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No-I and Witnessing (Detached observer.)

Caught up in the “reality” of the “I,” there cannot be witnessing until there is “No-I.”

When the “I” becomes “real,” a static entity with a personality who divides the world and himself as 2 different things; then our mind set of individuality arises.
Within that individuality is how our traditions, belief systems and perspective of reality are shaped.

A new consciousness is to be open to experience “no-I” as the other aspect of polarity, which will make our range of perception complete.
This is not just “knowing,” but to experience it, to live it. At that point, the question “who I am” is senseless.

Predestination and Free Will are inventions of the “I.”
Therefore, the question: “Are we predestined or do we have free will?” is completely out of the way, senseless.

Life may be a circular range of opposites but complementary energies (polarity) meant to self sustain itself through the processes of “creation” and “destruction.”
Those processes are experienced as “life stories” by the experiencers, that is how the “I” becomes “real.”
However, those who “experience” are truly part of the story as well.

Until there is “no-I.”
Then, there is witnessing of the story.
There is no one witnessing, but there is only witnessing.
Nothing “personal.”
That is where the “soul” comes into the picture.
It is empty. Void of personality. We are that emptiness.
Who I am?
Emptiness… therefore, everything. Totality. Like an empty glass, a container… like a window space a door space… Not the door or the window itself, but the space, the empty space.

Do I have to make effort to be a “detached observer”?
Isn’t that the “I” making effort? The “I” wanting to become someone? Isn’t that the same “I” wanting paradise for himself?

Be Conscious, aware.

The range of experiences moves spontaneously, for we are not separated from the story, from Life.
Consciousness is that which all living beings have in common. Different type of consciousness, yes; but consciousness nevertheless.

That is why there is no one who can change their own consciousness, as that perception of being an “I” is part of the story, part of Life… it will change by itself as Life is change, and as we live, we change, we evolve, nothing is static, not even that “I”…. But our mind dwells on static, comfortable, secure things…
The mind says that “I” am static, when all there is static about this persona is the name, a label.

Choice, intuition and “bi-polar” thinking


Heckle and Jeckle were admitted to the same 2 universities to continue their studies in bird biology.

These “old chaps” had a discussion about their next “alma mater.”

Heckle made a list with 5 convincing reasons as to why going to “Mockingbird University” is the best choice for them.
1)Top notch faculty 2) Ranked #1 in the nation for biology 3) 90% of their graduates get a job within the first year 4) On-line classes 5) Financial aid available.

Jeckle selected “Quackula College” without hesitation. Even though Jeckle wasn’t able to give a “reason,” Jeckle had an insight, a hunch telling him “Go to Quackula College. Go to Quackula…” 🙂

In our society, we have been trained to use our thinking ability, that is to “make choices” as if that “rationality” was the way to secure something favorable for ourselves.

Perhaps in a group decision “rationality” could weigh some support for a decision in a man-made world such as business dealings, but that is not necessarily true when we are dealing with life itself, our lives.

The fact is that we usually do not know what to choose, but we can rationalize and “weigh the pros and cons” according to our thinking, to come up with an “educated” thought which we label as “answer.”

By “choosing” we do not allow our intuition, which is the connection with the Totality, to arise.

If we realize that life is like an eternal film and living “now” means in relation with that Drama of life; the ability to express something necessary for the film, then we could see that “choosing” is an extra layer of complication for the sake of giving a “reason.”

Heckle: “Tell me the reason why you want to go to Quackula College, Jeckle? You don’t want to be irrational. You need to be logical.”

That is how we unknowingly kill our ability to be perceptive and in tune with the Totality.

What is intuition, if not knowing? That knowing is not related with outcomes that are viewed by us as “convenient” but that knowing is related with the way the eternal film (life) is being “shot.”

If a religion or a self-help guru is giving us a “choice” such as you do “either this or that,” that choice is bi-polar, it is reducing our ability to move and to discover.

That “bi-polar” thinking is highly detrimental as our consciousness increases.

Heckle: “Are you a night person or a morning person?”
Jeckle: “I am an afternoon person.” 🙂

The following are examples of Heckle’s “bi-polar “ thinking:
“Do you think that dogs are intelligent or dumb?”
“Do you think that Taoism is true or false?”
“Do you think that celibacy is good or bad?”
“Do you believe that God is omnipresent or an individual?”

In those questions, someone is forced to take a “choice,” to take a stand and defend that.

What is intelligent? What is truth? What is good?
How do we know if a definition is accurate and not excluding something valuable from what is being defined?

Do we see the game?
It is called labeling. When we label we live in our heads, through thought. That is what we have learned through our “education” in society and that is what we need to unlearn to “see” something different.

Jeckle knew where to go. Heckle only thought he knew. Even though he had convincing “reasons.”

Nevertheless as far as the movie of life is concerned, whether Mockingbird University or Quackula College is selected; that selected place is the “right” place to be for both.

That is another paradox in life.

Open the armor


For those who are reading these sharings, the question may arrive: Are these things being shared by Avyakt7 true ? 🙂

If someone is tinkering in that question, that means that this person does not recognize something through his own experience. In other words, that person is a great material for following beliefs and hand-me-down ideas from whomever.

That person is still looking for someone to tell him what he has to do and believe in life.

We could have a Divine experience, but that does not mean that we have an insight as to who we are.

We could have a divine experience, but that does not mean that we have what it takes to discover our own mental obstacles, which are impeding a fulfilled life.

We could join or follow a belief system, but that does not mean that our consciousness has opened to a different level.

We could believe that spirituality is another subject to learn, just like mathematics, and if “I” read a lot of self-help books and listen to world-class gurus, if “I” study a lot.. then “wisdom” will be pouring through our skin pores… effectively changing “normal” sweat into “holy water”… 🙂

Unless our awareness, our consciousness opens up to integrate our being with everything else, we cannot live a fulfilled life.
Take the above as Avyakt7’s belief if you would, but those who somehow recognize that statement in their own lives, will know.

That is what wisdom is: Just recognition.
That recognition opens up as our awareness opens. Our awareness could open as we do not reject experiences in life, but as we learn to accept, to integrate without thinking about it.

Many times some individuals are basically waiting for the “key word” to be spouted so they believe in something. Without that “key word” nothing makes sense to them.

For example, when Avyakt7 refers to the Totality; some may call it as “Drama,” others may call that as “Universe,” or “Cosmos,” or “Nature” or “Tao” or even God… see that in Spirituality labels are not definitions or concepts, but words are merely referential for someone to RECOGNIZE that in his own experience.

A belief system is a closed armor, which does not allow for our consciousness to open up and discover so we know through our own recognition, but rather a belief system puts everything in “easy” concepts for the follower, so he does not get “confused.”
A concept is not the thing or the being. A concept is just mental “clothing” which will not allow us to perceive things naked, but that clothing around the thing, will develop our belief in a particular way.

“It is only this, but it cannot be that.”

Part of growing in life is to open up that armor, and being able to feel things without beliefs, concepts or ideas for the first time.

Oh… what a joy! 🙂

The paradox of the eternal “self”


That word “self” is interesting.
We used it to refer to “I.” Finding who is that “I” is usually the issue.
Some believe it is the body. Some believe it is the soul. Some believe it is the brain, nevertheless; a “normal” person will identify himself through the face/body.

That is what we usually refer to “self.” Nevertheless, as pointed out in many articles already, the “self” is constantly changing, it is never the same at any second. Thus, what we are left with is called consciousness, awareness. Everything that exists has a different degree of consciousness. That consciousness although changing all the time, is imperishable.

When we perceive interdependence, when we perceive that truly there is no “I” at all at any time practically, not as a belief, then as long as there is existence (which is all there is) we are that.
Some call it, “we are part of it,” but that is a simplified version to make things easier to grasp intellectually; but we are not “part of it,” we are it.

That is we are eternal, just as existence is.

Jack and Jill were discussing deep ontological issues at the park while enjoying a nice meal together.

Jack: Once we perceive our own eternity, then everything else is eternal. There is nothing, which is not eternal. That is why every moment has to repeat again, exactly as it “was.”

Jill: How being conscious of our own eternity is related with things repeating?

Jack: Who are we? If we think that we are separated from everything else and we put a name, a label to that which we think we are, then obviously we cannot see the relationship. We will always see separation. Integration with the Totality means the experience of being selfless. We are every moment and every moment is eternal.

Jill: …but things repeating again?

Jack: It is simple. Nothing could be created nor destroyed. Everything that “is” only transforms all the time and after “sometime” it is bound to repeat again.

Jill: Let us say that I have a Rubik’s cube and the purpose of that cube is to get all the colors in every face of the cube to be the same. I keep turning it around until I get that, you say that my moves are bound to repeat?

Jack: That is the perfect example! Let us remember that if life was like a Rubik’s cube, there is no purpose whatsoever. The cube will keep on moving just as life is, but we believe that the purpose is to get all faces to be the same, being unaware that there is only a moment when that will happen and then everything will be mixed up again.
Now, there is only a limited amount of permutations (the way the cube could move) even if there are billions of different moves, eventually the permutations will have to be repeated.

In life, every face of one of the little cubes inside the big cube is “us.” “We” have created a personality for “me” and “you” that is called “ego,” but now we could grasp that life is moving us together in a certain pattern. We are all interrelated.
That is the built-in “intelligence” in life.

Jill: The issue will be when someone interprets the above in a different way. It could be interpreted as if the goal in life is to have all faces of the cube to be the same, and to become part of that and call that heaven, paradise, etc. Then fear could be instilled for the need to “get there” as the main thing in life.

Jack: Yes. Nevertheless, every interpretation of the above has its benefit for those who are in the same type of consciousness. That is how different religions/philosophies appear, each with its own view based on a particular interpretation of a perceived reality of separation.

Jill: So, if the Rubik’s cube will move in a particular way, which is repetitive, an eternal… what is there to “do”?

Jack: For a being conscious of his own eternity, to enjoy every move.

We are already complete

When religions, philosophies and “moralizers” are reminding us of our evil ways and how “bad we are;” when these individuals preach rejection of one side of the coin of duality for the attainment of the other side, the “good side;” we could see that in this “play” of life; one side of duality will bring automatically the other side.

Rejection of one side only means a more intense experience of that side.

That is how “double face” preachers of morality are in existence. Those who thanks to their own rejection to something, at the end will embrace that which they originally rejected. They will say one thing but do the opposite.

Acceptance of “what is” does not mean to “agree with it.” There is no need to either agree or disagree. It is what it is. The important item is our reaction to that which life presents.
Lack of reaction does not mean “not to act.” It means not to be affected. We don’t become “not affected” when we “make effort” not to do it; but when we have infinite acceptance of things in our “blood cells.” 🙂

That is the importance of observation. Until we have not learned to observe everything around us and in us without labeling, we will be an easy prey of the events of life. That observation needs to be meditated upon, it needs to be assimilated. Here is where solitude is of especial importance.

Just like a writer or a poet needs solitude to allow for the inside to express in words and communicate to the outside, a spiritual walker requires the same ingredients to meditate upon the story of his own life.
Those 2 ingredients are important for self transformation, greater awareness will appear as a consequence. No shortcuts in this.

The Drama of life occurs. The “recorded movie” appears in our minds. We see, we hear, we smell something. That does not mean that those things that we see, hear or smell “exist” as they are. It only means that our senses have the ability to present that “movie” to us like that.

When we disconnect from that “recorded movie,” when we shut off the senses and the screen of the mind, not believing in our thoughts anymore, we could perceive that personality going away.

That is emptiness. It is in that consciousness of being empty from that “illusion” of personality when, we could recognize ourselves, who we are; without the script of the movie of life.

Good, bad, cold, heat, elation, sadness, all of those components of duality are part of the movie which our senses bring as experiences. We are “beyond” that.

That is “we are already complete.” However, when we believe in the script of the movie, which will change from “good” to “bad,” in time; at that moment we will identify with the script and create a personality accordingly. That is the personality which rejects, labels, judges and analyzes things to fit an ideal, to something which does not exist but only in our heads. An illusion, which is a “reality” for us until we “wake up.”

The Sun is out. My senses perceive that. If that is the origin of my happiness, then I will find out that the Sun will go away as well.
Because it came out. 🙂

That emptiness of personality is what unites all of us. It is the current of that Ocean of life moving as ripples; that is the source of our togetherness.

Some may call that “atma,” or soul; however, please see that without a “movie” to play; that soul will be an empty source of bliss… that individuality is only fictitious until the “movie plays.”
It is just the “movie” covering our self realization.
Togetherness is our “original state.” Oneness. 🙂

Karma, Drama, Predestination and…. Confusion

“Om Shanti, Dear Brother, I have asked this question many times to many BKs but the answer i got was not convincing. We believe the fact that karma is my choice and man makes his own destiny we also believe the fact this world is a drama and it repeats itself and its predestined. Now, does that mean that my karma’s are also fixed, its just that i am making a ‘choice’ to make it happen according to the drama. Or If i have my freewill in doing the karma then how can the world drama be fixed it should vary every time. Please clarify. Regards”

Thank you for your question, dear reader… Avyakt7 has responded that question many times already in this blog, but you know… every time avyakt7 responds, it is somewhat a different response… 🙂

Here is my “straight” answer to the point and my latest “discovery..”

Dear reader, just forget about all of those concepts, dualistic ideas and beliefs.
The important thing is “NOW.” That is, are you happy? Are you at peace with yourself? Are you in harmony with everything? If not… why not? Discover that, Be it then Do it and all the above concepts will be taken care of for your benefit. That is all. 🙂

Even though, the above is avyakt7’s “best answer ever,” you may be hungry for concepts, you may be willing to get an explanation to answer your great question and finding.

You see, if most readers would go into these types of questions about “pure gyan,” without their own “hang ups” and were truly looking for answers rather than looking to conform with dogmas; many things will be discovered. But, reality is that it is easier to believe, to follow, to pretend to understand, etc.

So, here it is my long “conceptual” answer for intellectual “theory” minds.

The knowledge taught by the Brahma Kumaris is indeed a very deep knowledge. It is that deep that it was put in very simple terms by Brahma Baba, so uneducated people could be able to grasp it back then.

The issue is that because people’s tendencies is to take things literally, then dogma appeared and “black or white” thinking was established. This is not “bad.” It is necessary for the “majority,” who are engrossed in devotional practices and truly are unable to grasp deeper insight. This is not “bad” either. It is called “numberwise.” To have a deep mind is not necessary at all to really understand the simplicity of life and to live happy “NOW.” BUT, “NOW” we have different times than back then.

This is something that many do not realize.

Thus, you found that “my karma” and my “free will” or “choice” contradicts “predestination” and “eternal repetition.” Great finding! 🙂

When you are caught up in the “logic” of those concepts, there will be no “logical” answer. So, you will get at best the typical: ” We have a certain extent of free will, but there is also predestination.”
That is the popular “whishy washy” answer, or you can get a “fundamentalist” who will assure you that we have “free will” and that is why God can punish us for our misbehaviors… Or someone who can tell you that predestination is all there is and thus, you are destined to be someone.. You are a “puppet of destiny,” and there is nothing you can do about it.. 😦

Dear reader, everything in this Drama depends on our state of consciousness and not on how much logic we can think of.
When there is the consciousness of “I,” that is when the problem starts. Then “I” either feel trapped or “I” feel that “I” have a choice. However, as explained in many articles already and pointed out by many gurus and BapDada himself, the “I” is an illusion. Individuality is an illusion. Just because you have a body and “I” have a body, it doesn’t mean that we are “individuals” when in the Drama there is interdependence. Individuality is conceptual based on physical observation.

When we understand that “roles” are being acted through “us,” then we will forget about the biggest lie of all: “I do.” It is another illusion. It is a role going through. That is what we call the Drama when looked at from the unlimited perspective, but when looked at from the limited, we call that “karma.”

See? 🙂

Now, imagine for a moment an ego-less being. The one who is aware of “I” the soul, not as individuality but as being conscious of existence. How is that? A 3 year old is conscious of existence but he does not have consciousness of individuality yet. Now, for that soul conscious being, who is self aware, the roles running through him will be viewed as that: roles. That is a detached observer. Therefore, the concepts such as “free will” or “predestination,” will be completely meaningless for that being. Why?

Because that being is capable of being complete, fulfilled just by “BEING,” so “doing” is completely irrelevant. 🙂 (as on the other hand, it is relevant for an ego centered mind.)

However, as “doing” is aligned with “being,” his “doing” will be completely ego-less; that is, it will be beneficial, for it will go according to the Drama…and as we know…“The Drama is beneficial for all.”

As long as we are caught up in the consciousness of “I” as ego, we will only see conceptual contradictions. Nevertheless, now you can see how we arrive to avyakt7’s “best answer ever,” but after going through so many words.

Now, you could understand why a simple explanation of “karma” as being bad or good or neutral is used by the Brahma Kumaris. There is no such a thing as that. That is conceptual understanding. It is like trying to hold a picture and call it the “truth,” when there is a movie instead.

It is just a matter of consciousness, and everything is necessary as it is, however; there is a return on that which is neither good nor bad…necessary. Those roles will take us to a big circle.
Dear reader: Where is the destination in a big circle? 🙂 That is why “according to time” we know where the Drama is being directed. That is all we need to be aware of.

However, when it is about making the “little children,” understand deep concepts in easy to digest “good or bad” actions, then the explanation by Brahma Kumaris is “good.” But when you realize those contradictions…that is when you “grow up”… oh boy! do not ask those questions unless you want to get in trouble.. 🙂 The same has happened in every religion. Nothing new.

Best wishes!

Relating with Relationships

In the topic of relationships, everyone has things to say about. 🙂
We live in relationship.

There is no living without being in relationship. However, the “other” could be hell and neediness becomes the greatest factor on finding that “someone” despite that hell.

Typically we see the issue in the “other” and never in us. Thus, the longing to find that someone “special” could be following these “normal” paths:

1) It could be a “job posting” such as: “I am looking for this and that in my potential mate. If you have these things, please apply. Applications will be considered after a careful screening.”
2) It could be a “killer hunt”- Fatal attraction: “I want him or her. There is chemistry between us. Nothing could separate us.” Wonderful material for a romantic story with lots of drama.
3) It could be a plain “cute puppy for a good home” ad. That is “take me before it is too late. I promise I will behave.” 🙂

We think that relationships are always in term with the “other,” but the self is forgotten.

In all of the writings/sharings in this blog, the importance of knowing the self, of having a relationship with the self has been emphasized due to its extraordinary importance.

As a matter of fact, let me share this about avyakt7.

Avyakt7 started his spiritual life in search for truth. That was all for him. What is truth? Who has the truth? I want the truth and nothing but the truth.
That”desire” took me into God… but that wasn’t all there was…
Finally I had to find myself. That is my truth. It was a search to the outside to get to the inside again. Full circle. That relationship was my path.

Below we have 3 videos about the topic of “relationship.” All of them are good. All of them have something to teach us. However, there is different depth in them which will fit different understandings.

The first one, is with Mooji. The second one with sister Shivani from the Brahma Kumaris and the third one with Taoist Master, Yun Xiang Tseng,


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