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The thought, the thinker, thinking and dreaming

“Thinking is common to all humanity. Thought is not my thought; there is only thought. Thought is neither of the East or West; there is only thinking. “ J. Krishnamurti

“I think therefore, I am.” Rene Descartes

The philosopher and mystic, J. Krishnamurti states the opposite of philosopher, mathematician and scientist Descartes: Thought is not mine vs. I think. Thus, thought is mine.
Most of humanity will experience as Descartes states. Few individuals will understand the depth of Krishnamurti, for he is not an intellectual (although described as such) but he merely states his own experiences. Without similar experiences, there will not be understanding.

Also, whether it is “my” thought or there is only thought, there is the “reality” of thought or the lack of it, called “dreams.”
Descartes said: “The dreams we imagine when we are asleep should not in any way make us doubt the truth of the thoughts we have when we are awake.”

Nevertheless, he had a dream which told him a lot:

“…After a short time, he goes back to sleep once more, and finds himself in a third dream. In front of him, on a table, is a book. Having opened it, he sees that it is a dictionary. Then he notices a second book. This one is a poetry anthology. He flicks through it and immediately comes upon the latin verse: “Quod vitae sectabor iter?”: “Which path in life will I choose?”.
At the same time, an unknown man appears and presents him with a poem which starts with Est et non (what is and is not). He adds that it is an excellent work. The young soldier says:
“I know. It is in this book of poems. Look!”
But he flicks through the anthology in vain. He can’t find the poem. So, he takes up the dictionary and notices that some of the pages are missing. He is exchanging a few more words with the stranger when, suddenly, the books and the man disappear.”

Is following the path of “what is” and “what is not” a choice? We take both in Life.
Can we find that poem in a book? Can we find words to describe it? Life is such a poem.

Many “ideas” or “inventions” came from a dream.

When Life speaks to us, we say” I imagined a dream.” “ I invented this gadget.”

Out of touch with awareness, most don’t perceive that we can only “do” thinking with what Life has already thought.
We say “My thought”: How scientific that could be!!

Dreams are only dreams, for all those who only dream.

Your dream comes true but happiness does not.

We want strawberries out of Life. We dream about them. We believe that “achieving” strawberries in Life will make us happy and fulfilled.

Life offer us lemons instead. Why don’t we make lemonade?
We are stuck with our belief in strawberries. Unable to bend our position to observe things from a different perspective.
Look! Someone has strawberries and he is happy! I want that for me. If life doesn’t offer that, bitterness is the “side effect” of that trauma. We feel unhappy, unfulfilled. What can I do with lemons, for god’s sake!
A “best seller” on how to achieve strawberries will be made.

“Achieving” strawberries or lemons will not make us fulfilled in Life. It is the experience of enjoyment of Life experiences what will bring fulfillment.

Lemons by themselves may be too bitter for some, not for all. Taste them to know. Open up, so the possibility of mixing lemons with something else arrives. Lemonade is such a refreshing drink!

The dream of strawberries is only a dream. If that dream becomes a reality, it doesn’t mean that fulfillment has arrived. We are looking for fulfillment not strawberries.
Shall we wake up from the dream of living Life through dreams?

Question about sexuality

“Salutations! I am 18 years old and I have experienced a five month period where I feel to have transformed sexual lust into love for all beings. Occasionally sexual lust would arise but I would observe it and it would rise into my heart and result in a strong feeling of love and compassion. However, this was in India. When I got back home, surrounded by emotional triggers, it has resulted in sexual lust being more present. It’s so present, in fact, that my dream last night was sexual in nature. I’ve masturbated once in 5 months and I haven’t had any sexual dreams until being home. Now it seems to come up every four or five days and it can be difficult for me to sit back and observe. I am questioning whether to engage in healthy sexual activities or to continue attempting to observe and continue my meditative practice. I feel my mind is just seeking sensual pleasure and that I have the presence to transform it if I simply sit with it and keep practicing meditation – but I’m a little worried I’m beginning to repress the feelings which would result in deep rooted tension and desire. What do you think? Thank you so much.”

Avyakt7 responds:

Thank you for your question!

Dear soul,

It appears to me that you are standing between 2 boats in the ocean. One of them, is pulling you to the right; the other to the left. If you don’t do anything, it will come to a point where your legs will spread apart very far and you will feel pain and then, the ocean will be your only possibility to go and hopefully, you will know how to swim! 🙂

Emotions are a tricky part of the human psyche. When you are in a dream those emotions will act so, the dream will be like “real” life. As you know, the only way to know that it wasn’t real is when you wake up. Therefore, your unconscious will play out what the conscious is rejecting. Please remember this.

Because you are young, your sexual drive is at its peak now. Please be aware of that. The experience that you had in India is something to cherish, for it is showing you what you are capable of achieving, if you have that aim; however, there is no “free lunch” in this and you will have to conquer sex lust and that is work to do, which will take some time. It is not that easy but it can be done.

First, ask yourself what is the reason why you want to be celibate. You did not mention that you had a particular spiritual practice. Once this question is resolved, then you will know and then you will need to put your resources (will power and practices) to reach this aim. Many are celibate for “health reasons,” or because there is no other choice. If your celibacy is for spiritual reasons, you will have the help from life to reach what your capacity is.

When you mention about a “healthy sexual activity,” it gives me the impression that you cannot be “engaged in a healthy celibate activity.” 🙂 It appears to me that you already have a disposition in your mind. Be aware of it.

There are many things to change in your life style to be able to tune yourself in for a celibate life style. Just a desire to stop sexual practices will not do it, and the unconscious will play games with you until your “decision” is broken. then, you will think that it is “normal” or “healthy” to do what “everyone else” is doing.

Thus, make a conscious decision on your path and find the ways to reach that goal after that. As long as you goal is spiritual, at this time; you will see how the “impossible becomes possible.”

Best wishes!

Question: What exactly are dreams? How to win over sleep? When we have dreams, we are observers, yet we are not aware of it….Can we become aware in dreams that we are dreaming? At times, in amrit vela, when we are fighting between sub-conscious mind over conscious mind, sleep takes over it, how to win over that state, without taking outer efforts of music or commentary?? I hope I am able to put across my question with clarity.

Great question!

Dreams are dreams and life is a dream!
“La vida es sueño.” – Life is a dream. Is a play by Pedro Calderon de La Barca from Spain. In this play he acknowledged the “mystery of life.”
Those words have become a cliche in Spanish and certainly something that I learned as a kid.
“La vida es sueño y los sueños…..sueños son.” – Life is a dream and dreams… are just dreams.

“I dream that I am here
of these imprisonments charged,
and I dreamed that in another state
happier I saw myself.
What is life? A frenzy.
What is life? An illusion,
A shadow, a fiction,
And the greatest profit is small;
For all of life is a dream,
And dreams, are nothing but dreams.”

Dear soul,

Life is a dream and dreams are nothing but dreams… 😉
You said: ” When we have dreams, we are observers, yet we are not aware of it.”
That is true. Just like living “life.” We are supposed to be “detached observers,” but we are caught up in it all. We are dreaming life! Therefore, a dream is exactly life.

“To wake up” to be “enlightened” may be the task. Awakening is related with our awareness. I hope that you are not looking for the Ph.D answer of the “subconscious fighting with the conscious for a taste of Freud’s cigar.” 🙂
Accept your dreams as such. Enjoy the ride just as life. Enjoy the mystery. Do not try to control anything, learn to watch, to observe in life and then this will happen in your dreams as well. Then you are “controlling without controlling,” which is the best type of control.

The mystery, the magic of life; many times is unfolded through dreams. That has been the way the divine had access in to my “thick head” of thoughts, analysis and logical concepts.

Many changes in your personality will happen while you are sleeping. A good sleep is as necessary as a good dream… or a good life !

Let changes happen in you naturally. Please do not force yourself to go with 2 hours of sleep when you are not ready for it. If you practice the “maryadas” accurately and you practice feeling the self (soul) without interfering thoughts and you experience peace beyond thoughts… you will not fall sleep. Only when thinking takes over as well as tiredness from not having a good night sleep, is when you will fight to be awake.

In my own personal practice I always take a shower before Amrit vela. That helps a lot.

Best wishes!