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Learning to see Life beyond Human eyes.

A “seeker,” in the beginning is blind. He may find a little light down the road and he may think: “I found it. I have the truth. All I have to DO is stick with this.”
Little he knows that DOING will not change BEING. All different paths are merely points of reference. The “seeker” will not be satisfied until he finds himself… and for that, he may need more light than the “truth” he found, less beliefs than what he has been taught.

Have you heard the story of the starfish?
It is used by many people to convey the thought that “I” can make the difference to “help” someone.
It goes something like this: A little boy was throwing starfish back into the Ocean, for the tide washed them up onto the beach. The starfish cannot return to the Ocean by themselves and they will die when the sun sets high.
An adult passing by said: “There are thousands of them, you will not be able to make much of a difference.”
The boy replied: “To this one, it will make a difference.”

The above story illustrates our sets of beliefs and thinking, it also promotes the idea of being a ‘savior’ for someone, that is “helping them from harshness.”

That is one perspective.
Another perspective is that there is another “reason” beyond Human imagination, as to why those thousands of starfish were washed out onto the beach. The Ocean and the creatures living in it, are in tune with what is needed in the Totality. A human being typically is not, and only has his belief to live for.

Isn’t the kid “throwing” (not even placing it in a “safe place”) a dying or weak starfish into the Ocean just delaying the starfish’s death for it will be helpless and eaten by another creature?

“Help” is much more than a belief supported by the Disney channel.

The kid is projecting his human moral standards into a starfish. The adult is only projecting his “utilitarian reason” which he was taught through “education” and the “office world.”
“It doesn’t make sense. It is a waste of effort. There are too many needing help.”

That is why it becomes increasingly important to feel rather than to think.
Thinking will create “Help.”
When thinking creates “help,” there is the separation of the one helping and the one receiving help, the one doing the “good action” and the one in “debt.”
Helping supports the ego of both: The one helping and the one receiving help.
Helping means more “I.”

Am I saying not the “help”? 🙂
No. I am not referring to the meaning of the word, but how we feel when we use it.
“I helped so and so..”
When you do something from your heart, the “I” is not helping. That is the Universe taking care of things through a person.
How come?

Feeling is the way to connect with the Totality. When thinking, we could be “right or wrong,” but when we learn to listen to our feelings, we cannot be right nor wrong. Feeling goes beyond that.

To be able to perceive Life from a different perspective, demands that we abandon that which we think we know or feel comfortable with or that we have conveniently labeled as the “truth.”
That is the courage needed to take away the certainty and comfort level of the “I.”
To become aware of this, is to “be” less “I” without trying… thus, true, honest and sincere.

Practice a method to change “you,” and that will only change behavior.
Be open for Life to change you, and that will change consciousness.

Learn to listen to your true feelings and you will embrace your destiny.
Follow your mind and thoughts and you will be trapped in the duality of “right or wrong,” trapped in beliefs, rationalization and dogmas…always wondering if your “I” was right…or wrong or “rationalizing” how “good/true/right” “I” am.

Until next Monday… will be taking a week vacation!

The benefit of the doubt

Since we could observe that any perspective that we take towards Life has a consequence, and that any perspective is neither “right” nor “wrong,” then we could be open to acknowledge every perspective.

Moreover, if we support a particular view of Life we will be closed, biased towards the others.

What is the practical aspect of the above?

Robert gave some chocolates to Mary.
Mary said to him: “I cannot take those. I am on a diet.”
Robert thought: “ I wasn’t asking for her to eat the chocolates, but just to take them. I wanted to be friendly.”
Mary thought of the incident: “ I know that Robert wants something from me. I don’t want anything from him.”

Observe how the feelings in Mary and Robert will change towards each other. It will be another “brick on the wall,” in the way their perception of the “outside” will be perceived.

“Why give anything to people, if they are going to reject it.”
“ Don’t trust people. Don’t accept anything from them. Better dead than to ask for anything.”

That animosity created through misunderstandings, interpretations and even by unconsciously poking into someone’s hurtful triggers, collaborates into the feeling of heaviness, darkness which will color our perception of the world.

“The world is THIS and I am THAT.” An absolute response to the World, ready to turn into a dogmatic way of living.

“But… if we tend to interpret the world, how is it possible not to interpret it?”

That is not the point. It is not a matter of saying: “If you interpret the world under your own perspective that is bad and that will take you to hell.”

The point is to realize that “I am interpreting,” thus what comes out of my mouth or anyone’s without exception, is not the holy truth; but merely a perception.

That is known as the benefit of the doubt.

“Robert looks like he wants something from me, but I will give him the benefit of the doubt.”

That perspective of giving someone the benefit of the doubt in healing in itself.
Because we are trusting Life.

The way to stop the heaviness of that energy of suspicion and self-righteousness is by giving the benefit of the doubt.

In this way we could understand that to “have doubts” is not “bad,” it is not only a sign of insecurity or lack of faith, but its utility resides in using that energy with wisdom, according to time and circumstances.

All opposite energies have the same source. Different polarities is what we perceive.

Lost in the perception that “I am right,” we do not realize that “I am wrong” is part of the same energy. To experience one side, means to experience the other.

Labeling one side as “good” and the other as “bad,” means to set yourself up for feeling guilty, unworthy, unholy and all the opposite labels that we strived to “achieve” to become “better” or “spiritual.”

Isn’t that something to be aware of ? 🙂