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Whenever there is a strong recognition of something or someone who appears for the “first time” in our lives; there is something that we already know about them or that.

We may not be able to explain what it is. We may not be able to give a “reason.”

That strong recognition is insight.

We could read the words written by someone. We may feel aligned with those words for they allow us to remember something that we knew.

That is insight.

As our consciousness changes in our life time, we will be able to recognize things as “true” for us.

The mind could be deceiving. Our senses deceptive, but that insight is the driving force in our destiny if we recognize it.

The piece of the puzzle in life will fit as it is meant to be if we learn to listen to that insight.

Nothing happens out of a random whim. There is a script already going that will allow us to reach our destiny in life.
The clues are out there. Every experience, every encounter, every step is getting us closer to it.

That magic of “fitting in” gets disturbed through unnecessary thinking and by blindly following our emotions.
Thinking and emotions are the 2 extremes of human behavior.

It is in the above realization, when we could understand the necessity to allow our intuition, our insight to evolve in us, for that is the stamp, the mark that life has placed in us to uncover life itself through our own experiences.

That is how to “know the self” means to recognize that we are a piece of the “big puzzle” which moves harmoniously by flowing with the calling of that insight.

That is how we could be “true to ourselves.”

The mind collects information to figure out life. Many may think that the most information we acquire, the better off we are.

“I read all the books from Chopra, Dyer, Tolle, Krishnamurti, Osho, Lao Tzu, Plato, St. Augustine and Einstein.”

Did we recognize something in those books about ourselves which will help us to find ourselves? 🙂

To be a walking library of “self-help” authors does not mean that we could live life with joy.

“I have joined many religions throughout my life. I am very experienced in Spirituality.”

So what? 🙂

To bring a “Spiritual” resume with us does not mean that someone has found joy in his life. Joining a group does not mean joy. “Joining” and “Joy” are 2 different words. 🙂

When the piece of the puzzle fits the Totality, Joy is the only avenue. We have “arrived.” 🙂

Everything is already in us.
Why can’t we see it?
Why do we look out there for that insight which is in us already?

That may be another paradoxical aspect of life: To go out to search for something, which is inside. So much for that cliché.

However, that “inside” is only a door, a passage to recognize the outside as being the inside as well. 🙂

The more educated someone is, the least that person will be open to a different knowledge

Why is that? 🙂

“Education” many times is used as a way to understand the world. The more “educated” some one is, that means that this person has invested a large amount of time and resources to follow a particular tradition.
“Education” means to maintain our learned standards as “truth.” Many times, we are taught that “true” education will allow someone to think “on his own.” However, that cannot be “true” for the reference always points back to what is already known, what is safe.

In other words, I cannot defy the “law of gravity,” therefore; ghosts shouldn’t exist. To believe in the existence of ghosts is to defy the law of gravity as a “law” which applies to everything.
With this, I am a victim of my own close-mindness.

People being cured miraculously through a different kind of knowledge, which is not “scientific” is another example.
Our “beloved” science has no explanation for those “facts.”
Most of us probably know Dr. Wayne Dyer. He is a well-known writer of “self-help books” worldwide.
He has experienced some type of “surgery” which is not typical. Thanks to him then, “entity surgery” (ghosts) may become popular.

See this and then, this.

Likewise, something similar happen with this spiritual knowledge known as gyan. Many are not concerned with it because they can only see their existence in this life as all there is. To have an “unlimited” vision of time is not for everyone. Through gyan we have the tools to understand the “game of life.”

This knowledge does not sell “widgets” thus, our society does not see its benefit. Besides science “demonstrates” that anything but what they say is not real, in fact; is an hallucination.

Therefore, if you do not want to be called “crazy,” better stick with the “rat lab” and the theories and the Ph.Ds and their books, CDs and their obscure language.

Don’t show them this, because even though it exists and it works…it is not “real” for them…:-)

Gyan, on the other hand; defies everything we have known before.
Someone without education cannot have a pattern of beliefs to go to for reference of “reality.”
That is why usually a person without education will have an advantage on this. That person usually goes by experience alone, which is a meaningful way to relate with hos own reality rather than by intellectual understanding of concepts, which is deceiving; for it will not bring any satisfaction to the soul.

The “drawback” of not having education is that we will not be able to explain this gyan to someone who has that educational background in a way that “makes sense” to them.

Not everyone is bi-lingual, in this sense; but everyone could respect each other perspective rather than labeling something which they are incapable of understanding as “false.”
Gyan as we know it from the Sakar Murli, is not conveyed with the sanskaras of “worldly education.” It is conveyed with the sanskaras of someone with life experiences.

The greatest authority, is the authority of experience.

Ask Dr. Wayne Dyer… and beg him to put his “experience” with “John of God” (watch videos above) in scientific terms… Good luck! 🙂