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When change appears

Being “born” again, is not an easy process.
Yes, the Universe will protect the caterpillar by giving a cocoon, but that cocoon is meant to disintegrate to allow for the butterfly to rise and fly with its own wings.

Observe that there is nothing in their being, connecting the caterpillar with the butterfly, but yet they are connected. That is Nature’s way of showing us what being “born” again entails.

Some may experience a disease as a consequence of some experience in Life, others may lose their beloved jobs or a relationship which was giving life to that particular “I.” Those supports will need to be shaken, the foundations of that Life will be soon gone for the new one to appear.

It is necessary.

What to “do”?
Close your previous Life as an accountant closes the books at the end of the fiscal year. You may meet people that you have not seen for a long while, you may have fleeting relationships to support your transition, it is all part of the plan.

When a cycle in our Lives finishes, there is a period of transition where things will feel as if the floor that gave us support and security is moving and shaking as in an earthquake.

Do not be afraid!
What you used to be, what you thought yourself to be… soon will be gone.
The disease, the life-threatening incident, the extended “vacation” for lack of a job…all of that is collaborating to take away the person you were before. You will be all alone with yourself.
Isn’t that what “normal” dying entails?

Can you resist that?
It has to happen. Any resistance will only add greater experience of pain and suffering.
Surrender? Give up?
No. This is not a fight. It is a trip.
Fill yourself with wonder. Wow!! Look at that! 🙂

The caterpillar is meant to be a butterfly.
To fly is only theory for the caterpillar. To experience “real” flying, is for the butterfly.

If the caterpillar could know about the need of this process, if the caterpillar could see what the future holds; the caterpillar wouldn’t fight the process of change. It could not be afraid. It will let it happen.

Here is when we experience the lesson of “let go and let it happen.”

Every one of us, will experience the process of change in our lives. There is nothing that we can do to stop it, therefore, to “flow,” to join that process and to allow it to sink in is the path of those who know that change is inevitable, for it is Life itself.

When we separate from Life, the individual “I” suffers. That “I” becomes anxious, hoping to go back to the “old” self and the old times.
The butterfly is awaiting for change but yet the “I” will fight to remain a caterpillar. Isn’t that irrational? It is the sensation of security weighing more than rationality.

Beyond creeds and religions; beyond ideals and beliefs, everyone has a mission in Life and that mission needs to be accomplished for the common good.
Every Life is a mission waiting to be unfolded.

Nothing personal but… we are all together in this.

All teachings are according to time

Those practical aspects of Life are what “spirituality” is meant to address. Most everyone would like to be healthy, have good relationships, and able to enjoy their own being.

The above is what we observe in Nature.
A squirrel running around in Nature, embodies all of those characteristics without defining or analyzing the concepts of “healthy,” “enjoyment,” or “ good relationships.”

Is a squirrel worried about being wealthy? Or powerful?
Here we enter into the “Office mentality,” it is a different life style there.

Observe how “spirituality” or “religious teachings” have been taking us away from Life itself for the sake of another “Life” in the world of spirits. That world exists for some; however, human beings are meant to be human beings and to experience in its totality the meaning of that.

The old paradigm of “beliefs” may need to be replaced by the practical experience of Oneness with/in Life.

Any God out there wouldn’t oppose to this unity of consciousness.
Any God out there could observe that according to time, the world of duality and the “good and bad” mentality needs to allow for integration, non-duality to appear.

It is a matter of timing, not of fashion.

These writings cannot change someone’s consciousness. However, it is a way to gain some insight for the generations to come.

Newborn children are already in that consciousness of Oneness, without being taught about it. They are called, “Crystal” children.
Observe how Life itself generates the collective consciousness needed in our planet according to time.

One thing is to have intellectual knowledge about Oneness, yet another is to live it.

As most individuals are living the “Office mentality,” there is a need to bridge the gap between them and the “Crystal” consciousness.
That is the job of those who are being “reborn” again. Dying alive. That means to step out from one consciousness into another in the same Lifetime.

That “job description” is not easy. There is a process, which needs to be respected and cared for. It is the process of emptiness, of allowing Love to be a natural feeling coming from our freedom from beliefs, fears and emotional traumas.

That is the work of the “Life walker.” It is inner work for the common good.

For those who are walking that path at this point in their lives, these writings could be of help.
But also, I’d like to share the only 2 books that I have in my home, which I recommend for those who are ready for them.
I have shared these before, but according to time, here they go again:
1. “The Knight in rusty armor.” By Robert Fisher.
It basically outlines the different steps that a Life walker will walk into a new consciousness.
It does not mean that the “steps” should be exactly as the book for everyone. No. This is not “spirituality for the masses.” We are not separated from Life. We will receive exactly what we require.

2. “Hua Hu Ching.” Attributed to Lao Tzu.
Oneness couldn’t be expressed as succinctly and to the point as what this book expresses. It is something that will be understood when we experience the words as part of our life experience. The translator (Brian Walker) has done a pretty good job by putting this work together.

Wish you find value in those teachings for your own Life as I have. 🙂

Emotional healing: The heart opens up when the mind is open

mind heart

Any spiritual walker has been through many experiences in life. The recognition that spirituality is a number one priority in our lives is the trademark of “experienced” beings.

It does not matter what you believe in. Reincarnation or eternal life or nothing at all; the fact, is that there are some people who are “naturally” attracted to being at ease with life and to find a purpose for being here in peaceful enjoyment and harmonious living in relationship with all.

Usually that “search” appears when the glamour of just being trapped in the values of our materialistic society, comes to an end through “sheer” disappointment. 😦

At that point, there is a “re-birth” for finding inner fulfillment. 🙂

A spiritual walker may find in his path different religious beliefs, which are in tune with him for a certain period of time. That length of time varies among individuals. Please note that to belong to a religion is not the end of that “search” in itself, but to be awaken through conscious living.

As explained yesterday, the main tool to change our vision and attitude in life is done through self observation, that is; by watching the mind: Our thoughts, the way we communicate with others, the type of energy that comes out from our relationship with the world; knowing that those energies will come back to us.

In theory that is known as the law of karma. Practically, if we are sensible enough; we will see the consequences in our own lives.

That is why, anyone who thinks that he has a complete understanding as to how life should be, what to believe; or what is the “right thing to do;” sooner or later will find out that those ideas are not accurate. They are incomplete for “my ideas” are just a part of the totality. Because life is dynamic as Nature is; those rigid patterns will need to change according to time. Everything changes in life.

A rigid mind is a dead mind. In that state there is no openness for “newness,” but only a desire to continue with whatever seems comfortable, desirable and “right” according to our beliefs.

In short, to get out of our own self-centered ideas, however “holy” we think they are, is the first step.

As mentioned in many articles before; once we use a method to arrive at a higher consciousness, we need to abandon that method at one point in time, that is; if we are truly concerned to find out if our perceived “change” is real. That is if honesty is of paramount importance to us. Otherwise, that change of consciousness is not real. It is dependent on a method for that “new” consciousness to be experienced. This is a very important personal call. It is not for everyone to do.

As we “work” on the spider webs of our own minds, openness will arrive, some sort of acceptance of things and people as they are. Appreciation is born and with that the opportunity to heal the heart.

Why is it so important to heal the heart in this process?
Because the mind is like a computer monitor. Once we are conscious that our computer monitor is merely an output device; we can truly go deeper by “erasing” the information stored in the hard drive of the heart. To heal the heart means to “erase” previous information and to place there “newness” instead.

By understanding the mind, we will be conscious of the keyboard and the mouse. Now, we are aware that whatever we input through those devices, will be seen in the monitor. Nevertheless, the computer retrieves previous stored information all the time. If the hard drive is full with information from many experiences, the computer will be “slow,” that is any newness coming from the keyboard and mouse, will not be processed at ease.

Working with the heart and emotions is like erasing that stored data. Little by little.
Formatting the “hard drive” of our life is something that few people can stand. It is dying alive.

Life will bring the right directions when we are ready to work on our heart. The right people will appear. The right circumstance will be unveiled. However, without a previous work in our minds; we will tend to reject the “newness,” and to continue with our “old” ways, our “old” pains.
The security of a known suffering….

As we can see, to go through the above consciously, is a matter of accepting the tools that life brings.
Religions are nothing but tools. Beliefs are nothing but tools. Tools are not meant to be worshiped.

Tools are not meant to create dependency.
Tools are meant to be used, to be respected as ways in our paths to better know our own selves.

Knowing ourselves is the common end of any spiritual walker from any path, from any method.

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”
― Lao Tzu.

On God and finding God


Perhaps one of the most important aspect of any religion is their focus on finding God, knowing God. That brings religions into a different realm.

For instance, Christians believe in having found God through the teachings of Christ. Many Christians have super natural experiences which they relate with God. Similarly, Muslims and likewise, other monotheistic religions, that is every “belief” has its own version of knowing God.

Followers then, will be happy to know that they “found God.” Followers had an “experience with God,” Now they feel to have the “truth,” they are “special,” the rest are in darkness and the “special” ones need to give the “good news” to the other ones. Let us talk about “Salvation.”
That is when “conversion” comes in handy.

Every religion has that theme. Every religion has their own “systems” to maintain their “belief.”

In the world of “beliefs” we have Science, with the opposite “belief.” They like to call that “fact.” There is no God, because there is no “tangible” proof of God. What Science does not “understand” is that you cannot find dolphins by searching in the city suburbs. The “fact” is that this becomes another religion with Ph.D priesthood followed by MDs. Different worshiping, same paraphernalia.

Then we have the religion of the ones in between, the ones who “don’t know” but will go either way. The ones who will go wherever the “wind blows” as long as they get a piece of the “pie.” That is “belief” by convenience.

Wars, fights, and “World History” has been made through “beliefs.”
Here is the “credo: ”This is my belief, for that reason it is the truth, and for that reason, I need to “save” you by changing you; even though it may be by force, or emotional “games”.. But don’t worry, at the end; you will appreciate what I am doing for you.”

So, we found God.

Then we humanize God and create the structure, the “method” to know God. We create a corporation, with rules and regulations. We create another way to “spread the message.”
Then some questions arise:
Shall we worship Him? Shall we “follow His desires”? Shall we “fall in love with Him”? 🙂

Somehow, we believe that God “thinks like us.” That “thinking” God may have a huge ego, then. He comes so we can worship Him…

On all of this, we see our own perceptions and ego trips to be the “special ones.” The point of this article is that it seems like every religion is missing the point on knowing God.

What is that point?

It is called self transformation. Dying alive. Perfection. End of report.

Without that transformation on the self into a self realized human being, nothing that we can “do or become” has any meaning, for everything else is transitory. Death will take it away and with that your belief will be gone, but your fears in your death bed, will be there with you alongside your “beliefs.”

Self transformation is a reality made in you, where “being” something is no longer in relationship with a belief, but you are the living proof of that.

Self transformation is very important for it becomes the way beyond suffering. That is to be happy, “now” not in the “bright future” but now.

That self realization is what has been forgotten by all religions, creeds and philosophies.
A “belief” has taken its place.

God as a wonderful experience is important. It allow us to see that we are not “alone.” Nevertheless, let us not forget that the “true” purpose of knowing God is “truly” self transformation.

The opportunity to reach our highest is within us. It is not about worshiping. It is not in “falling in love,” it is not in devotional practices.

If you have experienced God, if you have met God, that is wonderful. Now is time to work… That is, to be “like Him.”

Readers Remarks: Dying Alive or Staying Alive?

beautiful beautiful beautiful this site is beautiful. i seem to have found a ‘khazana’. dear soul plz can u tell what actually is meant by ‘dying alive’ as mentioned in yesterday murli.

Avyakt7 responds:
Dear soul, thank you for your kind words. The beauty that you see is a reflection of you, which is made possible in this site thanks to the contribution of souls like “Angelsplay,” “PreciousPerl,” and BK Joseph. We have a team now! 🙂

On your question, “Dying alive,” is equivalent to self transformation.
As replied in another post:

It is the journey of letting yourself “be” without losing the “aim and objective,” to heal the wounds of the “hero actor,” sacrificing his/her life for that which he/she believes in. It is the beginning of a new self, the story of the “phoenix bird,” reborn again out of his/her own ashes. In Baba’s language: “Dying alive.”

Best wishes!

Question: A student of Buddhism asked me if Brahma Kumaris teach the “process of dying”. I was not sure from which aspect to reply. Can you please throw some light on it – ‘process of dying” I don’t think the student meant BK’s ‘dying alive’. Thank you.

Thank you for your question!
Here is a good link that I found about it.
Typically the thought is that “the purpose of life is to learn to die.” Buddhist may imply that as well as Plato did through Socrates when he mentioned something similar, If I recall correctly.

Here is another link of the “average” person’s view on death; note the “tragic” statement about it.

No, in Brahma Kumaris, there is no teaching on the “process of dying,” but rather on the “process of living,” for as we know, “existence is all that exists.” 🙂 That is why we talk about “leaving the body,” rather than “terminating, finishing a precious life sparkle through the unforgiving claws of death.” 🙂

Paradoxically, In Brahma Kumaris there is mentioning about “dying alive,” meaning transforming the self now as if we had a new life in a new body. However, that process cannot be taught. It has to be experienced.

Death is non-existent when we are looking at life from the “unlimited,” when we know that every role is eternal and repetitive, when we know about our own immortality. Therefore, Why teach about something which does not exist?

The experience of soul consciousness and being body-less is the practical re-assurance, that everyone is looking for but rather settle for just simple talks and more words about “acceptance of death.”

Best wishes!

The way of the cross: God, surrendering and dying alive – Eckhart Tolle – Part 3 ( last.)

In this final contrast of BK gyan with Mr. Eckhart Tolle’s philosophy; he gives a pretty good explanation based on his experience on surrendering to life through suffering, and he gives us another way as well, through relinquishing attachment to the psychological past and future. In my own experience I have applied some of his experiences. However, i do not view suffering as “resistance” but rather as a “cleansing” agent. Note that his knowledge of God is uncertain.

Mr. Tolle:
There are many accounts of people who say they have found God through their deep suffering,
and there is the Christian expression “the way of the cross,” which I suppose points to the same
thing. We are concerned with nothing else here.

Strictly speaking, they did not find God through their suffering, because suffering
implies resistance. They found God through surrender, through total acceptance of what is,
into which they were forced by their intense suffering. They must have realized on some
level that their pain was self-created.

How do you equate surrender with finding God?

Since resistance is inseparable from the mind, relinquishment of resistance – surrender – is
the end of the mind as your master, the impostor pretending to be “you,” the false god. All
judgment and all negativity dissolve. The realm of Being, which had been obscured by the
mind, then opens up. Suddenly, a great stillness arises within you, an unfathomable sense of
peace. And within that peace, there is great joy. And within that joy, there is love. And at the
innermost core, there is the sacred, the immeasurable, That which cannot be named.

Avyakt7 comments:
What Mr. Tolle describes is the journey of a BK soul into acceptance of what it is rather than conforming to an image, idea or thought of what should be or we desire. As he rightly points out; it is not suffering in itself what brings that state of acceptance but rather our inability to pursue what we desire. We give up to life. We surrender to life. A similar journey could be found in this very well-articulated article by another BK here: http://bebebutler.com/2012/08/23/the-healing-power-of-art-journaling/

It is the journey of letting yourself “be” without losing the “aim and objective,” to heal the wounds of the “hero actor,” sacrificing his/her life for that which he/she believes in. It is the beginning of a new self, the story of the “phoenix bird,” reborn again out of his/her own ashes. In Baba’s language: “Dying alive.”

The description of Mr. Tolle about finding something else besides “love and joy,” is basically the experience of the soul.

I don’t call it finding God, because how can you find that which was never lost, the very
life that you are? The word God is limiting not only because of thousands of years of
misperception and misuse, but also because it implies an entity other than you. God is Being
itself, not a being. There can be no subject-object relationship here, no duality, no you and
God. God-realization is the most natural thing there is. The amazing and incomprehensible
fact is not that you can become conscious of God but that you are not conscious of God.

Avyakt7 comments:
Mr. Tolle mentions the same statement of some Gurus and “spiritual Ph.Ds,” that is a somehow unclear vision of God. He mentions: “God is being itself, not a being.” Therefore, God is everything existing whether those things have awareness of their existence or not and for that reason there is no duality of ‘you and God.’ God is existence. Being.
The question is: What is what Mr.Tolle found as “the sacred, the immeasurable, That which cannot be named.”? If that is not God, isn’t that contradicting his statement as God as simply “being”? Isn’t he “being” at his core?

God is not a label. It is an experience of something which does not “become.” If I say that “I am God and so are you,” because we are “beings” and God is “being,” then who is the one who becomes?
Mt. Tolle wasn’t an enlightened soul before. He suffered from depression. All of the sudden something happened to him, and he “became enlightened.” God is not becoming. God is constant and anything in this world that we know of as “being” is continuously becoming something. That is one important premise to understand about God as a being.

Mr. Tolle also mentions that it shouldn’t be a duality between “you and me,” as God being a different entity.
That is true in my assessment. http://bkgyan.com/2012/07/09/the-illusion-of-individuality/ And that can only be experienced when we have experienced our soul nature, because in the realm of souls, there is no separation, no labels between “you and me;” no individuality. Therefore God could be a soul and “I” (that indescribable experience as he mentions) could be another soul. We are souls having a physical experience. (http://bkgyan.com/2012/06/08/point-in-depth-is-god-soul-conscious/)
Therefore, I do not see any conflicts in “being separate” as there is a God and I am not God; for in our physical consciousness we could see this separation but never in our spiritual nature (soul.) One more item: Psychological time separates. That separation creates Ego. (therefore, Mr. Tolle’s assertion about the power of “now”) because there is ego, we suffer. That perception is erased in our “original nature.”

Mr. Tolle: Enlightenment through suffering – the way of the cross – means to be forced into the
kingdom of heaven kicking and screaming. You finally surrender because you can’t stand the
pain anymore, but the pain could go on for a long time until this happens. Enlightenment
consciously chosen means to relinquish your attachment to past and future and to make the
Now the main focus of your life. It means choosing to dwell in the state of presence rather
than in time. It means saying yes to what is. You then don’t need pain anymore. How much
more time do you think you will need before you are able to say “I will create no more pain,
no more suffering?” How much more pain do you need before you can make that choice?
If you think that you need more time, you will get more time – and more pain.

Avyakt7 comments:
The so called “enlightment” or “inner awareness,” is a word with many meanings. Mr. Tolle’s description as “relinquishing attachment to past and future,” sounds like another recipe without ingredients to cook with it. There are some people who have attained some insights through a “something.” In Mr. Tolle’s case, could have happened as an “instant” of sheer awareness. For others, it is a life process. Why is that?
Here is when knowing Gyan comes in handy. If you are a “newer” soul (few births in the cycle or time) it is very likely to be able to tune in to this realm after brief periods of suffering. Less baggage = less karmic accounts. On the other hand, if you are an “older” soul like a BK soul, you have gone through a lot. It is not as easy to “relinquish things,” when that has been the way we have behaved for so many lives. Therefore, the BK way, the “Godly way,” is through the experience of suffering until we “give up.” Until we “surrender.” The way of the cross, if you would. (Unless we use the power of yoga…)

Instant enlightment vs. delayed enlightenment is a topic which was explored by Osho in one of his writings; different paths which will take us to the same goal; however; BK gyan adds the knowledge of “numberwise” in it, which allow us to see that our capacity to withstand duality will allow us to follow the “method.”