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Opening “karmic” accounts – Reasoning “karma”


When I learned in “depth” about the law of karma (action) a few things were constantly repeated as the “facts” of this law.

1) If you do something to someone, that will come back to you.
2) Actions are neutral, sinful or just actions.
3) This is the time to “close” karmic accounts. Therefore, avoid opening “new” accounts.
4) Yoga and suffering are the 2 ways of “paying” the “price” of karmic accounts that are “unsettled,”
5) There is a “new” type of actions at this time: Elevated actions.

Of course, after learning such a concise list, there was another list to remember about the Drama of life, the movie which is predestined and eternally repetitive.

1) The Drama of life is beneficial for all.
2) The Drama of life is an eternally repeating movie.
3) Actors (souls) have a predetermined part to play.
4) At this time, we should close our karmic accounts to play the role of “angels” in the Drama of life.
5) Because we don’t know what we have done before in the Drama, we should strive to do “good” now, for otherwise we will repeat the same “wrong” actions again.

Therefore, we should close karmic accounts and forget anything related with the physical world and become engaged in giving this knowledge to others at this time as this is an “elevated action.”

The above was the simplistic view of Karma. As a consequence, most will operate from the premise of fear. Fear of the eternal “punishment” of repeating the same “wrong” action. In different religions that eternal “punishment” has been portrayed as “eternal hell.”

If the actions of a soul are predetermined roles; then; why is there a need for “punishment”?

If the actions or roles running through a soul are part of the Drama, then why label some actions as “good or bad”?
If the Drama of life is beneficial, then everything, every activity, is beneficial.

Therefore, why “opening” new karmic accounts is not desirable?
What about if those “new karmic accounts” are necessary to settle other karmic accounts?
How do I recognize when opening a karmic account is OK and when it is not OK? 🙂

How do I know if my aim of “closing” karmic accounts is in fact, not helping me to settle karmic accounts?

I could come up with many questions like the above and I could expand into several “theories.”

The above just illustrates that whenever I use “logic” to understand a spiritual principle, I will “dogmatize” that spiritual principle; and thus I will become one with a rigid understanding. Fear, without a doubt, will surround my life.

What fear?
Fear of making mistakes, that is, fear of living and learning.
When the law of karma is explained as if there was a bank of karmic accounts with debits and credits, automatically duality will enter into that concept and even though the explanation is simple, it will be inaccurate.

One of the main teachings in Spirituality is to understand the egoic mind, and how ego makes up a personality which in turn will only think about “earning credits” that is to “gain” Paradise in return.

The above concept merely strengthens ego. That is known as “Spiritual ego.” Which I ‘d like to rename as “religious ego.”

The difference between “earning credits” to gain Paradise or to buy a car is minimal. It is basically the same concept.

When we look at Spirituality from a deeper perspective, we could see that the “law of Karma” is simply reduced into: “What you do, you do it to yourself. There is no “other.”

Therefore, rather than trying to figure it out if what you do is “good” or “bad” simply, eradicate that “you,” and then “doing” will be there for the sake of it. (As BapDada has mentioned as well as Lao Tzu and Zen masters.) That is called “witnessing” or a “detached observer.”

How is this possible?

When we observe the inner self, we will find that many emotional disturbances and complexes are still within us and our activities will be triggered under their influence.

A lack of self esteem will trigger certain activity, which even though may look “good” is colored with that emotional disturbance. That disturbance is known as desires by many.

You see, in general desires will always be there in one way or another. They are not “bad,” but our attachment to them, that is, the emotional disturbance makes that desire “impure,” “sinful” and all of that.

Once the emotional disturbances of our psyche are healed (this is the journey) in the experience of serenity and peace and the practice of virtuous living through undivided service to all, then ego will start dissolving. At that point that “you” will not be there and then, activities will not be coming out of emotions but rather from insight, from inner goodness as they will manifest feelings from the soul.

At that point, concepts are not needed. “Laws” or booklets explaining whether I am performing “good or bad” karma will not be needed. Fear of living life will cease and accepting the opportunities that life offers will not be rejected due to being afraid of not enjoying paradise in a forthcoming birth.

Please see this point: Do you think that God will “punish” you because you are not “making effort” to go to Paradise or to get a “good status” in heaven because you have decided to take care of “now” instead, that means your thoughts, feelings and relationships with all at this time? Isn’t it that what you do “now” will decide what you will become tomorrow due to the law of karma? Or do you believe that praying, asking for “salvation” performing devotion and defending your beliefs about the “afterlife” is what is important?

Honesty resides in being your most refined, elevated self not out of a reward in the future or in this life, but just because it is in your heart to be so as an offering to the common good, the world, as it is “now.”

By observing, taking care of my thoughts, my feelings then my activities will become naturally aligned, then my “karma” will be aligned with the common good.

At that point, Spirituality will be practiced “naturally,” that is in harmonious unity with all.

That is the most elevated “karma,” I “do” without doing because there is no “I” in between.

Therefore, what is the purpose of looking at what kind of actions “I” perform according to the concepts and definitions, when everything starts in my thoughts and feelings? 🙂 Take care of them, then karma will take care of itself.

Quantum physics and Spirituality

This experiment in quantum physics named the “double slit” experiment shows that mater as perceived by a “normal” human being is not so in “reality.”

Most human beings will perceive matter as “particles.” However, as we can see in this experiment a particle could be a “wave” as well. This paradox has been named the “wave–particle duality.” If you would like to know more about this, please read this wiki article.

By watching this practical video, we can see that everything depends on the observer who is “measuring” what appears to be “reality.”

How is that related with spirituality?
Spirituality had the answer long ago. There is a pre-ordained Drama which moves everything from the quantum level of the electron through a particle. This is something which Science hasn’t quite figure it out.

There is also a “role” which perceives and observes the things happening in the Drama in a particular way. That role is within the Drama.

Observation based on expectation (as in the experiment) is not observing but inferring, thinking.

This is the same phenomena that a human being displays. When we observe life, when we observe our own inner world; we already have an expectation of “what to get out of it.”

If “I” observe “my thoughts,” it is so I can get rid of my wasteful thinking. That is an expectation which will not allow me to observe.
This is why, reality as it is or “truth” could be observed when that “I” is not there, for otherwise; there is thought and with that thinking there is an entity called the “me” manipulating information based on previous experiences.

To understand this principle of duality means to understand the principle of “being and non-being.” A person immersed in spirituality, may want to consider the following points:

1) what “I” observe is not necessarily real.
2) What my logic and reasoning are able to find as “facts,” are not necessarily true.
3) There is a paradoxical quality in very phenomena in life, so if “I” attach myself to a particular belief or concept; “I” will be missing the other side which duality brings. There is the reality of the concept but also the reality of the “no-concept.”
4) As long as there is “I” there cannot be the whole picture. “Truly” observing is not possible.
5) The way we have perceived the world as emphasized by “traditional” physics, mathematics, history and any other source of human knowledge is not truly real, for the “I” has been lingering in that observation. This is what is commonly known as “biased” perception.
6) This is the reason why we should not be attached to a concept or perception of the senses, for it is a half-truth as best.
7) Egolessness is the way to observe without bias.

A drop of water belongs to the Ocean just like a human being to the Drama of life. To feel separated as “me” different from life, means not to see the “reality” of being the same thing at the same time.

Observing the inner drama of the mind


Ananda was wondering about the words of Mathias; the wise tree, about getting rid of the “Me.”
In theory it sounds good, but how do you do that practically?
By simply not being attached to anything we think or perceive. Simple but not so. Paradox. 🙂

Ananda had the ritual of watching the waters of the bay every morning. Ananda does not feel compelled to do this as “mandatory,” but it is a natural fulfilling experience for him, as if he was seeing a friend.

When Ananda observed the waters of the bay without emitting any judgment in his mind, something occurred: Some sort of understanding appeared by just looking at the world of the Ocean and their participants: The seagulls flying, the fish swimming in formations just like the birds, the dolphins arriving from afar to be seen, the wind blowing and the sunshine reflecting on the waters of the bay, which created a calming sound when hitting smoothly the walls of the bay. All of that made a symphony, harmonious music with the theme of celebrating a new day.

Ananda was getting ready to go for a trip far away to a land filled with buildings, cement and noise, also known as “progress.”

Ananda knew that his morning ritual of “self purification” will be stopped for a while. He had developed love for Nature, specially the Ocean.
Then a thought arrived. He thought: “I will really miss you.”
Ananda was working on observing his mind, thus; Ananda caught that little phrase when he was about to build the “feely” emotion of “I miss you.”

Ananda realized that he was comparing. Anada realized that he was anticipating the future based on his experience of the past. He was attached to the thought of “having the waters of the bay,” in his mind.

From there, everything was about the game of comparing: the new place versus the old one. The likes and dislikes, the “how miserable I feel now and I wish things were like they used to be.” All of that, is plain rejection of what is.

Ananda realized that whenever he compared, he will be choosing one thing rather than another. That choice meant his automatic emotional dependency on something. That “me” selecting things to depend on which by nature are transitory.

As Ananda discovered these things while observing his mind, deeper emotions came up.

Ananda thought of that moment when he fell deeply in love with some one. That person did not reciprocate his feelings; but that experience didn’t allow Ananda to “move on” in life. Every woman that he met from that point on, was compared against a fictional “blueprint” of perfection, an emotion which depicted perfection and no woman could be closer to that.

Ananda was trapped in that emotional drama, which truly showed him the issues of being trapped in idealism and daydreaming, on playing your own movie in your mind.

Ananda then remembered the time that a dog bit him. His ego made a trauma out of that experience and his mind confabulated to create fear every time Ananda was close to a dog.
“All dogs are like that. Don’t get near to them,” advised the “little voice” inside his mind, the “Me.”

Ananda perceived how accumulating psychological information in his mind, which is known as memory; was the cause of not living the now, for those experiences had greater value than the current present.

Ananda realized that this memory of an experience in life, became permanent every time his ego felt hurt, neglected, lacking respect; that is every time an experience came below “his” expectations.

Ananda realized that the source of all of that was this center who he called “I.” That center is psychological, it doesn’t exist but his mind make that “center” alive. That center even has his own little voice talking to Ananda all the time, to prove its existence.

Finally, it “clicked for Ananda,” when he remembered what Mathias; the wise tree, mentioned about being empty and getting rid of the “me.”

There is “pure” observation without comments, that is, the “Me,” is not there. It is like a 3 year old baby looking at the environment attentively, learning new things. People would infer that these babies are “thinking,” but that is not there yet. As a matter of fact, most of our thinking comes out of learning our language, then the concept of “me” is learned very well and from that “separation” arrives.
It is just conceptual separation made real in our mind.

Religions and philosophies have used different methods to deal with the mind. One of them is to busy the mind. Remember this or that instead. Fantasize with this or that, keep the mind busy. That is a method relying on something else to keep that peace “of mind.”

Nevertheless, to observe our own mind without being the observer is a step further, a step beyond dependencies. It is the art of figuring things out for yourself and by yourself.

You become your own teacher.

This is all….Nighttime changing into daylight


Some people figured out that there is drinking water scarcity, that climate is changing unexpectedly and with that a new pattern for wildlife is being created. Natural resources are being utilized more than ever, population is growing exponentially using up all of our resources, etc. etc.

Some people concluded that we are destroying our planet by depleting it.

Other people are afraid of the political changing governments of many countries in the world. They are afraid of terrorism overtaking and destroying different countries. They are afraid of “developed countries” financing the outcome of wars by providing “upgraded” armaments to less developed countries in the name of “freedom and democracy.”

These people see that a nuclear war could be started at any time. There is fear for destruction.

Then, you have the other side of duality.

Those who claim that all of that is “nonsense.” There are no “proofs,” for any of that and those observations come from negative and mentally handicapped people, sensationalist trying to make “a dollar.”

As a matter of fact, these people see the world as a better place to be. They argue that we have more comfort, more technology which is capable of solving all problems. The statistics of life expectancy are going up, there is life insurance, medical benefits, education and TV… the forces of the “market” are decisive in the economical growth of nations, so all efforts should be made to encourage further use of natural resources of the planet, which are plentiful.

The masses, when listening to contradictory versions, will go for the easy ride and just watch cricket or football instead. Entertainment is good!
Who cares about those things when they have a job, a family and pets to take care of?

Just in case, Mr. politician will come to help out. “We should get together and come up with plans to solve any situation which could affect the future and well being of our children. We should remain united, for our children are the future of our nations.”

Applauses and ovations for such a “great solution” are expected. That guy, really knows what he is talking about. It is about time to get that sort of solution. He will be elected again.

In the meantime, Religions will talk about “doomsday.” It is time to forget about the world and think about the after life. Be good. Do good and leave the rest to God. Keep praying.

Everyone has their own role in this Drama of life. Everyone has a part to play.

While people keep thinking about “making changes,” and “doing things,” to save the world; others are busy destroying it to maintain the “holy” forces of the economical markets going. The law of “supply and demand” is more important than any other law.

That is an example of unity.

In the meantime, some may sit and relax watching how nighttime changes into daylight.

No matter what people “want to do,” no matter what “upgraded” technology people has, still daylight will come. It is just a matter of time.

Is the world getting better?
Of course, it is. Day light is coming.
Is the world getting worse?
Certainly. Nighttime is disappearing little by little.

It is just the game of the night changing into daylight.
Do not get scared by being trapped into more dualistic words.

All is good for eternal beings while playing their role. Just a role. Roll on! 🙂

Question- June 19, 2013- The paradox of Oneness and Individuality

Om Shanti Dear Brother you say the subtle energy of life is not divided in many pieces. It is one. Does that mean Brahma and Shiva are just roles and not two different souls? If two souls are not different then how is it that the experiences and feelings of one soul are different from other souls at the same particular moment of time. If that living force is One then how is it that at same moment of time but at certain place that living force is in the state of Soul / Original Consciousness and at some another place the same living force is in body consciousness. Thank You

Dear soul,

Thank you for your question.

Please read again this reply written to a smilar question than yours.


The challenge of communicating some of this information is very steep.

This blog is being read by many individuals from all walks of life. Not only BKs.

As such, the spiritual knowledge shared here is not the “traditional” 7 day course and “black and white” concepts for, realizing BK knowledge without the devotional and ritualistic factors; will give you a different view.

Dear soul, This role is not “against rituals and devotional views.” This role accepts that (if that is important for some) but at the same time acknowledges that there are other view points as well where other individuals may understand and appreciate spirituality.

In these sharings we are finding out that there is something called a Paradox.  That word has been used a lot in this blog. As a matter of fact, it is my understanding that many souls including BKs are appreciating the extent of that concept.  The same thing with “numberwise” and “entropy.”

Those concepts have not been explored in depth by a typical “7 day course,” for it could become confusing for some; I suppose.

However, in this blog we can realize that addition and subtraction are not the only mathematical operations. Why become stuck in adding and subtracting only; for the sake of “simplicity,” and so “everyone could understand,” when there is division and multiplication as mathematical operations?

This blog is merely showing that. Some may understand, some may not. Many could say that because multiplication and division are not taught in BK knowledge, this is not BK knowledge . 🙂  For that, I just have to say:  “Time will tell.” 🙂  If you want to  add 108 times 8, go ahead. I rather multiply  108 x 8.  Same result, however.

Spirituality is ONE, not many; but viewed from different perspectives according to roles and understanding.

With this lengthy introduction, let me just go back into the “basics” to answer your question.

Is the Drama one or many? 🙂

If the Drama is one, and roles are pre-ordained through that One Drama; that means that ONE manifests into many (souls) right?

A soul without a role is like a “sleeping beauty.” There may be individuality but not consciousness and without consciousness, no one is there…  🙂

You see many roles and many souls. I see ONE DRAMA (One living force) being interpreted through many souls.

Both perspectives are right.

This is called a Paradox. 

Body consciousness and soul consciousness are just “consciousness” dictated by a role at a particular time.

There is “no consciousness” and “consciousness.”  (Being and non-being) Within that consciousness, there is soul consciousness and body consciousness.

Why is all of the above important, and why not just stick with the “basics”?

Because the “truth” is beyond the “basics.”

To understand that, will give us the openness to acknowledge different view points, so to defend a particular religious ideology is no longer the point… but the point is to “see” Spirituality in all different views. Just like different souls expressing different roles; which paradoxically go back to Oneness of the Drama, the living force.

Best wishes!

Explaining Numberwise in a “newbie” language.

Dear brother, I have searched through your wonderful blog under ‘numberwise’ and am coming up with loads of pages of info…..where it is mentioned. However would you be able to explain that in a newbie’s language for me please? If all souls are equal how and why is this numberwise ‘decided’? Have you already given a summary somewhere? I would so appreciate your sharings on this. Many thanks dear soul!

Thank you for your great question!
That is a challenge, I must admit.. but here it goes…
Dear soul,

There is no definition for “numberwise.” There is no concept, which could explain “numberwise.” Even Sakar Murlis do not explain that. Although, if you like concepts, explore the word “entropy” and lose yourself in it to only have an idea… 🙂

In the Murli, there is just the phrase “numberwise according to effort.”

Then, we think that it is indeed a matter of “effort” to accomplish something, sort of like training for a 100 meters race. The one who trains harder and “smarter” (we say) is the one who will win the race.

We do not realize that training can only improve whatever “gifts” Nature has given us already, which is beyond our hands. That is Karma, we say.. but underneath that karma, there is destiny.

Please watch this movie of 8 seconds, for at least 20 times. At the end, you will understand what “numberwise” is… or your money back.. 🙂

See how day light changes into nighttime? Every bit of change happening means the “doings” of actors in the Drama.

In 3 seconds in this movie; you will see so many differences are happening. In 5000 years, those same differences will happen slowly.

Imagine an actor appearing at a particular time in the movie of 8 seconds. The ones who are closer to the beginning of the movie (day) have a “higher number” than those who are appearing towards the end of the movie.

That is numberwise.

In this knowledge, conveniently we believe that actors who come at the beginning are much better off that those actors who come only at the end, or that actors who like to “sleep” longer in the soul world are missing “play time” in the physical world.


Every soul is eternal. Roles run through us to make those changes in the Drama just like in the 8 seconds movie.

Every role is important as it is, for otherwise; there wouldn’t be a smooth change, a subtle change a nice “transition,” in the Drama.

Yes, all souls are “equal” but every soul has a different timing to “act.”

Conveniently (for “effort making “ purposes,) we have made the ones in the beginning of the movie “better” than the ones at the end.

There is no one who decides “where” you act. It just happens automatically according to the capacity of the soul. That is why, we are part of the Drama and not separated entities proud of being “I” and “Me” and “myself.”

Which capacity?
The capacity to endure duality. Your capacity for happiness is equal to your capacity for sorrow.
Your capacity for experiencing soul consciousness will be equal to your capacity for experiencing body consciousness.

See? That is “equality” in the Drama.
Equality in being numberwise.

The soul who created that 8 second movie, is doing great service…without knowing about it… 🙂 Thanks to this movie we can understand better this knowledge. These are things non existent back in the 1940’s.

Best wishes!

Here is the link of the movie (in brackets) [http://youtu.be/l8uwg0CvjyQ]

“ME and OTHERS:” The greatest illusion


When we have the knowledge of the Drama, which is the subtle movement of the current of life from seemingly opposite but complementary polarities, we could appreciate roles enacted by beings; that is us; human beings.

That inner “being,” is known with many names: soul, spirit, atma, living force. Choose your religion, you will find a label.

That “subtle energy of life,” is not divided in many pieces. It is One. However, because it is expressed through many beings; it gives the appearance that it is embodied in many beings. In other words, our bodies give that energy the appearance of individuality, which is further expressed by a personality.

That is how the illusion becomes a reality.

Nevertheless, according to our consciousness; we could see “division” or “unity.” It is the reality of One which perceived as many.

When we look at another human being, we are capable of distinguishing a different body, a personality and ways of behavior. We call that the “other.”

There is a division. “Me” is born out of that perception of being different.

However, in the Drama of life; we can understand; that pre-ordained roles are enacted through human beings. A Personality is a role and so is the behavior.

Therefore, we could even go further and say: “A human being is not the body.” That human being is not the personality or behavior either.

And we conclude, that a human being is really a metaphysical being, a soul. 🙂

However, this conceptual idea will give us the same perception as with the body; that is “I am a different soul than you.”

Please see the fallacy of this. All I am doing is transferring beliefs, concepts from a body to something, which I conceptualize as a soul. Just changing words.
Still ego remains for there is separation.

The concept of “ME and OTHER” or “I and YOU,” are just dualistic concepts.

THE SOUL IS BEYOND DUALITY. That is why there is Oneness.
THE SOUL IS BEYOND TIME. That is why, it is eternal.

Therefore, any dualistic concept which we could pretend to dress up as soul consciousness is inherently flawed.

Male and female. Duality. If we perceive that, we are not in soul consciousness.
Me and Other. Duality. If we perceive that, we are not in soul consciousness.

Please note that to know a CONCEPT is not the same as experiencing the thing.

Male and female are concepts. The experience of male and female energies brings the natural state of complementary energies; that is unity; but any concept of separation is part of the conceptual mind, the ego.

“There is a soul in a female body with a distinguished personality.” That description is part of the role. Still we have not reached the “being,” the soul or the spirit.

The moment that we perceive that being, that soul while we are in that same consciousness; then at that moment; there cannot be separation. There cannot be individuality; for paradoxically, even we could perceive ourselves as individual souls; for a soul there is no such a thing as “individuality” for that brings duality and then, the experience of soul consciousness will be lost.

A soul is beyond duality.

When we realize this convoluted “reasoning,” (not logic) what could be the “reasonable” behavior then?

Appreciation of the unique role performed through every soul… and love from soul to soul.
Love from the soul, the heart and appreciation of the unique part.

If you are doing that already, the forget about this writing. Throw it away. No need to figure it out.

Here is the simple example to illustrate the above.

I “do” something to “other.” There is a return from that doing to “me.”

If what I do, comes back to “me,” then where is the “other”? 🙂

That is the “illusion.”

If I truly see others as “souls,” how can I say that , they are different than “me”?

How can “I” do something for “them”? 🙂 How can “i” help them? 🙂

However, when we talk, when we express through language, we need to use those concepts.

If we get caught up in concepts we will miss the “boat” of self realization.

If we self realize, we realize the “other” as well.. then, we could appreciate his/her unique “performance” in life.