation of the different experiences that come along, then we could start to understand how consciousness changes all by itself without our willful intervention, but that change happens in a very subtle way as not to hurt the one who is changing.

The issue appears when we force things because we want things quickly, when we want to “fight with life” to “look out for number one,” it is at that point when the separation, the rupture happens and then a new lesson will arrive trying to teach us the art of balance.
The teacher is known as sorrow. Our society has taught us to reject it.

Because we continue in our ways without understanding the language of life, our experience of suffering will increase. That is not “bad,” for when the limit is reached, then we finally “give up.” It is at that point, when an inner “empty” space is created, and we become “open” to newness. Not before.

There cannot be true personal change by following a method however “holy” it may be, for otherwise we become dependent on that method. The method is useful up to a point, but then it needs to go away, just like everything in Life.

Life is change in itself. If we align with that change…We will change. 🙂 Nevertheless our “pushy ways” will not allow for that to happen and our search for “ways to change,” for methods, CDs and Gurus will take us outside of ourselves.

That is not “bad.” We go away just to come back. That is the name of the game.

It is the process of going slowly back to the self once we have finished exploring what is “out there,” just to let the self go away.

Reader comment about the blog

“Brother, thanking you immensely for everything. I would like to share my experience to express my gratitude. An example of what you are stating about knowing your truth, embracing change and experiencing it. Not being a writer it’s a bit hard to express and also being a very private person who has never shared such things it has taken a lot of courage but somehow felt now is the right time to share this with you especially with the changes that you have made with the blog I felt that you too took a courageous step and not that you need any encouragement but this is a token of appreciation of how you are benefiting this soul. What I am experiencing would certainly not be unique and must be many others experience as well. Your explanations have had a profound impact for which I am ever grateful.

Coming from a Science/inquiring background and seeing the path of my life and how chance encounters, people and messages were leading me, I had been documenting the same without much thought. It’s only now when I re-read it I realize I have always had an innate need to know ‘Who I am’ and how Choice and Chance create Destiny from a very early age. I did feel different and a misfit but did not know why and it had never bothered me. I had had some realizations but somehow got lost in between. I had succumbed to your blog earlier as well but somehow since I did not understand the BK language, I did not attempt to explore any further.

I had always wanted to study ancient scriptures at a university but never got around it but that’s how I found out about the BKWSU but never pursued it. I have never been a devotional religious person but having lived in a country where religion is deep rooted and certain rituals being followed in every family (mine included) I have never disrespected others beliefs and participated in them but had too many questions which were disturbing me and have never been a true follower. A few months back, challenging circumstances and some questions led me to visit the BKWSU website and write a mail; a BK soul emailed me the correspondence course in Raj Yoga Meditation and some doubts led me to discover your blog again.

Simultaneously, the same question of Choice and Chance led me to attend a BK event in my city, which I knew would not be able to answer my question; however, that very same day someone else had asked a similar question on your blog. So it led me to explore your explanations in depth along with following certain practices which had been evolving gradually over the past few years. What I felt getting to know what you describe as pure gyan is indescribable, for the first time in my life I felt I could understand myself better. Obviously, I am too new and taking baby steps, even after ‘getting it’ intellectually, I still had my doubts; however, they are being resolved. I am a contented, hopeful work in progress.

You have an instrumental role in it and I am ever so grateful for that. Strangely, even just thinking of something you seem to answer it for someone else or write about it. If I shall write down the instances, it may come as a surprise to you or maybe not. The first initial times it was way unreal for me. Just as an example, I shall write a few instances. I had come across the ‘Dr Quantum’ video on YouTube however; I could not comprehend what exactly was meant by the observer that they had shown – i.e. what was making the particle behave like matter and was sincerely contemplating on it, the very next day you wrote about it and my doubts were clarified. My aunt visited and was talking nonstop about Akshavatra Geeta and asked my brother to get a Hindi version for her and an English version for me to read. The English version was not available that didn’t matter much to me but I had the assurance that I would read it if and when I am meant to. A day later you posted a readers link to the same, to be honest not that I understood the whole thing but got the gist that you explained. Too many occurrences and changes I have been observing happening in my life for a while and since yesterday, I have been contemplating about intuition and you wrote about it. I would probably not be able to grasp these ideas had it not been for your crisp explanation. So have no ways to thank you and all the higher energies and influences enabling you to do the service that you are doing.

Another instance that I would like to share, coming back to the pure gyan and the 5000 year question. Since, the gyan and the blog were truly helping me in a manner for which I shall always be grateful. I never questioned the ‘5000 year’ time frame but sincerely asked for a concrete sign for me to know that it is the truth for me and I wasn’t going crazy (I am being honest).

What happened is an AHA moment for me. I happened to watch the video on your blog which talks about planetary alignments and the details of the Pyramids in Egypt, found it super interesting as I love astronomy, ancient architecture; however it confused me as well. I immediately asked a question pertaining that to you. After writing it down, I went to check on my brother, who had met with an accident and was resting at home. He was watching a movie; I normally do not watch movies during the day more so, mid way. Since, he was watching a movie with one of my favorite actors ‘Angelina Jolie’, and the movie was also about talking about some planetary movements I decided to sit for a bit. Within a few minutes of it, a scene came where Angeline Jolie mentions to the protagonist that he must give her a missing triangle piece so that she could solve the puzzle, else they would have to wait for 5000 years for the same planetary alignment and things to repeat. For me, that was my sign of the truth. The movie I am talking about is Tomb Raiders, it released in early 2000’s, is pure fiction, they could have said any number of years. However, I end up watching it in April 2013 and immediately after having asked the question.

Moreover, I would not have understood what she was talking about had I not watched the video on Pyramids which you had linked.
So this entire write up is just to thank you ever so much for being one of the agents of profound change in my life. Wishing you the best today and always!

Also a request, like I mentioned the pure gyan has truly helped me however being new to reading about such concepts and applying them in my life, find it hard to understand ‘Avyakt Murlis’ as is, I enjoy your explanations to the ‘Avyakt Murlis’ as that’s what this soul currently understands. I believe a new season of Avyakt Murlis would begin. If it is possible would you please do the churnings for those ‘Avyakt Murlis’ maybe as a separate blog? I understand the change in direction that the blog has taken and truly respect your decision and whatever you may take.

Also, if you would feel appropriate to share what is the story behind choosing the name ‘Avyakt7’. Many thanks.”

Avyakt7 responds:

Dear reader,
I am very grateful to you as it is good to hear such feedback once in a while.. 🙂
I thank you for letting me post your personal note.

As we can see there is a “plan,” in life. Some may call it, “Godly plan,” others “Divine plan,” yet others, “Drama,” “Tao,” or simply life. Choose the name you like, but please do not become trapped in it. Otherwise that will become another concept to defend and to make divisions among human beings.

I had a similar beginning than you. Many things started to “synchronize,” as far as getting answers to questions. For me the truth was everything.

Just like yourself, the knowledge that I learned through the Brahma Kumaris was understood by me in a way that it is not typical.

The real practical aspect of this knowledge nevertheless, is appreciated when we recognize the importance of “NOW.” When we come to appreciate life as it is and people for what they are. When we behave and deeply understand that things are as they have to be…and all is “good.” This understanding will bring the need to change “NOW.”
If I am not happy… the time to be happy is “NOW,” not tomorrow in the Golden age, but “NOW.”

Interestingly enough this is the teaching of philosophies and religions where God is not considered as a “pivotal” view such as Buddhism, Zen and Taoism. All of them go into the “NOW,” and offer different tools to help us change our current state of consciousness. Because self transformation is not about worshiping the messenger, but to understand the message of the need of time… and Be it! (Not do it 🙂 ) that is how we can see that every religious path, has something to teach us and our own spiritual path will move us into something else when the teaching has been learned. Nothing is static. Everything moves like a leaf moving on top of the river of destiny, and everyone has different timing to grow.

We just need to respect that.

The role of avyakt7 is about the common good. Avyakt7 is not interested in defending a religion or a philosophy, neither interested in debating about ideas or opinions anymore. Avyakt7 is interested in the common benefit, the common good. That is all.

The name avyakt7 came to me early in my path when I started with the Brahma Kumaris. I cannot tell you what it means, other than it felt “alright” to use it as a “pen” name in the internet.

As you requested, this role may comment on avyakt murlis of the season as part of sharing spiritual knowledge to all, but this role will not be caught up in a “box” of “duties,” for the goal is for you, dear reader; to be able to understand spiritual teachings out of your own experience. Please do not become dependent on anything, even on this blog.

Finally, all of this is happening with a purpose which is beyond my thoughts. Divine help has been there in my spiritual upbringing. I am very thankful of that; but at the same time there is the sense of responsibility towards myself which means, the world… the common good.

Avyakt7 will not forget that; and readers like you only remind me of that.

Best wishes!

Question for May 24, 2013

Om shanti. Pl put light on my below 2 queries: 1) If soul exit in planet earth only than what is the reason for creation/having such HUGE big Universe with millions and millions of stars,planets etc.. Only a earth, moon and sun may be sufficient with few stars may sufficient to balance out gravity etc. etc. 2) In some other meditation type where they imagine/call cosmic energy from UNiverse to flow on them and onece they feel fill up, then they direct it to anywhere they want for healing/any other purpose. They are not connecting with Siv baba soul, the actual energy source insted connecting with the mass universe. Is really it happens and cosmic energy exits. Thank you———-

Thank you for your great questions!

Dear soul,

You are making assumptions here based on what science is currently able to decipher. However, that “current accepted theory” is not necessarily equivalent to the “truth.”

Let me ask a simple question for that: Is the Universe finite or infinite? 🙂 If someone says “infinite,” then how can we be so certain about it? Just because a telescope has a limitation; or a space craft has gone to a certain point and there is more, it doesn’t mean that the Universe is infinite.

Similarly, how do we know that Universe is finite? And if so, where are the limits? 🙂
It is unfortunate that many times we assume things based on information from current scientific beliefs which by the way, when it comes about non tangible “reality,” (out of our experience) any theory is just that, a theory; a way to explain things which are “out of our reach,” a way to make sense of “reality.”
Is the Universe infinite or finite? Here is when “logic” is of no use. We could easily get caught up with intellectual concepts.

Therefore, I am reluctant on accepting something that I do not know (as being it) and have no way on knowing physically. That is why, I base my own exploration in spirituality on my own experiences primarily.

We perceive the Universe from our perspective of “learned,” “educated” beings. Everything has to have a “reason.” Probably there is a “reason” to have a solar system and to see that the Earth is in the perfect position for human beings to thrive.

However, we can only guess the “real reason.”

Let me suggest this to read:

It talks a bit about quantum physics and another bit about Gyan. “Location” in time brings a certain consciousness. That consciousness is called “collective consciousness.”

Just as for many “normal” people it will be very difficult to think or feel as a Deity in the Golden age because of their current consciousness, which will not allow them to perceive something further; similarly, the knowledge that we have in physical terms is being challenged all the time. That is why I like quantum physics; because it represents a challenge in all of that which we thought we knew. It brings knowing to the level of paradoxes and thus, makes it unavailable for many minds, which are not trained to see through them.

The soul exists. It is not bound by our concept of a physical planet. It just happen that the “world Drama” the world scenario is the Earth.

On your second question, many people do not call the Divine, “shivBaba.” That is just a label. Avyakt7 is not me. It is just a label to describe that which you do not know, which is “me.”

However, because we are part of this “oneness,” in the Drama, we can connect and because energy is all there is we could deliver that energy through our intention. This is the easy explanation of the power of “good wishes and pure feelings,” which in other places could be known as “reiki,” or “quantum healing, “ or “prana healing,” etc.

When we get caught up with labels, we think that the label is the “thing,” and we could even fight for a label and die for it.
What matters is the experience of that unity. Call it whatever you want.

I wouldn’t call that practice “meditation,” even though some may like to call that as meditation. For me is just a way to redirect energy, either our own or as a channel.
Meditation moves our consciousness to a different “location” so we could see things with different eyes.

Best wishes!

The Natural Spiritual truth


When the waters of the Ocean flow harmoniously in the arms of the Wind, there is rhythm.
A song.

It is in that rhythm where understanding beyond the intellectual analytical mind resides.

Truth is beyond logic. It is poetry.

Truth is never partial but wholesome. It cannot be defined. It could never be written.
For truth is beyond concepts of “good and bad.”

Truth is an experience without a name. It is felt. Grasped intuitively. It just sinks in without thinking about it.

When the mind becomes empty, void; undisturbed by thoughts and emotions; that is the soil to receive what is real beyond any perceptions. It becomes crystal clear without the dust of words.

Along that celebration of the Wind and the Ocean, the Sun will appear conspicuously in the horizon, to share its warmth without thinking about it.

That rhythm acquires a particular timing “now;” just as when truth has its own time to be recognized.

That warm, cozy sensation is what brings the truthful into something Divine.

For truth is always warm, giving, shiny and embraces all without distinction.
It is like the Sun.
Its own proof manifested in its own light and warmth.

Question: How would you explain incognito vision and divine vision?

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

I would like further information of what do you mean by “incognito vision.”
I have heard about “divine vision” and “vision” in BapDada’s language.

I have heard “incognito” in BapDada’s language as well which is a bit different of the typical English word. (assumed or false identity.)
In BapDada’s language “incognito” means to be there without being noticeable.
“Vision” in BapDada’s language usually mean the way we perceive the world. Therefore, “as your vision, so your attitude.”

Finally, “divine vision,” means 2 things.
1) To have a “vision” as when a devotee sees Krishna during lunch time (or another time.)
2) To have the awareness that we are souls while interacting.

Please clarify your question if you would like a more concise response.

Best wishes!

Devotion for Westerners


Devotion is one of those practices which are least understood in Western countries. As a matter of fact, the most “advance” the country, the least devotion will be seen unless there is an Eastern religious practice going, devotion as such is misunderstood, even by the ones practicing it.

At one time, I had the opportunity to see “Westerners renunciates” making a line to kiss the feet of someone considered a “Spiritual evolved” person.
It almost looked as “something mechanical,” something to do for a “protocol,” rather than the feeling of reverence or love. The action is just a “way” to express but behind that outward symbol, lies the feeling.

Whenever I visit India or Peru, I can see devotion from a far different perspective. It is that “blind love,” that sort of strong need to relate with that which is seen as holy or higher which is usually represented by a human being.

The vision however, is to be related with God or a Divine power through a human being. Kissing the feet of someone considered to be “holy” then, it is not just a “protocol” but an honor. This is a different perspective on the same activity.

How is that related with Spirituality?

It is fundamental to have that love. Without that love or that devotion, in us; our spiritual practices; whatever they may be, will be just another “job” something “mechanical,” something which will not bring much transformation in the self, for transformation implies love in one way or another.

In Spirituality, we see that love for something considered “higher,” as devotion. That devotion many times is just “outwardly” mechanical such as to say the name of a person, God, etc… There are no feelings, just protocol.

What are the typical sources of “that” love?

Love for God is the first one and most popular one. That is the love for that “someone” who is the highest. Our life becomes this awareness. That “relationship” could be forged through a “devotional practice,” or a prayer or meditation, etc. There has to be a way to relate in however way we perceive God is. The perceptions differ, but the feelings are important.

At the same time there is that love for something which does not have that “hierarchy,” as a person or someone but as the experience itself of awe and inspiration, that is Nature, for example. There is no person, no form in particular but the appreciation of beauty and the splendor of being part of it.

There is that love through “emptiness” as well for some, through the recognition of wholesomeness with the Universe; in them that love is usually known as “compassion,” which is that love for all.
Without this “compassion,” there is no way to connect with the rest, there is no communion with the Universe.

Therefore, in every spiritual or religious path, there is a need for love. That love for our own spiritual practices to connect with the Guru, God, saints, deities, Nature, etc; as a sure way to surrender that “ego” which is “proud” of being “itself,” and which needs a certain “status.”

In the “normal” world, we have seen that need to “love,” through the romantic scene of finding that “special one.” It is supposed to be a relationship of “equals,” in the best human relationships, nevertheless; many times we find that for one partner to be the center of attention is not unusual, and that becomes unhealthy although accepted. In this type of “give and take” there is no chance for that “higher love” to arise.

In the absence of something to “accomplish,” “to complete,” or something to “become,” there is the enjoyment of “doing” something for the sake of doing it. The “ulterior motive” is the one who kills the expression.

Even in something such as running (Which I understand and have experienced its beauty,) there is sheer enjoyment of simplicity in movement and the opportunity to feel how the body is capable of flowing in effortless, economical movement. That enjoyment could be “killed” when there is the ulterior motive to “beat John in the next race” as “my” goal.
Then, I am “using” running for this “goal,” that is to “show John who I am.” Many will discuss this point. They will say that they “enjoy to compete.” I would correct that, to “you enjoy to show off what you are capable of.” That is ego in action, transformed with the word “good.” To compete is good…. The world depends on it.. 🙂

Enjoyment is without goal. Just like devotion.

When there is no “goal,” flowing happens, transformation happens as long as there is love.

Poetry: The Mundane and the Divine in the middle of the night

Life is a dream.
to wake up is enlightenment,
in the middle of the night.

Mundane is to shop at Walmart in the middle of the night,
Divine is to go outside and taste the brightness of the starts!
Mundane is needed to survive,
Divine, to breathe and be alive

Mundane is to watch TV just to relax
Divine is to wonder at the birds flying in the sky;
There is no fear of the deepest heights
for that is teaching my wings on how to fly

Being drunk in the middle of the night
extends a dream when is time to wake up,
a divine call will not let you sleep
as a mundane bill won’t let you breathe

Deep depth comes from your heart
Rest assured, that is Divine,
Mundane is superficial shallowness
coming from your own mind.

Your possessions aren’t yours
That is Divine,
As the Aurora of Dawn
brings that beauty
which is not mine.